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Edmund Burke
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On Target

12 November 1965. Thought for the Week: "You cannot further the brotherhood of man by encouraging class hatred. You cannot build character and courage by taking away man's initiative and independence. You cannot help men permanently by doing for them what they could and should do for themselves."
Abraham Lincoln.


The recent news of Australia's trade agreement with the Soviet Union and yet another big wheat sale to Red China has been greeted with enthusiasm by people who would describe themselves as staunch anti-Communists. Increased exports to the Communists is justified by two main arguments: that such exports "strengthen the economy" of the exporting nation; and that growing economic ties with the Communists help produce a more "moderate" attitude by the Communists. These, and similar views, sound very plausible unless examined realistically.

Much more important are the views of the Communists concerning trade and other exchanges. We turn to the greatest Communist authority, Lenin, on the Communist viewpoint:
"The so-called cultural elements of Western Europe and America, are incapable of comprehending the present state of affairs and the balance of forces; these elements must be regarded as deaf-mutes and treated accordingly… "We must,
"(a) In order to placate the deaf-mutes, proclaim the fictional separation of our government…from the Comintern...
"(b) Express a desire for the immediate resumption of diplomatic relations with capitalist countries on the basis of complete non-interference in their internal affairs… "Again, the deaf-mutes will believe it. They will even be delighted and fling wide-open their doors, through which the emissaries of the Comintern will quickly infiltrate into these countries, disguised as our diplomatic, cultural, and trade representatives... (Emphasis added)

"Capitalists the world over and their governments will in their desire to win the Soviet market, shut their eyes to the above-mentioned activities and thus be turned into blind deaf-mutes. They will furnish credits, which will serve as a means of supporting the Communist parties in their countries, and, by supplying us with materials and techniques which are not available to us, will rebuild our war industry, which is essential for our future attacks on our suppliers, In other words, they will be laboring to prepare their own suicide..."

(These prophetic views by Lenin are quoted on page 26 of Martin Dies' Story, by former Congressman Martin Dies, who served seven years as Chairman of the House Committee on Un-American Activities.")


On November 3, the UN General Assembly Trusteeship Committee overwhelmingly adopted a resolution calling for the immediate liquidation of Britain's Aden military base. This major base is vital for British strategy in the Indian Ocean and the Far East. Australians and New Zealanders should be specially interested in its future.

The move against Britain in the UN was initiated by the Afro-Asian bloc, which rammed it through the committee by 83 votes to 11, with 8 abstentions. Opposing it were Britain, Australia, New Zealand Belgium, Canada, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, South Africa, and the USA. They argued that the resolution was one-sided and ignored Britain's position. This line-up of Communist and colored dictatorships against the Western European nations has become a recurring feature during UN debates.

"The Age" (Melbourne) of November 5 cites the British delegate as saying that the resolution "was based mainly on the views of certain petitioners who had appeared before the committee and who had no claim to represent more than a fraction of the population." The parallel between this situation and the Rhodesian issue hardly requires comment.

Nkomo, Sithole, and Garfield Todd represent a mere fraction of the indigenous Rhodesian population, yet the same pro-Communist bloc is attempting to use UN to impose coercive action on a peaceful, stable regime.

A further comment from "The Age" report draws a further analogy:
"Britain suspended the constitution in Aden recently following an outbreak of acts described by the authorities as "terrorism". Similar action has been necessary in Rhodesia to restrict the actions of the advocates of violence, most of it directed against the Africans. If there is any honesty in the British Government, there should be strong resistance to any one-sided resolutions against Rhodesia.


Movements in the dialectical dance between Moscow and Peking, which apparently had the partners drifting apart, now have them reversing and re-grouping to the call of the Moscow band. We now have the Chinese "breakaways" sending a warm message to Moscow on the occasion of the 48th anniversary of the Communist takeover of Russia, in which Sino-Soviet relations described as "everlasting and unbreakable". The self-appointed "experts" on the Sino-Soviet "split" have been hailing as evidence of Western tactical victories the fact that the puppet Afro-Asian countries have been transferring their loyalties from Peking to Moscow. But only the gullible and the fellow-travelers of the Communists refuse to face the reality of the total Communist advance.
Even Moscow's support for Peking at UN fails to impress these victims of brainwashing.

Working from a position of extreme weakness as jailors of a large and resentful body of the worlds' peoples, and suffering the disastrous results of a centralised Socialist economy, the leaders of the conspiracy against civilisation have brilliantly exploited the dialectic to confuse and paralyse the free world. The speech of Mr. Polyansky, the Russian spokesman at the November 7 celebrations in Moscow, indicates that a period of consolidation inside the Socialist camp is now envisaged:
"Our foreign policy is clear. It consists of peaceful work for the Russian people; all-round strengthening of the world socialist systems; the development of relations with independent states; support of national liberation movements; carrying out the policy of peaceful co-existence and preserving peace all over the world."

This policy opens the way for increased infusions of Western economic aid to assist the Socialist bloc, while the West completes arrangements for its own funeral.


Ever since the Rev. A. M. Dickie was elected Moderator of the Presbyterian Church in Victoria, communists and their dupes have been praising him loudly. Someone even felt that some type of reception was necessary to honor Mr. Dickie as "a memorable moment in the life of the Australian peace movement." The honoring of the Rev. Dickie brought some interesting figures together. We are indebted to "The Guardian", the Melbourne Communist newspaper, for the information that "The main speakers were Mr. A.A. Calwell, the Rev. Ross Williams and Mr. Dickie's peace movement colleague the Rev, Frank Hartley."
"The Guardian" also reported that, "Among those present were Mrs. Lillian Miller, of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, Canon Thomas, Mrs. Lucille Green, a representative of the U.S. Women's International Strike for Peace, and Mr. Ralph Gibson, Victorian Secretary of the Communist Party."


The Communist Party in Australia decided that one of their major activities during 1965 should be to recruit 500 new members. The Communist press has announced that already the target has been exceeded. It is probable that well over 600 new members will have been recruited by the end of the year. Those with only a superficial knowledge of the Communist conspiracy will immediately remark that 600 new Communist Party members are not very important. May we observe that these join a highly organised and disciplined fifth-column in Australia, which acts on behalf of an international conspiracy relentlessly pursuing a global strategy.

Herbert Philbrick, the famous former F.B.I. agent who penetrated the Communist conspiracy for many years, has stated, "One Communist can be as dangerous as one division of the Red Army. A Communist is a very special person."

Without suggesting that every new Communist Party recruit this year is a dangerous as a Red Army division, we stress, however, that the Communists are gaining members who are prepared to devote their time and resources to furthering International Communist strategy. They are working to defeat freedom in Australia; Freedom will eventually be lost unless more Australians are recruited to the ranks of those working to preserve freedom.


Three former members of the Canadian Nazi Party have publicly admitted that they were in fact working for the Canadian Jewish Congress. The leader of the Ku Klux Klan's anti-Jewish crusade in New York has shot himself after it was disclosed that he was a Jew. And the U.S. neo-Nazi National Renaissance Party has ordered its national secretary to resign because he had concealed his Jewish origins. These items provide more confirmation of how "anti-Semitism" is deliberately promoted so that both Jews and Gentiles can be exploited by subversive forces.


As the Liberal Party holds the licence for the Melbourne radio station 3XY, may we suggest that leaders of the Party take a little time off from some of their activities to listen to "folk" songs being played by 3 XY which are today a major part of Communist psychological warfare, For example, the playing of "The Universal Soldier" can almost be described as a subversive act at present while Australian troops are fighting in South Vietnam and Malaysia.
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