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On Target

26 March 1965.Thought for the Week: "No person, whether Government official or private citizen, should violate the rights of some in order to further the rights of others." - Barry Goldwater.


The Liberal Club at the Monash University (Victoria) recently approached The Australian League of Rights to provide a representative to speak on Communism at the University. After a telephone conversation with the Secretary of the Liberal Club, the League's National Director, Mr. Eric D. Butler, agreed to speak at an open meeting on the true nature of International Communism. Mr. Butler said to the Secretary that he hoped her Club realised that he was a controversial figure. The Secretary said that this was understood, and that she hoped Mr. Butler did not mind some heckling from students.

The meeting was to take place on Thursday, April 1. However, when the news about Mr. Butler's visit started to circulate at the Monash University, certain developments followed. The result was that on Monday of this week Mr. Butler received a letter from the Secretary of the Liberal Club informing him that "we have found it necessary to withdraw the invitation as it will be impossible for us to hold this meeting." No explanation was given why it was suddenly found necessary to cancel the meeting.

The truth is that there are certain influential people at the Monash University who are bitterly opposed to The League of Rights. Left-wing and pro-Communist influence is very strong. An examination of the students' paper, LOT'S WIFE, also indicates the growth of what can only be described as a form of depravity.

It is about time that Australian taxpayers started to ask some searching questions about what is happening in the Universities they are financing.


The above item reminds us of the incident several years ago when the DLP Club at the Melbourne University made arrangements with Mr. Butler to meet Mr.Hugo Wolfson, Senior Lecturer in Political Science, in a discussion. After the discussion had been arranged, Mr.Wolfson suddenly wanted to pull out. We understand it was pointed out to Mr. Wolfson by interested people that he had made a bad tactical mistake in agreeing to meet Mr. Butler; that this meeting would enable Mr.Butler to appear at the University and present himself as a moderate and balanced person. This would damage the image of the smearers of a hate-filled person obsessed with deep, dark conspiracies.

When the DLP Club declined to cancel the discussion, Mr. Wolfson was reluctantly forced to appear. It was the same Mr. Wolfson who joined with other Political Science lecturers from both the Melbourne and Monash Universities in a fantastic letter to The Age (Melbourne) complaining about Mr. Butler appearing on GTV-9's Norman Banks programme last year. This was a classic example of Socialist tolerance!

Following the subsequent controversy concerning the activities of Mr. Banks and Mr. Butler, both alleged to be preaching the same pernicious doctrines, the leading critics, Mr. I. Leibler, Professor Tatz of the Monash University, and the Rev. D. Pope, an Anglican Vicar, declined an invitation to meet Mr. Banks and Mr. Butler either on radio or TV.

Mr. Butler is being widely smeared because he is an effective anti-Communist. Those meeting up with the smear should always ask why the smearers will not meet Mr. Butler in public discussion.


Although Cyprus has not been in the headlines for some time, the Communists have not been idle in this important strategical island. The Age of March 20 carried an item stating that Soviet anti-aircraft missiles and "other heavy equipment" are reported to have arrived in Cyprus. The Leftist leader Makarios has refused to comment. "This is a military secret", he told reporters.

On the previous day the Soviet pledged support for forthcoming proposals to keep the UN "peace-keeping" forces in Cyprus for an extended period. Is the connection sufficiently clear?

The Russians have complete charge of these forces through the UN Security Council, whose "peace-keeping" controller has always, by agreement when the UN was being formed, been from behind the Iron Curtain. It is not strange therefore that the Soviet wishes to extend the life of this militant policy mechanism in Cyprus. It has indeed served them well to date.

The contempt for the West shown by Soviet policy in Cyprus is not unconnected with the withdrawal of U.S. military bases from anti-Communist Turkey. This was part of the unpublicised agreement entered into by the late President Kennedy, as part of the deal for the withdrawal of Soviet missiles from Cuba.

Photographs and reports of US intelligence agents in Cuba, were presented to the American people by the Goldwater supporters, before and during the last Presidential Election. These reports and photographs proved that the promised Soviet withdrawal from Cuba had never taken place. This has been admitted since the Election. Quite a cheap bargain for the Soviet. No wonder Khrushchev laughed every time the US diplomatic "victory" concerning Cuba was mentioned.

In pondering the diabolical tactics of the Communists, it is worth recalling Christ's observations on the Communists' spiritual prototypes, the Pharisees, whom He said "were of their father the Devil and the truth was not in them".


