Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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On Target

15 November 1974. Thought for the Week: '... it is important to recognise that governments come and governments go; but the power of government increases with the successive enactment of laws. Laws enacted because of inflation do not operate on inflation; they operate on the individuals of the community and in general constitute a progressive curtailment of freedom."
Bryan W. Monahan in Freedom and Inflation (1974)


"The Prime Minister, Mr. Whitlam, tonight will announce cuts in income tax". - The Sun (Melbourne) November 12th.

Supporters will recall that the former Liberal Prime Minister Mr. William McMahon, had his treasurer of the day, Mr. Bill Snedden, introduce in August 1972, what has become known as the "Save Our Skins" Budget. It didn't work he left it too late. Now it's Mr. Whitlam's turn. Galloping inflation, mounting unemployment, industrial and commercial distress, have eroded the credibility of the Whitlam "Labor" Government, and immediate fiscal and monetary measures are being taken (against Treasury advice) to save this Government's skin. Will they save the Government? We don't think so; they've left them too late!
Even if the fiscal and monetary measures do work as intended; and there are good enough reasons why they may not, it will be at least six months before these measures take effect. In the meantime, all sorts of things can go wrong. And what can go wrong most of all is that inflation will continue to escalate. We are confident that it will.

Mr. Bryan Frith, Financial Editor of The Australian commented (Nov. 12th):
"They (businessmen) know that unless counteracting steps are taken, then the next round of inflation, caused by the reflation (Our emphasis) measures will accelerate the inflation rate to even greater heights." Quite so they will.

There is no chance whatsoever that "counteracting steps" will be taken by the Government to halt inflation. Firstly because no-one in Government, the Treasury, or the Reserve Bank understands the real causes of inflation, which are inherent in the finance-economic system itself, and secondly because, under the present system of finance-economic orthodoxy, the only effective move which the Government could take to bring the inflation rate down would be to create such a rate of unemployment that the industrial and commercial life of Australia would grind to a halt.

In our issue of On Target (October 25th) we made the assertion that it was unlikely that the abolition of the V.D.R. (Variable Deposit Requirement) clamped on capital inflow by the Reserve Bank would suddenly attract such capital inflow into Australia. There has been a spurt of capital inflow, but it is a direct result of the recent devaluation of the Australian dollar of September 25th. What has probably happened is that overseas investors have been hanging off for the past 14-15 months in anticipation of the devaluation. Why pour millions into a country for investment when this money will be likely to lose 12% of its value over night? Far from banning short-term loans, which were incorporated into point 5 of Mr. Snedden's Six Point Anti-Inflation Plan, the Whitlam Government has re-allowed overseas investment in Australia for this very purpose. The minimum borrowing time is now six months.

We are still most skeptical that capital inflow into Australia will continue in the way that most of the press economists think it will. One or two of them have sounded the alarm. The latest issue of the International Currency Review (London) comments that "The benefits of Australia's recent devaluation of the dollar may be swamped by inflation." We think so, too.

Higher rates of inflation are destroying the profitability of Australian industry and commerce; overseas investors will be looking elsewhere very smartly for investment markets. The long and short of all this comment is that in a desperate effort to save itself, the Whitlam Government will subject the Australian people to much worse effects of inflation than they have suffered already.


"South Australia's Governor, Sir Mark Oliphant, said last night that he had come to believe in the devil earlier this year." - The Sun (Melbourne) Nov. 12th.

Sir Mark Oliphant was commenting on an ABC current affairs programme on the student disruption recently at Melbourne University. The occasion was a science forum, and the target of the loutish student behaviour was the vice-Chancellor of Flinders University (South Australia) Professor R. Russell. What none of the dailies reported, as stated specifically by Sir Mark, was that almost all of these disruptive students were from the political "science" faculties. This is really where the radicals are fashioned not by and large in the science faculties.

With respect to Sir Mark's acknowledgement of the influence of Satan in man's life, League Of Rights supporters, as Christians, must have always been fully aware of this. The genius, C.H. Douglas, made many references to Satan's influences in man's public and private life, which could well, be kept in mind. One or two must suffice here.

