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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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On Target

22 February 1974. Thought for the Week: "If professional anthropologists can descend to the lowest level of polemics, vindictiveness and thought control, how, it may be asked, can the layman have enlightened ideas about race? The answer is that at least a ray of enlightenment is provided by the historical evidence, which points inescapably to the fact that certain races of peoples have accomplished far more than others in the fields of technology, material comfort and popular government. Much of the bitterness of the present-day racial debate stems from some races being forced to compete, or choosing to compete, in a world they never made."
The Dispossessed Majority, Wilmot Robertson.


"In the ordinary everyday life of human communities it is often noticeable how some individuals blatantly condemn 'the hand that aided them'. It is however, rare to find a national leader attempting to ridicule and degrade, before the world at large, the policies of his homeland. This is particularly so when those policies have proved to be sound foundations upon which the homeland has been built and has prospered." Mr. J. E. Menadue, Federal President, Australian Natives' Association, in letter in The Age, Melbourne, February 15th.

When Prime Minister Whitlam said in the Philippines that Australia's immigration policies had been "contemptible", and that he was going to bury them, he demonstrated for the whole world to see that he is a man with no pride in the foresight and achievements of those who built a homogeneous nation without the internal frictions which have cursed so many other nations. He was not only showing his contempt for his own nation's history, but was also displaying his contempt towards other peoples who have proper pride in their own racial history.
It is ironic that Mr. Whitlam insulted Australian history in a nation that has some of the strictest immigration controls in the whole world!

If Mr. Whitlam believes that he has impressed the Chinese, or the Japanese, by publicly sneering at his own people's history, then he is poorly informed on the strong pride, which both the Chinese and Japanese have, in their racial history. By his action Mr. Whitlam has invited the contempt of others. The overwhelming majority of Australians are prepared to accept a small number of non-Europeans who can be progressively absorbed without producing tensions. There has been no problem about Australians marrying non-Europeans, including Japanese.

But large-scale immigration must inevitably produce tensions and friction. The importing of a small number of semi-skilled Philippinos to do work which Australians cannot be persuaded to do must be seen as the thin edge of the wedge. The Philippinos are not going to be in Australia for long before they observe that much bigger money can be earned than on the assembly line at Leyland Motors. Naturally they will be attracted to that money. The result will be that Leyland will require still more workers from the Philippines.

Other peoples will only respect Australians if they also display a proper pride in their history and the accomplishments of their people. Mr. Whitlam has done Australia a great disservice and has undoubtedly encouraged the hard-nosed men in Peking that a people represented by a man like Gough Whitlam must be as degenerate as their propaganda constantly proclaims. Immigration must be made a major issue at the coming Senate Elections.


"Australia's Constitution made it possible for the Governor-General to contradict Parliament's directions to the military, even in time of war, a retired air force officer said yesterday." - The Australian, February 16th.

Air Vice-Marshall G. C. Hartnell told a Senate standing committee in Melbourne that a section of the Constitution gave the Governor-General "supreme command of the military". We gather from the Air-Vice Marshall's remarks that he is not fully satisfied that the Governor-General (representing the Crown) should have this authority. His reasoning seems to be that this latter authority had led to two conflicts during the war years one of which caused a lasting division in the air force. All this may loom large to a senior air force officer whose world is his Service (Air Force).

In comparison with the real and underlying safeguards, guarantees, and protections for the Australian people stemming from the division of powers, learned over centuries of experience by our British forebears and most wisely incorporated into our Constitution, such minor Service conflicts are less than nothing. One can only judge policies by results; the proof of the pudding is still in the eating. We are still a free nation; we maintained a tremendous war-effort during the 1939-45 war, and emerged there from with our political system intact. We survived a brief period of industrial anarchy in the late 40's, when a Communist take-over was much more a reality than the man in the street imagined at the time.

And this brings us to the real kernel of the issue of these divisions of powers; so expensively learned over centuries. C. H. Douglas puts the matter thus:-
"The essential soul of a nation is in its character, its culture and tradition. The King (Queen) is the natural embodiment of Honours and Sanctions - of Culture and Tradition, and, as such, is naturally the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces."

It is extremely difficult, if not virtually impossible, for politicians of the revolutionary mould to seize complete control of a nation if they do not have complete control of the armed forces; the final sanctions! Latin America provides us with so many examples, bordering on the monotonous, of revolutionary coups in the various republics of that continent. In all instances it was the military, which either made the revolution, or broke a revolutionary regime.

