Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke

Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
April 11 1975. Thought for the Week: "He who shall introduce into public life the principles of primitive Christianity will change the face of the world."
Benjamin Franklin.


Mr. Eric Butler wrote the following report at the conclusion of his recent tour of New Zealand.
The directors of the international Communist strategy against South Africa have demonstrated that they are deep students of human psychology. They know that South Africans are keen sportsmen, with a special flair for rugby football. They have therefore set out to promote and direct an international campaign designed to prevent South Africans from participating in any form of international sport. The alleged purpose of this campaign is concern for "oppressed" Africans living in a "Police State".

The Communist strategists believe that the isolation of South Africa in the field of sport will help generate other pressures against the South African Government. But a close study of the campaign directed towards preventing the proposed 1975 South African rugby tour of New Zealand reveals that the promoters of this campaign were even prepared to have their agents and dupes resort not only to violent demonstrations, but also to the murder of innocent people. This harsh truth is brought out in a recently published New Zealand book,Sinners At The Stadium by Robert Fenton, the New Zealander with the initiative and courage to organise a movement called "War Against Recreational Disruption", one which could be joined by all New Zealanders, irrespective of their party political affiliations, or what they thought about the South African Government.

Mr. Fenton argued that in a free society every individual had the right to protest against anything, providing it does not result in the infringement of other people's rights. As it was clear that the majority of New Zealanders wished to have their major traditional rugby opponents, the South Africans, visit New Zealand. Mr. Fenton and those who thought as he did argued that New Zealanders should be free to watch rugby played between the South Africans and New Zealanders. Those opposed could stay away, or make their protests in a peaceful manner.

Mr. Fenton soon learned what the opponents of the South African rugby tour were really about. He has dealt with what he discovered in his most revealing and chilling book. No punches are pulled, as witnessed by the following opening comment: "When financially powerful agencies of Western origin are hired by African States to destroy respect between Free countries at the expense of Western taxpayers, it is not remarkable that special UN committees - composed totally of the same antagonists - can command support for illegal resolutions against Rhodesia and South Africa. Upheavals against civilised communities require the endorsement of the Bishops, the intellectuals and idealists to endow aggression with respectability. The manipulators' shrewdness has encompassed very nearly every sphere of activity with an idealistic base, finally recognising the peculiar vulnerability of sport....Sport has now emerged as a medium with as much scope for discord and alienation of the World Council of Churches' new -found religion."

Robert Fenton is scathing in his comments on the blatant hypocrisy of those using sport in their war against Southern Africa, pointing out they had no objection to sportsmen from "General" Amin's Uganda attending the Christchurch Commonwealth Games. There were no "moral protests" when the multiracial Rhodesian sporting delegation was refused the right to participate in the Munich Olympic games.

Non-European sportsmen from South Africa have been barred from participating in international contests. The campaign, which prevented the planned South African rugby tour of New Zealand in 1973, was given top priority by the International revolutionaries. Operating behind the Bishop Crowthers and others who were preaching and teaching "non-violent disruption" were international experts in the field of urban guerrilla warfare. They outlined tactics for creating major traffic "snarls" and crowd panic. Cans of cyanide gas were to be placed in toilets. The killing of innocent New Zealanders was justified. New Zealand was to be turned into a battlefield.

Robert Fenton concludes his book by stressing, "Western man has to regain something of his former muscle, abandon the policy of appeasement and check the striding anarchism menacing his sport, his culture and his heritage. He is face to face with barbarism, wearing the clothes and speaking the tongue of the modern sophisticate, but looting the more with each withdrawal and concession."

(We hope shortly to have copies of Sinners At The Stadium, which also refers to the campaign against the last South African rugby tour of Australia.)


In last week's On Target, in the item headed - "Bank Economist Calls For Price Subsidy" we stated that: "inflation is higher than ever: in fact it is a comparatively recent finance-economic phenomenon". We were referring, of course, to cost inflation, and stagflation, itself a development from cost inflation. Demand inflation (too much money chasing too few goods) has been in evidence many times throughout history. It was a contributory factor to the decline and fall of the Roman Empire ("silver inflation"). It was again in evidence in Europe during the height of the Spanish power when the Spanish galleons were bringing plunder home from Spanish America ("gold inflation"). It was no doubt in evidence among the cave men when a few cave men were able to obtain, by fortuitous circumstances, a surfeit of tigers' teeth. With these they could buy a comely cave-maiden, or a pig; but the price tags on each (maidens and pigs) rose because "there was too much money (tigers' teeth) chasing too few goods". Money is anything, anything that will be accepted in exchange for goods and services. We hope that we have made our point.


