Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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25 January 1974. Thought for the Week: "The business of conservatism is to preserve and to vitalise tradition. Without the past there is only the present. And when there is only the present, there is no future."
Wilmot Robertson in The Dispossessed Majority.


by Eric D. Butler.

Anyone who described Rudyard Kipling as the "great Indian poet" would be laughed at, even by the few who know that Kipling's father was an Anglo-Indian. And yet large numbers of Australians, including those who pride themselves on their "advanced education", accept, repeat without question the constant references to Mr. Charles Perkins and similar people as "aboriginal leaders". Australians are now starting to see evidence of how revolutionaries can use propaganda concerning race myths to further their objectives. Many of the dupes of this propaganda come out of the Universities, where they have been indoctrinated with the equalitarian doctrine that "all races are equal".

Mr. Charles Perkins first came into the news prominently when he led a group of University students called Freedom Fighters to protest against alleged "racism" in New South Wales towns. Needless to say, Mr. Perkins was strongly supported by the Communists. In reacting to the well-based claim by Dr. Rex Patterson, Minister for Northern Territory, that militant stirrers from the South were inciting Northern Territory aboriginals to violence, Mr. Perkins scoffs at the suggestion of Communist influence. Surely Mr. Perkins is not so ill-informed that he is not aware of the large amount of money and effort which the Communists have been investing in the North for many years?

No realistic and constructive discussions on the problems of the genuine Australian aboriginal peoples is possible while Communists, sloppy-minded journalists and commentators in the media keep on referring to people like Mr. Perkins as aborigines. Contrary to the widely publicised claim that Mr. Perkins was the first aborigine to obtain a University degree, this simply is not true. Mr. Perkins can no more be described as an aborigine that Kipling can be described as an Indian.

Some years ago while waiting to appear in a television programme to discuss Rhodesia with Mr. Francis James, I was watching with Mr. James, and Dr. Patterson, who were also waiting to be interviewed, Mr. Perkins being inteviewed. I asked Mr. James and Dr. Patterson why was Mr. Perkins constantly referred to as an aboriginal leader when it was obvious, and known that he was not. "Was this not intellectually dishonest? Would it not be as logical to describe him as a European leader?" Not even the astonishing Mr. James could answer. It is to the credit of that delightful tennis star, Miss Evonne Goologong that she has had enough of the dishonest nonsense about being called Australia's "first aboriginal tennis champion." After winning the Australian Open tennis title at Kooyong in December, she said, "I just hate this aboriginal ballyhoo... Everyone publicises me because I'm part aboriginal… but I'm playing in the Australian titles because I'm an Australian... But who is Mr. Perkins "playing" for?

If he has the best interests of the aboriginal people at heart, why should he as a senior public servant, adequately paid by the Australian taxpayers, be permitted to abuse the Queensland Premier, referring to Mr. J. Bjelke-Petersen as "that flying peanut", and to charge Mr. Patterson, Minister for Northern Territories, with being a "Right-wing conservative, influenced by white racists?" Dr. Patterson was only reporting on what is well-known in the Northern Territory: that "Aboriginals in the outback are being told by the stirrers that they need never work for the white people and that eventually they would own all the land in the north.

In recent weeks I have heard of numerous cases where threats of violence have been made. The problem outlined by Dr. Patterson was highlighted by the evacuation of the three nursing sisters from the Hooker Creek aboriginal settlement because of drunken violence. Large sums of money are being spent on alcohol. A young Aborigine student (not a colored, falsely claiming to be an Aborigine) approached me privately after a meeting I addressed in the south of Western Australia in October of last year. He asked me anxiously did I think the present Government at Canberra "was mad or bad." He explained that he had left the Kimberley area because of what was happening. Large welfare payments were being made to his people, which they could not handle responsibly. Drinking was growing rapidly and his people were also subject to the influence of agitators.