Writing of occultism in 1948 C.H. Douglas observed: "Most of us, because we have been conditioned to think that way, have a natural reluctance to accept "Occultism" as a considerable force in world affairs. There could hardly be a greater error - it is the primary adversary of Christian civilization. The forces of which it disposes are probably amoral; but the intention of those most evidently in possession of them is Satanic."

Writing in 1946 of intellectualism, from which social malady we are groaning in agony in 1974, Douglas observed: "One of the results of intellectualism is more or less complete aberration of judgment; what we usually, but incorrectly call common sense; a loss of the instinctive valuation of the meaning of things. If the word 'intellect' be substituted for 'Satan', the phrase 'Satan is unchained' is a simple description as well as an explanation of the condition in which we find ourselves today, with our 'science' which has reduced us to serfdom."

Those who wish to have many of Douglas's observations on the state of the world as he saw it may order "The Development of World Dominion" from G.P.O. Box 1052J, Melbourne, Vic, 3001. Price $1.33 post-free.


"The Leader of the Country Party, Mr. Anthony, has put forward a seven-point plan to solve Australia's 'rural crisis'." - The Australian, November 11th.

Dr. Jim Cairns started the ball rolling with his Six-Point Plan to cure Australia's economic and social ills. Needless to say, it is a Marxist plan and, if implemented, will edge the Australian nation over to the Left. Not to be outdone, Mr. Bill Snedden announced his Six-Point Plan to cure inflation. We remind supporters that Mr. Ian Sinclair has recently written to an enquirer that "Mr. Snedden has all the answers to inflation", We'll be reminding him about that in the short time ahead. Mr. Snedden will almost certainly have his opportunity to show us those answers next year.
We fear that we cannot share Mr. Snedden's confidence and optimism. We don't think he has a clue concerning the real answers to inflation.

Not to be outdone by six-point plans, the image-seeking Mr. Anthony has hatched a seven-point plan. This must be bigger and better than a six-point plan. It's the extra point that counts. Can't you just see the St. Kilda Road advertising agency men going to town with TV election commercials? With stirring music, a seven-pointed star flashes at the viewer whilst a cooing, yet confident male voice intones: "It's that extra point that counts; vote "Country Party".
We have read the press reports of Mr. Anthony's seven-point plan, and we can see no more in it than a series of high-sounding generalities.

Now, our Victorian Premier has already surprised us. Mr. Hamer is a gentlemanly person, ever correct and courteous, and by no means an aggressive man. He has sparked off our admiration for his gamesmanship. He has come out with, if you please, a thirteen-point plan to boost the economy and help cut inflation and unemployment. Where will it all end?
The obvious place for it all to end is with Premier Bjelke-Petersen's two-point plan. Here is a fine example of simple things being the most effective.


Australia, or should we be more precise and say Mr. Whitlam's "Australian" Government, has rushed to offer aid to the new Government of Mozambique which is dominated by members of Frelimo, an African terrorist organization, now become respectable. If our guess is right, it won't be all that long before the Soviet Navy has bases in Mozambique from which it will, when the time comes, be able to harass Western shipping, and particularly the oil tankers carrying Western Europe's life-blood from the Persian Gulf. This is just an example of the results of "intellectualism"; lack of common sense, of which C. H. Douglas spoke.

Socialist ideology has blinded, for example, the Canberra socialists to the stark reality that if Australia is cut off from Europe, we perish. Yet the "Australian" Government is giving aid to those forces, which are hell-bent on bringing down South Africa, our natural ally, and fostering the local influence and aggrandisement of Communism. If this isn't a case of the forces of Evil at work, we don't know what it is. At least there is one voice of sanity in the U.S.A. The Washington Star-News launched an attack on the "Australian" Government for its attacks on South Africa. It accused the Australian Labor Government of being hypocritical and foolish and claimed that the reason was Australia's hunger for the Presidency of the next General Assembly.

