Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke

Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
March 21 1975. Thought for the Week: "As for public opinion polls, they are often more effective in influencing public opinion than measuring it; more revealing of the pollsters state of mind than the public's. The newspapers who subscribe to the polls have an important influence on what kinds of questions are asked, and the size and composition of the sample."
Wilmot Robertson, in The Dispossessed Majority.


"Australia's senior military adviser Admiral Sir Victor Smith, yesterday dissociated himself from claims that Australia faced no defence threat for the next 10 to 15 years." - The Australian March 18th.

Admiral Sir Victor Smith is Chief of the Defence Force Staff. He was opening the Federal Conference of the Naval Association of Australia. Other prominent men, currently or formerly associated with the Armed Services also gave their warning. Vice-Admiral Sir Richard Peek, a former Chief of the Naval Staff, scorned the notion that there could be no threat to Australia from external foes within 15 years. Sir William Hall, National President of the R. S. L. said that boy scouts from the Philippines could take over the country (Australia).

All this adds up to an assessment, by experts, that Australia's defences are run down. Spending on Australia's defence has been cut substantially, whilst the Whitlam-Cairns power-machine sports tens of millions of dollars into R.E.D. schemes, retraining schemes, six-month holiday schemes for those laid off in certain industries, Blue Poles, Glass Birds, ridiculous salaries for Super-Girls, hangers-on: you name it.

The intelligent man in the street must know now that something is going on in Portuguese Timor; and especially now that Portugal seems likely to fall to International Communism. The Indonesians are justifiably worried; they have every right to be worried, after their experiences in 1965 when a Communist coup was virtually on the brink of success. It was a minor miracle that this Communist coup did not succeed. Surely it must be obvious that if Portugal does fall to Communism, then the global Communist strategists will have in East Timor an ideal base for development for eventual warfare, political and military, against Australia and Indonesia.

Now, it is really surprising that forces within the "Australian" Government of Mr. Whitlam are so outraged at the possibility of an Indonesian invasion of Portuguese Timor? They want self-determination for the East Timorese at all costs; which will mean an open slather for Communist subversion, and eventual seizure, as an independent East Timor would not be viable. Should Portugal fall to Communism, then the transference of East Timor to Communist control will be that much easier. And this in ten to fifteen years? Ten to fifteen months, quite possibly! After that, what? A Russian submarine base, military base, complete with missiles with nuclear warheads. A little Cuba, right off our own coast.

And what about New Guinea and Papua. Independence coming up, and already Papua ready to break away from New Guinea. And who will be helping her "for a consideration"? Why, perhaps Red China, or the Kremlin would be in return for military and naval facilities: Ten to fifteen years? Wake up Australians!


We know that there are hundreds of Wilmot Robertson fans in the League ranks that have become so, after having read The Dispossessed Majority. Now from the pen of Wilmot Robertson comes Ventilations, in which Robertson writes bitingly of Watergate and the fall of Nixon, which he describes as the high tide of media absolutism and as a liberal-minority purge of the ideological bankrupts who call themselves moderate conservatives. In Ventilations Wilmot Robertson speaks on the new role of women. He points out that the status of women, due to technological advances, has been irrevocably altered, and they should be encouraged to use their newly acquired freedom to become full-time partners with men in the salvation of their race. There are numbers of women, supporters of the League, who are now doing just this. Ventilations is priced at $4.25, post-free. Yes, we shall take advance orders. Estimated time of arrival is around three weeks. Send remittance ($4.25) to G.P.O. Box 1052J, Melbourne, Vic., 3001.


"Brigadier Vasco Goncalves. Portugal's Prime Minister was assembling a new Government today in which Communists were expected to wield more power. - The Age (Melbourne) March 18th.

Reports to hand indicate that the unsuccessful counter-coup, led by supporters of General Spinola is being made a lever to force more power into the hands of those who lead the Armed Forces Movement. As general elections are scheduled to be held in Portugal next month (April) it is in line with classical Communist tactics that anti-Communist parties, now dubbed "extremist", be banned. The Information Minister, Commander Jesuino has announced that the Supreme Revolutionary Council has replaced the Junta of National Salvation, and that parties which contradict the ideals of the Armed Forces Movement (that means anti-Communist) will be declared illegal. Most banks and insurance companies have already been nationalized. A miracle is needed to save Portugal now.


