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On Target

2 April 1965.Thought for the Week: "If God does not exist, then man is without significance. He is only an animal, and no one need be concerned about him. For only God gives meaning." - Taylor Caldwell in "The Devil's Advocate"


We wonder how many recall the hair-raising stories published about Barry Goldwater in the world's press last year. Goldwater said that the war in South Vietnam could only be won if the Americans took the offensive. The smearers said that he was a "trigger-happy warmonger" who would "extend the war." President Johnson, who also helped to smear Goldwater, has now been forced to do exactly what Goldwater advocated.

Goldwater has demonstrated his statesmanship by supporting Johnson's policies, but urging that he continues to resist all attempts to get the Americans out of South Vietnam. President Johnson and his "no-win" advisers are finding that although Goldwater was defeated at the Presidential Elections, the determined anti-Communist upsurge which Goldwater represented has continued to grow, cutting across normal party barriers, and is forcing at least the appearance of a stronger stand in Asia.


Further evidence concerning the disastrous, and treacherous, pro-Communist policies of President Roosevelt has been provided by Anthony Eden (now Lord Avon), Britain's wartime Foreign Secretary, in the final volume of his memoirs, "The Reckoning." Eden holds that Roosevelt was responsible for the Communists taking control of the whole of Eastern Europe. He criticises him strongly for his behaviour at the Yalta Conference early in 1945, when Roosevelt went behind Churchill's back to engage in secret talks with Stalin. It was there, Eden writes, that Roosevelt and Stalin drew up a secret agreement about Chiang Kai-shek's China which violated Nationalist China's interests in favour of the Soviet Union.

While it is something to have a witness of Eden's standing confirming what others have said about Roosevelt's role in serving the International Communist conspiracy, Eden's revelations will be quietly dismissed or met with the bland observation, "But that's all past history. Today things are different. Only right-wing extremists claim that there is any extensive Communist influence inside America today."

People making this type of comment should be confronted with John Stormer's heavily documented "None Dare Call It Treason". They will find that not only has the evil that Roosevelt did lived after him, but that evil men still wield tremendous influence in the shaping of American policies.


The New York Times used its great influence to persuade the American people that Castro was merely a type of Latin-American Robin Hood. He was not a Communist. This influential paper, quoted right around the world, has constantly preached a policy of appeasement in the face of Communist aggression. This has led one to observe that its motto, "All the news fit to print", should read, "All the news fit to tint".

Early this week this paper indicated the likely shape of things to come in Vietnam:
"President Johnson's statement last week could be the precursor of proposals offering Hanoi, once peace is restored, access to the rice of South Vietnam, trade with the West, and end of the embargo and diplomatic boycott that Washington and Saigon have imposed since 1954, and entry to international development assistance. Area-developing schemes covering the entire Mekong Valley could be pushed. These, linked with concrete proposals for negotiations and firm offers of a phased American withdrawal from South Vietnam in accordance with the Geneva Agreements, could not fail to influence events." ."

Is this clear enough?


Methodist leader, the Rev, Dr. A. H. Wood speaking of American use of gas in Vietnam, is reported in The Age of March 28 as saying:
"If Chinese and other Asians used disgusting weapons of this kind against white troops one could imagine the outcry." Dr. Wood's sensitivity would be more convincing if it occurred at other times than during Communist reverses. We do not recall his protests over the Communist inspired horrors and the cannibalism of the Congo; nor the torture and mutilation of his own and other Churches in China; nor the genocide in Tibet; nor the atrocities of Soekarno. But when a Communist aggressor receives a minor and rather humane setback, the Rev. Dr. is filled with Christian righteousness.

Can it be that he views events through "rose coloured glasses"?


Dr. Nkruma, dictator of Ghana, offered this week his services to the Malaysian Prime Minister to help settle the dispute between Malaysia and Indonesia. This is the same noble chap who caused a statue of himself to be erected in Ghana with the inscription, "Seek ye first the political kingdom and all else shall be given unto ye." He was awarded the Lenin peace prize in 1962 and is known to Communists as "the Lenin of Africa".

