Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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8 November 1974. Thought for the Week: "The obsolete system of chattel slavery had the vital defect that the slave could not fail to be conscious of his slavery, and consequently required guarding. But the more insidious subjections with which we are threatened, promises a condition of affairs in which servitude will only be granted as a privilege, and starvation following on degradation will be the alternative."
C. H. Douglas.


In a summary of the recent British Elections, Mr. Don Martin, National Director of the British League of Rights, describes the election result as "the start for anti-Common Market victory." Mr. Martin makes the following points:

In spite of the publicity given to inflation, nationalisation and "social contracts", it was the anti-Common Market forces who decided the election result." Large numbers of Conservative anti-Common Market electors declined to vote. Mr. Enoch Powell's return to the House of Commons will ensure that the Common Market issue is not forgotten. There is a hard core of strong anti-Marketeers amongst Conservative Members, while the anti-Market forces have strong allies in both the Scottish and Welsh Nationalists, who increased their representation at Westminister. The previous vote for the Liberal Party was seen to be what it really was - a protest vote. There was the usual failure of the small party candidates, whose main contribution to the elections was to help defray the expenses through the loss of their deposits.

Mr. Martin comments on how one leader of the newly formed parties assured him just before the elections that they "were going to sweep the country and form the next government or at worst form the major opposition."
Effective resistance to the drive to centralise all power over the individual is not going to be defeated through the formation of still more political parties, but by the creation of a grass-roots political movement motivated by the desire to serve principles, not by the will to power. This is the League of Rights concept, now being successfully developed right throughout the English-speaking world. Events have consistently confirmed our warning that the primary purpose of forcing the United Kingdom into the Common Market was to break up the major barrier to the establishment of the World State - the British Commonwealth.

As it was Mr. Duncan Sandys who was sent out to Australia and New Zealand to attempt to "sell" the Common Market project on behalf of the Macmillan Government, it is instructive to recall what Mr. Sandys said as the British Minister for Defence, in a speech during the Conservative Party Conference at Brighton in October 1957:
"If once the great powers could agree to disarm and to set up a system of international control, we should have gone a good way along the road, which I hope will lead us eventually to the establishment of a world authority with a world police force.. .I believe that, in the long run, nothing short of that will really work."

The Duncan Sandys concept is at present being up-dated by Dr. Henry Kissinger and his masters. But it is one thing to advance programmes for progressively centralising all power on a global scale and another to make people accept those programmes. If the British people can now force the Wilson Government to provide them with a referendum on the Common Market, they will certainly vote against surrendering control of their affairs to a Brussels bureaucracy. A successful British revolt against the international plotters would have far-reaching international implications.


"The decision of the Prime Minister, Mr. Whitlam, to replace the Treasurer. Mr. Crean has sparked a strong back-lash within the Labor Party." - The Australian, November 4th.

Running true to form, Mr. Whitlam is demonstrating once again his willingness to sacrifice loyal colleagues in order to attempt to protect himself. It is no secret that Dr. Jim Cairns played the major role in framing the Budget presented by Mr. Crean in September. But now he is suggesting that the economy needs further stimulus - which would, of course, mean accelerating the inflation rate. This means that Dr. Cairns is admitting that his own Budget is not very successful. But instead of being criticised, it is suggested that he be made Treasurer in place of Mr. Crean. And, ironically, we now have Mr. Crean defending "his" September budget, arguing that the Budget strategy should not be changed but given time to work.

The truth is that irrespective of what strategy is pursued inside the framework of present finance-economic policies, the results must be disastrous. Like Mr. Whitlam, Mr. Crean does not have a clue about what to do about the developing crisis. But Dr. Cairns does. Country Party leader Doug Anthony's contribution to the Crean affair reveals just how desperate the situation is going to become when he and Mr. Snedden take over, almost certainly next year. In defence of Mr. Crean, Mr. Anthony said that he thought Mr. Crean was "being criticised unfairly." And that "I've found Frank Crean has tried to administer his special portfolio and give advice to the government based on the advice which Treasury gives. But it seems to be the attitude of this government to destroy the Treasury and the advice it presents."

When last in office Mr. Anthony and his colleagues slavishly followed the advice of the Treasury "experts". Unable, or unwilling, to make their own commonsense appraisal of Mr. Eric Butler's Programme For Inflation, they submitted it to the Treasury "experts", whose idiotic comments provided a striking explanation of why their policies produce one disaster after another.

There is no real cleavage between the policies of the Treasury, supported by Mr. Crean, and those of Dr. Cairns and his supporters. The controversy is a smokescreen behind which inflation is imposed, taking Australia down the totalitarian road at an ever-increasing rate.

As the Whitlam Government becomes more desperate to avert an electoral backlash, which will sweep it from office, we can expect increasing in-fighting as the frightened politicians realise that those juicy plums of office are about to be snatched away. Mr. Gough Whitlam can be relied upon to do everything possible to preserve himself, irrespective of what happens to his colleagues.


