Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke

Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
May 9 1975. Thought for the Week:
"Americans were cheated out of the drama of a Senate trial when Nixon decided that a guilty verdict was inevitable.. . He left his office in a blaze of mediocrity by boasting of his accomplishments, ignoring his vices and expressing no bitterness towards his enemies. It was the fall of a little man who felt he could beat the system by buying off his opponents. He founded the Kissinger cult. He betrayed his closest friends by broadcasting their confidences to the world. He gave more aid to Israel than any other President. With some reluctance, but with steady subservience, he followed inch by inch the path of doom that the media had prepared for him. In the end he said he forgave his enemies, but his enemies never forgave him. They never forgive. Alger Hiss and Ellsberg had the last laugh - on him and on us."
Wilmot Robertson writing of Watergate in Ventilations.


Mr. Eric Butler wrote the following report in Rio de Janiero, Brazil, at the end of the 8th World Anti-Communist Conference, held from April 23rd to April 26
"Sixty-four nations have unanimously charged the Crown Commonwealth Leagues of Rights with the responsibility of preparing a comprehensive report on how the Soviet Union and its satellites have been financed from the West and what steps might be taken by the non-Communist nations to adjust their finance-economic policies to make possible a constructive offensive against the Communist challenge. The Crown Commonwealth Leagues of Rights were accepted as a new international Chapter of the World Anti-Communist League. Another major development at the Conference was the unanimous acceptance of the National Forum of South Africa, headed by Mr. Ivor Benson, as a new Chapter. The Rhodesian Candour League was asked to be present at the 1976 Annual Conference, scheduled to be held in South Korea. A South African representative was also seated on the World Youth Anti-Communist League Conference.

Representatives from the Middle East nations played a prominent role at the Conference: the representative from Iran, Dr. Parviz Kazerni, throwing a new light on the allegation that the oil-producing nations are the primary cause of world inflation by showing that the prices of oil products to the consumer are sixteen times greater than the prices received by the oil producers. Government taxes play the major part in inflating the price of oil to the consumer. Dr. Kazemi produced figures to prove that increased oil prices by producers had only contributed 2% to the total world inflation increase.

"It is a sign of the revolutionary times in which we live that the Brazil Anti-Communist Conference was held under the cover of strict security precautions; guards being on every floor of the hotel. At one stage a military helicopter hovered overhead. A television team, unable to identify themselves, were removed from the Conference Hall and closely questioned for two hours. The Governor of the State of Rio de Janiero, Admiral Faria Lima presided at the Congress during the opening day ceremonies, while ex-Minister of Justice, Alfredo Buzaid, was also present, and spoke.

The recently deceased leaders, King Faisal, of Saudi Arabia, and Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek were honoured by the delegates at the beginning of the Congress. The Saudi Arabian delegate assured me that there would be no change of policy in Saudi Arabian policies under his new king. "The Congress finished on a high note with a magnificent address by U.S.A. Senator Jesse Helms, one of the handful of Senators who opposed the appointment of Nelson Rockefeller as American Vice-President. Senator Helms set the news wires running hot with a powerful attack on Dr. Henry Kissinger. Dr. Kissinger is to make a visit to South American Nations in the near future. Senator Helms said that 'Dr. Kissinger has espoused a policy that is so devoid of moral content that he has perpetually antagonised our closest allies and friends, betrayed their interest, and dismissed their concerns. His loyal clients have been our determined enemies, who, after a time, have taken advantage of his empty-strictures of peace - to advance the cause of totalitarianism. I have tried very hard to see his great accomplishments, but I am still looking.'

"Another outstanding feature of Senator Helms' address was his criticism of internationalism, which he insisted was the real enemy of peace. He said: Those who seek the internationalism of trade, the internationalism of finance, the internationalism of cultural control organisms, such as the United Nations Organization, are preparing the world for war or eroding and even destroying the spiritual and group identity of nations, they destroy the moral dimension that gives order and purpose to the lives of most men. Without the unity inherent in national pride, a group of people becomes defenceless and unable to identify and reject that which is alien and subversive to the moral order. Society soon disintegrates, and is then susceptible to the totalitarian and mechanistic solution offered by Communism".

Mr. Butler continues
"A dominating theme, both in private discussions and general comment at the Brazil Congress was the role of international finance in aiding and encouraging international Communism. Antony Sutton's National Suicide was keenly discussed (3.75) from G.P.O. Box 1052J, Melbourne, Vic. 3001 and all other League offices).

"One of the outstanding figures at the Congress was Mr. Don Martin, National Director of the British League of Rights, and leading the British Chapter at the Congress. Mr. Martin was Chairman of the important Committee on Political Affairs, which handles over thirty resolutions and Papers. Mr. Martin was widely commended for his handling of the debates and discussions, while his report back to the plenary session of the Congress was regarded as a masterpiece. "It was appropriate that Senator Helms made the telling and challenging point that the political leaders of the Western world have neither the wit nor the will to resist the Communist tide. I found it most inspiring that a senior American Senator should be stressing that if Civilisation is to be saved, it is from the people that the lead must come. This has been the central theme of the League of Rights movement since its beginning. The Brazil Anti-Communist Congress was an acknowledgement that the League has been consistently right. In years to come it will be seen as a major historic event. I leave Rio de Janiero spiritually refreshed to spend two weeks where the action is now opening up in a decisive manner - on the Southern African front."

(The full text of Senator Jesse Helms' Brazil address will, along with other reports, appear in the June issue of the League's monthly journal - Intelligence Survey: Subscription. $5.00 yearly.)