Well-documented reports reveal that a large amount of the increased money being allocated to the aboriginal people is being squandered. The Aboriginal "Parliament" election was a farce, with the newly-elected members, some predominantly European, immediately demanding substantial salaries: 'At Wilcannia recently a lawyer who has for years appeared for Aborigines either free or for a nominal fee, was astonished when after defending an Aborigine and submitting his bill to the newly-created Aboriginal Legal Service he was contacted by the service and asked to increase the amount of his fee! It was pointed out that it would not look right if lawyers appearing for aborigines were not paid maximum amounts. And then there was the case of the lawyer flown out to Western N.S.W. from Sydney to defend an Aborigine on a minor charge. This project cost the taxpayers $800.
It is not surprising that a "Rights for Whites" Movement has been formed in the North!

But in spite of all the money being spent, and wasted, and a promise of a big increase in the amount in the next Budget, Mr. Perkins and his supporters are not satisfied. Hitting back at the Minister for Aboriginal Affairs, Senator Cavanagh, when the Minister called on Mr. Perkins' superior to take appropriate action concerning Mr. Perkins' attacks on Ministers Mr. Perkins said "It will be a disgraceful situation if my exposure of the terrible plight of Aborigines leads me to being sacked. This is the time to speak out." "The Left-wing movements'" throughout Australia, including all the so-called "aboriginal spokesmen", went into clock-work action to support Mr. Perkins. Naturally, he was not dismissed.

And while the papers were full of speculation concerning the fate of Mr. Perkins, a group of so-called Aborigines flew off to China, their leader, Mr. Garry Foley, stating before leaving that the project was designed to "embarrass" the Australian Government as part of its "land rights campaign." Mr. Foley is not satisfied with the Whitlam Government's hand -outs. Much more is necessary. Mr. Foley, of course, is no more an "aboriginal leader" than is Mr. Perkins.
The race question is being exploited in Australia, as elsewhere, by revolutionary agitators. Mr. Al Grassby is determined to provide the agitators with even more problems with his nonsense about "the family of nations" and the latest sociological fad known as the "pluralistic society".

One of the greatest modern anthropologists, Dr. Henry E. Garrett former Professor of Psychology at Columbia University, has described the equalitarian race dogma "the scientific hoax of the century." The question of the Aborigines can only be dealt with by ceasing to insist that they are the same as Europeans by protecting them from agitators and others who falsely call themselves Aborigines, and by encouraging them to develop in their own way. And it should be made clear to the Government by electors that they are strongly opposed to the policy of attempting to create a "multi-racial society" in Australia. Such a policy can only result in growing social friction. The lessons of history are clear. Australians should heed them while they can still protect themselves.


The following letter in The Age (Melbourne) of January 22nd, by Dr. John F. Walsh, expresses in robust language what increasing numbers of Australians feel about the subject of education:

"Sir- we can all see that Professor Karmel and The Age have found a scapegoat for the educational mess in which this country finds itself (The Age, 16/1) The hapless employer is being blamed for insisting as far as possible that his employees have certain basic skills to do the job for which they are being overpaid. "Once an employer could assume that a prospective employee with Intermediate or Leaving could at least read and write, add up and think. Coupled with these basic attributes the new employee would accept the discipline of learning the specifics of the new job." "Now, thanks to the education theorists (themselves grossly overpaid although miseducated) a pupil can leave school after 12 years and be semi-literate as well as completely undisciplined. The employer is told that 'education' has nothing to do with basic skills and it is his responsibility to teach his new employee to read and write and, in many cases, even how to talk." "In desperation the employer asks for higher and higher qualifications in the hope that with matriculation or even a degree the new employee may (just may) have learned what is basic in life - to read, to write and to think. Even then he is often disappointed. And who are the victims. The poor products of what is called our education system who are desperately unhappy when they discover that what passed for 'learning' at school 'just aint so' in the real world." "If the fat cats of education took some time off to do some real work in the real world they would go back with different attitudes and we would have better pupils and happier employers."

Fortunately the writer went to an old-fashioned school so that he was able to leave at an early age. This allowed him to work for a number of years before returning to tertiary studies later in life - a procedure he would recommend to anyone."


"Canberra - The Federal Government may establish its own public hospitals if it cannot get its planned health scheme off the ground because of Senate and States' opposition. The Prime Minister (Mr. Whitlam) said last night such hospitals would be built in areas, which did not have hospitals at present. These would include new suburbs and regional centres. Speaking on a television interview, Mr. Whitlam said that under the 1946 referendum the Federal Government had 'the duty and the right' to provide medical services." - Michelle Grattan in The Age (Melbourne) January 22nd.

