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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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On Target

22 October 1965. Thought for the Week: If you want to make use of the advantages of civilization, but are not prepared to concern yourself with the upholding of civilization, you are done."
Ortega y Gasset.


The international campaign of vilification of Rhodesia, the brutal threats of economic and military sanctions, and the universal misrepresentation of the constitutional position of Rhodesia, all add up to a frightening picture of the strength and influence of the international conspiracy against Civilization. Press, radio and T.V. commentators, with few exceptions right around the world, from Moscow and Peking to London, Paris and Washington talk about the Rhodesian leaders as if they are a bunch of wild colonialists acting as traitors against properly constituted authority in the British Government.

The following suppressed truths concerning Rhodesia's constitutional position should be publicised as widely as possible at this critical time:
1. Rhodesia has never been a possession of Britain and has never been governed by Britain. Rhodesia was pioneered and developed by Rhodesians for themselves without any cost to the British taxpayers.

2. In 1924 Rhodesia voluntarily entered into association with Britain as a self-governing nation with Britain accepting responsibility for external affairs only. This responsibility has been modified by agreement during and since the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland.

3. All that Rhodesia is now requesting is that the agreement made in 1924 be ended so that Rhodesia will be able to exercise sovereignty in the vital field of foreign policy. It should be noted that in 1924 Britain entered in the alliance with Rhodesia without questioning the fact that the Europeans and the African Chiefs were acting on behalf of the great majority of the total population. Today, British Government disputes the right of the Europeans and the Chiefs to seek an end to the alliance.

4. Overwhelming evidence confirming the above facts has been provided by British Governments, which themselves have constantly maintained in the UN and elsewhere that Britain has no constitutional right to interfere in the internal affairs of Rhodesia. The self-governing status of Rhodesia has always been recognised until recent years, with Rhodesian Prime Ministers' attending Prime Ministers' Conferences. During the Second World War, Rhodesia's position as a senior self-governing member of the British Commonwealth was recognised by the admission of the Rhodesian Prime Minister, Sir Godfrey Huggins, to the British War Cabinet.

5. As Britain has openly admitted that she has no constitutional right to interfere in Rhodesia's internal affairs, then the British Socialist Government is violating international law by refusing to permit the Rhodesians full control over foreign policy unless they alter their internal electoral laws to conform with those sought by Prime Minister Harold Wilson's Government. It is sheer humbug for the Socialists, Communists, and their dupes, to be charging the Smith Government with threatening to act unconstitutionally while they are in fact attempting to interfere with the internal affairs of a nation possessing internal self-governing rights.

6. The allegiance of Rhodesians is to the Crown, not to any British Government. The Rhodesians have demonstrated their loyalty in the Boer War, the First and Second World Wars. They proudly fly the Union Jack. They want to remain a loyal member of the British Crown Commonwealth. What vicious and poisonous nonsense to call such people "disloyal" and "treacherous". The fact that these and similar epithets are being hurled at the Rhodesians from all around the world, is yet one more example of what George Orwell called "double speak".


Those who have had the courage to read John Stormer's best-seller exposure of the international criminal conspiracy, "None Dare Call It Treason" (obtainable from Box 1052J Post paid 8/-) know that the great conservative upsurge in the U.S.A. is the result of the conclusion that the world wide Communist advance has only been possible because of the deep penetration of the conspiracy into the U.S.A..

Speaking recently in the Rhodesian Parliament, Mr. J. A. Newington said:
"... the United States was responsible for the defeat of democracy and the advance of Communism all over the world; there had been tragic interference without understanding, and America had shown an almost fatal proclivity to destroy her friends and aid her enemy."

It will be recalled that the Washington policy-makers lined up solidly with the Communist-world in 1956 when the British Government made a belated effort to stop the rot in the Middle East. Today Washington and its agents are threatening the Rhodesians in an even more brutal manner than are the Communists. Speaking recently at a conference in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, the notorious "Soapy" Williams said that America demanded that the Rhodesians hand over political power to the Africans, and he followed this up in Nigeria with a threat of economic sanctions. This was wildly applauded by the revolutionaries in Africa and elsewhere who are keenly anticipating chaos and bloodshed in Rhodesia as a necessary preliminary to the next major revolutionary advance in central Africa.

If the Rhodesian bastion is swept away, then the Portugese will be in an extremely vulnerable position, while the way will have been cleared for the assault on South Africa. Powerful voices in Washington are demanding that after Rhodesia has been dealt with as proposed, South Africa should then be threatened with military and economic sanctions in an attempt to break European rule. Some of our newer readers may think we have become slightly unbalanced in making this comment. We content ourselves with pointing out here that it has recently been revealed that the Carnegie Foundation for "Peace" has, at great expense, worked out a complete programme, military and economic, together with the estimated cost, for a UN attack on South Africa.

Australians and New Zealanders, who are complacent about what is happening in Africa, might take a look at the map, and then ask themselves how they would be assisted from Britain and Western Europe if the whole of Africa were lost. With the Suez Canal closed by Nasser, there would be no alternative route via the Cape of Good Hope. We can only hope and pray that our American anti-Communist allies can defeat the traitors in their midst before they do too much more damage in Africa, and elsewhere.


Childhood memories recall a game which consisted of changing one word into another in a given number of changes; e.g. cat, cot, cog, dog. This little device is the basis of the Fabian Socialist subversion technique: The reaching of conceded objectives by gradual changes. It has become standard practice for all shades of the world socialist revolution including the A.L.P. wing. With the objective of weakening British traditional ties as followed by Communist strategists, the A.L.P. have worked for an Australian Governor-General. Having achieved this they now use the absurdity created by this to urge the complete removal of this office.
Hence Mr. Calwell in Canberra on October 14th in derision of this traditional link.
"The new nations of Asia are laughing at us because we have Governor-Generals".

As the nations to which he refers are not notable for neither their stability, prosperity nor benevolence, we feel that their laughter, if it exists, is more likely to be directed at the dupes in our midst who are destroying their own proven culture to the benefit of their enemies. Mr. Calwell's further admission that he would not advocate for this country, the systems operative in those lands, seems to indicate - if one may mix a metaphor - that the laughter should be on the other foot.


Further to our comments on the 8th of October regarding the Reverend Pope's pro-Communist sympathies, this strange apostle of Christ continues to serve the cause of International Communism whose founder made it clear that "Communism would never succeed until the myth of God was removed from the mind of man."

In an advertisement in the press on October 11th it was advertised that there would be a 24-hour vigil in the forecourt of the Melbourne G.P.O. and all equiries were to be directed to the Rev. D. J. Pope. The vigil was another of those propaganda gimmicks protesting against government policy in sending troops to South Vietnam.

This vigil coincided - purely by chance of course - with similar demonstrations all over the world. Radio Peking gleefully reported these to the millions of slaves behind the iron curtains to remind them that there is no hope of salvation from the West. Special mention was made of the vigil at the Post Office, bracketing this contribution to Communist propaganda with the call - made by another peculiar "Christian" minister, the Rev. Victor James of the Unitarian Church - for withdrawal of Australian troops from the "Criminal War".

The Rev. Pope's efforts were bracketed with similar demonstrations in Toronto, London, Brussels, Italy, Sweden, British Guiana and Argentina. It is a sad reflection on the millions who have died under Communism, including many, many, Christians and missionaries, that the tyrants who perpetrated such crimes should be given aid and comfort by men who are supposed to speak for Christ.

© Published by the Australian League of Rights, P.O. Box 27 Happy Valley, SA 5159