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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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13 September 1974. Thought for the Week: "We have multiplied our instruments, and forgotten our purposes; and, what is still worse, we have made of ourselves instruments for the production of changes in Nature, and consented to regard our consciousness as a device for the better making and doing of things. We have forgotten that there is nothing valuable or worthy in the motion, however rapid, of masses, however great, nor in the accumulation of objects, however numerous and complicated, nor in the organisation of societies, however great and powerful, unless the inward happiness of men is thereby increased or their misery diminished."
George Santayana.


"Any measures the Government can take to steady inflation now must result in some unemployment. Failure to recognise this is unrealistic, would make serious policy mistakes more likely and provide a field day for political hypocrisy." - Deputy Prime Minister Dr. Jim Cairns in special pre-Budget statement issued on September 8th, as reported in The Herald, Melbourne, September 9th.

Dr. Cairns' statement is an admission that the Whitlam Government has failed to reduce inflation while maintaining full employment. It appears to be a tacit admission that the Government is accepting the Treasury view that unemployment is essential if inflation is to be curbed. The truth is that the momentum of inflation is now so great that even large-scale unemployment has no real effect. The "experts" refuse to admit that their Keynesian theories for "controlling" inflation are failing. So they invent a new piece of gobble-de-gook called "stagflation" to describe their failure.

After his election as Deputy Prime Minister Dr. Cairns said that he would like the "Whitlam-Cairns" years to be remembered for "the ability to be able to deal with the inflationary situation without causing unemployment." "I think that is the main challenge we have", he added. That was only two and a half months ago. Clearly Dr. Cairns and his colleagues have failed, although Dr. Cairns makes it clear that it is "the system" which is at fault, not the Government.

In his recent address to the nation. Prime Minister Whitlam assured his listeners that "demand inflation" had been brought under control." He also gave a firm assurance that unemployment would not be tolerated. "You can plan ahead for yourself and your families with confidence", said Mr. Whitlam. Dr. Cairns endorsed Mr. Whitlam's confident remarks, stating that there was no inflationary crisis and that to talk of one "was self-indulgence." In his statement of September 9th, Dr. Cairns said, "What the Government must do is to graduate its attack upon inflation so that it minimises the effect on employment. Having accepted that, the Government's duty is to keep the period for which a worker is out of work as short as possible and to guarantee re-employment and re-training for displaced workers as well as maintenance of income at all times. This means that the Government will use its financial policies to force private enterprise to discharge employees in a desperate attempt to remain solvent, while at the same time make money available to direct the temporarily unemployed into activities centrally controlled from Canberra.

The Whitlam Government has no intention of practising the "restraint" which it," urges upon others. The stage is being set for the most revolutionary situation in Australian history. The inflation rate will continue to increase and, in our considered opinion, will exceed 20 percent next year. Those who disbelieve our prediction will have to learn the hard way. Remember those pre-election promises about how the Whitlam Government had actually reduced inflation! And would continue to reduce it further!

Australians who wish to avoid a major national disaster must get behind the lead given by Queensland Premier Joe Bjelke-Petersen. His policy of abolishing Sales Tax and consumer discounts would immediately reduce the financial cost of living and halt the demand for increased wages. This is the only policy feared by the Marxist revolutionaries.


"Washington. Sun. - President Ford's press secretary, Jerald ter Horst resigned today in protest over the 'full free and absolute pardon' granted to former President Nixon. Accepting President Ford's pardon, Mr. Nixon said, 'No words can describe the depths of my regret and pain at the anguish my mistakes over Watergate have caused the nation and the presidency'. President Ford announced the pardon with, 'I feel that Richard Nixon and his loved ones have suffered enough.'" - Peter Costigan in The Herald, Melbourne, September 9th.

Former President Nixon's real crimes were not telling lies and attempting to "cover up" for his associates who attempted to break into the Democratic Party's Washington headquarters at the Watergate Motel, but his active association with the policies of vital financial and economic assistance to the Soviet Union. Those policies have been openly supported by the Rockefellers and other international financiers for many years. Henry Kissinger has been a Rockefeller agent.

Vice-President Nelson Rockefeller has endorsed President Ford's pardon for Nixon. American observers of the deeper currents of American politics feel that a "deal" has been made to ensure that Richard Nixon does not have to face awkward questions in public. After all, Nixon could reveal some most embarrassing information if he chose. The role of Richard Nixon in international affairs is mentioned in None Dare Call It Conspiracy, now described as "brilliant prophecy."


"Australia should have a law condemning racism in all its forms, the former immigration Minister, Mr. Al Grassby, said last night. 'We should take the opportunity to bind up the Australian community so people do not retreat into ethnic isolation', he said.' 'Let's bring them all in together as members of the family"'. - The Sun, Melbourne, September 9th.

If Mr. Al Grassby has his way - which fortunately he won't - the great majority of Australians will not be permitted to display a proper pride in their background and culture. Asked in a television programme what he hoped to achieve in the next year. Mr. Grassby said "I hope we will have made a start on broadening the cultural base of the Australian community and on taking out some of the tension." Any "tension" in the community stems directly from the policy of breaking down Australia's traditional immigration policy, designed to maintain a homogeneous community.

