Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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On Target

29 October 1965. Thought for the Week: "Today in most parts of the Western World even the most determined opponents of Socialism derive from socialist sources their knowledge on most subjects on which they have no first hand information."
Professor von Hayek, author of the great classic, "The Road to Serfdom."


It is our unfortunate task to read the diatribes of many of the pundits who make their particular contribution to the destruction of Western Civilization, but there are few who plumb the depths of the pool from which they draw their enmity than Douglas Wilkie of the Melbourne Sun. In his daily column "As I See It" Wilkie poses the above question, and from the almost fanatical antipathy for anything white, which characterises his writings, Wilkie answers his own question. "It all boils down to the brutal fact that a few Rhodesian whites, no more numerous than the population of one small Western city, aren't worth saving from black nationalism - not in the calculations of global power politics." However we doubt whether Mr. Wilkie really has any concern for the blacks either, except to the extent they can be manipulated to fulfill the objectives of the ''global powers" consistently favoured by Mr. Wilkie. He has never been noticed to express any concern for the valiant attempts of Mr. Moishe Tshombe for instance, in Mr. Tshombe's fight against the Communists.
The black chiefs who give their allegiance to Mr. Ian Smith and his government are no doubt as reactionary as Mr. Smith in Mr. Wilkie's view.

The Rhodesian government has presented evidence of the bestial mutilations committed upon their fellow black racialists by Mr. Nkomo's and the "Rev." Sithole's terrorists when they refused to be coerced into supporting the handful of "nationalists" Mr. Wilkie finds so attractive. Nor does Mr. Wilkie find it profitable to draw comparisons between the stability of Rhodesia and some of those neighboring states, which have gained their "independence".

Recently the Prime Minister of nearby Burrundi was shot and according the press reports was near death. This was followed by a murder rampage reported on the 25.lO.65. by the Melbourne "Age". Scores of tribesmen were reported dead. Since "independence" was granted in July 1962 two Prime Ministers have been killed and numerous members of the aristocratic Watutsi tribe have been massacred. This has been the story from Algeria in the North to Tanzania and Zanzibar in the South. Mr. Wilkie cannot wait to add Rhodesia to the list.


For some time the editorials and leading articles of Australia's leading newspapers have condoned and urged the interference by Britain and the U.N.O. in Rhodesia's internal affairs. Contrast this treatment of a peaceful and loyal sister Dominion making a determined stand against Communism, with the tolerance and non-interference advocated in regard to countries such as Vietnam and Indonesia.

Entitled "Understanding for a Neighbour", the "Australian" editorial of October 25th says, "But Indonesia is a complex country which must find it's own answers to it's own problems. Very correctly the Australian government is refraining from statements which could be considered interference in Indonesia's internal affairs."

One would be more impressed with their tolerance if the principle were applied equally to the case of Rhodesia. After all blood is reputed to be thicker than water. But then Rhodesia is a thorn in the flesh of the Internationalists, but Indonesia so long as the Marxian-Leninist, Sukarno, is still in the saddle must be given every aid and comfort.


In an article from Hong Kong on Chinese Communism entitled "Neither Hell Nor Paradise" "Australian" 26-lO-65. Robert Elegant has a struggle to justify the first part of the title. One point he makes, if true, must give pause to the well meaning people who have been urging the sale of wheat to Red China for humanitarian reasons.
"Although the Communists last year spent £223 million on grain imports, largely from Canada, Australia and Argentine, China's own resources can give its people an adequate diet." "The grain is apparently primarily intended for the military, for emergencies, and for stockpiling."

Readers of the League's monthly journal "Intelligence Survey" will remember the article published in the May 1964 issue which reported the speech of Representative W. Stinson in the American House of Representatives in which he gave evidence that wheat sent to Russia was being used for
(1) Export Commitments.
(2) Stockpiling for future possible war purposes.
(3) Production of Power alcohol. If Robert Elegant is right it could mean that Australian wheat is contributing to similar uses in China.

It is evident that the demand is ever in creasing. The Melbourne "Age" 27.10.65. reports: Canada has signed a contract for the supply to China of 223,800,000 bushels of wheat worth more than 400,000,000 dollars. It is one of the biggest ever wheat sales. Additionally the "Age" 20.10.65 reports that Russia will sell gold worth 450,000,000, dollars to finance the purchase of wheat from Canada, Australia, Argentina and France.


A cable from Washington published in the "Australian" 21.10.65. indicates the policy of arming our enemies continues. "The United States and its allies have agreed to sell to East European communist countries nuclear reactors for electric power production." These countries must "agree to inspection, plus safeguards, to make certain the equipment is not being used to produce weapons." The inspections are expected to be periodic by the international Atomic Energy Agency. If this agency is anything like the Atomic Energy Commission in America, and we have no doubt they are blood brothers, then it will be shot through with Communist sympathisers.

In the final part of the report we were played once again in the role of the prize suckers of all time. "YugoSlavia has bought a small nuclear reactor from the United States, but because it is independent of the rest of the communist block, it has not been subjected to the restrictions applied against other communist countries in that area."

Comment would be superfluous - and unprintable.


As we go to press reports have come through that an appeal has been made by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. Michael Ramsey to the people of Britain, that they should back the British Government in the use of force if necessary to stop the Rhodesian government from making a Unilateral Declaration of Independence. If this report is true - and we have checked it from three sources because we found it completely incredible - it confounds all the reality of Christian teaching. It establishes an entirely new morality - or should we say immorality becomes enshrined - in the person of Dr. Ramsey who calls upon brother to kill brother in the cause of an international brotherhood of evil. What else could this be when the arch criminals of International Communism have called for a similar measure. Dr. Ramsey aligns himself with those who are determined to destroy the Christian faith. The tragedy is that he, along with so many other dupes, never seems to stop and ask himself how he happens to be on the same boat.. How different is the attitude of Mr. Ian Smith who proclaims his loyalty and principles and will not bargain them for a mess of pottage.

The message of the Queen to Mr. Smith was significant for the things it left unsaid rather than those it said. But non-the-less what it did say left little doubt about her belief in Mr. Smith to look after the welfare of her people.

Much has been made of the action of the Rhodesian government in restricting the activities of former Prime Minister Garfield Todd. Newspapers the world over have viciously attacked Ian Smith and his government for this action. Many of the same newspapers carried reports suggesting he was sympathetic to one of the terrorist organisations in Rhodesia. We have a report from England, which says that Mr. Todd was not only sympathetic but had joined such an organisation. Also that the purpose of Mr. Todd's hastily arranged trip to England which the Government stopped, was for the purpose of setting up a puppet government outside Rhodesia if a Unilateral Declaration of Independence was made. The "British" Broadcasting Corporation had made the offer to pay Mr. Todd's expenses, and when the Rhodesian government rightly stepped in to stop that piece of subversion, the "BBC" then paid the expenses of Mr. Todd's daughter to take his place. Reports to hand are that she failed miserably to influence the British people that they should back such suggestions as has been made by Dr. Ramsey. The truth is that the Rhodesian government has accepted its responsibilities under God for the welfare and protection of people who are without any real knowledge of the arts of government.

Evidently the Archbishop's teachers of theology taught him nothing about the indissoluble connection between authority and responsibility. He should consult the commandments of his faith.

© Published by the Australian League of Rights, P.O. Box 27 Happy Valley, SA 5159