Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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On Target

2 August 1974. Thought for the Week: "Particularly, we must use ambitious politicians who need support; men who realise that we Communists can clear them a path; give them publicity; and provide them with a ladder. Such men will sell their souls to the Devil - and we buy souls."
George Dimitrov, ex Comintern leader.


"The Deputy Prime Minister, Dr. Cairns, on Saturday outlined a six-point plan to deal with inflation." - The Australian, July 28th.

Generally, Dr. Cairns's six point plan follows the famous ten points of Karl Marx for Communising a State; which were set down in the Communist Manifesto of 1848. Whether or not Dr. Cairns is a mere Fabian Socialist, a Marxist, or a Calathumpian is relatively immaterial; the important issue is the policy, which he advances. And that policy is a Marxist one; whether he knows it or not.

Point one, as given in The Australian (July 28th) reads - "Selective regulation of bank lending. This would be aimed at stopping speculative or inflationary activities. Selective regulation of bank lending, of course, is in line with point 5 of Karl Marx, viz. "Centralisation of credit in the hands of the State..." This power, if legislated, will give the State (Australian Government) very strong control over the economy. It won't halt inflation; but can be used to force out small businesses and industries in a drive towards centralisation. No doubt the centralisers in the Treasury and relevant Government Departments will decide who and what are to go to the wall. There could well be a special Australian Government Department created for this very purpose. All this can be done under the pretext of "halting inflation". There is no solution to inflation under orthodox economic practice. It (Inflation) is automatically 'spun-off' by the running of the finance-economic system itself. We wonder if Dr. Cairns knows this himself?

Point two reads - "Taxes would be increased upon speculative activity, and upon capital, land and property gains." Taxes to be reduced on the lower income earners (the majority of Australians). This is in line with point 1 of Karl Marx, viz. "Abolition of property land, and application of all rents of land to public purposes. Under the pretext of slamming down on "speculative activity" (as though speculators aren't being squeezed hard now by credit restrictions) the energising sector of the economy, viz, the investors in industry and commerce; factory and property developers, etc., are to be knocked for six. After this, there can be gradually introduced a grandiose socialistic scheme for the "Australian Government to acquire such properties, and "apply all rents of land to public purposes." The Henry Georgeites", the first cousins of the Socialists, will be pleased also. Mr. Clyde Cameron has been a longtime supporter of the Henry George Movement.

Point three accepts that there must be substantial wage and salary increases and states, "unemployment or a wage freeze cannot be accepted." We certainly agree with that, of course; but behind the plausibility of the statement there is the same policy, which again ties in with point 8 of Karl Marx, viz. - "Equal obligation of all to work, establishment of industrial armies... There must be jobs for all; but provided by Big Brother - on his terms.

Point four covers social security benefits; and we are all for that. But without wishing to appear cynical, the growing numbers of pensioners of various categories (old age, widows, invalid, etc.,) do have votes, and their support must not be alienated by the Canberra Socialists.

Point five is an extension of point three, and covers the re-employment of employees whose jobs have been destroyed as a direct result of the "Australian" Government - the State attack on Capitalism.

Point six advances price control (which did not, and does not control inflation). Also it advances controls on profit margins.

Dr. Cairns's six points, if implemented, will assuredly give the Australian economy, and therefore the political structure, and society generally, a strong shift to the Left. We have no doubt in our own minds that this is precisely what is intended.


Chinese Communists Aid Guerrillas In Portuguese Territories: Canadian "On Target" reports that the first of 112 Chinese military instructors have arrived in Kinshasa, Zaire, to train a liberation army of the Portuguese African colony of Angola. The Chinese are expected to train Angolan guerrila fighters to form a regular army division of up to 15,000 men; two-thirds equipped by Peking, and one third by Zaire.

