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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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On Target

12 July 1974. Thought for the Week: "You can't stoke up the Soviet military machine at one end and then complain that the other end came back and bit you.
Antony C. Sutton in National Suicide.


"Sydney - 'I plan to make racism as unacceptable as burning witches in Martin Place on Sunday afternoon'. So declared the flamboyant former Minister for Immigration, Mr. Al Grassby, as he bounced back into action as a migrant troubleshooter. The Prime Minister (Mr. Whitlam) yesterday announced Mr. Grassby's appointment as special consultant to the Australian Government on community relations. Mr. Grassby will also become a Commissioner when Parliament passes legislation on the elimination of all forms of racial discrimination." - The Age, Melbourne, July 8th.

We were confident that Prime Minister Whitlam would not desert his pal Al after the electors of Riverina has given Mr. Grassby his marching orders. The newly created position for Grassby is one more blatant example of the "job-for-the-boys" philosophy now prevalent at Canberra. Mr. Grassby has shrugged aside the question of his salary, as if this concerned him little. But the estimated $20 thousand a year plus his pension will ensure that he does not suffer too much as the Whitlam inflation rate continues.

Mr. Grassby is voluble on the subject of what he is going to do about building bridges between the Government and the 3,000 ethnic groups that he says are in Australia. But he insists that he has not quit politics. Any slight chance Mr. Grassby had of getting back into Parliament - unless handed a completely safe Labor electorate - was destroyed with his "squealing" and ranting after his defeat in the recent Federal Elections. Australians strongly dislike bad losers. And like all bad losers, Mr. Grassby can be both arrogant and threatening.

He continues to attack " racists", without defining this term of abuse. He claims that his appointment "knocks back into their place the various racist elements in this country." What was needed, says Mr. Grassby, was legislation to ratify the United Nations Charter on "racism" which was planned by the Attorney General, Senator Murphy. The idea that different groups of people with different backgrounds can be forced by law to cease practicing the natural law of discrimination is as silly as the idea that all Australians can be brought to admire Al Grassby's flamboyant style. The fact that ethnic minorities have problems is, of course, proof that those arguing for the maintenance of a homogeneous people have been proved right.

The truth is that Mr. Grassby, and those who think as he does, seek to exploit the problems of the ethnic minorities in order to force the overwhelming majority into a state of deep guilt because they have discriminated in favour of their own type of people. Mr. Grassby is not going to get away with his subtle anti-British approach. We propose to ensure that Australians are reminded that Mr. Grassby has played a major role in attempting to downgrade the heritage of the great majority of the Australian people. He wants a new flag, the Eureka flag, and he actively assisted Prime Minister Whitlam in attempting to foist, in the most undemocratic manner a new National Anthem upon the Australian people.

Mr. Grassby says that in his new position he will be there "to protect the aspirations and hopes of the three million people who have come to this country since the end of World War 2". The greatest threat to the aspirations of these people, the majority from the United Kingdom, is the financial policy of destructive inflation being imposed by Mr. Grassby's colleagues at Canberra. Mr. Grassby did nothing about this problem while he was in office. But he can make a belated start by forgetting about his "anti-racist" nonsense and putting forward policies that will protect all the people of Australia.


"The Deputy Leader of the Opposition (Mr. Lynch) said last night the "surreptitious" increase in bank interest rates would force both large and small businesses through the wall". - The Age (Melbourne) July 9th Even

Mr. Hawke is now sounding the alarm over the so-called "anti-inflation" measures being employed by the Commonwealth Government. He correctly sees these as leading directly to unemployment - and the probable destruction of his present power base. He is there only so long as Laurie Carmichael, and John Halfpenny, Jack Brown, and their ilk, allow him to be.

Mr. Hawke is becoming "more uneasy" about the threat of unemployment in Australia as the weeks flick by. And well he should. Mr. Lynch is quite right of course. The 2% increase in the basic bank overdraft rate just announced will multiply costs throughout the whole economy. This is the situation that Mr. Lynch sees in the near future; and indeed many businesses (mainly small) will go "through the wall" because they will be unable to meet the rising cost structure; and this will engulf them. This is already happening, it will now intensify.