Mr. Eric Butler was invited as National Director of the League of Rights to the Parramatta branch of the Young Liberal Movement on Monday. October 14th. This was too much for the ALP Federal Member Dr. Klugman, who launched an hysterical attack upon Mr. Butler in the Commonwealth Parliament on October 15th.
After falsely charging that the Federal Liberal Member for Parramatta, Mr. P. Ruddick, was a personal friend of Mr. Butler's (Mr. Butler is not aware that he has even met Mr. Ruddick) Dr. Klugman referred to the infamous Country Party report on the League of Rights and Mr. Butler, issued in 1971: "The report gave a run down on Eric Butler's career - his virulent anti-Semitism, his support for the Nazis, his attack on the Australian war effort and his writing for The New Times. .... The leader of The Australian Country Party, Mr. Douglas Anthony, has condemned the League as disreputable, racist, anti-Semitic and pro-Nazi. I would certainly like to give credit to him and to other members of the Country Party who have had the courage to speak out when so many others have long remained silent. At a time of inflation and of economic downturns in the community and of significant unrest in the community, it is up to those of us in this House who should surely be supporting parliamentary democracy to make it quite clear that we dissociate ourselves from these sorts of people."

Poor Dr. Klugman must be in a bad way. The nonsense he repeats has been disposed of long ago, even Mr. Anthony withdrawing his pro-Nazi allegations. But typically arrogant, Dr. Klugman obviously feels that he and his kind should dictate who is to hear League speakers. Increasing numbers of Australians are turning to the League because they have discovered that it has something constructive to offer while Dr. Klugman and his fellows are supporting policies that are driving Australia down the road to National Socialism.


"Washington, November 1. - The Arab leaders who gathered in Rabat this week decided that a peace settlement was not a worthy objective, and that ultimate victory over Israel was within their grasp. Towards that end, the Palestinian terrorists - who fervently pledge the destruction of the Jewish State - have been legitimatised by the Arabs as a Government-to-be on the West Bank of the Jordan." - From William Safire of "The New York Times" in The Age, Melbourne, November 2nd.

As we have warned, Dr. Henry Kissinger, public relations man for the International Financiers and associates who have sustained the Soviet Union, did not arrange a peace in the Middle East following the last open military conflict between the Arabs and the Israelis. It was but a type of armistice, leaving the main source of the problem intact. As Mr. Eric Butler shows in his Censored History, both Israel and the Arabs are only pawns in the international power game being played between Moscow and Washington. Carried away by their ability to apply destructive oil sanctions against the industrial nations, many Arabs are now convinced that time is on their side in the Middle East crisis. They overlook the fact that further use of oil sanctions can only hasten a major economic collapse in Western Europe and the Communist take-over, and that ultimately they will also be destroyed.
Only constructive leadership by the Western Governments can assist moderate Arab extremists from preparing for another major military conflict.


While all Australian patriots will be pleased that Communist sympathiser, Mr. Wilfred Burchett, often described as an "Australian freelance journalist", lost his libel action against former DLP Senator Jack Kane, it should be carefully noted that the Sydney jury did not make any finding about the truth of a defamatory article in the DLP periodical Focus. The jury found that the Focus article had given a fair and accurate report of what had been said in the Commonwealth Parliament about Burchett. The Sydney decision must be regarded as a serious blow to Burchett, as he not only lost his case but also was ordered to pay the defendant's costs, which were extremely heavy. There was much international interest in the Burchett case.

India's top tennis players were prepared to play South Africa in the final of the Davis Cup tournament, but the Indian Government made this impossible. It has no objection to Indians playing tennis against Soviet tennis players. The Italian Tennis Federation claimed that it could not play its Davis Cup match against South Africa because of the Italian Government's opposition. The Italian Government argued that it was attempting to enforce the United Nations resolutions on apartheid. But in fact the decision had nothing to do with the United Nations, whose decisions have not been heeded by many Italian Governments. The decision was made to placate the growing Italian Marxist movement.

Events in Portugal have demonstrated that the suppression of Communist movements does not of itself protect a society from a Communist take-over. The Communists developed a grass-roots organisation, and skillfully supported the government of General Spinola as the necessary first step towards their ultimate objective. They quietly went about increasing their organisational structure. Alvar Cunhal, head of the Portuguese Communist Party, is a most able man and Moscow is relying on this to deliver Portugal into the Communist Empire. The Communists are operating to produce a Communist-dominated Government, which is firmly entrenched before holding an "election." This will then produce the result desired. In the meantime Europeans continue to be beaten and murdered by African mobs in Mozambique.

". . . the small farmer has.. . fallen a victim to the propaganda of the Liberal and Country parties, the League of Rights and other elements of reaction in the countryside and in the mass media." Vic Marks in the Communist Tribune. October 29th.
Mr. Marks was commenting on the recent rally at Beaufort, Victoria. League supporters attending rural rallies report that there is far from enthusiastic support for the Liberal and Country parties, who are as yet offering no real alternatives to the policies of the Whitlam Government. But there is growing support for the constructive anti-inflation policy of Queensland Premier J. Bjelke-Petersen. This is the policy the Marxists fear.

© Published by the Australian League of Rights, P.O. Box 27 Happy Valley, SA 5159