It is true, of course, that when a minority with a different racial and cultural background from a host community is introduced into that community in sizeable numbers, there is inevitable friction. Moslems in the United Kingdom are claiming that they are "discriminated" against because they have been charged with bigamy under English law. A recently published report, prepared for and financed by the Federal Government's Commission of Inquiry into Poverty, highlights the type of problems developing in Australia as a result of an immigration policy that has brought in non-British migrants faster that they can be assimilated. The report states that migrants face many problems with the police "partly because of cultural differences and partly because of the difference in legal procedures in Europe and Australia."

The Report also states, "In a predominantly Anglo-Saxon country where restrained behaviour is the norm, the emotionalism and excitability of some migrants are easily misunderstood." Surely that observation must be regarded as a form of "racism" by Mr. Grassby as it stresses the obvious fact that different races possess different temperaments!

The dominant culture of Australians is British, with a large number of non-British migrants over the nation's history being absorbed into that culture. Minority ethnic groups have every right to be proud of their own culture, and natural rights must be protected. But Mr. Grassby and those who think like him seek to force the majority to display some type of guilt complex. The majority, whose forefathers pioneered Australia, has every right to speak out strongly in their own defence against those who would rob them of their heritage.


"Perth - The W.A. and Queensland Governments yesterday pledged co-operation with other states in opposing federal moves against private enterprise and state rights...in a joint statement issued after two days of talks, the two State Premiers, Sir Charles Court (W.A.) and Mr. Bjelke-Petersen (QId) said these were the first steps in counter-moves against the Federal Government." - The Sun, Melbourne, September 9th.

We strongly applaud the positive moves being taken by the Queensland-West Australian Premiers. These two Premiers not only appreciate the Whitlam Government's threat to the Federal system of Government; they are also convinced that offence is the best form of defence in their statement following their talks, the Premiers said that "The onslaught (against the States) is highly organised and deliberate. Inflation and federal control of the purse plays into their hands. We doubt if the Federal Government seriously wants to face inflation which fills their coffers and destroys state budgets."

That is the type of language we like to hear! Listening to a taped recording of a recent unscheduled address the Queensland Premier, Mr. BjelkePetersen, gave at a Queensland "Save our State" Meeting, we were impressed with the Premier's fighting qualities. He clearly indicated that in his fight against inflation and centralism he needed public support. Congratulations to West Australian actionists who welcomed the Queensland Premier to their State with an appropriate press advertisement. History may record that Mr. J. Bjelke-Petersen of Scandanavian background - please note, Mr. Grassby - played a major role in preserving the British system of Government, including the Crown, in Australia.


Friday, September 20th: A number of cancellations have made last-minute vacancies available for "The New Times" Annual Dinner. $6 donation must accompany booking. The Dinner will be held at the Victoria, 215 Lt., Collins St. Melbourne. Pre-Dinner refreshments from 6 p.m. onwards. Guests must be seated at 7 p.m.

Saturday September 21st: National Seminar on "INFLATION AND THE AUSTRALIAN REVOLUTION", starting at 2 p.m. at The Victoria, 215 Lt., Collins St. Melbourne. Papers by Mr. Jeremy Lee, Mr. Vic Bridger, and Mr. Eric Butler. Filmstrip on "The New Education" during Dinner recess. Entrance fee: $2 per person. $3 for married couple.

Saturday October 12th: South Australian Annual Seminar and Dinner, Mrs. Joyce Mew, Chairman British Housewives' League, and Mr. Edward Rock, will be main speakers.


We knew it would happen! Once the view was accepted that the lowering of the voting age meant more "democracy" it was inevitable that someone would advocate a reduction from the 18-year old vote. The Queensland Young Labor Association conference has called for the voting to be lowered to 15. But why stop at 15? Surely all those who can read and write, no matter how poorly, should also have a vote? Aspiring politicians could then offer more school holidays and other "goodies" to the younger voters!
Genuine democracy means responsible voting. A lower voting age means more immature voters to be manipulated by power groups.

Soviet diplomacy has been successful in exploiting the Cyprus situation. It seeks to deny the Western nations any bases in Cyprus. The Moscow strategists are now suggesting that as a gesture of "goodwill", they are prepared to withdraw from the Eastern Mediterranean providing that NATO and US naval installations in Italy, Greece and Turkey, along with the two British air bases on Cyprus, are closed down. For many years the Soviet has claimed that the Black Sea is part of the Mediterranean, that the Mediterranean was therefore an integral part of the Soviet's home waters and that the Soviet had every right to position its naval forces in the Mediterranean. But now the Soviet strategists want the Black Sea to be treated as separate from the Mediterranean, leaving their naval forces on the doorstep of the Mediterranean while the Western powers retreat completely.

One of the less known but highly influential officials of the Soviet regime is Boris Ponomarev. He plays a vital role in controlling all non-ruling Communist parties throughout the world. It is reported that Leonis Brezhnev is now personally advised by Ponomarev. Ponomarev has recently described with considerable frankness the satisfactory - from the Communists' viewpoint - situation in the West: "The crisis of the capitalist system is now being manifested in the most diverse fields - the energy crisis, the monetary crisis, the economic policy crisis and the political and ideological crisis. Such a combination of crises processes is perhaps unprecedented in the history of post-war capitalism."

We have been warned. Continuing inflation in the West means a worsening crisis. The future of the West now depends upon ending the inflation problem.

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