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Edmund Burke
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On Target

26 April 1974. Thought for the Week: "The history of modern political society is in large measure the history of the struggle of the ordinary citizen to exercise some influence upon government...
Professor G. W. Keeton, in The Passing of Parliament. (1952)


Mr. Eric Butler reports from Washington, U.S.A., where he has been representing The Australian League of Rights at the 7th World Anti-Communist League Conference. He sends the Following inspiring report.

Following the lead given at the London international anti-Communist conference last year, representatives from over 60 nations, including those under Communist domination, at this year's conference in Washington, unanimously agreed that in view of the established evidence that the Soviet Communist Empire has been held together by the injection of financial and technological help from the West, that the World Anti-Communist League provide a comprehensive report on this matter as a major part of an international campaign to insist that there should be no financial or technological assistance to the Communist Empire on the part of the Free World countries until such time as the Communist leaders by their acts show that they are prepared to release their captive peoples.
This positive move has brought a new mood into the anti-Communist movements.

Discussions with a number of American Senators and Congressmen have convinced me that there is a growing realisation of the basic nature of the basic problem confronting the world; and that Soviet and Red Chinese expansion can only be halted by depriving them of financial and economic blood transfusions. As this report is being written action is being taken in the American Congress to attempt to prevent the Nixon Administration from using the Export-Import Bank to provide further credit to the Soviet. But as I pointed out to one Congressman this of itself would not prevent the international financial groups from providing financial credit, as they have in the past. He agreed and said that these groups must be opposed.

Many brilliant Papers have been presented at this Washington Conference, all stressing that the threat of Communism was growing, not lessening. Although one of President Nixon's special assistants presented a " soft sell" address to the Conference, there has been hard criticism of both President Nixon and Dr. Henry Kissinger. At the final rally, veteran expert on the Soviet Union, journalist Levine, scathingly referred to the difference in the appearance of the one-time refugee from Hitler's totalitarianism, Dr. Henry Kissinger, and that of the Russian writer Solzhenitsyn.

One of the most chilling contributions to the Conference came from Professor James Dornan, Department of Politics, Catholic University of America, who showed that détente was permitting the Soviets to pull ahead in the nuclear contest. He predicted that as the military capacity of the Soviet grew so would they apply increasing pressure on the West to keep surrendering until the position was hopeless for the Free World. Professor Dornan spelt out loud and clear the facts of the situation. He agreed with me afterwards that it was criminal madness for the West to continue providing the credits, the economic and technological assistance, to enable the Soviet to continue expanding its military machine, behind which it was promoting worldwide revolution.

Also of great significance was the unanimous agreement at the Conference that South Africa, Rhodesia and the Portuguese are under Communist attack and should be encouraged to resist. It was also suggested that South Africa, Rhodesia and the Portuguese should be represented on the World Anti-Communist League. This is a major step forward in evolving a global anti-Communist stand. (We anticipate that the May issue of The Intelligence Survey will be devoted to extracts from the major addresses given at the Washington Anti-Communist Conference. - Editor)


"A new wave of terror bombings hit London, Manchester and Birmingham yesterday." - The Sun (Melbourne) April 8th.

It is not nearly as well known, as it should be that the link between the Irish Republican Army, and the International Communist conspiracy, is well documented. Karl Marx, in his message to the First International in 1870 observed that:- "The English are incapable of making a Socialist revolution, therefore foreigners must make it for them." Marx also added that the place to strike first was Ireland that sector of the United Kingdom with the greatest revolutionary potential. (Eire was not a reality in 1870; it came into existence in 1921)

Mrs. Nesta Webster, one of the world authorities on secret societies and subversive movements, comments on the Communist Party of Ireland in her "The Socialist Network" (price $3.30 post free from G.P.O. Box 1052J, Melbourne. Vic, 3001)

... "The Communist Party of Ireland, into which the former Socialist Party was transformed in 1919, after the creation of the 3rd Internationale, was a small and not very important organization numbering only about 1,000 people. The national chairman was Roderick Conolly, son of James Conolly, founder of the Irish Socialist Republican Party, which had preceded the Socialist Party of Ireland, and the Chairman of the Dublin branch, Liam O'Flaherty. Jim Larkin, after his release from imprisonment in the United States, brought into it fresh inspiration from the inner circles of the Moscow and American organizations, in both of which he played in important role."

The Rev. Denis Fahey, in his "The Mystical Body of Christ in the Modern World" - says: -
"The Communist movement in Ireland is advanced another stage by the declaration contained in the Manifesto to the Irish People, issued by the General Convention of the I.R.A. on January 8th, 1933. That document states unequivocally that: 'We believe that the reorganization of Irish life demands the public ownership of the means of production, distribution, and exchange in a state based on the needs of the mass of the people."

Rev. Fahey continues: "As the convention was 'composed of elected delegates of all the volunteer units in the whole of Ireland'; it represents the official policy of the I.R.A. (Irish Republican Army). Under cover of propaganda for the severance of Ireland from the British Empire, a Communist Republic, from which private property in land and in the means of production would be excluded, is thus being prepared. Anyone who would claim to own a mill, or a portion of land would have to be suppressed as a British Imperialist."

If all this has a familiar ring; the reason is that the call for the nationalisation for the means of production, distribution and exchange is lifted from Karl Marx's Communist Manifesto of 1848. Rev. Fahey adds:
"Accordingly, when Communist papers speak of the necessity for an Irish Government, for example, of getting control of the banks, in order to combat British Imperialist influences, we suspect that the object is not so much to free us from British Imperialist influences as to bring us into the orbit of the New Empire inaugurated in Russia. Ireland could be used by international plotters to attack England, but the Ireland that has remained faithful to our Lord would be mercilessly wiped out by these apostles of so-called liberty". (Rev. Denis Fahey was an Irishman. Ed.)