Thanks to the national opposition campaign spearheaded by the Federal Practitioners' Society, and the Opposition vote in the Senate, the Whitlam Government has had to reconsider its National Health Scheme. Mr. Whitlam and his advisers are now giving thought to how they can either bypass Parliamentary opposition, or coerce the States. With a near-monopoly of financial power, Canberra is able to pursue a long-term strategy to erode the position of the States.

Dr. Henry Mayer, himself a centralist, has explained what is happening with such lucidity that we quote him in The Australian of January 22nd.
"The main reason why there has been no real takeover by the Federal Government of the States, or, to put it more cautiously, why there has not been much greater takeover of State functions than has occurred, lies with the way existing interests are organised. The fact that parties and groups and a good deal of business have solid bases in a given State or number of States means that the people on the spot will have an interest in perpetuating State boundaries and State bureaucracies. Parties, politicians and group officials are all to a considerable extent fed from a State-located bottle. They are not going to destroy the nipple that conveys the sweet milk - even though the source of the milk may be in wicked Canberra. Hence it is in the interests of Whitlam - leave aside the complex issue as to who overall benefit from a shift of power to Canberra - to give as much direct access to Canberra as he can manage. He has to try to chop out the States as a transmission belt. This is a policy he is pursuing for local government and now he has taken it a step further. If more and more interest groups can be induced - by vague promises of more Federal lolly, or whatever - to organise on a national basis, support for State-clustered patterns must be eroded. It is fascinating to watch the A.L.P. - itself a weird conglomeration of State parties - taking this line. Maybe party members have not woken up to what Gough and his advisers are up to.

"The strategy is a long-run one and will have many set-backs. If it works, you can keep on voting No at future referendums but the States will pretty rapidly become hollow shells."


Dr. Henry Kissinger is not only US Secretary of State; he controls all US intelligence operations and maintains direct contact with the Kremlin. But he says the Middle East crisis "came upon us unexpectedly." He credits the Soviet with a "constructive" role in the Middle East. And the Soviet strategists are no doubt delighted that a major result of his efforts will be a re-opened Sues Canal for the Soviet navy.

Trade Union journals are heavily favoured by the PMG's steep postal increases.


Brisbane, Monday, February 4th, Brooke Hotel, Burke Road, Mitchelton. Subscription: $3.30 per person. Drinks as ordered by guests, extra. Meeting time: 6.30 p.m. Speaker: SENATOR NEVILLE BONNER.
Subject: "The Role of The Senate." R.S.V.P. February 2nd, Telephones: G. Given 596038 Mrs. K. Street, 573519, Mr. J. Hobson, 591805.

From Hansard

Representatives - 4th, Dec. '73. Mr. E. G. Whitlam. Prime Minister, replying to a question on funds for the building of a Eureka Museum at the Stockade... "The Eureka Flag, I was glad to see, had been excellently restored. It is splendidly housed, and it is, I think, the most significant symbol of Australian nationality and democracy, and the most valuable relic, that this nation possesses.
There we have it!

It would appear that this is the flag that Prime Minister Whitlam wants for Australia. And this is the reason for all the hoo-ha from Mr. Grassby, and others concerning Eureka, Peter Lalor, and the Italian personality also involved. It is obvious that the Eureka incident is being elevated to synchronize with a public relations campaign, to come, for a "new" Australian Flag. The Eureka incident is of comparatively minor importance, really, in Australia's history, but has been seized upon by the ideologues; particularly the Communists (vide their Eureka Youth League) as a symbol of the just revolt of the masses against tyrannical authority. It was nothing of the sort. It was a brush between prospectors on the Ballarat goldfields; many of them wild and woolly characters, and the Colonial Government over miners' rights. And booze had a great deal to do with the flare-up also. The famous fracas took place in the small hours of the morning when many of the "diggers" were well "under the weather". This aspect of the Eureka affair is not aired by the Eureka-philes, with a political and/or ideological axe to grind.

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