We quote from a letter Nkruma wrote to Communist Patrice Lumumba after applauding UN intervention in the Congo:
"Whenever in doubt, consult me, brother. We have been in the game for some time and now we know how to handle the imperialists and colonialists. The only colonialist or imperialist that I trust is a dead one".

Did we hear Dr. Soekarno clapping?


Dr. Martin Luther King, supported by known Communists, has openly revealed the real purpose of the "civil rights" demonstrations in Alabama. There has been a call for a complete economic blockade of Alabama. Such a blockade would have a disastrous effect on Alabama Negroes as well as Europeans. Negroes suffer some injustices in Alabama. But we hear nothing about the prosperous Negroes running their own banks, insurance companies and educational institutions.

The real purpose of the "civil rights" campaign is to keep expanding it to the stage where there is complete chaos, and where Europeans and Negroes start large-scale fighting.
We have frequently pointed out that the fomenting of class and race hatred in general, and that of Negro unrest in particular, are major features of Communist strategy. We have also referred to the Leftist bias of the daily press in reporting the unfortunate results stemming from this fomenting of hate.

During the week there were many regrettable murders in the U.S.A. We looked in vain for the publication of radio reports of Negroes murdering Europeans - and other Negroes. Featured was the murder of Mrs Viola Liuzzo, a European, "civil rights" worker who was shot while transporting Negro marchers. Murder is a terrible crime. But emotionalism should not be exploited to the stage where justice is outlawed. And yet this has been done.

Following the murder, four people alleged to belong to the Ku Klux Klan, a militant anti-Negro organisation, were arrested by the F.B.I. and await trial.

These are the known facts. Under British justice, upon which American justice has been based, these men are innocent until proved guilty. Let us quote from The Australian of March 29:
"And late on Thursday night four more of these Ku Klux Klan degenerates thriving in an atmosphere of violence set by the Governor of the State, ran a woman named Viola Liuzzo off the road in a black empty stretch of US Highway 80 and then shot her in the head with a rifle."

Also in The Age of the same date President Johnson is reported as saying that Mrs. Liuzzo had been murdered by a "hooded society of bigots."

Well, we hope that the four arrested men get a fair trial. We feel that there may be some prejudice involved, but beg leave to doubt that "fair-minded liberals" such as Walter Lippmann will protest against people being pronounced guilty before they are tried.

One result of this pre-judging is certain: It will inflame feeling still further in Alabama, leading to more violence by hot-heads. This is what is desired.


It is pleasing to record that the Communist cause has received a series of setbacks in Southern Africa. In the Congo the African Christian Leader Moise Tshombe has almost completed the rout of the Communist-led rebel forces. Mr. Bottomley who visited Southern Rhodesia as a representative of the British Government was obviously amazed to find that the native Chieftains were solidly behind Mr. Ian Smith and his plans for separate development.

We have heard no more threats from Mr. Harold Wilson since Mr. Bottomley learned that the Smith Government was not going to be stampeded by threats, or hysterical headlines in the world's press. And now Dr. Verwoerd and his separate development policy have received an overwhelming vote of confidence in the elections held on March 26. For the first time he gained the vote of the English-speaking section of the community. Those supporting multiracialism were soundly defeated in all seats. This result has shocked the "intellectual liberals" who have always passed off the South African Nationalist Party as merely the voice of the Boers.

Perhaps if there are enough such shocks the truth may even get through to the Rev. Alan Walker and Mr. Douglas Wilkie!


One of the most dangerous myths about the Communist conspiracy is that only hungry people are recruited to its ranks, and that even Communists start to become "different" and more "liberal" as their material conditions improve. One of the latest Communist spies apprehended in Britain is an engineer on a salary of approximately £3,000 Australian. A quite comfortable standard of living did not prevent this man from acting as a traitor against his own country.
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