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Edmund Burke
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6 December 1974. Thought for the Week: "The Cultural Revolution in China was a struggle between two opposing political lines. One line of thought was presented under the leadership of the Chairman of the Central Committee of the Communist Party, Mao Tse-tung. The other, on a completely different line of political thought, was advocated by the President of the People's Republic of China, Liu Shao-Chi. This set the scene for a tremendous battle for leadership at top level, between Liu Shao-Chi and Mao. Mao had a great gift for poetry and a vast propaganda machine behind him. Following Mao's instructions, all hell broke out throughout China."
George Watt, speaking of the Cultural Revolution, in China Spy. (l972)


"A large swing in next Saturday's Queensland election could lead to a Federal poll next year, the Leader of the Opposition (Mr. Snedden) said yesterday." - The Age (Melbourne) December 3rd.

The leader of the Country Party (Mr. Anthony) has stated that a 5% swing against Labor might bring on a Federal Poll. Premier Bjelke-Petersen expects the figure to be higher than that, and we feel that he is justified in his assumption. Our opinion is that the Queensland State election to be held on December 7th is in fact a type of referendum, with the issue being a "Yes" or "No" vote for the "Labor" Government at Canberra.

One of the Melbourne newspapers recently featured a most apt cartoon, showing Gough Whitlam resting his head on a chopping block, which was fashioned in the profile of Joh Bjelke-Petersen. Along side, lay an axe, marked "Queensland election, December 7th." The message was stark. Gough Whitlam has put his head on the Queensland chopping block.

What will a thumping victory for Premier Bjelke-Petersen mean? First of all it will set all the Liberal and Country Party "hopefuls" howling for an election at the earliest opportunity, if not earlier. They just can't wait to clamber back on to those Treasury benches, to do what they think is right (let's be charitable), but also to savour, ecstatically, those fruits of office! The really important result of a smashing victory for Premier Bjelke-Petersen will be the endorsement of the Petersen Plan against inflation.

As inflation intensifies through 1975 which, along with sharply rising unemployment will most probably be the factors to tip the Canberra socialists out of office, there will be more and more pressure from electors right around Australia for the implementation, for at least a trial period, of the Petersen Plan. Mr. Snedden could well be Prime Minister of Australia in less than twelve months from now. It is then that the Liberal and Country Party Cabinet will have to "produce the goods" on inflation, otherwise the anticipated Snedden Government-to-be will not be likely to last the full three-year term.

As we have asserted previously in these pages, several times, the days of stable political party governments have gone. We can foresee that a "battle royal" could develop in the short years ahead. Mr. Snedden won't be able to halt inflation; no way! Dr. Jim Cairns, shrewd and disciplined as ever, would be able to use the Snedden-Anthony failure to halt inflation as a foil for his Marxist Six-Point Plan which he has all ready. It is at this moment in Australia's political history that we can foresee the "battle royal" between those forces working for Dr. Cairns's Marxist Six-Point Plan, and the forces working for Premier Bjelke-Petersen's anti -inflation (with freedom) Plan.
A significant win for the Queensland Premier will increase the stresses and strains already evident in the Labor ranks. We have commented on this before.

Our belief is that Mr. Whitlam is putting on a brave face, and his stupendous ego would not allow him to comprehend that an electoral rebuff to him and his "Australian" Government was even possible. But realities do dawn; and if reality doesn't get through to Gough Whitlam, then it certainly will to many of his other socialist colleagues. Then the catfights will commence in Caucus, and in the Trade Union Movement. The chastened Mr. Hawke, suffering the loss of a few vital feathers, will see his political dreams growing dimmer. In all, a most confused political canvas is now being painted by the daubers in the political arts.


We do not intend to make more than a passing reference to the Fraser-Staley leadership challenge within the Liberal Party; The political commentators have been having a field day. This is the stuff to set them all cackling and honking, like a gaggle of geese. We were first of all surprised that Mr. Fraser could have been so politically clumsy to allow his "run" to be made at this time. His "moment" would have come early in 1976 as far as we could foresee, when a Snedden Government would be reeling under the effects of roaring inflation and industrial warfare. The screaming need for a "strong man" would be then. And Mr. Malcolm Fraser, is the only "strong man" the liberal-Country Party forces have.

This "incident" is not likely to have political disadvantages for the Liberals, as the political climate will be so fierce in the immediate future that this little "incident" will be well and truly overshadowed. However, we think that Mr. Tony Staley has a point when he maintains that a natural leader will emerge come what may. Malcolm Fraser is a leader, and has a lot going for him. It's a pity that he made a silly boo-boo. Our advice to him is to hasten slowly, and take another look at his political friends and "advisers".


The Editorials of the Standard local newspapers of Melbourne, covering many suburbs throughout the metropolis, are invariably first-class. The "Whitehorse and Eastern Suburbs Standard", the particular organ of this chain which circulates in many of the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne, recently ran a voting coupon "referendum" on the support for compulsory fluoridation of Melbourne's Water supplies. Well over 90% of "voters" totally rejected compulsory fluoridation without a referendum. There have been two referenda under previous fluoridation legislation in Victoria in recent years (Hamilton and Portland) and both have been decisively rejected by the local residents.

The previous fluoridation legislation in Victoria allowed a local council to introduce fluoridation of local water supplies if this were carried by a referendum of local residents. This has been superseded by the legislation to force compulsory fluoridation of all Victoria s systems of water reticulation.
The "Standard" Editorial of November 20th, observes: - "We reckon mass medication is appropriate for flocks of sheep with foot-rot, or pigs with swine fever. No one needs to pay attention to their bleats and grunts of protest. Victorians seem to have passed up their fluoride voting rights just as tamely. Certainly they can protest if they find that fluoride upsets them but the Act neatly absolves the Government of all responsibility. So gnashing your fluoride-strengthened teeth won't do you a bit of good. Around 1984, when Big Brother is popping all sorts of 'useful' drugs into our food and drink (without permission) remember it was in 1974 when the people first yielded meekly to mass medication."