"Intelligence Digest" (U.K.) November, 1974, sounds the alert on South Vietnam. It claims that there has been a massive build-up of military might by North Vietnam, which is poised to strike at South Vietnam, and that this will take place in the first half of 1975. What is this all about? It will be to test the U.S.A. to see if she is now so sick and demoralised that she will no longer fight for freedom. North Korea will be watching closely, and if America does reveal that she will no longer fight, then South Korea will be invaded. And it won't stop there. Malaya, Thailand, Burma will all suffer full-scale attacks from Communism's forces; psychological, guerrilla, military. And then Indonesia! And then?
Mr. Lance Barnard's prediction that Australia will have no military threat against her for fifteen years will look as silly as it really is!

We have remarked recently that Cardinal Joseph Mindszenty is receiving very little press coverage. However, he was interviewed on behalf of a women's magazine and his comments on Communism should be publicized. He warned that friendlier relations between the Communist bloc and the West could lead to catastrophe. He said: "The Communist regime is a system of sin, lies and violence. One cannot expect any good from evil". Speaking of the (in)famous 'detente' he said: "The notion of detente is very good for the Russians because it makes the West more sleepy and more slackening. Maybe the detente itself will lead to catastrophe". He made the pungent comment on his deposition from his office of Primate of Hungary: "What the Communists failed to accomplish was done by the Church".

Wilmot Robertson, author of the marvelous book, The Dispossessed Majority, a thoroughly documented, scholarly, 544-page work dealing with the race issue in the U.S.A. is meeting a conspiracy of silence. Not only Left wing, but some organizations popularly thought of as Right wing, refuse to review the book, but are also refusing paid advertisements. We have stocks now of The Dispossessed Majority. Order from Box 1052J, G.P.O. Melbourne, Vic. 3001. Price: $3.75 post-free.

The salary of Mr. Al Grassby, former Minister of Immigration, who is now resting gently in a cushy job (for the "boys") as special "adviser" on community relations, is $26,000 a year. His "staff" numbers 51. Perhaps we'd better spell that - fifty-one! Our hope is that both "special adviser" and his staff will be looking in the positions vacant columns of the dailies in a few months time. If Mr. Snedden is serious about curtailing government spending as an anti-inflation measure, then we can think of no more apt place to start than here.

Mr. Giles (Representatives, Appropriation Bill, Oct. 30th) referred to refugees from Chile. He charged that the Chilean immigrants were "improperly-screened, so-called Chileans, who were not born in Chile in many instances, and who were originally born in countries ranging from Cuba, Paraguay, Romania to Czechoslovakia." He added: "Mr. Grassby must be condemned for allowing trained political activists to come into this country with no real intention to abide by this nation's principles or aspirations. I am told that very few can speak either Spanish or the Chilean patois of Spanish."

The Cancellation of Money

Just as overdrafts are granted every day, overdrafts are reduced every day. Every time an overdraft is repaid, both the debt and money used to pay the debt are automatically cancelled. It is difficult for us to visualise that our "money" is being constantly created and cancelled. Because we are in the habit of thinking of money as being notes and coins which are thirty or forty years old, and which must have passed through hundreds of hands and hundreds of transactions, we picture "money" as being durable, and each "parcel" of money as remaining more or less permanently in existence once it has been created.

It seems strange to think that it is in a constant state of flux. And yet, in its short life, it is no different from any of our most useful and convenient commodities. (Note: Money itself, is not a commodity). They are created, they are used, and having fulfilled their purpose they are disposed of. Similarly, money is created and added to the nation's money supply when an overdraft is granted. It is cancelled and subtracted from the money supply when an overdraft is repaid. This, then, explains why we are not overwhelmed with a flood of money, even though money is being constantly created. Money is cancelled by three methods: (1) Repayment of bank overdrafts (2) the taxation system (3) the Price system.

© Published by the Australian League of Rights, P.O. Box 27 Happy Valley, SA 5159