"We get a hint of these plans in an article by Dr. Hermann Gorter Professor in the Bolshevik University of Moscow; which appeared in The Workers' Dreadnought, of May 1920, on 'Ireland, the Achilles Heel of England' This 'lover of Irish freedom' writes:-
"It is the duty of all British Communists to demand the independence of Ireland, and to take all the measures required to bring it about. For the entire Third International this is of the utmost importance. England is the rock on which capitalism is firmly rooted; the bulwark of World Capitalism, the hope of counter-revolution and all reaction; but Ireland Is the Achilles Heel of England. For the revolution on the European Continent therefore, for the World Revolution, it is a vital question that British Capitalism be hit there."
The same writer says further: 'the gigantic genius of Marx saw all this long ago"'.

The basic reason for the escalation of the I.R.A. activities in Britain is to cause to be built up a general disillusionment (in Britain) over the Irish question; and its handling by Britain; and this to be followed by a "popular" demand (all the agents of the Conspiracy in the British mass media will react instantly to the press of the Moscow button) for the withdrawal of the British Army from Ulster. This is to be followed by a bloody civil war in Ireland, from which the Communists are confident they will emerge triumphant. Already, loads of modern weapons of East European manufacture have been intercepted before delivery to Ireland; many loads must have got through and been delivered. The Communist element, of course, is not the only ingredient in the Irish witch's brew the religious, and other historical elements are present; but we would be surprised if top strategists and tacticians of the Communists apparatus, probably Russians, are not "advising" the I.R.A.


"Japan had a deficit of $8,962 million in its international balance of payments for the year ending March 31." - The Australian, April 17th.

The traditional "cure" for a nasty balance of payments deficit is devaluation. This broadly has the effect of reducing the price of the devaluing country's goods and services. Devaluation is often accompanied by import restrictions in the devaluing country. If Japan is forced to devalue, what will be the probable implications for Australia? If the tariff barriers are left down (anyone's guess) then the prices of Toyota cars, Sanyo stereo sets, National colour T.V. sets, etc., etc., will come down; this will upset local manufacturers.

There is a strong probability that Japan will be buying less from Australia. An interesting side-line is Mr. Snedden's election policy proposal to cut the ties between the Australian and U.S. dollars, so that the value of Australian currency would be determined on a day-to-day basis. This would mean that there would be no more, say, minerals contracts, written in American dollars. Overall, a Japanese devaluation of the Yen would be bad news for Australia in particular, heavily dependent as she is on Japanese trade. The effect on many other trading nations would be severe.

There is, and can be no end to economic difficulties so long as present finance-economic practices are followed. It is beyond doubt that the Masters of International Finance know that the present System cannot be made to work very much longer and plans are in hand for the "next phase" in the centralisation of International Finance. We think it is probable that there will be an extremely painful economic period for all Western nations before this "next phase" is to be launched.


We consider that continual reporting of the words of politicians as they "shape up" for the Election on May 28th, is futile. Most people make up their minds well before any election on the way their vote will be cast. However, more and more electors are becoming more and more confused as political parties fragment (the turn of the A.L.P. will come again, as in 1955), and none of them improve the lot of the ordinary citizen. To assist in spreading a little light, and to dispel at least some of the confusion, League supporters are urged to purchase a supply of the League's brochure on the Referenda/Senate Elections. All supporters should have received one in their copy of On Target of April 11th. Prices: 35 cents for 12, $1.25 for 50, $2.25 for 100, $16.00 for 1,000: all post-free, everyone can place these in one-way or another.


"Australians must defeat the Federal Government's referendum aimed at giving it power over Local Government, the Premier, Mr. Hamer, said yesterday." - The Sun (Melbourne) April 22nd.

All League supporters should have seen the brochure - "The Labor-Socialist Strategy For Destroying The States and Local Government". (Prices same as Referenda/Senate Elections brochure above) The Victorian Premier, Mr. R. Hamer, touched on the key issue of Local Government... "Local Government was not only the oldest form of democracy, but it was the one closest to the people. It is really only common sense, that the existence of parklands, playing fields, swimming pools, garbage collection, libraries, art galleries etc. etc., should be decided by the citizens of local communities themselves; and not by a Big Brother polishing a seat in Canberra."
Even that is only part of the story - the whole story is CONTROL: control over the lives of all citizens. In other words SOCIALISM -that's what it's all about:

The Role of the Elector

"There are different methods which can be used by electors to instruct their political representatives on the policies they wish him to oppose. There can be a flow of letters; petitions can be organized; resolutions carried at meetings and similar activities. The League of Rights seeks to foster the creation of non-party electoral organizations which would ensure that there is a close and permanent relationship between electors and political representatives, with the representatives required to meet with and report to his electors regularly, or on special issues.
Those who reject the concept of the individuals of society initiation policies through their political institutions, and controlling their Members of Parliament, are rejecting self-government.

It is true that many Members of Parliament will attempt to resist their electors' instructions to press for financial and real credit. Electors who mean to win the fight for freedom will have to use their electoral sanctions to remove these Members from Parliament. As electors demonstrate their determination and power to defeat all policies of centralization, better candidates will come forward and offer to serve their fellows. It is interesting to recall that democratic government was pioneered in early Greece in the City States, where the representatives of the people were chosen by drawing lots and held responsible for satisfactory results with the threat of death if they were judged failures!

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