We have commented upon, and quoted, Editorials of the chain of Standard Melbourne suburban newspapers. Only one occasion to our recollection, have we found ourselves in disagreement with the Editorials of this suburban newspaper company. In recent months the Standard newspaper chain took a poll of the feelings of a section of Melbourne citizens on the issue of fluoridation, and the result was that some 92-3% of citizens did not want it. Nevertheless, "democracy" grinds on, and Melbourne's millions are to have it rammed down their throats by a so-called conservative Government.

The Standard Editorial (April 30th) appeared under the heading - "Zombies Don't Vote":" There is a trace of hysteria in some of the statements being made by people who can't wait for fluoride to be mixed with our domestic water supply. Statements such as: 'Our children are being denied their right to dental health by the few who oppose fluoride legislation'. "They know better, of course, because its common knowledge that fluoride has been available in tablet form cheaply for years. They know too, that responsibility for the dismal condition of children's teeth rests with the parents who ladle out pocket money for sweets and soft drinks, and hardly ever get around to supervising the brushing of teeth.

"It is good to know that there is a handful of leaders in Local Government who are not afraid to stand up and be slandered for daring to oppose the fluoride legislation which is about to be put into effect. "People have different reasons for their opposition, and they are entitled to have them. Most of our readers are aware that this paper has misgivings too, not particularly from the health aspect, because we are prepared to defer to medical experts' guarantee that it will not harm anyone. "Our aversion is to mass-medication, fluoride or any other substance, which a little group may decide is good for millions, without seeking their views.

"Former Premier Sir Henry Bolte insisted that fluoride could be used only if a simple referendum in each water supply district gave a 'yes' majority. We also believe each community is entitled to make a choice and is competent to do so. "Why the Liberals abandoned their liberalism for this Big Brother attitude hasn't been explained. Neither has it been explained why the legislation needs the neat clause which absolves the authorities of responsibility for possible ill effects. "Although a superior dentist with clownish tendencies from across the Tasman suggested not long ago that Victorians are too dull to vote on anything, coupon quizzes among our readers in two residential districts show there is considerable concern. The situation George Orwell describes in his chilling novel - "1984" - comes to mind, but Orwell didn't say if his Zombie-like characters all had sound teeth.

The League of Rights suggests that all those who object to compulsory mass medication (we are not objecting to fluoride that's a matter for the individual) and who have financially supported the Liberal Party in Victoria in the past, should forthwith inform their local Member that no further financial support will be given so long as compulsory mass medication remains policy. Those who are members of the Liberal Party should well consider resigning in protest, and make this well known to all Party people.

The Victorian anti-Fluoridation Association advises us that a Protest Meeting will be held in the Melbourne Town Hall on Wednesday, the 4th June, commencing 8.00 p.m. The Chairman is to be the Hon. Graham Nicol, M.L.C., who is Chairman of Committees in the Upper House of the Victorian Parliament.


In an issue of On Target late last year we forecast that a full scale Communist assault on South Vietnam would take place in the first half on 1975. Regrettably, this has taken place, with the tragic results known to all. Simultaneously, we forecast that if the West did not make a stand in Vietnam and win the war, as could and should have been done years ago, then International Communist strategists would be certain that the west has lost the will to fight, and that the next major thrust would come against South Korea. In The Age (Melbourne) May 5th, comes the report that North Vietnam has warned the U.S.A. to withdraw from South Korea or risk a defeat even worse than the loss of Cambodia and South Vietnam, It won't be long!

In the monthly journal of Queensland Calling (April '75) the organ of the "Save Our State" Campaign (Queensland) appears a letter over the signature of two ladies on behalf of "Concerned Mothers". We urge all ladies, who are League supporters, to consider supporting "Concerned Mothers". The letter runs: "Sir, we are a group of Christian mothers concerned to 'awaken' others to see the real core of Women' s Liberation movements.
1. Women's Lib. encourages women to hate men, compete with them and consider them as unnecessary, e.g. 'Woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle.'
2. Women's Lib. says: 'By all means have children if this gives fulfillment' but encourages an irresponsible attitude concerning the continuing welfare of the child in its development to maturity.
"3. Women's Lib. has a curiously Victorian attitude to sex - it is nasty, evil and unimportant - not now because it is wicked, as in Victorian times, but because it is a horrible reminder of fundamental differences between men and women.
4. Women's Lib. would compel women to take on male roles by devaluing traditional female roles.
We believe the rearing of children not to be a burden, but a Joy and privilege, and the culmination of womanhood; that the woman's role is to complement that of man, and not to compete with him. We believe that complete liberation is only to be found in a personal faith in the Lord Jesus Christ; 'for they are neither male nor female but all one in Christ Jesus.' We would be glad to hear from any Christian mothers sharing our view." "Concerned Mothers". P.O. Box 173, Sunnybank Qld., 4109. (G.M. Black and R. Sully for the Group.)

A Dismal Prospect?

If the basis of money issue is accepted as the only one possible, the total amount of money issued can never equal total prices, because, with every increase in money issue, prices must rise. If they do not, producers have no way of obtaining money to repay the increased overdrafts, which are the source of increased money issue. Is this then what we have to look forward to? Must we resign ourselves to living in an environment of inflationary boom (in which all those on fixed incomes suffer) or of depression (in which everyone suffers)? Must each section of the community continue forever to try to maneuver itself into a position where it can hold the rest of the community to ransom? May we have no respite from trying to get the better of one another? Can we never look forward to the day when we can let down our defences when dealing financially with other people?