Mr. Donald Martin, the National Director of the British League of Rights, has sent us a most interesting letter, choc-a-block with "goodies", some of which we shall pass on. Mr. Martin says that he and his colleagues have followed with intense interest the events surrounding the recent Queensland State election. Inspired by what has been done in Queensland, our colleagues in Britain are preparing to launch a special housewives plan to beat inflation. The British Housewives League will be prominent in this.

Speaking of the Common Market "negotiations", he says that no informed political observer was surprised at the outcome. One newspaper columnist described them (the "new" terms) as "the old Tory terms with 2p. off". The Socialist ideologies in Britain are well in favour, still, of the Common Market. The scrapping of the "Chunnel" (English Channel Tunnel) was on economic grounds only; some Eurocrats have even now come forward with suggestions about fresh ways to finance it. (The One-Worlders want those British Isles linked to Europe in every possible way!)
The battle for the Common Market Referendum will not be a walkover; the hard-core of anti-Marketeers is larger than the hard-core of pro-Marketeers, but the vast majority is the "don't-knows" in the centre. These will be influenced by the events of the day, and the propaganda directed at them. And we know that the pro-Market forces will have the monopoly on propaganda.
Speaking of the British Constitution Mr. Martin stated that we were quite correct in asserting in a recent issue of On Target that the British Constitution embodies much tradition and practice, but that although this Constitution does not exist as a formal document, as does the Australian Constitution, or the American Constitution, it does exist to some extent in written form in "bits and pieces" viz. Magna Charta (1215) the Bill of Rights, and other certain Acts of Parliament.
Mr. Martin especially requests that Australian League supporters should, at once, ask their friends and relatives in Britain to vote "NO" to Britain's entry into the Common Market. We trust that each supporter who reads these lines, and who has friends and relatives in Britain, does as Mr. Martin requests.


In a recent issue of On Target (March 25th) we spoke of the danger to Australia, and Indonesia, of control of East (Portuguese) Timor passing to a Communist power. And this control does not necessitate that East Timor be invaded and seized by Russian marines, or units of the Red Army of the People's Republic of China. It looks now that Portugal will slip under Communist control, and hence East Timor, (and other Portuguese territories) will slip under with her. The Communists do not yield up control once they have gained it.
What the Communist global strategists are worried about right now is that Indonesia might "walk in" to the Portuguese half of the island of Timor as a pre-emptive move against the Communists. And she could do that easily enough!

One Liberal politician has scathingly remarked that the best we could do in our defence would be to muster a brigade of boy scouts; if that! Australia at the present time is virtually defenceless!' Mr. Whitlam's "Australian" Government has seen to that.

League supporters are aware of the uneasiness in the Socialist ranks over the possibility of an Indonesian take-over of East Timor; but not, of course any Communist take-over. This couldn't possibly happen for at least fifteen years, you know. (Did anyone say something about famous last words?!) As we expected the local comrades have been at it - serving the interests of the communist global strategists.

We have to admit that Communist communications are first-class. In the issue of the Communist Tribune (April 1st, but no April Fool's joke) there is a display notice, (5ins. x 3.5ins.) yes, we can get along without metrics.
The notice reads:- "PROTEST SUHARTO VISIT HANDS OFF EAST TIMOR... Picket and Rally... Garuda Airlines, cnr. Elizabeth and King Sts. Sydney. Thursday. April 3rd at 4.30 p.m... At that time President Suharto was meeting with Mr. Whitlam in Townsville Queensland. All the protest rallies, and other communist activity is designed to keep Indonesia out of East Timor for fear of straining relations with Australia. Mr. Whitlam has assured President Suharto of continued Australian aid; understandably on the assumption that "normal" relations between the two nations continue. This is what the Communists, along with Mr. Whitlam's "Australian" Government are up to.


