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Edmund Burke
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On Target

11 October 1974. Thought for the Week: "Marx wrote that the 'revolutionary morality dethrones all absolute standards and in the Western world our absolute standards are being eroded without being replaced by anything as durable as the fundamental Christian morality which has for all the transgressions and imperfections, served Christians so well for so long. If a vacuum is created in Western Society then it is very likely that the 'revolutionary morality' of which Marx wrote will take root and spread and Western society will be destroyed from within, thus fulfilling Khrushchev's prophecy 'We will bury you."
Intelligence Digest (U.K.) June 1974


"Singapore, October 7. One of Australia's biggest companies, CSR, is investigating openings for sales of sugar and timber processing equipment to North Vietnam. The Australian company has sent representatives to Hanoi in recent months for talks with North Vietnamese officials on the potential for sales of machinery. Disclosing this yesterday, the Minister for Overseas Trade (Dr. Cairns) said CSR was showing considerable interest in the North Vietnamese market. He also said North Vietnam was interested in a long-term contract for Australian iron ore and coal for use by a steel industry it hoped to establish in the country's main port, Haiphong." - Report in Business section of The Age, Melbourne, October 8th

It was the Great Depression of the 'thirties', produced by a massive international credit squeeze, which broke the back of American resistance to official recognition of the Bolshevik regime in Moscow. Desperate businessmen were told that with official recognition of the Soviet, credit loans could be extended thus enabling the Soviet to increase its purchase of American production. "This will be good for business" was the general theme.

Many shortsighted American primary producers and manufacturers tended to confirm Lenin's famous prediction about "decadent capitalists" being willing to provide the rope for their own hanging. True, Stalin's agent Litvinoff gave a solemn assurance to the Roosevelt Administration that the Soviet would not exploit recognition and trade agreements to foster subversion inside the USA. American Communists were told to treat the Litvinoff promise as a good joke. Communist agents proceeded to penetrate deep into the American Administration.

On the same page of The Age as the report above appears, a report from Hong Kong, dated October 7th, states that "Australian officials are optimistic about vastly increased trade between China and Australia following the Australian trade exhibition opening in Peking later this week. The exhibition, which will be opened on Friday by the Deputy Prime Minister (Dr. Cairns) will cost about $1 million to mount. More than $A2 million worth of products will be on show, making it the greatest trade drive Australia has mounted. One official with Dr. Cairns sees the trade possibilities as virtually limitless, He believes there is no reason why an Australia-China shipping line should not be a logical development. He sees, too, transport aircraft as eventually carriers of many of the goods."

Dr. Cairns and his associates have worked skilfully at the task of convincing Australian producers and businessmen that they should see the Communist nations as their best markets. What is unfolding is a strategy to link Australia more closely with the Communist world. The establishment of the overseas trading corporation is a major feature of the Cairns strategy. Commonsense people not bewitched by the doctrine of the "favourable balance of trade" - that a nation becomes wealthier by exporting more than it imports! - will ask why is it so necessary for Australians to be kept hard at work to produce for the Communist nations.

At present there is an enormous imbalance in trade between Australia and Red China. Even with the Cairns policy of reduced tariffs, which allowed a flood of Red Chinese production into Australia - much of it to the detriment of Australian industry - Red China's exports to Australia for 1973 were only $60 million compared with Australia's exports of nearly $l00 million to Red China. Clearly Red China has, like all Communist nations, been extended substantial credits for imports over exports.
Lenin was a man who understood the real source of power in the twentieth century, financial credit power, and he predicted that the West would not only provide the Communist nations with their "surplus" production, but also the credits with which to obtain that production.

All suggestions that nations like Australia might use their own financial credit to ensure that they obtain from their own economic system the necessary production which would be readily available with the reversal of inflation, the major cause of industrial friction, are derided by those who are determined to drive the free world more firmly into the Communists' arms.


"The Left-wing of the Labor Party would be 'cutting their own throats' if they tried to oust him as Prime Minister, Mr. Whitlam, told a nation wide U.S. television audience today. Mr. Whitlam scoffed at the suggestion that he was about to topple... 'I get through (Caucus) everything I set my heart on', Mr. Whitlam said." - From Peter Costigan, Washington in The Herald, Melbourne, October 7th.

Mr. Whitlam is suffering from serious delusions if he really believes that he is in effective control of his Government. The Labor Caucus has inflicted a number of defeats upon him, one of the most notable being to elect Dr. Cairns as his Deputy. Since then Mr. Whitlam has abdicated in the field of economic policy, leaving Dr. Cairns in control. The Left-wing does not need to oust Mr. Whitlam as Prime Minister they know that Dr. Cairns is already the de facto Prime Minister.
When Mr. Whitlam returns to Australia - but only for a short visit because of leaving for abroad again! - he will be faced with even harsher realities than those he left before his visit to North America. His days are numbered because his Government cannot possibly survive beyond the middle of next year if present policies are maintained. Inflation must continue to increase and economic and social frictions worsen.


"The primary responsibility must be carried by the reserve banks, which act as advisers to the governments and are the principal originators and directors of monetary policy. The present crisis is entirely in the field of monetary management and that is where the prime responsibility rests for both the world depression of 1930 and that of 1974." - Former Labor Premier of N.S.W., writing in The Herald, Melbourne, October 3rd.