Canadian Bilderbergers: Four prominent movers and shakers represented Canada at this year's April meeting of the ultra-secretive Bilderberg Group in Megeve. France. The Canadians were John B. Aird, senior partner of Aird, Zemmerman, and Berlis; Michel Dupuy, Assistant Undersecretary of State for External Affairs; Mrs. Jeanne Sauve, Liberal Minister of State for Science and Technology; and Mr. Anthony G. S. Griffin, the Chairman of Triarch Corporation Ltd. Mr. Griffin also attended the 1971 Bilderberg confab at the Rockfellers' Woodstock Inn, Vermont. The Triarch Corporation is wholly owned subsidiary of Johlab Investments, a venture capital operation.

In his book, The Naked Capitalist, W. Cleon Skousen discusses the Bilderberg meetings as follows; "These are held each year as an international master planning conclave. They are secret and attendance is restricted to invited 'guests'. These turn out to be about 100 men from the top inner circle, representing their four major dimensions of power; the international banking dynasties; their corporations involved in vast international enterprises; the American tax -exempt foundations; and the Establishment representatives who have gained high office in government. "All of their meetings are closed. No secretary takes notes of the speeches. No reporters sit in on the debates..."

The book, The Naked Capitalist, is currently available from all Australian League of Rights offices. Price: $2.30 post-free. For a comprehensive list of the 'guests' at the Bilderberg Conference this year at the Hotel Mont d'Arbois, Megeve, France, write for the May issue of The New Times the League's monthly journal of political-economy (subscription - $6.00 yearly). Order this from G.P.O. Box 1052J, Melbourne. Victoria. 3001


Christian Under Communism

The following article appeared in British On Target, of above date. The author is Frank Pavely.
It is often claimed that religion is now tolerated in the Soviet Union, even though it may be officially frowned upon, and that the days of militant atheism are over. The appearance in the West of some prelate of the communist-controlled Church in Russia leads many people in the West to reach the comfortable conclusion that here, is proof indeed that things are not so bad, and that the reports of religious persecution are exaggerated. What is not realised by people in the West is that there is an immense gulf between the theoretical legal rights of the individual in a Communist State (Senator Murphy please note...Ed. A.L.O.R.), and those, which exist in practice. The Constitution formulated in the 'thirties' under Stalin guaranteed various rights and freedoms; the realities were the purges, the labour camps, and the murder of hundreds of thousands of people. The brutal repression continues to this day. (vide Gulag Archipelago by Solzhenitsyn...Ed. A.L.O.R.).

The 'paper' rights, of course, are mere window-dressing, intended to gull and beguile world-opinion. Each month there appears a magazine - 'Underground Evangelism' published by Underground Evangelism, 16 Modern Rd., London, S.W. 19, which reports on the situation of Christians in Communist Countries, including China. Each issue cites cases of intimidation; of beatings; of 'believers' being sent to labour camps because of their Christian beliefs; of children being taken from parents because religious instruction has been given to the children. Deaths through ill-treatment are frequently reported, as are the cases of practicing Christians being committed to psychiatric hospitals - prisons, which Solzhenitsyn has called 'today's gas chambers'. In these hells, the victims are injected by doctors - practitioners of a perverted medical science, as were the doctors in Auchwitz and Ravenbrueck - with drugs, which result in the loss of personality and intellect.
An imprisoned Russian poet, Vassily Chernyshov, is reported to have said: 'The vivisectors of the 20th Century will not hesitate to rob me of my soul'. (Underground Evangelism - November 1973.) The Communist torturers are not, it seems, satisfied with physical elimination only; they seek to degrade and animalize: to destroy the human spirit; to cloud the very soul.

The aims of Underground Evangelism are - to quote U. E.'s Founder and President, Mr. L. J. Bass, -'to report accurately on their (i.e. underground churches') true nature and concern, and not allow them to be presented as a secret 'political action' movement. (The Communists allege, of course, that the underground churches are primarily fronts for counter-revolutionaries).

Secondly, to provide Christians in Communist countries with Bibles, prayer books etc., to broadcast to them; and to attempt to relieve individual cases of hardship and deprivation. 'They must tell us what they need to do their job - and we must supply it.

