Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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On Target

22 March 1974. Thought for the Week: "Nearly all of the most distinguished and effective leaders from Lenin down, came from the middle and upper classes; few indeed among them are actual workers and peasants... the early revolutionary movement in Russia did not originate with the masses, but was brought to them by the intellectuals."
William Z. Foster. head of the Communist Party. U.S.A.


At the conclusion of an 8-day tour under the auspices of the New Zealand League of Rights, Mr. Eric Butler sends the following report from Auckland.

A few years ago a New Zealand friend, half Maori, half European, expressed the opinion that it would only be a matter of time before the Maori was completely absorbed into the European population. Her own family was an example of what was happening. But now a new element has been injected into New Zealand race relations with a big influx of Islanders. In spite of one of those incredible Race Relations Boards - as if different groups of people can be made to like one another by legislation and regulations - there is more public debate about race in New Zealand than ever before. Surely absurdity reached its highest - or lowest - point with the recent publicity concerning alleged "Pommy bashing." It was seriously suggested that this matter should be taken up by the Race Relations Board! Reports appeared in the New Zealand press from the United Kingdom where prospective migrants to New Zealand were allegedly asking if it was safe for them to go!

Relations between the Maori and the European the pakeha, have been as good as might be expected with two groups of people of completely different racial and cultural backgrounds. The Maori has been given separate representation in the New Zealand Parliament. This manifestation of apartheid apparently is quite moral in New Zealand, but a similar policy in Rhodesia is so immoral that international sanctions are applied to that country. But, over the years the numbers of full-blooded Maoris have been decreasing.

One former Cabinet Minister in the National Government has been quoted as saying that if this process continued; the Maori would disappear within twenty-five years. Which raises the fundamental question, which those so fond of cursing the "white racists", will never honestly face. What do they want for the non-European race like the Maori - integration? This can only result in the eventual end of the Maori and his culture. I have before me a letter by a full-blooded Maori, a Christian woman, who asks that the Maoris be allowed to retain their own social standards, which are much more communal than those of the European. Maori elders are expressing grave concern about the rapid loss of Maori culture. Any racial group wishing to retain its identity and its culture must stress segregation, not integration. But the smearers, who in many cases - some are, of course, just wooly-minded idealists - are more concerned with generating and exploiting racial friction than in creating harmony, charge that segregation and separateness is a "racist crime".

Jewish leaders are much more realistic about this question of separate development than most. They make it quite clear that indiscriminate integration is the major threat to the preservation of the Jewish identity, the Jewish religion and Jewish culture. Inter-marriage is frowned upon. The aim is to give Jewish youth a sense of pride and belonging. If one accepts the Zionist viewpoint that Zionists have a right to a land, which belonged to Arabs for centuries, then one must accept their logic when they insist that they cannot afford even to share it with the Arabs. The European in South Africa holds the same view, realising that separate development is the only way in which he can preserve his identity and culture.

Amongst the many stories on race issues appearing in the New Zealand press, is one from South Africa, quoting the chairman of the Coloured Persons Representative Council, Mr. Tom Swartz, as saying that integration was not an answer for the races of South Africa. I had a long discussion with Mr. Swartz two years ago in which he expressed the same views. The New Zealand press report quotes Mr. Swartz as saying that Coloureds would rather live under European rule in South Africa. "I'll dread the day if the black man takes over", he said. "If things are so bad here as overseas people say, why do black men from other African countries come here to work", he asks. Yes, indeed. And now New Zealand is faced with a similar problem, resulting from a big influx of Islanders.

There is friction between the Maori and the Islanders, and growing violence. The problem is most acute in Auckland. There is not only an influx of Islanders under the Socialist Government's almost open-door policy, but the Islanders are bringing with them the health hazards which Sir Raphael Cilento has warned Australians about. Hookworm, leprosy and T. B. are now on the increase. This matter also concerns Australians, as under the agreement between the New Zealand and Australian Socialists, all New Zealanders, irrespective of racial background are free to enter Australia.

Europeans here are incensed that although the Cook Islands are described as part of New Zealand, and Cook Islanders are entitled to move into mainland New Zealand without any special permits, Europeans wishing to visit the Cook Islands must have a passport. The developing New Zealand situation has lessons for Australians. But the Grassby's of this world rarely concede that their theories will not work in practice. Which brings me finally to the financial theorists.

Following doggedly the same Keynesian financial theories as the Australian Government, the New Zealand Government has now generated an increasing inflation rate, currently running at approximately 10 percent, and in spite of rigid controls still moving upwards. The Kirk Government has the powers, which the Whitlam Government does not, but as everywhere the industrial friction grows. The Kirk Government appears just as enthusiastic about kow-towing to Peking as the Whitlam Government. I had a long discussion at Wellington with a group of National Opposition Members, finding most of them also dominated by the current myths about the plight of the world. But one new Member, looked at askance by his fellows, had done his homework. He had read None Dare Call It Conspiracy and The Naked Capitalist. He knew Dr. Antony Sutton's explosive new work, National Suicide, in which Sutton shows beyond all argument that what is called Soviet industrialisation and technology has been transplanted by the West, mainly the USA into Russia. Another Member was getting a glimmer of the truth.

An understanding of the basic problem of the world crisis is growing. This is one of the more encouraging aspects of what is a great crisis in human affairs. But salvation can only come from a grass-roots movement, not from the top. A former New Zealand journalist, thoroughly familiar with the role of financial policy in human affairs, tells of his first hand experiences with a former leader of the National Party of New Zealand, Mr. Hamilton, who came to see what was necessary to operate a free-enterprise economy without depressions and inflation. But he was prevented from having his own party publicise this matter, and resigned.

