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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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20 December 1974. Thought for the Week: " ..If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed; And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.
John 8: 31-32


by Eric D. Butler, National Director, The Australian League of Rights.

"What is Truth? Pilate asked the most important question of all time. But he did not wait for an answer. But the question must be answered by those who seek to establish a just and stable society, one in which relations between individuals are harmonious because they conform to the authority of what the great philosophers described as the Natural Law.
If we follow the example of Pilate, and wash our hands of the affairs of men on earth, then we must expect to see the Truth continue to be defied, and a Civilisation crucified to death.

A Civilisation is the incarnation - "the word made flesh" - of intangible values. Evil values can be incarnated as well as Good values. What is called Communism is the attempted incarnation of Evil or false values. But the incarnation of Evil has never been complete in any Communist country, as witnessed by the challenge of those opposing tyranny inside the Communist nations. In one sense, Communism might be described as a heresy. And, like all heresies, Communism does contain some truth. And it does make a contribution towards a greater understanding of Truth. There is what might be termed a law of opposites.

Many never grasp the real meaning of freedom until they have lost it, or are directly threatened with this loss. You cannot have a complete understanding of anything unless you also understand what it is not. The matter is worth more than a passing thought at this time, when a Christmas Season is celebrated in the shadow of a rapidly growing threat to what remains of Civilisation. It is impossible to conceive of Good without a conception of its opposite, Evil. If there is a Right, then there must also be a wrong. The opposite of Light is Darkness.

If what can be described as Dark Forces appear to be in the ascendancy in human affairs, then they must be in the ascendancy over something else. They are in the ascendancy over those values, which have undergirded Christian Civilisation. Those who wish to defeat the threat of the Dark Forces must seek to grasp more clearly the meaning of the values, which produced Christian Civilisation.

At present a Civilisation is rotting away because Good policies are being replaced by Evil policies. The stench of decay rises like a choking fog. There is a sickness unto death, one that has caused many to believe that the end of the Free Society is inevitable and that there is nothing the individual can do about it but passively submit. But there is a Reality, a Truth of the greatest significance. The more intense the darkness, the more vividly striking is even the smallest ray of light. The initial light, which the Founder of Christianity shed, had such a blinding impact because of the contrast with the darkness of the disintegrating Roman Civilisation.

Reality is eternal and never changes. Those concerned with the advancement of practical Christianity should take heart from the Truth that the deeper becomes the gloom surrounding them in the coming year, the easier it becomes for those prepared to let their light shine, to gain the attention and support of those feeling lost. Miracles can and will occur just so long as men and women continue to believe in the Truth which insists that individuals are both material and spiritual.

Much of the activity of the Christian Church is today directed towards helping the needy with material requirements, which is commendable. But the same material aid could be provided, perhaps even more efficiently, by secular organisations. The Church should be giving what secular organisations cannot give; the spiritual inspiration essential to ensure that material activity serves spiritual ends. Seek first the Kingdom of God, is the message of Christ. This is the point made so graphically by the Russian exile, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, the fearless genius thrown out of the Soviet Union because he lit a brilliant light in the darkness. The Soviet materialists demonstrated that even they recognised that Truth was more than matter in motion; they feared that if they killed the material Solzhenitsyn, the light lit by the spiritual Solzhenitsyn would shine brighter than ever, thus inspiring others to resist their tyranny. It was hoped that Solzhenitsyn's light would be extinguished in the decadent West. But, thank God, it continues to burn brightly, a beacon inspiring men and women everywhere to stand firm in defence of Truth and Freedom.

And then there is the light of the Martyr-Cardinal, Joseph Mindszenty, who throughout the whole of his life has stood firm in defence of Christian values against the forces of totalitarianism. It is symptomatic of the times that this living symbol of Christian courage has been dealt a harsher blow by the Vatican than he ever suffered under the Communists. Following the policy of compromise, the Vatican believed that if Cardinal Mindszenty were removed from Hungary and silenced in the West, this would make life easier for Christians living under Communist Governments.

But as the brave Cardinal has tried to point out in the West, it is impossible to compromise with the evil of Communism. The Martyr-Cardinal has, like Solzhenitsyn, been regarded as an unwelcome intruder in the West, casting doubt on the reality of the spirit of detente and the works of Dr. Henry Kissinger and his fellow materialists. Those who were fortunate enough to see Cardinal Mindszenty in Australia could not help but be deeply moved by this spiritual giant. As one watched that frail figure, the flesh no longer strong, the body bent, one saw him as the custodian of the eternal light of Truth, buffeted by the storm of destruction and despair raging around him, but bravely ensuring that the light he carried was not snuffed out.

The Martyr-Cardinal moved through Australia, as he has moved through other countries, leaving behind him a number of people inspired to add their own light to help illuminate the growing darkness.

Light also has been shed on Australia's finance-economic crisis by an Australian political leader, the Hon. Joh Bjelke-Petersen, whose simple integrity enabled him to grasp financial realities which have baffled so many of his so-called more educated critics. "The Petersen Plan" has burst upon the Australian scene like a brilliant burst of sunshine following a period of storm and darkness. It has shed hope where little existed before. Standing firmly like a true Christian warrior, the Queensland Premier has shown how courage, no compromise with the Evil that flows from the Canberra centralists, and a positive policy, lead on to inspiring victory.