The Australian of March 19 carried the headline, "BOMBS HIT A SCHOOL", and the report, "Two South Vietnamese pilots thought they were attacking a Viet Cong stronghold today - and killed 37 children."


Under the heading, The Age of March 19 reported that "South Vietnamese air force planes bombed a village near Da Nang 375 North East of Saigon yesterday killing 48 villagers, including 45 school Children." Upon reading these items the careless headline reader is filled with an emotional revulsion against such obvious inhumanity. But both items are good examples of the pro-Communist bias of much of the material in the daily press.

Ignoring the discrepancy in numbers, which suggest different sources for the stories, both are lies in the impression they create. It is significant that both these impressions favour the Communists. By carefully reading the full story in The Age it is possible that some would correct the early conditioning by the headline.

In the body of the story it transpires that the schoolmaster was a Communist officer using the school as a Viet Cong military post, and was flying a Viet Cong flag. The children had been moved to a cave in the vicinity when the master heard planes coming in retaliation for anti-aircraft fire. This Officer-Master and some of his men were pursued by the planes and bombed. The concussion brought down the roof in the near-by cave. Except in The Australian headline, no mention was made of the school being hit. Students of snide Socialist tactics would profit from reading the two items in full.


At a rally in Austin, Texas, U.S.A., on May 22, 1948, a prominent American politician said:
"This civil rights programme about which you have heard so much, is a farce and a sham - an effort to set up a police state in the guise of liberty. I fought it in Congress."
In February, 1960, when this same politician had reached one of the highest official positions in the U.S.A., he said this: "I am not now, and never have been an advocate of civil rights. I don't think I ever will be." Who was this man who said that the "civil rights" programme is "an effort to set up a police state in the guise of liberty"? Someone immediately replies, "Why that must have been that reactionary Barry Goldwater - or that racist Governor Wallace." No. The man who told the truth about the real meaning of the "civil rights" programme was - LYNDON JOHNSON!

Those who ask in amazement how can the President of the USA be such a hypocrite, should read the book, "A Texan Looks At Lyndon", by an outstanding American historian (available from the Heritage Bookshop, 273 Lt. Collins St., Melbourne, 10/8 post free) and learn the truth about one of the most unscrupulous and self- seeking politicians ever to disgrace the office of Presidency.

What is convulsing America internally at the moment was foretold by the courageous American Negro leader, Manning Johnson, in his book, "Color, Communism and Commonsense". Johnson was for many years a leading member of the American Communist Party, where he learned that the Communists regard the Negroes merely as the raw material of their revolution in the U.S.A.

As usual, the daily press is distorting the reality by highly emotional stories. But occasionally the careful reader can catch a glimpse of the truth, as witnessed by an article in The Australian on March 19, from Rowland Evans and Robert Novak of Washington, in which it is admitted reluctantly that there is a tie up between Negro leader, Dr. Martin Luther King, (described by FBI chief Edgar Hoover as the "most notorious liar" in the U.S.A.) and John Lewis and James Forman, the two Communist Leaders of the Student Non-Violent Co-ordinating Committee known as SNIC.

The two Washington writers further admit that "SNIC and its leaders aren't really interested in the right to vote but in demanding unattainable goals as a means of promoting social turmoil." And, of course, social turmoil further measures to set up the police state warned about by Lyndon Johnson in 1948.


Mr. Charles Perkins, the part-Aboriginal student leader of the "freedom rides" in NSW, is reported to be urging that the Federal Association for the Advancement of Aborigines support a series of nationwide "freedom rides." It would be instructive to learn what Mr. Perkins has to say about Communist influence in this Association.

The following prominent Australian Communists have been, or still are, associated with this organisation:
Mr. E. A. Bacon, Queensland Secretary of the Communist Party,
Mr. Sam Aarons, State Secretary of the West Australian Communist Party,
Mr. Alex McDonald, Secretary of the Queensland Trades and Labor Council, and a member of the Central Committee of the Australian Communist Party,
Mr. L. Fox, Sydney journalist,
Miss Mona Brand, playwright,
Miss Shirley Andrews, Victorian Science worker,
Mr. T. Zeffert, member of the W.A. committee of the Communist Party, and
Mr. J. Fitzgerald, Branch Secretary of the Seamans' Union and Queensland Communist Party committee member.

© Published by the Australian League of Rights, P.O. Box 27 Happy Valley, SA 5159