We have asserted that under the "accepted " rules of finance-economics there is no answer to inflation. It is automatically generated by the working of the finance-economic system; the faster the system runs (e.g. by "priming" with deficit budgets) the greater the rate of inflation. We have stated many times in these pages that the methods which the Treasury-Reserve Bank combination adopt against inflation are all deflationary: (higher taxation, higher interest rates, restriction of the volume of "money" in the economy in order to "curb demand", etc., etc.,)

Amid a flurry of double-talk, the deflationary measures are continuing. Mr. Lynch and Mr. Snedden, and their colleagues, are finding it comforting to attack the Government from the luxury of Opposition. The fact remains that had they been the Government, they would be doing almost precisely the same as the Whitlam (really Cairns) Government is doing now.

The Party Game is a series of charades. Everyone knows that the real situation is pretty hopeless, but the pickings are good at Canberra - so why not go along with the Game? The cost of home-building, a basic cost in the community, will rise still sharply as the new increase in home-loans interest (up 2%) commences to 'bite" (around six months - as if inflation hasn't hit home building enough already.) The trickle of S.R.D.s released means very little, this is for term and farm development loans, long term loans to industry, commerce, and to rural producers. These term and farm development loans are also now up. Most of the $72 million (S.D.R.s) and the $36 million from other banking assets, now released for term and farm development will probably assist borrowers merely to meet current interest repayments.

There has been no reversal of the Treasury-Reserve Bank monetary policies to "attack" inflation; meaning deflation. Rather have these policies been strengthened by the new rise in bank interest rates. The economic climate in Australia will deteriorate still more quickly as a direct result.


Satan has not done with the great Christian martyr, Cardinal Josef Mindszenty yet. With the news recently, that he may visit Australia, a letter appeared in The Australian 22nd June in the columns of the Letters to the Editor, over the signature of an obviously concerned Catholic, who deplored the "treatment" handed out to Cardinal Mindszenty by the Vatican. The letter was headed - "Catholic Amnesia on Mindszenty".

In The Australian 6th July, appeared another letter, simply headed "Mindszenty," and it is a very poisonous attack upon the martyr. We would like to reproduce the letter in full to reveal to supporters the unremitting efforts that the Enemy pursues to destroy all those opposing his Evil. Space will not allow of that, and we shall be content with excerpts. We do not pretend to be theologians at all; however, even we can pick the fallacies in the assertions, which the writer of the letter puts to paper. A trained theologian would tear it to shreds.

"With respect to Mr….as practicing Catholic, I must point out that the view he expressed is typical of some sections of the established Australian (Catholic) Church, which is about five years behind World Christian Thinking". (our emphasis)

Our comment is that "Christian thinking" is based on the teachings of Jesus Christ, and is therefore unchangeable. Jesus gave us eternal truths; and eternal truths don't change; ever. So "Christian thinking" can't be five years, or five thousand years, behind, in front of, or at the side of any other "Christian thinking." All "Christian thinking" is the same - eternal, unchangeable. We also don't like; and are intensely suspicious of the term - "World Christian thinking". This smacks of World Opinion, or World Conscience, and we see Red (literally and metaphorically) when we are confronted with these sorts of phrases.

The poison continues: - "The Universal Church is bound by the gospels to reach out and spread the Christian word, even to those Christians who choose to remain in the Communist countries..." (our emphasis).

As if such millions of Christians have any choice. The torture and persecution of Christians in Communist countries have been documented by martyrs, such as Cardinal Mindszenty, and Pastor Wurmbrand, and many others for decades.

Let the poison seep out further: - "It recognized (the Vatican) that Communist governments are no longer figments of an imaginary situation, that they have achieved great material things in these countries, and that history (our emphasis) has dictated the legality of their governments. It can also be argued that their morals are streaks ahead of our own.

