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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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7 June 1974. Thought for the Week: "The truth is that Civilisation collapses when the essential reverence for absolute values which religion gives disappears. Rome had discovered that in the days of her decadence. Men live on the accumulated Faith of the past as well as on its accumulated self-discipline. Overthrow these and nothing seems missing at first, a few sexual taboos, a little of the prejudice of Cato, a few rhapsodical impulses - comprehensible, we are told, only in the literature of folk lore - these have gone by the board. But something has gone as well, the mortar which held society together, the integrity of the individual soul; then the rats come out of their holes and begin burrowing under the foundations and there is nothing to withstand them".
Dr. Monk Gibbon in Mount Ida.


"The ABC is almost certain to ban entirely a controversial film on China because of Chinese threats to close its Peking office. The ABC is in the process of buying the 2.5-hour feature film, made by Marxist director Michelangelo Antonioni, and had planned it as a major TV coup. But the Chinese Embassy in Canberra last week asked the Australian Government to ban the film from the ABC." - The Australian, May 31st.

Where are all those Whitlam supporters who have for years been shouting about the necessity for Australia to adopt a sturdy independent approach to other nations? Apparently it is quite all right to abuse the Americans and the British but nothing must be done which might upset the Peking Communists. In explaining why the ABC's TV programme, "This Day Tonight", had been prevented from using a segment from the Antonioni documentary, the ABC's director of public affairs, Mr. Allan Martin, said that screening of the film could "expose our representative in China to risk." The chairman of the ABC, Professor Richard Downing, states, "I am concerned about the future of our representative in Peking, Paul Raphael. After all, it took us a long time to get him there. We are also concerned about the ABC's relations with China."

What a supine, sickening attitude. If the ABC can only maintain a representative in Red China by jumping to attention every time Peking cracks its threatening whip, then the sooner the ABC withdraws its representative the better for Australians self-respect. But Mr. Jack Lazarus, President of a Communist-front organisation, urges Australia to cringe before the Peking threats. In a letter in The Age, Melbourne, of June 3, Mr. Lazarus provides a classical example of double-talk:
"The maintenance and furtherance of the excellent relationship between the Australian and Chinese people can only suffer a serious set-back by the promotion of this film. This surely is a matter of the greatest concern to all decent Australians."

As there is at present no relationship, excellent or otherwise, between the Australian and Chinese people, how can the showing of a documentary film on Communist China upset anyone - except of course the Red Chinese and their Australian supporters, who do not wish the Australian people to see anything unfavourable about Mao Tse-tung's "paradise." The ABC episode is a clear indication of the type of blackmail tactics used by Communist regimes. Like all totalitarians, the Communists cannot tolerate any criticism whatever.


"Under the above heading, the May issue of The Canadian Intelligence Service features a four-page article on the present political situation in Canada, and the forthcoming election. The following areas of Government policy are examined: Commonwealth Relations, International Relations, National Defence, Foreign Aid, the Great 'Grant' Racket, Bilingualism, Immigration, and Economic Policy. The Opposition parties are assessed. 'Three essential points respecting Inflation and Canada's present economic-finance bind are discussed.
The article concludes: - 'In short, what Canada desperately needs today is not so much a change of party, as a change of policy. And to suggest that this can't be done by people who have put men on the moon is an insult to our intelligence. Certainly it can be done. And it's the young generation's greatest challenge to it. Let us use this election campaign to promulgate that challenge and get the job started.

The starting point is to realize the shortcomings of all political parties, and the inherent weakness of a purely party label approach to politics. Let's face the fact that this country's salvation lies in the hands of no one group of politicians. But rather, it lies in the character, the integrity, and the faith of our people. Therefore, we must look first at ourselves and at Grassroots Canada. And we must take both a short-term and long-term view.

This election constitutes our immediate, short-term challenge. Discount party labels. Examine closely not only the words but also the records, of candidates seeking your support. Ascertain, as far as possible, where candidates stand on key issues, and whether or not they owe their first allegiance to their electors or to their party. Consider their character and integrity carefully. In other words, elect the best man. Political parties are devices by which politicians and those behind them impose their will upon the electorate.

The only realistic long-term approach, therefore, must include a strategy designed to enable the electorate, especially between elections, to impose its policy upon the politicians. The only movement working towards this end at present is The Canadian League of Rights. (And the Australian League of Rights, the New Zealand League of Rights, and the British League of Rights, in their respective countries. Ed.) It has been said that people get the kind of government they deserve. Let us now, with this election, start to work towards deserving better government".


In view of the recent political coup in Portugal; and the new regime's intention to 'negotiate' with the Frelimo terrorists (a mistake, in our view), the whole subject of aid to terrorists demands more ventilation. Particularly disturbing is the aid to terrorists from the World Council of Churches; aid and succour for murder and rapine in the name of humanitarianism: Satan's delight! The article follows.

The author is the well-known Bernard Smith: - "At the beginning of March the W.C.C. (World Council of Churches) announced a fresh batch of grants to 'liberation' movements totalling $200,000. The largest single amount went to P.A.I.G.C., the terrorist group that seeks to 'liberate' Portuguese Guinea from colonial rule. A Reuter report in the Daily Telegraph (1/3/74) refers to a bomb explosion outside a crowded pavement cafe in the heart of Bissau, capital of Portuguese Guinea. Sixty-three people were injured, and one person killed. The report goes on to indicate that this is the second such bombing incident in Bissau in less than a week, and seems to herald a new offensive by the African guerrillas of the P.A.I.G.C. (African Party for the Independence of Guinea and Cape Verde) movement designed to hit at morale in the capital of the tiny territory. This report indicates how P.A.I.G.C. 'liberates' the African. The W.C.C. has donated $42,000 to P.A.I.G.C.