The gloom of 1975 will be much greater than that of 1974. This is a truth, which must be faced. But in facing it, we are that much better equipped to help with shining that light which will assist all to see the way forward to eventual salvation. Those who know the answer to the question of what is truth are indeed fortunate. They can appropriately celebrate the birth of Christ, confident that Truth can ultimately triumph over Evil.

A Happy and Joyous Christmas to all On Target readers.


"The Prime Minister, Mr. Whitlam, said tonight inflation and unemployment were testing people's faith in the ability of democracy to survive. He said countries such as Australia must win the economic battle for the sake of their democratic institutions...The twin problems of unemployment and inflation were global in their scope and origin, he said at the dinner hosted by the Belgian Prime Minister, Mr. Tindemans." - Mr. Laurie Oakes, one of the journalists covering Prime Minister Whitlam's grand world tour, in The Herald, Melbourne December 17th.

Just prior to the Second World War the notorious Fabian Socialist movement, Political and Economic Planning (P.E.P.) made a key statement to the effect that it was only in war, or "under the threat of war", that the British would submit to large-scale (Socialist) planning. Hitler was openly regarded as a godsend. Now comes another key statement, this time from one whose views should be carefully heeded - the Financier-Socialist, Lord Rothschild.

In a letter from Lord Rothschild to Prime Minister Harold Wilson, published in The Times, October lst the view is expressed that "if, in the interests of the future, democracy requires a freeze, rationing and harsh taxation of luxuries, it is no good saying that such measures are acceptable in war but not in peace because we are at war, with ourselves and with that neo-Hitler, that arch-enemy, inflation."

While desperately chasing votes before the last Australian Federal Elections, Mr. Whitlam was insisting that not only could his government deal with inflation, it was in fact reducing it. But in his address in Belgium Mr. Whitlam insisted that "The solution had to be international and it was folly to believe they (inflation and unemployment) could be solved by individual nations or groups of nations acting alone."
Lord Rothschild, Dr. Henry Kissinger and their fellow-internationalists must welcome the Whitlam sentiments.

If "that arch-enemy, inflation" is beyond the scope of individual nations to deal with, then it is clear that these nations will have to submit to international planning by the "experts" who presumably know how to win the "battle" against inflation. This carefully fostered propaganda, along with dire predictions of possible military takeovers in countries like Australia unless inflation is "fought" successfully, is designed to condition peoples of the Free World to surrender their few remaining rights and freedoms to centralised authority.

Inflation is not the enemy of freedom in the sense that it is some type of natural disaster. Inflation is the result of deliberate financial policies imposed by power-groups and their stooges who have known for years that these policies would progressively and at an accelerating rate undermine the free enterprise economic system, and create crises, which could then be used to justify a "temporary" surrender of democracy.

When the free enterprise economic system has been wrecked, one result being shortages, then the stage has been set for rationing of the shortages - Dr. Kissinger suggests on an international scale, (See Censored History, 74 cents posted). The threat of centralised international power can only be defeated by decentralised initiative. Queensland electors have shown the way.


Egyptian President Anwar Sadat said early this week that the Middle East is a bomb about to explode. Sadat is concerned about the Soviet policy of providing Israel with increasing migrants, which he is opposing. The American policy of granting the Soviet a favoured nation status for trade in exchange for a greater flow of Soviet Jews to Israel, can only result in greater Middle East lessons.

Some naive people thought that miracle man Kissinger had solved the Middle East crisis in October of l973! What Kissinger really did was to get the Suez Canal open for the Soviet and help set the stage for the next explosion. This could end with economic collapse in Western Europe resulting from oil sanctions, and the take-over of Middle East oil by an "international authority."

Before the United Kingdom was bulldozed into the European Common Market, it was a valuable market for Australian beef. But with entry into the E.E.C. this market was closed off. The UK market would be a useful one at present for a desperate Australian beef industry. But with the British surrender of sovereignty, Mr. Whitlam is now pleading to the Eurocrats to take some Australian beef. Mr. Whitlam will have no success, except some publicity back in Australia suggesting that he is fighting for the Australian beef producers.

Mr. D.J. Killen, Queensland Liberal MP, and currently the "pin-up" boy of Mr. R. Hawke and Mr. Gough Whitlam, has appeared in a television programme with Mr. Hawke and given his support to the view that Australia might face the risk of a military take-over if economic conditions deteriorate further. The Australian of December 16th, states "Mr. Killen said the possibility was very real that people would lose faith in politicians if inflation and unemployment continued to soar."
When Mr. Killen and his associates find themselves in office, primarily as a result of an electoral backlash against the Whitlam Government, they are going to experience a very dramatic loss of faith in them if they cannot impose an answer to problems, which they failed to solve during 23 years in office.


A veteran of N.S.W, whom we believe to be our oldest supporter, and whose faith in our cause has never wavered over 40 years, is now 95. He is a pensioner, but has expressed his strong continuing faith by writing in a very firm hand to make sure we received $100 he sent. What a tremendous inspiration. Over the past week 20 supporters have contributed a further $1,555 to the Basic Fund of $40,000, making the pre-Christmas total $35,061.


The League of Rights' National office in Melbourne closes on Friday, December 20th and re-opens Monday, January 20th.
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