Lastly, we must support them in constant prayer... It is a cause worthy of support by Christians in this country; at the same time, it provides the student of Communist affairs with information on the true lot of Christians under Communism. No doubt the apologists still insist that the attitude of Communist Governments towards religion is becoming more tolerant. One question can be addressed to such: 'when was the Bible last printed in Russia? Can it be bought in a bookshop there by the general public?' If they say it is available; don't believe them - they are indulging in Communist dialectics, and are quite incorrigible! If they say they don't know, tell them it is not in print, or available in Russia, or any of the satellite countries. Who knows? They may think.


"The Whitlam Government has cut its throat. There was a miniscule chance that it could have got on top of inflation by early next year, even after the Treasurer (Mr. Crean) introduced his powder puff mini-Budget on Tuesday night." - Kenneth Davidson, in The Age (Melbourne) July 25th.

Mr. Davidson observed "Dr. Cairns, in his capacity as King of the Caucus Kids, exploded that possibility in Parliament yesterday". Mr. Davidson is referring to a statement made by Dr. Cairns that the measures announced by Mr. Crean were not deflationary. There is not space here to delve into the intricacies of Dr. Cairns's motives; which we understand well. Suffice it to say that the shrewd Dr. Cairns is further pre-positioning himself to score off both Mr. Whitlam and Mr. Crean, and the so-called Opposition (what ever happened to Mr. Snedden?) as all the futile attempts of Mr. Whitlam's "Australian" Government prove themselves so; and serious unemployment mounts; and inflation continues to escalate (stagflation). Then Dr. Cairns will be able to say - "I told you so", you must now adopt my six-point programme". (re-read first item in this issue of On Target for clarification, if necessary.)

Mr. Davidson confirms our much earlier statements that the Australian inflation rate will be 20% plus, next year. He observes: "If a 3% unemployment rate is needed now to have a reasonable chance of reversing the trend (of inflation), by next year the rate would need to be more like 5%". But he sees, as do we, danger on the International Monetary scene: "Globally, of course, the danger is that with all the major O.E.C.D. countries (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development - Australia is a member. . Ed) moving in the same downward direction, the multiplied effects of a contraction may be underestimated, leading to a major world recession, rather than a minor one."
Quite so. We have warned of this in these pages over the past 2-3 years.


An American report states that Dr. Henry Kissinger had been a long standing friend end of Gunter Guillaume, the East German spy who worked as a confidential aide to Chancellor Willy Brandt, until exposed as a Communist agent. Kissinger first met Guillaume when he and Helmut Sonnenfelt were working in American Army Intelligence in Germany before the War-Crime trials. Kissinger appointed Sonnenfelt his top aide in the White House National Security Council, in spite of strong opposition from those who felt that Sonnenfelt was a security risk.
Noted American patriot journalist Frank A. Capel, reports that Kissinger was associated with Soviet Intelligence after the Second World War.

The Australian Council of Churches, affiliated with the World Council of Churches, has urged the "Australian" Government to close Australia's two Trade Commission offices in South Africa. The Council was joined by the Catholic Church's National Commission for Justice in asserting that the Government was encouraging apartheid by fostering trade with South Africa.

What Is A Monetary System

The goods produced within an economy are its real wealth. They, not money, have intrinsic value. The basic purpose of a money system should be the efficient distribution of its real wealth through the community. In order to achieve this, there needs to be a certain correct relationship between the total amount of money in existence in the community and the total prices of goods available for sale. The inefficiency of distribution under the present system indicates that this relationship, if it exists at all, is very faulty.

Observe the difference in the situation of the person with goods to sell, and the person with money to spend. The person with the goods must go out after the money he wants to exchange them for. The size of the promotion and advertising industries is witness to this. On the other hand, the man with money to spend never has to look far to find goods. They are all around, jostling each other; begging to be bought. This alone indicates that the ratio of total money to total prices is not as it should be; but there is plenty of other evidence to show that their relationship is out of joint.

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