Western politicians seem to be unable to grasp that there is more to the "recycling" of Arab petro-dollars than meets the eye. The conventional view of the Financial World of the West is that the Arab oil sheiks are to be encouraged to grant long-term loans to the various nations of the West most of them "hungry for capital", as Mr. Snedden once said in another context. These loans to be granted by the Arab oil producers at attractive rates of interest (to them). But the "ball game" is different now.

In The Australian (March 13th,) appeared an article:- "Arabs' Best Friend", from Warren Beeby in London. The article details the activities of a well-known British entrepreneurial Company, Lonrho Ltd., headed by a most energetic and flamboyant character one "Tiny" Rowland. This Company is currently making killings in Africa and the Middle East in a most diversified way, via gold mining in Ghana, copper and oilseeds in Rhodesia, bauxite in Malawi, coal, silver and platinum in South Africa, sugar in Swaziland, tea and sugar in Malawi, wine in France, newspapers in Kenya, brewing in Zambia, motor trade and merchandising in Britain, etc. etc. It's all like something from British semi-science fiction, on the Telly. Like "Mogul", and "The Ratcatchers". That sort of thing.

There appears a paragraph in the article which shows that "Tiny" Rowland has the measure of the Arab oil men:- "He (Rowland) grasped instantly what Dr. Henry Kissinger still has not faced - that the Arabs are not interested in ploughing their money into long-term loans that are ravaged by inflation, and are essentially unproductive. They want to invest directly in projects that will appreciate in value, whether in the Middle East, London, or at Bondi Beach."
"They do not want to be told that they have to lend their money to save Britain or Italy from financial collapse."

What the Arab oil sheiks are now doing is investing heavily in real estate, banking, insurance, and other fields that are able to keep up with inflation. Dr. Cairns has only recently been in this part of the Arab world, and it is quite possible that Arab petrodollars will flow into Australian projects. The World Zionist Movement will not be taking kindly to this, of course, as Arab economic involvement in nations of the West does give them considerable political leverage with those same nations. Dividends from Arab investments in Australia could eventually, for example, flow in part to the causes of left-wing students oriented towards Moscow, and who support the Palestine Liberation Organization.

It seems inevitable that the power of Finance is no longer solely the preserve of the International Zionist Bankers, who have no intention of allowing this state of affairs to continue, let alone develop. They still can crack the whip because of their control of the International Banking network. The Arab's ignorance of these matters is their weakness.


"We have seen Parkinson the demythologiser, the iconoclast, the ironist, the humorist. Enter Parkinson the saviour." - The Age (Melbourne) Book Review, Feb. 22nd.

C. Northcote Parkinson is quite a big name and influence amongst the "business intellectuals" of the nations of the West. Smart young executives on the way up the ladder to the Company power structure must know their Parkinson. His second and third "laws" are sure to be preached at the Company cocktail "do" as the young executives, with their wives (who have already been screened by the hierarchy of the Company) assemble to receive the Chairman of the Overseas Division on a flying visit from London or New York.

Or course, Parkinson's "laws" are not laws at all; they are effects of a man-made system. As an example, one of his "laws" has it that as one's income increases, then one's standards of living rises to absorb it. There is nothing surprising about this; people just do not have enough money to give their families the better things of life (better housing, better schooling, better clothing) and when that salary increase does come through, then young Veronica is taken from Main St. State school No. 325 and is enrolled in St. Hilda's Girls' Grammar School if there is such an establishment anywhere.

C. Northcote Parkinson, in his new book, "Big Business", asserts that political concepts, systems, leadership have proved inefficient. Progress in science and technology has not been accompanied by comparable progress in politics. What he envisages that the world must become one, that the "logic" of progress demands the breakdown of nationalism. He sees that Big business will become even more international, less subject to government control. A supra-national organization will arise out of the multi-national firms. A new kind of industrial statesmanship and industrial diplomacy will emerge. And so on, and so on.
He is hopelessly wrong, of course. What he is witnessing are the more or less final effects of the Capitalist system.

