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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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On Target

23 August 1974. Thought for the Week: "We rightly seek to counter the Communist Conspiracy by turning the light on actions at home and inactions abroad, and by exposing fools or traitors in high places who would tumble America into low places. This we must never cease to do. But we must also not forget that so brainless and brutal a thing as Communism - that ancient regime of primal night and antiquated terror - succeeds most easily when it encounters only the spiritual vacuum of minds that have lost faith, hope, and love; that have eradicated vital affirmation and will-to-be; that are so fouled by intellectual nihilism (i.e. the love of nothing) that they hate the joy of man and the glory of God."
American poet E. Merril Root.


"Some key business leaders are cautiously optimistic that the Deputy Prime Minister, Dr. Cairns, may be able to push the Government into 'doing something' about inflation. In the three days of pre-Budget talks, Dr. Cairns showed up as the Government 'mover' on the economy. By contrast the Prime Minister. Mr. Whitlam - with the exception of baby-holding politicking in Melbourne yesterday - seemed to have withdrawn into his shell." - Ian Hamilton in The Herald, Melbourne August 17th.

The acceptance of Dr. Jim Cairns by many Australian businessmen confirms our long-held view that some of our business leaders are either extremely shortsighted or politically naive. Communist leaders have taken many pains to disguise their contempt for those business leaders who believe that they can co-exist with the Communists. We can examine the smirks of satisfaction when Mr. E. Douglas Kenna, president of the American National Association of Manufacturers, told Soviet trade officials that "the NAM would work with our U.S. trade associations to gain congressional approval of most-favoured-nation tariff treatment for the Soviet Union."
During the October, 1973 Middle East crisis, while Soviet armed forces were on the alert for possible action, 2,000 American businessmen were showing their wares in Moscow. The show displayed American technology for developing oil and gas supplies at the very time that Arab oil supplies were being drastically reduced.

Like their American counterparts, Australian businessmen may feel that Marxism has become respectable. Or perhaps they, like many others, have been brainwashed by the subtle media campaign to keep improving the public image of Dr. Cairns. And, as the finance-economic crisis rapidly worsens, it is not surprising that Federal Treasurer Frank Crean is, along with Mr. Whitlam, being forced to leave Dr. Cairns to do the master planning. After all, Dr. Cairns does know just where he wants to go. We analysed his Marxist six-point anti-inflationary programme in our issue of August 2nd.

Unlike Mr. Crean, Dr. Cairns has not made the mistake of going on record with predictions about reducing taxation. On the eve of the Federal Elections, Mr. Crean said that he expected the Australian inflation rate to fall below 2.4 per cent in the June quarter. Mr. Crean was most definite. "The rate in Australia is headed down.....other countries are showing an upward movement." (vide The Sun, Melbourne, May 13th, 1974). As we predicted, events flatly contradicted Mr. Crean, the inflation rate has continued to move upwards. And Dr. Cairns made the point after the June inflation figures had been published, that he was not surprised. He had thought that there might have been a 5 per cent increase for the June quarter.
And he was quick to point out that Mr. Crean's mini-budget was not anti-inflationary. Like On Target, Dr. Cairns does not believe that inflation is going to be halted.

While the type of Budget proposed by Dr. Cairns is in line with his Marxist approach, neither will it halt inflation. It is designed to advance a policy of centralised control. The Cairns approach is to attempt to avert large-scale unemployment if possible, while increasing the activities of the public sector of the economy. Continuing inflation will be essential for this strategy. It may be of course, that the Labor Government, whether led by Mr. Whitlam or Dr. Cairns, will be out of office before the middle of next year. The growing finance-economic crisis is producing an electoral backlash of explosive intensity. But unless the Opposition parties can humble themselves enough to admit their past failures and come forward with a constructive alternative to present inflationary policies, their re-election would avail Australia little in the storms ahead.

Once again we stress that the Queensland Premier, Mr. J. Bjelke-Petersen has provided a real lead with a policy of a drastic reduction or abolition of the inflationary Sales Tax and the restoration of Consumer Discounts. If Mr. Snedden Mr. Anthony and their colleagues could free themselves from the hypnotic influence of the "experts" they have followed for years, and take the Petersen programme to the Australian people particularly the wage earners, they would be amazed at the public support they would obtain.


"For the first time since Cromwell took the word for the deed the unthinkable is happening in England. There is widespread talk, and even speculation, of impending revolution - a revolution by the Right to forestall one by the Left. The murmurings began more than a year ago when the already disturbing rate of inflation began to rise under the impetus of the oil troubles." - Bryan Boswell from the United Kingdom in The Australian August 13th.

After his international tour last year Mr. Eric Butler predicted that signs were indicating that as inflation intensified the finance-economic crisis, with Communists using their influence in the Trade Unions to create the maximum of economic and social disruption. British anti-Communist leaders would plan to organise support for a movement designed to prevent a Communist seizure of power should the situation warrant such action. This is the type of polarisation, which took place in Germany as a result of the massive inflation after the First World War. While former NATO Commander-in-Chief General Sir Walter Walker, the central figure in the British anti-subversion movement, is no British Hitler, the fact must be faced that irrespective of the patriotic intentions of any movement, unless it has a programme for reversing inflation, it is doomed to failure.

One of the results of the recent wave of Australian strikes was a widespread public resentment expressing itself in some centres with the formation of consumers' groups to attempt to protect the individual against the irresponsible attitude of some Trade Unions. Unfortunately the Trade Union movement has been used increasingly to intimidate people engaged in lawful activities. We do not believe that the great majority of rank-and-file Australian Trade Unionists favour what has been happening.

