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On Target

5 March 1965.Thought for the Week: "And this know, that if the good men of the house had known what hour the thief would come, he would have watched, and not have suffered his house to be broken through" - Luke 12:30.


Mr. Robert Thompson was the British expert who headed the successful programme which drove the Communist guerillas out of Malaya in the 1950s. Like General MacArthur, British General Templar believed that there was no substitute for victory. And so the objective in Malaya was to win completely. When the Communists realised that they were being beaten militarily, they sought to save the situation by a political agreement. But Templar would have none of this, and went on to complete victory.

Over the past three and a half years Mr. Robert Thompson has been attempting to advise the Americans and the South Vietnamese, but this experts advice has been not readily accepted. Before leaving to go back to England, Mr. Thompson, an ex-Brigadier, made some significant comments on how the Communists were winning in South Vietnam.

But much more important were his comments concerning Indonesia.
"If we don't fix Indonesia in the next three or four years, the communists will be in Darwin inside 10 years."

Mr. Thompson recommends "tough economic sanctions" against Indonesia by the West as a "first step" to prevent a Communist takeover there. We wish that the Australian Government would give a lead in heeding Mr. Thompson's expert advice, instead of continuing to send valuable economic aid to Dr. Soekarno and his Communist backers.


It would give us the greatest pleasure to be able to report that there was firm evidence that the recent increase in air bombing in North Vietnam indicate that the policy-makers around President Johnson have decided to reverse their no-win policy. But there is no such evidence. The bombings are in fact a smokescreen designed to obscure the fact that President Johnson is adhering to his policy of withdrawing from South Vietnam. Veteran Washington reporters, Robert Allen and Paul Scott, in their "Report" (Hall Syndicate) of January 6 and 26, trace in detail the evolution of President Johnson's policy in South Vietnam.

On January 6 they wrote:
"President Johnson has decided to 'write off' South Vietnam despite warnings from his military advisers that a U.S. withdrawal could mean the loss of all South-East Asia." The two American columnists, widely respected for their accuracy in reporting, went on to say that the defeatist policy had been decided at the LBJ Ranch with Senator Richard Russell, Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee. This policy would include "a military smokescreen of tightly controlled tactical bombing raids in Laos and Communist North Vietnam" to "cover its strategic retreat from South Vietnam."

On January 26 Messrs. Scott and Allen said that the President's Assistant, Mr. McGeorge Bundy, directs "these tightly controlled air raids" while President Johnson "has secretly sent repeated messages through Moscow to Hanoi and Peking offering to withdraw U.S. military aid in exchange for military truce in South Vietnam." Following these serious allegations, never denied, Mr. Bundy was sent to South Vietnam on a "special mission". The "tightly controlled air raids", which are having no effect whatever on the Viet Cong in South Vietnam, continue while President Johnson openly assures Moscow that he has no intention of widening the conflict.


Following his assurance to the U.S. Ambassador Howard Jones earlier this week that he had no intention of taking over American rubber estates in Indonesia, the slippery liar Soekarno has now seized £37 million of these assets. Mobs also attacked the American Consul, wrecked his car, while 20 odd non-Communist newspapers were closed down.

We wonder whether this latest plunder, following hard on the theft of British interests in Indonesia, will convince the Johnson Administration, and the ruby red press columnists, that perhaps this Japanese puppet of the last war is not exactly a bastion of free enterprise. We rather doubt it. Even after Soekarno was quoted in Izvestia in 1962, after winning the Order of Lenin, that "I am a Communist of the highest order", we were told that we must do nothing "to push Soekarno into the arms of the Communists". He was even supplied with an atomic reactor and an enormous flow of valuable economic assistance.

It is possible that Soekarno's latest outrage may at last remove some of the pink haze from the eyes of a few more latent patriots not already committed too deeply to the Fabian death wish.


The Australian Communist Party is represented at the international Communist conference which started in Moscow this week. The 17 countries represented are: Australia, Argentine, Bulgaria, Brazil, Hungary, East Germany, West Germany, Cuba, India, Mongolia, Poland, Syria, Finland, France, Czechoslovakia and the U.S.A.

