Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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15 February 1974. Thought for the Week: "Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves".
William Pitt, British Prime Minister, on November 18th 1783.


by Eric D. Butler.

The Heath Government's decision to hold a snap British election on February 28th, making available only the minimum of time for independent political action, is but one more example of the contemptuous attitude of present-day political leaders towards the electors whose representatives they are supposed to be. While in Australia Mr. Enoch Powell frankly admitted in answer to a question that he would like to become British Prime Minister. And it is no doubt true that he believes that his dramatic announcement that he would not stand as a Conservative candidate in what he has scathingly described as "grossly irresponsible election" will ultimately help him to achieve his ambition.

But by his stand on principle Mr. Powell has highlighted the type of political corruption now smelling to high heaven right throughout the so-called Free World. Edward Heath has little to learn from Watergate. Backed by powerful international financial groups, and dedicated to the policy of submerging a thousand years of British history in the European Economic Community. Edward Heath just managed to win the last British elections after stating, that he would not attempt to take the United Kingdom into the E.E.C. unless he had the support of a majority of the people as well as clear-cut support in Parliament.

By an act of what Enoch Powell described as "political thuggery", Mr. Heath forced his pro-Market policy through in the face of rising British public opposition. All the pressures of party political intimidation had to be used to obtain a bare majority in the House of Commons. But realities started to overtake Mr. Heath. So far from the promised benefits flowing from the Common Market, the enraged British found their food bills soaring. And they noted the Common Market miracle was collapsing across the Channel. The inflation which Mr. Heath had airily promised to solve before the last elections, continued along with the economic dislocation.

The anti-Heath wrath of the British electors was dramatically demonstrated in a series of stunning electoral reverses at by-elections. Even the "Artful Dodger" Harold Wilson, had been forced to state publicly that if he led another Government, the British electors would be given the chance to vote on the Common Market at a referendum. Mr. Heath and his Common Market sell-out looked doomed. But either by chance, or because of planning, the coalmining crisis came at a time when Mr. Heath desperately needed a major diversion. Incredible though it may seem to those good people everywhere who naively believe that a politician calling himself a Conservative, or a Liberal, or any other brand of "anti-Socialist", could not possibly resort to blatant political trickery, the British Conservative Party Manifesto, eulogized by Mr. Heath, issued before the last British elections stated that "We utterly reject the philosophy of compulsory wage control."

It was when Mr. Heath openly embraced the philosophy he was elected to reject, that Mr. Powell asked if he had taken leave of his senses. But Mr. Heath's controls did not, nor could they stop inflation, with the result that the coalminers asked for wage increases. The Communists in the coalmining industry played their role cleverly, and with Mr. Heath refusing to make any concessions, he was able to produce a major national crisis that he now hopes to turn to his political advantage. He wants no discussion on the Common Market and other associated issues such as the price of food. He is asking a desperate British electorate to support at this election what he rejected at the last elections. And, if successful, he will claim that his Common Market policy has also been endorsed. All this was too much for Mr. Powell.

If enough British conservative voters follow his lead and stay away from the polls, his action might yet give the British a little more breathing time to come to grips with the disaster now upon them. Responsible and realistic action by enough electors is the only hope of producing a regeneration of the democratic system, removing the political parasites and confidence men, and challenging those forces driving mankind closer to a world tyranny.

I well understand the frustrations of those who believe that the only hope is to form yet one more political party. Those who have formed the latest Australian Party, The Conservative Party, are well meaning, and many of their views are sound, but so were the founders of the Country Party, for example. More parties, the realignment of supporters of present parties, and similar activities divert attention away from the basic political problem facing those who really wish to halt the international conspirators and their local dupes.

The power game, fostered by the lure of big salaries, lavish expense accounts, and all the "perks" which now go with Big Government, ensures that even the best of politicians crumple under the pressure. A number of Members of the Victorian Liberal Party personally believe that the policy of mass medication called fluoridation not only is immoral, but contrary to their own party's policy statement concerning freedom of choice for the individual. But they voted for that policy just the same. And it has been revealed that although the policy on fluoridation had been taken before the Greensborough by-election last year, it was decided to keep this information from the electors in case of an electoral backlash.

Mr. Bob Hawke publicly told the Whitlam Government that it was foolish to have announced the establishment of the Gaiston airport before the Paramatta by-election. The same Mr. Hawke has said that the Whitlam Government should increase taxes even though this would be contrary to pre-election promises. What is called the art of Political Public Relations is little more than the art of professionally twisting the truth, relying upon most people's short memories. Even several of our readers have written in suggesting that we have been too critical of the Opposition. The situation is far too serious for wishful thinking. One critic has even challenged our reference to the fact that, contrary to their contribution to political immorality by perverting the truth about their inflation record the Liberal-County Party Coalition laid the ground work for the present disastrous inflation. Much of the groundwork was laid by Mr. Snedden's 1972 Federal Budget, with its massive deficit.

There is no need to take my word for this. The Liberal Prime Minister, Mr. W. McMahon, said in Sydney on November 29th, 1972, that he believed that "demand inflation would grow at a very sharp rate. By March, April or May of next year, I think we will have probably excess demand and an over-healthy economy". Asked why his Government had not introduced price control to stop inflation, Mr. McMahon said "Every country that I know that has tried a prices-incomes policy has failed to achieve their objective." -(Vide The Age. Melbourne, November 30th, 1972 and other papers)

The Opposition at Canberra has as yet put forward no realistic policy for dealing with mounting inflation. And even if they promised one, as they did before the 1949 Federal Elections, the electors are still left with the problem of organising themselves to ensure that the promises are implemented. As Edward Heath is demonstrating, what politicians say while in Opposition, and what they do when in Government are two different matters!