"It was founded in 1959 by Amilcar Cabral, an intellectual of mulatto parentage from the Cape Verde Islands. Cabral benefited from Portuguese 'domination' by training as an agronomist at Lisbon University. Leaving there, he was employed in the Agricultural Department at Bissau. It seems that in 1959, when his hopes of promotion were disappointed, he threw up his job and went to Paris. It was there that he planned his insurrectionary movement. To train his raw African recruits he imported Communist instructors from Cuba; they were skilled in the arts of guerrilla warfare. The guns came from China and Czechoslovakia. In January 1973, Cabral was murdered by one of his own P.A.I.G. officers - a man trained in the Soviet Navy. President Sekou Toure of the neighbouring Marxist Republic of Guinea wept when he announced Cabral's death over the radio. The W.C.C. recorded its 'shock and sorrow'; and pledged its 'continuing support' to P.A.I.G.C.

"On the 13th July, 1970, P.A.I.G.C. terrorists attacked the settlement near the Senegal border. There were about 150 terrorists. Women, men, and children, and old people, were killed without discrimination. That is only one of similar instances recorded in a remarkable book - Does God Say Kill? - by Jacob Eppstein, the Catholic authority on international law. "The W.C.C. maintains that it is by such methods that the Gospel of Christ is spread abroad. It also maintains that such methods promote the well-being and happiness of the African people. Many of us find such strange logic difficult to follow. The Vicar of Shipley does, and has taken what he thinks is appropriate action.
(This refers to a report in The Church Times, (11/1/74) - which indicated that as a protest at the World Council of Churches' policy of financial support to the so-called freedom fighters, and the encouragement given by the General Synod of the Church of England to the World Council's action; St. Peter's Church Shipley, in the Bradford diocese, is withholding $100 from its share of the diocesan quota. It asks that the money go instead to the Mission to the Communist World)
I recommend other incumbents to do likewise.

"And it is quite useless for the World Council's apologists to protest that the grants are only used for 'medical and humanitarian purposes'. Dr. Carson Blake, formerly secretary-general of the W.C.C., let the cat out of the bag as long ago as November 1970. Speaking in Florence to an assembly of Protestant church leaders, he warned that 'it was impossible to guarantee that funds destined for liberation movements might not be used to buy weapons (Church Times, 13/11/70)"
Supporters are advised to read Bernard Smith's The Crooked Conscience: (Are the Churches Politically Bent?) Price: 32 cents post free from all League Offices.


"Starting from scratch" nine and a half years ago On Target has been able to keep expanding its circulation sufficiently to keep ahead of constantly rising financial costs. But recent accelerations in costs, the major increase being in postal charges - and more to come early next year! - have made it imperative for us to increase our subscription for the first time in our history. We hate breaking our record of no increases over nine and a half years, but we must face realities. One major feature of our success in holding down our subscription rate until now, has been the wrapping of On Target every week by volunteers; also the servicing of subscription renewals by a volunteer. We are increasing the subscription rate to $5.00 per annum. But supporters can assist us and themselves, by taking advantage of our two-year subscription rate of $9.00 This will save not only on postage, but also relieve the strain on our limited full time staff and volunteers. We can, of course, also continue to absorb some rising costs by accelerating our circulation growth.


"The outlook for most industries remains bright, according to a Department of Secondary Industry survey." - The Sun, (Melbourne) June 3rd.

This Survey is aggressively optimistic; just as were the many surveys which we can recall concerning Britain's entry into the Common Market: just as optimistic - and just as wrong! According to the Department of Secondary Industry, the strong demand for goods and services will continue; and a big rise in capital spending will take place. Modest warnings are given that steep rises in costs and prices will continue (of labour and materials). And much more.

We consider that this Dept. of Secondary Industry Survey is farcical; it is really most difficult for us to appreciate that supposed 'authorities' could utter such drivel. The tightest credit squeeze in the history of the Reserve Bank is now gripping the Australian economy (the present share market barometer readings is some sort of indication of the apprehension of the Business World) and the effect of this squeeze upon the Australian finance-economic machine will be to slow it right down. How capital spending is to rise sharply in a period of deflation is beyond us; and we are quite sure, beyond Mr. K. Enderby (the Minister of Secondary Industry).

Mr. Whitlam has said that there will be a balanced Budget this year (that means no, repeat no increases in capital spending, at least Governmental) - and the Reserve Bank restrictions mean that there can be no increases in capital spending in the private sector; indeed, very much the reverse. On top of all this, there is present the inflammatory factor of inflation (we predict a rate of around 20% by Christmas) which was not present in previous credit squeezes. We can see ahead not industrial brightness, but soaring inflation, bankruptcies, retrenchments, unemployment, industrial warfare, The Communists are licking their lips.

Communism and the Second World War

The Second World War and a further undermining of Civilisation was the logical and inevitable outcome of the policies that had produced the First World War and the Great Depressions. The major outcome of the Second World War was tremendous expansion of the Communist Empire, and the undermining of the British Empire as a stabilising force in world affairs. Convulsion after convulsion has followed, with increasing dissatisfaction in every Society. One striking manifestation of this dissatisfaction is the growing revolt of youth, many of whom have become persuaded that their societies have produced such appalling results that they either seek to contract out completely -(stop the world, I want to get off) - seek escapism with the aid of drugs, or join forces with those revolutionaries who urge that their societies should be completely destroyed as a necessary preliminary to replacing them.
Probably nothing so demonstrates the sickness of society than the loss of faith in it by the younger members.
Negative criticism of youth ignores the basic cause of unrest; departure from the correct principles of association."
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