Clearly even some Trade Union leaders and prominent Members of the Whitlam Government, including Mr. Whitlam himself, have become alarmed at developments. The Trade Unions' public image is at an all-time low. While we understand why societies everywhere are now being polarised by an inflation-generated finance-economic crisis, and sympathise with those who feel that they must plan to protect themselves, we must strike a note of caution. The Marxists are experts in infiltrating patriotic conservative movements and then provoking them into violence.

Anti-Communists movements should be exercising their maximum pressure to ensure that lawful instruments like the Police and Army are supported if necessary. Constitutional means should be pressed to insist that all strikes, which affect the public, be decided by a secret vote of trade unionists, thus preventing intimidation. Above all, all responsible people must work to produce the maximum unity in the community against the basic cause of the growing social ferment - increasing inflation.


When an outraged public opinion recently restrained (temporarily) Federal Members from obtaining an extra $105 per week for themselves, some of the politicians staged some diversionary tactics, professing considerable concern for the majority of Australians. An all-embracing compulsory superannuation scheme is proposed, - "the first of its type in the world" - allegedly designed to provide everyone with 25 per cent of his income after retirement. Even this miserable amount would be eroded by the inflation, which the politicians are "fighting." But it should be carefully noted that the politicians are united in looking after themselves. They awarded themselves an extra $5,000 a year last year.

There are a number of special allowances. Those overseas trips are rather attractive. There is other free travel. Cheap meals in the parliamentary dining room are subsidised by the taxpayer. Only eight years of Parliamentary life is necessary to qualify for half pay for the rest of the Members life. Pension rights progressively increase to 75 percent of parliamentary salary after 20 years of service.

In May, 1973, a unanimous non-party vote rushed a Bill through Parliament increasing the MPs pensions by 50 percent - and also providing that pensions be progressively increased to keep pace with inflation! This generous treatment was also extended to MPs already retired. The politicians may not be able to prevent their electors' pensions and savings from being eroded by inflation, but they know how to defend their own pensions! We strongly support the concept of all political candidates being asked searching questions concerning salary and pension arrangements before being employed by the electors.


Mr. Albert Langer the former Monash student Maoist activist briefly re-appeared in the news again recently when he took a position as a "postie" to help deliver mail in a Melbourne suburb. We have a feeling that Mr. Langer is not pedaling to get his weight down, or to provide a badly-needed mail service. Mr. Geoffrey Blunden, Amalgamated Postal Workers Union research officer and assistant Federal Secretary has resigned to take a position as special adviser to Prime Minister Whitlam. Now that he is a "postie" Langer could qualify to take Blunden's position. There has been some speculation that if the Federal Secretary of the Amalgamated Postal Workers Union, Mr. George Slater, should retire within the next few years the way would be open for Langer to succeed him. And from this position Langer would move to the ACTU.

Mr. Julius Chan, Papua-New Guinea Finance Minister, discovered last week that he had delivered the wrong second-reading speech to a Bill before the Papua-New Guinea House of Assembly.' But Mr. Chan had no need to be embarrassed; the House hadn't realised that he was making the wrong speech. The Bill was passed although Mr. Chan's speech had referred to a different piece of legislation altogether. Mr. Chan is the parliamentary leader of the People's Progress Party, one of the two senior members in the coalition Government.
"Democracy" is certainly a most interesting phenomenon in Papua-New Guinea!


Friday, September 20th: The Dinner of the year - "The New Times Annual Dinner", Guest of honour Mrs. Joyce Mew, Chairman of British Housewives League. Recorded message from Mr. L. D. Byrne, OBE. Former Adviser to the Albertan (Canada) Government. Special report by Mr. Eric Butler. Chairman Mr. Jeremy Lee. Loyal Toast, Mr. Geoff Broad, West Australia. Toast to "The New Times", Mr. Ray White, West Australia and Mr. Roy Earle, Queensland. Limited seating still available. Donation of $6 per person must accompany booking. The organisers reserve the right to control attendance. Place: The Victoria, Little Collins Street, Melbourne. Pre-Dinner refreshments from 6 p.m. onwards. Guests must be seated by 7 p.m.

Saturday, September 21st: National Seminar on ""INFLATION AND THE AUSTRALIAN REVOLUTION." Also at the Victoria, starting at 2p.m. Two Papers in afternoon, a short recorded Paper from Mr. L. D. Byrne. OBE, of Canada, a stripfilm with professional commentary, "The New Education", during the Dinner recess. Final Paper by Mr. Eric Butler in the evening, starting at 8 p.m. This will be the most in-depth examination of the inflation question ever conducted in Australia. Entrance fee $2 per person, $3 for married couple. All readers who can attend are urged to be present themselves and to start making a careful list of people who they should invite. Advertising brochures will be available early next month. But start preparing NOW.
Many new publications will be in the comprehensive book display.

Sunday, September 22nd: Starting with a non-denominational Divine Service at 9.30 A.M., the League's all-day action Seminar will be held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Eric Butler. $1 charge for lunch. It is imperative that as many actionists as possible attend. Please book to assist with catering.

Whitlam and His Word

The hypocrisy of the Whitlam Government's attitude on "anti-colonialism" was demonstrated with the sneaky recognition of the Soviet conquest of the Baltic States. The Hitler regime also recognised the Soviet control of the Baltic States. Prior to the May Federal Elections, Prime Minister Whitlam sent a letter to the Lithuanian community, which said that while "not formally recognising the incorporation of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia into the Soviet Union" the Federal Government had to deal with the government "which has effective control of the territory in question." This letter ensured considerable support for the Whitlam Government by the Baltic communities in Australia. Now the Baltic people have learned how much they can trust the word of Mr. Whitlam and his colleagues.
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