Dr. Frank Knopfelmacher, of the Psychology Department of Melbourne University, had a letter published in The Age (Melbourne) April 3rd. We have not been seeing many letters from the Doctor lately. He was right enough in what he said about the Vietnam debacle. He lashes Dr. Cairns.
...."A Government which included Dr. Cairns has become a moral affront and a political outrage. If we continue to put up with the present crowd at Canberra we assume a collective guilt".
Dr. Knopfelmacher was most vocal, generally on sound anti-Communist lines. In the hey-day of the D.L.P. we believe that there was some sort of "rapport" between the two. Some of his attitudes intrigued us at the time, and there was ever that lingering, head-scratching, element of doubt about the credibility of the Doctor as far as we were concerned. Nothing one could put the finger on, you know. Dr. Knopfelmacher believes now that... "the earliest possible election as Prime Minister (of Mr. Malcom Fraser) seems to me the only concrete thing to do at present. It is not much, but it is better than nothing. Beggars are no choosers."
Well, that is alright, as far as it goes, but the defeat of the Whitlam "Australian" Government would merely be the beginning, as far as the League is concerned. After that must come firmness and proper direction in policy. Inflation will be roaring by that time, so the need for the Petersen Plan, Defence, reversal of Centralism etc., etc. All these issues are wide open for urgent attention.

We have a suspicion lurking in the recesses of our minds that the International Financial operators are concerned about the financial proposals, such as the Petersen Plan, which have been achieving some prominence of late. Along with the continual exposure of some of the "mysteries" of finance-economics which the League continually carries out. In very recent years we have had no less than three of the very top orthodox economists out in Australia from the U.S.A. All of them have advised many American Administrations, and teach at the highest level. First, came Professor J. K. Galbraith. He gave a series of lectures at a Business Staff College near Melbourne. Professor Galbraith is a Socialist. Then came Professor Paul Samuelson. A former Nobel Prize winner for economic "science". He gave a series of lectures. And only recently came Professor Milton Friedman, an economic adviser to the late President Kennedy. All of these eminent economists had discussions with high banking and Treasury officials.
Older supporters will recall the visit to Australia in 1930, of Sir Otto Niemeyer, of the Bank of England, and Professor T. E. Guggenheim Gregory, of the London School of Economics; and then what followed!
We hope that the visit to Australia of the three American economists does not presage a parallel catastrophe to that which followed the London economists in 1930. In 1930 the centre of world financial control was London. Now it is New York. Those who wish to acquaint themselves with the details of the doings of the Bank of England, and the events leading up to the Great Depression; as well as Jack Lang's challenge to Finance, the "run" of the N.S.W. Savings Bank, and many other now historic, but suppressed events, should read - "The Enemy Within the Empire"(price: 2lc post free) from all League offices.

The "Multiplier Myth" (or the Velocity of Circulation Saga)
Even though it can be demonstrated that the amount of money in existence at any one time cannot possibly equal the total prices of goods available at the time, some economists will not accept this as a reason for the unsatisfactory state of the economy. They claim that it does not matter if the total money issue is not to total prices, as long as the money is kept circulating.
The argument goes like this. A customer goes into a grocery store and buys a dollars worth of goods. The grocer uses the dollar to buy petrol; the garage man spends it on tobacco and so on. Therefore, it is argued, one dollar has bought three dollars' worth of goods. If it changes hands six times, it will buy six dollars' worth of goods. So, these theorists conclude triumphantly, if only the public will have enough "confidence" to keep on spending their money, instead of saving, thereby maintaining its "velocity of circulation", all will be well.
(Money is made round to go round, you know!)

From Hansard
Racial Discrimination Bill (Representatives March 6th.) Mr. D. J. Killen. . . "there is absolutely nothing which gives to this Parliament an explicit right to legislate upon the question of racial discrimination. It depends, and must depend, upon that placitum in the Constitution, which deals with external affairs (our emphasis). This Bill draws its force and its origin from a convention entered into by the Government of this country in 1966". (A Liberal-Country Party Government!) "This Bill seeks to establish, among other things, tribunals relating to the hearings of matters with respect to racial discrimination.... This Bill seeks to propose sanctions for those who infringe against what one with shorthand could describe as being the transgression against the provisions of the Bill."
"I trust that we will never seek to cure that mischief or to correct that wrong by putting in peril the safety of our institutions. That, in my submission to the House, precisely what this Bill does. This Bill puts in very real danger the safety of our institutions."
"The Commissioner for Community Relations (who will be Mr. Al Grassby if this Bill goes through) is not under the slightest obligation to reveal the name of the complainant. What an extraordinary state of affairs this nation has been swept to when it is invited to accept with equanimity the faceless pimp. This is precisely what this Bill does".

Representatives: March 5th, Adjournment Debate: Mr. Howard...."I believe that it has become popular folklore throughout the world to single out South Africa because South Africa cannot do anything in retaliation.... in the face of a massive security problem, and in the face of clear evidence that the people of Australia did not want the Yugoslav Prime Minister, Mr. Bijedic, to come here shortly after the Government came to office, why did the Government go ahead with the visit?"