The League of Rights approach, of uniting informed electors to bring their political representatives under control, offers the only hope of avoiding a complete collapse of what remains of Civilisation. I look forward to the New Zealand League of Rights playing a much more important role in the battle in the near future.


"The stand taken by Mr. Bob Hawke, of complete support for Israel in the Middle East conflict, should cause deep concern amongst every progressive Australian". - from a Communist pamphlet - "Hawke-Enemy of the Austtralia & Arab People".

As we pointed out in the On Target (March 8th) the Zionist-Communist "confrontation" in the Middle East is splitting Socialist movements around the world. On Target (March 8th) referred to the growing division between the pro-Israel factions in the A.L.P. - Trade Union power-machine, and those factions in the same "machine" who support the Arab cause; with Mr. Bill Hartley leading the pack. The Communist pamphlet referred to was being handed out in Melbourne city square (always a good source of revolutionary dodgers, handbills etc.) In our opinion the Communists who distributed this particular pamphlet belong to Mr. Ted Hill's Party (Marxist-Leninist), which follows the Peking "line". It calls itself Marxist-Leninist because it believes that it is holding aloft the pure doctrine of Marxism-Leninism, whereas the Moscow Party has strayed from the "holy writ", and is "revisionist"; to be despised.
Yes, there is a genuine ideological disagreement between Moscow and Peking, but it revolves around the best method of cutting the throat of the West; not whether or not the West's throat should be cut!

It is instructive to re-print a few of the excerpts from this pamphlet... "Hawke is an unabashed supporter of Israel. . .He has helped to establish a Zionist faction within the A.L.P. called the 'Friends of Israel'. He has used his important position as President of the A.L.P. and President of the A.C.T.U. to carry out Israel's wishes... . We ask for your full support in our demonstration against Hawke; and for the just struggle of the Palestinian and Arab people to recover their stolen land."

We note that this conflict is also beginning to spill over into university "politics" with anti-Israel motions being put to meetings of students; just a sign that the conflict is deepening, and broadening.


"the New South Wales Legislative Council is not only a blot on New South Wales, it is a blot on the whole of Australia, and especially on our international reputation as a democracy". - Mr. E. G. Whitlam, (Prime Minister) in a letter to "The Age" (Melbourne) March 16th.

Mr. Whitlam was replying to an article written earlier by an "Age" feature journalist, Mr. Claude Forell. Mr. Forell has put forward the view that the structure of the N.S.W. Upper House should be left intact unless a majority of the voters of N.S.W. wish to change it; an argument with which we certainly agree even if our Socialist Prime Minister finds it anathema. Mr. Whitlam's referendum proposal - viz, to ensure that all Houses of Parliament are directly elected by the people, is an attack on the sovereignty of the States, which have evolved their own parliamentary structures over the decades, and are no concern of Canberra busybodies! To claim that the N.S.W. Upper House is a "blot" on our international reputation as a democracy is the type of arrant Socialist nonsense which we have come to expect from Mr. Whitlam, who is, as all now know, "The greatest". He says so himself!
We seriously question whether the majority of the teeming of hundreds of millions in Asia, for example, would know where Australia is - if they have ever heard of it at all.


Mr. Snedden and the Liberal Party are now asking the Australian people to vote NO' at all the referendums timed to coincide with the coming Senate elections; probably in May. One of these referendums, if passed, will enable the Federal Government to alter the Constitution so that it may then make grants and loans directly to Local Government; an attack on States' sovereignty. But the rub is, for which Mr. Snedden, and the Liberal Party will suffer, that the same Liberal Party, headed by Mr. Snedden, voted with the Government for the Commonwealth Grants Commission Bill last year, which provided for the granting of Commonwealth funds to "regions", made up of agglomerations of Local councils; another attack on States' sovereignty. Mr. Whitlam will be able to tear strips off the Liberals for duplicity and hypocrisy. The Liberals received firm warnings from League actionists about this early in the piece. Now they will have to pay the price of further fragmentation.


The Victorian Chief Secretary. Mr. J. Rossiter rejected a suggestion by the Road Safety and Traffic Authority's Deputy-Chairman. Dr. Grayton Brown. Dr. Grayton Brown wants the Victorian Government to adopt Dutch (and Canadian) laws which enable a person who depends on driving for a living to maintain his income. Mr. Rossiter said that there would be no change in the law, and that the law made no distinction between being drunk in charge of a car in working or leisure hours. Rightly so.
This Authority was active in pressing for the compulsory seat-belt law; and now is pushing for compulsory random breath tests, which is alarming many citizens. Whereas the road toll and drunken driving are shocking, we do point out that there are dangers in allowing the narrow expert to have too much influence. "Experts should be on tap; not on top." Mr. Rossiter was quite correct in cutting this particular expert down to size; we trust that he does it again, if necessary.


What Is The New Political Movement

How can electors resist the policies of centralization being imposed on them and reverse these policies? Only by using the social power they can still exercise by correctly associating to make their will prevail. Political democracy can only be a reality when a Member of Parliament is primarily responsible to his electors, not to party bosses. But electors cannot expect their elected representative to move openly against the forces of centralised power unless they make it clear that they will support him. It is a fundamental truth that in a democracy electors get the government and representatives they deserve. The basic problem is not going to be solved by creating still more parties, all seeking to persuade the elector that all he has to do is to vote for them and all will be well. What is required is a new type of political movement a type of voluntary civil service staffed by trained Social Engineers, seeking to advise and guide electors on how to initiate constructive action in all political spheres. This type of movement has come into existence with the development of the Australian League of Rights.
© Published by the Australian League of Rights, P.O. Box 27 Happy Valley, SA 5159