Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke

Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
May 23 1976. Thought for the Week:
"There is a higher Authority than ours for the observation that though one rose from the dead, yet would they not believe. Yet, to take only the period of history covered by the three hundred years since Cromwell the evidence for the existence of a conscious, organised evil purpose in the world appears so overwhelming that it would seem axiomatic that mankind could have no prior interest than to root out its incarnations whenever found. Yet, so far as we can judge, there is general though not universal apathy on the subject; and where there is not, the concern lacks focus."
C. H. Douglas, in The Development of World Dominion.


"There will be a period of digestion which will finish up with Laos, Cambodia, South and North Vietnam as all one State under Hanoi....Indo-China will then be a large Communist country, a de facto ally of China, but leaning strongly to the Russians." - Brigadier Ted Serong, in The Sun (Melbourne), May 15th

Brigadier Serong, in an exclusive interview in The Sun lifted the lid on much of the general intelligence scene in Indo-China; the type of information which the Australian League of Rights has been revealing for years; but which has been swept under the carpet by the Establishment and the mass media. Brigadier Serong is acknowledged as one of the world's experts on guerrilla warfare, particularly in jungle terrain such as Indo-China. He is a military instructor, an expert on military intelligence. Naturally he wasn't saying anything about military intelligence, but enough was divulged to confirm our constant warnings.

We pointed out in our issue of On Target (March 28th) that the U.S.A. Administrations did not, at any time, have any intention of securing a military victory in Vietnam - which they could have gained, easily, many years ago. It was a no-win war from the outset for the Americans. The many thousands of young American men who will never return from Vietnam were betrayed by the Nixons and Kissingers and killed as a result of technology, which was given to the Soviet Union by the West over half a century. Without this aid (have you read "National Suicide", by Dr. Antony Sutton yet? $3.75 post free from all League offices) it is most doubtful if the Soviet would have survived at all. We think not.

Brigadier Serong saw the collapse of Vietnam coming a long time ago; only its swiftness surprised him. He said that once the U.S. withdrew its support the end was inevitable. He doesn't blame the rank and file soldiers, but the officers, whom he says - "flew apart".

For those who believe that there will eventually be a show-down between Russia and China his further comment lends support: "The Chinese are worried sick about the situation right now. They know that Indo-China is part of the-Russian envelopment of China". An ultimate show-down between Russia and China is speculative, and anyway lies in the future. We assert again that the West can take no comfort at all from this notion. Peking and Moscow are not arguing whether or not our throats should be cut - they are arguing about the best way to do it.' Please do not forget this.

Brigadier Serong shares the League's view that the West is in a very bad position. The world is now dominated by Russia. The United States is virtually a spent force; still able to halt the Russian advance, but sick; sick to death. The time is with us, right now, when only the people in the West can save themselves. Governments can't, and won't. The grass roots campaigning of the Leagues of Rights around the world can stop the rot in Governments. The Communists know this - hence the now frenzied attacks upon us. These attacks will intensify; and ploys such as the Murphy-Grassby-Morosi Racial Discrimination Bill will be pulled out of the Socialist-Communist hat in order to hinder and even destroy any effective anti-Conspiracy body. We have said enough about the Racial Discrimination Bill recently for all supporters to be aware of its intent. Indeed, Satan advances his evil under a cloak of mock humanitarianism.


"China's Deputy Prime Minister, Mr. Teng, said yesterday his country would help safeguard European independence." - The Australian, May 15th.

Brigadier Serong was right when he said in the article referred to above that "we are about to enter an era that will be unrecognisable by anyone who has lived the first half of this century." Who could have forecast that a Deputy Prime Minister of China would pledge support for European independence. Not French, not Italian independence; but European independence. The Chinese leader emphasised the point that their future relations lie with a unified Europe (the Common Market) not the individual States of Europe. Officials from the E.E.C. (Common Market) have recently been in discussions with Peking.

The changing state of the world was given clarity in Mr. Teng's remark that: "We hope that one day Europe will play a more active role in international affairs". The Chinese "wooing" of Europe can be seen in the context of Brigadier Serong's remarks about Indo-China; that it is a part of the Russian encirclement of China. Chinese "support" for Europe can be seen as part of the Chinese encirclement of Russia. We notice that the Chinese think of Europe as an entity. This would be in line with the thought of the late Lin Piao, until his fall from power a few years ago, heir apparent to Chairman Mao himself.

Lin Piao spoke of Europe and America as "islands" of the world, which, according to the Chinese grand strategy are to be isolated, and then destroyed by the forces of the world revolution which will have captured "the countryside" of the world; that is, what is known as the Third World (the Asian nations, Africa, Cuba, etc., etc.) This is the way the Chinese Communist forces fought within China; the capture of the countryside, and then the slow strangulation of the cities - along with the fall of the seats of political power. This concept has been applied by the Chinese on a world scale, and this is why such a man as the Chinese Deputy Prime Minister would think of "Europe" as an entity. For him the realities of historical intra-European rivalries and frictions and relationships would be of little importance. He is thinking globally - as an International Communist strategist.