We urge League supporters who have still found themselves able to remain members of the Liberal Party to peruse the November '74 issue of "The Australian Liberal". On page 5 they will find a sneering debunking article, over the name "George Brandis". The article sets out to deride and smear the proceedings of the Queensland Division's of the Liberal Party's 31st Convention. But this itself is only the vehicle for an attack on the more fundamental beliefs, which most Australians still hold in high esteem. We cannot reproduce the article in full - we would like to; so we must take some of the extracts. Remember - this is a Liberal Party newspaper!

"An old worn and crackling recording of the battle hymn of the Liberal Party. "God Save the Queen" marked the commencement of the Queensland Division's 31st Annual Convention. An air of conservative Old Worldliness pervaded - the same hallowed clichés about the importance of the individual, and the wickedness of socialism and the 'all-powerful' State, repeated over and over, infinitum, ad nauseam. There were even a few attempts at resurrecting that well-worn old political football which saved our skins on many an election - the Red bogey. The writer deplored the carriage of an amendment, by the slightest majority, to have deleted from a policy statement the clause - apparent deviance from social norms. . .need neither be subject to legislative control nor signify illness. "
This is an obvious endorsement of homosexuality. There is much more in the article in similar vein.

We urge Liberal Party members who read these lines, and who do respect the Monarchy, State Rights, wish to retain "God Save the Queen" and who are revolted and disgusted by homosexuality, and who don't think that International Communism is a "Red Bogey", to have this article raised at the highest levels of the Party, and throw the searchlight on this "George Brandis".


Mr. John Halfpenny Communist Victorian secretary of the Amalgamated Metal Workers' Union, spoke very plainly at the recent University of N.S.W, symposium on union trends, held in Sydney (Nov. 21st,). Communists do often speak plainly on such occasions in order to "prepare the ground", and also because they are so confident of the denouncement of political events as ordained by Marxism-Leninism. Mr. Halfpenny forecast (meaning that the Communists will work for) "moves by the trade union movement to take power away from its political ally, the Australian Labor Party." Note that the A.L.P., in the communist view, is only a temporary "ally"; the trade union movement is not part of the A.L.P. by any means. The trade union movement would take power back from this temporary political wing because of the emerging worker challenge to the value of society. This means "worker control" of industry, and "worker participation" in management etc. (Communist semantics meaning Communist control)

Would some one like to notify Gough Whitlam that his "Australian'" Government is subsiding pornography. Not that we expect that he would be concerned. In Hansard (Nov. 26th... Representatives...Answers to Questions). Mr. McLeay (Lib. - S.A.) asked the Minister representing the Minister for Customs and Excise (Senator Murphy) upon notice: -
"How much book bounty has been paid to the printers of the following books? a) Enema...by Anthony Lovejoy, b) Below the Navel...by King Carol, c)Sensual Appetite...by Pierre Duval...d) Felicity's Trip...by Jeremiah Stone...e) Inside Linda Lovelace... by Linda Lovelace. ..l) Adultery With Men...by Ann Harris...g) The Coming of a Woman...by Alistair Hunt.
Dr. J. F. Cairns (representing Senator Murphy):-
"The Minister for Customs and Excise has provided the following information for answer to the honourable member's question: "No bounty was paid in respect of the books designated "a" and "e". Bounty amounting to $2,083.06 was paid in respect of books designated "a", "c", "d", "f" and "g".


Two books, which will make excellent Christmas gifts, have arrived in moderate quantities. We have stocked them before, but they sold out many months ago.
1) China Spy by George Watt, the Ulster engineer who was imprisoned in China, and gives a deadly insight into Mao's China. Price:$7.00, post-free.
2) Zambia: I Changed My Mind: by Michael Wright. Documentary of an English liberal whose ideas were abruptly jolted when faced with African realities. Chinese penetration of the country, and the collapse of British policy, is dealt with. Price:- $7.00. Post-free.

Both books from G.P.O. Box 1052J, Melbourne, Vic. 3001.


We are pleased to say that Mr. Philip Lynch, the Deputy Leader of the Federal Opposition has spoken out against the Capital Gains tax to be imposed by the Whitlam "Australian" Government. This will add a surcharge of 10% on "unearned" income. Mr. Lynch did not say that the tax would be repealed when the Liberal-Country coalition is re-elected. Mr. Snedden, we vividly recall, did say that his Opposition, when elected to Government, would repeal the tax. However, that was months ago, and not a word has been said since about its repeal since, as far as we can discover.

We urge all League supporters to pin their Liberal and Country Party members down. Is the Liberal-Country Party coalition, when the Government, to repeal the Socialists' Capital Gains tax or not? Yes or No!
We have seen much correspondence on this, and generally the Liberal and/or Country Party parliamentarian skates and slides all over the place to avoid giving a definite answer. We suspect that Mr. Snedden et al. will "go along" with the Capital Gains tax unless there is fierce opposition, perhaps "reducing" it l-2%. Something like that.

Money Supply Never Equals Prices

At first thought it would seem that if the money supply is issued for production, and is put into circulation in the process of being distributed as wages and salaries, and payments for raw materials and equipment, the amount of money in the community should equal the value of goods produced, and should be sufficient to cover the prices asked for these goods. Some economists claim that this is so.

Because it can be shown that all money issued for production eventually becomes income for somebody, it is claimed that the national income must equal the value of national production. The fact that some products are not sold, even though people are in need of them, indicates that there is a fault in this reasoning. Where does it lie? (To be continued...)

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