This cannot happen under the system of British Constitutional Monarchy! Why? Because the control of the military resides in the Crown; in Australia represented by the Governor-General. Should a revolutionary situation ever develop in our country, and a seizure of power over instituted, lawful authority attempted, it will be the Governor-General who will charge the Service Chiefs with the responsibility of restoring order.

It is not as well understood as it should be that all Cabinet Ministers in the States, and in the Commonwealth Parliament (Australian Government of Parliament are meaningless terms; there are seven Australian Governments) are Ministers of the Crown; they hold office and their responsibilities by courtesy of the Crown; and this office can be revoked by the States' Governors in the case of the States' and by the Governor-General in the case of the Commonwealth. The division of powers again! Safety for the people.

The magnificence of British Constitutional Monarchy (we believe the best form of government yet devised) lies largely in its negative aspect. Australia as a British Monarchy shares this benefit. The system of British Constitution Monarchy prevents others from seizing political power, whilst at the same time guaranteeing the continuance of the democratic machinery of government.
Indeed FREEDOM WEARS A CROWN: and this title was given to a book on this very subject by the late John Farthing. (Price:-$4.00 post free from Box 1052J, G.P.O. Melbourne. A few copies only are left; so it has to be "first in, first served. ")

In view of the above it is really not surprising that we are having the attacks on our Heritage from the Canberra Socialists? The attacks on the Anthem are from the forces of world revolution, working through Fabian Socialism, who know well what they are about. Next will come an attack on the Australian Flag the very symbol of our origins in Britain; and we suspect that the Socialists have already chosen the Eureka Flag to replace it. The Australian Heritage Society will almost certainly issue a special brochure on this whole Eureka issue in due course to put the comparatively minor brush between a very mixed assortment of gold diggers and the colonial Government in Victoria at that time in proper perspective.

The Australian Heritage Society, a Division of the Australian League of Rights, was instituted for the very purpose of exposing and combating the attacks upon our Heritage. Its growth in a very short time is quite phenomenal; and the response from the Australian public so far shows that the national instincts are sound. Over 90% of Australians want no change whatsoever in the traditions which we have inherited from Britain.


"Australians were being coerced into a hasty decision on a new National Anthem, the Leader of the Opposition (Mr. Snedden) said yesterday. - The Age. (Melbourne) February 18th.

The cynic may be excused for stating that it is refreshing at this stage of the battle to save our National Anthem, to have the Leader of the Opposition, at last, make some statement concerning this attack upon our Heritage. However, we must be grateful for all support, whenever it comes, and wherever it comes from. Mr. Snedden did attack the phony "poll" (an insult to the intelligence) now being conducted by the Bureau of Census and Statistics. As in a genuine Moscow-style "election" where the "voter" has the choice of only those candidates approved by the government; so in Australia the Leaders of "open government" at Canberra give us the choice of "voting" for three songs, one of which is to be the new National Anthem. The real choice of the Australian people - "God Save The Queen" - is contemptuously omitted.

Mr. Snedden then soared off into politicians gibberish in an attempt to please everybody - 'five bob each way"; the politician's credo! Not, let us be sure, the ideologue's credo; just the ordinary non-ideological party hack. To the ideologue political ideology is the fact, the substance; and the concrete facts of political life are the shadow, to be ignored. In this sense, the committed Socialists/Communist is divorced from reality; and so his judgment must suffer distortion. Some expert's measure of insanity.

Mr. Snedden, as reported on the A.B.C. morning news of Feb. 18th did blast the Government for not including "God Save The Queen" in the "poll", but this did not appear in any of the three Melbourne Dailies. One of the Melbourne dailies did not carry any report at all of Mr. Snedden's statement. The Opposition parties must do very much more to expose the forces attacking our Heritage before they will regain the respect of the Australian electorate. We venture to say that if the Liberals and the Country Party "took up" this whole Heritage issue they would be on a "winner", and would command much respect from even the traditional Labor voters who have become disillusioned with the subversive meddling of Mr. Whitlam's "Australian" Government.


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Country Party spokesmen have reacted to the Whitlam Government's abolition of the subsidy on super phosphate by claiming that this must result in an increase in the cost of farm production and higher food prices. They are, of course, quite right. But the same Country Party spokesmen have sneered at the proposal to use the subsidy mechanism to lower basic costs in the economy in order to prevent inflation.

The headlines proclaim that the Kremlin is "haunted" by the spirit of Solzhenitsyn. But why should the Kremlin criminals really worry when they know that all the wrist-tapping criticism in the West will not halt the flow of increasing credits and economic aid they are receiving - aid that ensures that they maintain an iron grip on their vast slave-camps.

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