Jack Lang has seen it all before. He had just started his first job in an accountant's office when the Australian banks crashed in 1893. During the Great Depression he was the only Premier to resist the disastrous Premiers' Plan, imposed on the "advice" of visiting "experts" Sir Otto Niemeyer of the Bank of England and Professor Guggenheimer Gregory of the notorious London School of Economics. Subsequent events proved Lang to have been much closer to reality than the "experts".

In his Herald article Mr. Lang recalls how in November 1973, the United States took the initiative in calling a world conference of nations affected by the inflation crisis. The result was the Smithsonian Agreement, hailed by President Nixon as one of the "greatest achievements of this century", with the major banks of the world accepting pegged exchange rates. But the ink was hardly dry on yet another document produced by the "experts", when President Nixon devalued the American dollar, this being a clear breach of the agreement. Dr. Henry Kissinger now says that the democracies cannot survive another three or four years of present inflation rates. But as Eric Butler shows in his Censored History, Dr, Kissinger and his associates are.


The League of Rights was the only movement to grasp the historic significance of the anti-inflation policy put forward by the Queensland Premier, Mr. J. Bielke-Petersen, immediately following the May Federal Elections. The suppression of the Queensland Premier's policy by the national media clearly indicated that the explosive significance of his proposals was well noted. The much-vaunted freedom of the media suddenly disappeared.

The League took up the issue and after a short four months of campaigning can claim that the boycott of the "Petersen Plan" by the media has been smashed. The first assault was with the League's brochure, "Down the Inflation Road to National Socialism" - adequate stocks are still available at $5 per thousand. This was supported with a flood of letters, both to politicians and to the press. Then the League launched a national series of meetings, now growing in intensity, at which the "Petersen Plan" was explained with meeting after meeting as carrying a resolution supporting the Queensland Premier.

Numerous other organisations including Country Party branches also carried similar resolutions. Petitions have been presented in the Federal Parliament. Politicians are being forced to declare themselves. Enclosed with this week's On Target is the Open Letter for Primary Producers issued with striking results at the Moree Rural Rally. Adequate supplies of this Open Letter to Primary Producers are now available for all actionists.

The League is also making available a Letter to Australian Housewives for campaigning in the urban areas. Tens of thousands of these have already been distributed, again with striking results. Other literature is planned. As the situation worsens, every day brings increasing appeals to the League for advice and guidance. We appeal to every reader to "pull his weight" in the national campaign now well under way. Get League literature into as many hands as possible. And make certain that you help to ensure that all League meetings are successful.

With as yet only a minority of supporters really active in the anti-inflation programme, the results achieved in a short period demonstrate that we could sweep Australia with all supporters actively co-operating. urging that the developing crisis be used to establish the World State, starting immediately with greatly increased powers for the International Monetary Fund, created by communist Harry Dexter White.
Jack Lang was defeated primarily because the Australian people of that time did not understand the realities of finance. Today the situation is rather different, and in spite of the worldwide crisis, perhaps they will make a much more successful effort than they did in the Great Depression.


It was appropriate that Dr. Jim Cairns, Deputy Prime Minister, should announce on his way to Communist China that the Federal Government was examining alternative methods of establishing the overseas trading corporation without an Act of Parliament. Dr. Cairns made this announcement in Singapore on Sunday, October 6th. He was awaiting advice from Senator Murphy on whether it was constitutionally possible to invoke the Commonwealth Trade Power and Companies Act to fund the trading corporation. This is a frank admission that the Cairns-Whitlam Government is prepared to bypass Parliament whenever it believes this possible.
Dr. Cairns considers the Senate a "waste of time." Here is the authentic Marxist, opposed to all curbs on Governmental power.

Mr. Gordon Barton, the Australia Party convenor, has been expressing himself strongly on the appalling state of the economy under the Whitlam Government. We seem to recall that the same Mr. Barton was strongly advocating that the Whitlam Government be elected in 1972. If Mr. Barton is genuinely surprised and dismayed, this demonstrates that he is but one more gullible elector who believes that changing Canberra's policies really changes fundamental finance-economic policies. Unlike Mr. Barton, we have correctly predicted the disastrous course of events.

The new Portuguese Government is delighting the Communists everywhere. Without even the formality of a referendum, the two strategically-placed islands of Sao Tome and Principle in the Atlantic, off the coast of Gabon in the oil-rich Gulf of Guinea, have been handed over to an African "liberation" movement, which very few have ever even heard about.

Lisbon plans to finalise Mozambique's takeover by the Frelimo-controlled Government by June of next year. It is certain that the Soviet will approach Mozambique for the use of the two ports of Beira and Laurenco Marques for its growing Indian Ocean fleet. If the Soviet achieves what would be a major strategic advance, it would mean that Soviet warships would be based a comparatively short distance from Durban, inside the Cape Sea route. It is anticipated that the Soviet will offer massive financial and economic support for the shattered Mozambique economy.
If ever there was a time when Australians should be concerned about defence it is now.

Communist China will be staging its first Economic and Trade Exhibition in Australia, at the Royal Agricultural Society's Showground, Sydney, from October 18 to October 27. It is clear from the Chinese Communist brochure concerning the Exhibition that there is to be heavy stress on Communist propaganda. We read that "The Mass Movement" in agriculture will be shown. But there will be no explanation of why the "capitalist" West has to supply vast quantities of wheat!

Mun Se-kwan, the 22-year old Korean being tried for attempting to assassinate President Park of South Korea, states that he acted under orders from two North Korean agents. This is but one more example of the use of murder by the Communists. Murder is justified by Communist "morality".

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