Is it sane to allow these representatives of an international criminal conspiracy to travel freely and to plot our hand-over to a power pledged to "bury" us?


The group of inexperienced University youths who are busy playing with the fire of race relationships in New South Wales may not realise that they are acting as a Communist fifth column. Although we have little doubt that the members of the Communist Eureka Youth League who were in the group travelling through northern New South Wales, are well aware of what they were about. It is rather significant that in the extensive publicity of these Australian "freedom riders", no reference has been made to the members of the Eureka Youth League.

In his programme for world conquest, Lenin stressed the importance of fostering and exploiting friction between different classes, religions and races. This is the dialectical clash out of which Socialism will arise. Lenin recognised that students, being " like most young people, "long on emotion and short on experience", can easily be used for producing clashes.

We suggest that these young people in Sydney lift their heads from their Marxist-slanted textbooks and read the factual experiences of their fellow-students from the University of Mississippi. They might then realise the purposes for which they are being used. "The Invasion of Mississippi", by Earl Lively, Jr. (available from The Heritage Bookshop, price 10/8 posted) is a must for the race relations reformer who wishes to avoid being used for evil purposes.


Even though it was clear that the Communists strongly supported the appointing of U Thant as Secretary-General of the "United" Nations, the starry-eyed and the wishful thinkers thought that the Burmese Socialist was a genuine neutralist and could be relied upon to act impartially in his position.
U Thant has consistently supported the Communist "Line" on every major issue.

But at long last many Americans are waking up to the truth about the Secretary-General.
U Thant told the American people if they knew the real truth about the war in South Vietnam, they would strongly support his policy of negotiating a peace settlement. Under the peace settlement proposed by U Thant, the Americans would completely withdraw from the country.

Perhaps it is more than coincidence that this is exactly what the Communists advocate also.


The attempt this week by a respected British Conservative MP, Sir Cyril Osborne, to introduce in the House of Commons a private bill to restrict still further coloured immigration into Britain, reflects the growing concern of the British people about the race issue. This issue has now become one of the major aspects of political controversy in Britain today, and is being exploited by the agents of the Communist conspiracy. The British are a tolerant people, but they are alarmed at the effects of a large and growing alien minority in their midst.

Constructive thinkers are urging that the West Indians and others should be helped in their own countries, not be brought to Britain to become the raw material of a revolutionary movement.

We trust that the British experiences of race relations is noted by those woolly-minded Australians who are constantly seeking to import a race problem into Australia.


Mr. Arthur Bottomley, the British Commonwealth Secretary, has been brought face to face with realities during his visit to Southern Rhodesia. Mr. Bottomley represents a Socialist Government whose leader talked about "treason" when referring to Mr. Ian Smith's Southern Rhodesian Government. Having observed the results of "independence" in the Congo and other parts of Africa, Mr. Smith and his fellows take the rather old fashioned view that the best interests of both the Europeans and natives will be protected in Southern Rhodesia only if law and order is maintained. They are supported by the traditional leaders of the natives, their Chiefs, who have made it clear that they favour complete independence for Southern Rhodesia under the present Constitution.

But Mr. Bottomley finds it hard to realise that the majority of Africans in Southern Rhodesia are strongly opposed to power being handed over to Communist agent Nkomo, described in the world's press as a "nationalist".

However, in his meetings with the Chiefs, Mr. Bottomley has been bluntly introduced to some of the facts of life. The Chiefs told Mr. Bottomley in rather rude language what they thought of the proposed policies of his Government. They made it clear that they had lost their respect for the British Government. They complained bitterly about the violence that moderate Africans had suffered at the hands of Nkomo's and his thugs. And they also made it clear that they have every confidence in the Smith Government.

If after his experiences, Mr. Bottomley goes back to London to recommend that his Government support Nkomo and his minority group against the great majority of the people, both Europeans and natives, he must be charged with criminal irresponsibility; with advocating a policy which can only help the Communist advance in Africa.

© Published by the Australian League of Rights, P.O. Box 27 Happy Valley, SA 5159