No, Communist governments are no longer figments of the imagination, true. But they have not achieved great material gains in their respective countries at all. We have often mentioned the book "National Suicide, by Antony Sutton, who presents irrefutable documentary evidence that there is virtually no Russian technology (and that applies to the satellites also); but that all the "marvelous Marxist gains" of the Soviet Union have been given to her by the West, from 1919 onwards. Apart from all this evidence of Western treachery and greed; the general living standards of citizens in "Socialist Paradises" is well below the level of those Western societies. Notice the use of the word History. "History has dictated …etc." Typical Communist phraseology; historically inevitable etc. etc. History did not dictate the legality of Communist governments. They have absolutely no legality at all, by Western, Christian standards, as they came to power by force, terror, subversion. They were not elected by a free democratic process; but rather hold nations enslaved and terrorised through the capture of government and of the sanctions of law and the armed services. Accordingly we can imagine how Communist morality is streaks ahead of our own (which is nothing to write home about anyway) being based on the rejection of God's word!

But more poison is to come: - "The trouble was that poor Mindszenty was so blinded he could only display hate towards Communists, a term very alien to Christianity. So rightly, he had to be removed from the diplomatic scene.

The reality of the "Mindszenty Affair" is that he is a living symbol of courage and fierce opposition to the forces of Anti-Christ which wounded his beloved Hungary. He has not changed his "Christian thinking." His Church has in part succumbed to the Communist poison, which has been eroding the West for half a century. The great numbers of devout Catholic League of Rights supporters are well aware of the insidious attacks taking place within the Catholic Church, and to such Christians, Cardinal Mindszenty will remain the Christian hero that (real) history will accept.

Please read "Mindszenty the Man" by Father J.Vecsey and Phyllis Schlafly. Price: $3.50 post free from G.P.O. Box 1052J, Melbourne Vic. 3001.


The Editress of "Ladies Line" (journal of the Lilac League - a Division of the League of Rights) informs us that the excellent essay on "The Powers of the Monarch, The Governor-General, and the State Governors", by Arthur A. Chresby, has been reprinted, and is now available. The prices are:- 5 for 30c, 10 for 50c 50 for $2.20, 100 for $4.00.


Frelimo Speakers Tour of Australia: Frelimo is an African terrorist organisation which carries out its terrorist activities in Portuguese Mozambique. Our contacts on the various university campuses around Australia regularly send us all the relevant student publications that we peruse thoroughly; and in a recent issue of "National U", a journal of the Australian Union of Students, details are given of a tour recently completed by two Frelimo speakers. "National U" states that they spoke on behalf of Frelimo in Sydney, Canberra, Newcastle, Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane. We assume that these terrorists spoke to university student audiences. Happily, we didn't notice their tour covered by the mass media; which is strange.

Prince Michael of Kent was banned from driving for 3 months very recently, and fined $80.00. In British countries the Rule of Law still operates, and all are equal before it. Even Princes of the Realm.

We noticed in The Age (Melbourne) July 5th, a photograph of "demonstrators" in Melbourne burning the U.S.A. and Russian flags. The burning of the Russian flag is something of a change. However, what did interest us was the flag, which the demonstrators were holding aloft. It was the EUREKA FLAG, which the Canberra Socialists are itching to have adopted as Australia's "new" emblem. We have a photograph of Mr. Al Grassby reverently handing over the EUREKA FLAG to Mr. Clyde Cameron, symbolising the transference of the portfolio of Immigration. This photograph, we hope, will come to haunt Mr. Grassby for a long time to come.

The Love of Money

It is certain that the decision to sacrifice virtue in the interests of money-making is seldom made lightly or willingly; and yet it is made by thousands of people every day. Why has the love of money this sinister power to make men, who wish to be honest, just a little bit dishonest? To make those who prize unselfishness; greedy, and to cause compassionate people to harden their hearts in the face of the suffering of others? Could it be that when "love of money" is blamed, the real root of the trouble has not been reached at all? If so, it is necessary to dig a little deeper, and to ask what it is that causes coins and bits of paper to be so coveted.
The whole issue seems less puzzling, and many parts of it fall into proper perspective if, instead of saying - "The love of money is the root of all evil" we say - "A shortage of money is the root of all evil". Both statements are exaggerations, but the second is far nearer the truth than the first.
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