Progress in politics has been rendered impossible because of the attack on Western societies by Socialism on the one hand, and Finance on the other. Two world wars and a Depression of great severity have brought about a situation, accompanied by the attacks of Socialism and Finance, where the individual citizen has been all but stripped of political and economic power. The lack of development of "political concepts" of which Parkinson complains is the result of an intentional policy.

The One Worldism which he envisages he sees as the ultimate in efficiency. He appears to foresee that governments will become like great business concerns, spreading efficiency and satisfaction everywhere. He has forgotten people! He says:- "Politics...breeds men whose commitment is to the welfare of their constituents", This is a very bad thing. Away with it. It is a huge pity that men of exceptional brilliance and inventiveness are run up blind alleys because they do not have the key to the causes of societies ills. The old adage, unfortunately, still holds sway; baloney baffles brains.


Monash University (Melbourne) has appointed an adviser on remedial English teaching. It is estimated that 2,500 students have an unsatisfactory grasp of the English language. The three "R's" are out;"doing your own thing," social "sciences", and other mumbo jumbo are "In". Result: technically trained graduates of little learning and culture. How can it be otherwise if they can't communicate and absorb ideas, which must be expressed in words, which they don't know? Next comes the mutilation of the language through changes in spelling, in the interests of "simplification". Which means no effort to master the intricacies of our rich language, and no effort to master an understanding of the subtleties of meaning of the various words. Just the steady decline of reason and culture.

A letter to the Editor of The Bulletin (March 15th) strikes home. The correspondent asks:- "Is Bjelke-Petersen, in his endeavours to interfere in the Federal export policy, regarding beef and coal, merely emulating the unions successful over-riding of Federal Government wishes on wheat export, as previously to Chile? Would Mr. Gough Whitlam term all these actions sabotage of democracy?"

Mr. Edward Heath, former Leader of the British Conservative Party, doesn't like the idea of a referendum at all. To be just, readers must realise that Britain has never held a referendum. When politicians talk about the British Constitution they are talking about tradition and practice. Britain does not have a written constitution. Mr. Heath said in Bonn (Germany) recently that:- "I believe it (the Common Market Referendum) to be abhorrent to British constitutional practice, fraught with dangers for the future of our parliamentary system." We don't know how he works that one out; he'd get nowhere talking to an Australian, or a Swiss (Switzerland has more referendums than Australia does.)

Why the Money Supply Must Ever Expand
.... the money supply is not all issued at once, and then recalled at once. If it were, it is clear that there would be nowhere for the extra money, needed to pay the interest, to come from. Our money is being continually, every day, created and issued; and recalled and cancelled. It is only this fact, which enables the system to appear to work at all, and even then it can only do so as long as we have what is known as an "expanding" economy.
Because money is continually being borrowed into existence, the money needed to repay one overdraft can come out of a following overdraft issue. But if both overdraft and interest are to be repaid, each issue must be larger than the last, and therefore the money supply must continually expand.
If the money issued in one period is, say, $10,000 and the interest rate is 10%: then in the next period it must be $11,000. And in the following period $12,000. and so on. If it does not increase in this ratio, two things will happen:-
1. There will not be enough money in the community to cover the prices of goods already produced, which will cause under consumption and surpluses.
2. Some producers will be bankrupted.
Therefore, when overdraft interest is 10% the money supply must, in every succeeding cycle of production increase by 10%. If the increase is slightly less than this, the producers at the end of the line, such as farmers, will suffer badly. If it remains static or decreases, there will be a depression. (The monetary expansion right now is well above l0%).

From Hansard
Racial Discrimination Bill (1975) Mr. D. J. Killen, Representatives, March 6th.... "the Bill should be substantially amended because it:-
1. Denies the operation of the rule of law by the conferring of 'Star Chamber' functions and powers upon administrative officials.
2. Contains objectionable intrusions upon individual rights and privacy and
3. Fails to provide adequate rights of appeal, legal aid and representation."
"... There is absolutely nothing, which gives to this Parliament an explicit right to legislate upon the question of racial discrimination. It depends, and must depend, upon that placitum in the Constitution which deals with external affairs, This Bill draws its force and its origin from a convention entered into by the Government of this country in 1966". (A Liberal-Country Party Government, Mr. Killen) "It is proposed...a Commissioner for Community Relations. This person is given powers never ever given to any person in this country; not even in wartime. Let no person be under any misapprehension about that."