"The State Government's abrupt rejection of the plan for a Greater Melbourne Council was a clear-cut victory for near-city residents over the computerised statistics of the economists." - Rob Filmer, Town Hall reporter, in The Herald, Melbourne, February 12th.

Mr. Louis Voumard, Q.C., was in 1969 appointed chairman of a three-man board to investigate the question of amalgamating Melbourne, Fitzroy, South Melbourne and Port Melbourne into a Greater Melbourne Council. The cost of this lengthy exercise was at least $200,000. The conclusion, based largely upon what the "experts" had to say concerning the alleged efficiencies, which would flow from the proposed Greater Melbourne Council, was also strongly supported by some members of Melbourne City Council. Lord Mayor Whalley of Melbourne boasts that under amalgamation "We could have improved the quality of life for the ratepayers of other municipalities beyond all expectations. The economies would have been vast."

But the rate -payers of the three Councils threatened by the Voumard recommendation did not see the proposal like that at all. They violently objected. They also put their hands in their own pockets to finance massive campaigns of opposition. They hired halls, printed posters ("Fight City Council's Land Grab") and distributed an enormous amount of literature. The opposition became so great that the Hamer Government abandoned the project.

Commenting on the State Governments decision, Cr. Howard Nathan, Mayor of South Melbourne, said, "This is a two-sided victory. It is an acknowledgment that community participation makes local government responsive. It is also a sign that South Melbourne has a real identity - it's not just a few lines on a map. I am immensely proud of my city - as mayor, as a ratepayer and as a resident."

The ratepayers and citizens of three Melbourne cities have demonstrated that the centralisers can be defeated so long as electors make the effort to influence their Local Governments. The Whitlam Government's Fabian Socialist strategy is to eliminate effective Local Government, as explained in the League brochure issued last week, making it an instrument of centralised power at Canberra. The Melbourne victory for Local Government should be a tonic for all anti-centralisers throughout Australia.


"Manila, February 11. - The Prime Minister (Mr. Whitlam) today made an historic decision to remove the last evidence of what he termed 'the contemptible white Australia policy'. Mr. Whitlam agreed to a pilot scheme to allow a group of selected Filippino workers and their families to migrate to Australia. He told President Marcos that he was agreeable to the Leyland Motor Company of Australia recruiting 35 semi-skilled workers in the Philippines." - Allan Barnes, Political Correspondent, in The Age, Melbourne, February 12th.

"Racism" is one of those over-worked political swearwords used by the collectivist totalitarian smearers in order to impose their policies. It is designed to produce a guilt complex and, if possible, to eliminate rational discussion concerning the subject of race. Senator Murphy's proposed Racial Discrimination Bill, introduced in the Senate back in November, along with his Human Rights Bill, is designed to attempt to make it legally impossible for the subject of race to be mentioned at all.

Leyland Motor Company are not concerned about generating future social and other problems in a nation which has fortunately been relatively free of them; they are an international organisation with no real local loyalties at all.
As multi-national corporations are developed primarily as a result of present finance-economic policies, their employees will be shifted around the world like so much raw material. But concerned Australians do not, as yet, have to purchase the Leyland Motor Company's products!

Addressing students at the University of the Philippines, Mr. Whitlam told them that relations between the Philippines and Australia had been distorted by a widespread belief in the Philippines that Australia is a "white racist society whose policies approximate to the apartheid policy practised in South Africa." Mr. Whitlam went on, "Among young Australians today there is one unifying spirit - uncompromising opposition to racism in all its forms." He continued this groveling -type of performance by stating that his own party "had been traditionally… the front-line defender of the contemptible white Australia policy so-called." But now the fight against that policy inside the Labor Party had been "most complete."

It would be instructive to hear Mr. Fred Daly on this question! Or many other old -time Labor supporters. Australians are not "racists" in the sense that Mr. Whitlam uses the term, the reason being, of course, that their traditional "contemptible" policy did not permit racial tensions to develop in this country. Race is a reality of life, and it is as certain as the sunrise that large-scale non-European immigration into Australia will generate the type of tensions that bedevil other countries. The non-Europeans will suffer as much as the Europeans. The agitators are delighted. The coming Senate Elections will provide an excellent opportunity for Australians to demonstrate to the Whitlam Government just what they think of his immigration policy.


Mr. R. Hawke is preparing to move from the Trade Union front to Federal politics with the support of the strong Political Zionist bloc inside the Labor Party. The problem is to persuade the representative for a safe Labor seat to resign. But suppose Mr. Kim Beazley not completely at home in the Whitlam Cabinet, were "promoted upstairs" as the next Governor-General? Mr. Hawke is a West Australian.

One of the genuine Saints of this century Cardinal Joseph Mindszenty has recorded that the Vatican forced him to relinquish his position as Primate of Hungary. The courageous Cardinal is another Victim of the phony "peaceful co-existence" which even the Vatican now accepts.

Fluoride ongoing..

Many letters on fluoridation issue sent to Victorian Cabinet Ministers: questions asked are: - "What organization received the contract to supply fluoride?"… "What will be its cost per annum?".... "'What is the estimated cost of maintenance of fluoridation equipment and staff?"... "Will the Government provide filters, or otherwise provide for those whose systems cannot tolerate the presence of fluoride?"… "What are the names, and the connections of these, of the Government's advisers on fluoridation?"... "What organization received the contract to supply metering equipment"?... "What organization will provide the bulk of the sodium fluoride for the fluoridation of Victoria's water supplies?"... "Are any Victorian Cabinet Ministers shareholders in this organisation?"
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