It is a pity that the politicians of the West cannot think globally also, then they would come face to face with the realities of the creeping Communist conquest of what remains of the non-Communist world. The whole of Indo-china has slipped behind the Iron, and/or Bamboo Curtains now. Next Domino, please.


Mr. Eric D. Butler will give his address (see notice below) on Monday, June 2nd. "THIS ADDRESS WILL EITHER TERRIFY OR INSPIRE YOU". We hear from Southern Africa that one person said that Mr. Eric Butler's address, "The Traitors of Western Civilisation", will "either terrify or inspire you." We understand that most of the large number of Rhodesians and South Africans who heard Mr. Butler were inspired. In a no-holds-barred address Mr. Butler is naming and exposing the guilty men of the West who are aiding the Communist barbarians as they press forward. The role of Henry Kissinger in Watergate. How Vietnam was betrayed. The plot to destroy Rhodesia and South Africa. The coming finance-economic collapse as inflation gets worse. Can Australia lead the way out of the threatened international collapse? These are some of the questions Mr. Eric Butler will be answering in his address at The Victoria, 215 Little Collins Street, Melbourne, Monday, June 2nd at 8p.m. Be present and tell your friends and others. Admission free. Collection.


In Melbourne recently was held a "March Against Communism", which was much more of a success than the media anticipated. The idea belonged to an energetic Melbourne lady of initiative: the wife of an R.A.A.F. officer. Even the fiery, biting, Senator, John Wheeldon couldn't contain his hatred on a recent "Monday Conference" session on A.B.C. - T.V. Confronting an audience of officers of the Insurance Industry in Hobart, he made disparaging remarks about the people who participated in the "March Against Communism". He would!

The Comrades were down in the city square handing out their roneoed sheets. One was very interesting: the League received honourable mention. And others. The sheet was headed: "No Single Fascist Act Should Go Unchallenged". Incidentally, a Fascist, in Communist semantics, is one who is effectively opposing Communism.

We are assured that "reactionary forces are on the rise" in Australia; and such are made up of people like: - Malcolm Fraser, Doug Anthony, Brigadier Eason (the Chairman of the Country Fire Authority of Victoria), Mr. Bjelke-Petersen (of course) and Sir Charles Court. Brigadier Eason has recently been given typical attention by the main weekly porno-political rag in Australia. Although this rag is not a Communist publication, and very few of its staff would be Communists, it is used as a "transmission belt" to spread the Communist "line" by Communist forces within it.

We have noticed repeatedly that the Communist "line" is injected into Left-wing soft spots in the Australian community via this porno-political rag. The Communist sheet went on to attack the multinationals, which we are told are draining everything out of the Australian economy, and adding to inflation and unemployment. The giant financial monopolies are to blame for all our ills.

Little do the comrades know how near the truth they are: they are thinking of General Motors, Ford, I.T.T., I. G. Farben and Industries, British Leyland, and some dozens of others. These multinationals only exist because of the monopoly of finance, not held by these organizations at all, but by the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Schiffs, Warburgs, and many others. These are all mentioned in detail in "None Dare Call It Conspiracy"', and "The Naked Capitalist" ($1.24 and $2.48 respectively post free). Both books available from all League offices.

The Comrades are one-off most of the time. They never get too near the knuckle; the Conspiracy sees to that. The Communist sheet distributed at the Melbourne "march Against Communism" mentions the Groups, of which "progressive" thinkers-should beware. They are, of course, The Australian League of Rights, the Nazi Party (we are invariably lumped together) the National Civic Council (Mr. Santamaria will be pleased.') and the Festival of Light. This is the first time we've seen the Festival of Light placed in such dangerous company. This is good. It means that the decent Christian people in this body are a worry to the Comrades as they strive to advance the breakdown of society.

The very fact that the Communists went to some trouble to penetrate the "March Against Communism" means to us that they don't like at all, this strong evidence of welling anti-Communist feeling in the community. By the way, the Ustaschi was also mentioned. This is supposed to be a terrorist organization. To our knowledge, there have been no convictions against any member of this body, which, apparently, is made up of Yugoslav ex-nationals. There was a great flap about it from the Left wing around two years ago. But the Comrades are clever. They are tireless, and they stick on the issues for exploitation, which concern the man in the street. They marshal strong sentiments, even hatred, then misdirect them. Cunning, and evil.


The U.S. Defence Secretary, Mr. Schlesinger, has discovered, at this stage of the Vietnam War, that it can't be won by "simply being involved endlessly in ancillary military efforts". Many senior service personnel of the U.S. Armed Services have been telling Presidents and advisers that since the first American serviceman set foot in Indo-China. Hanoi has recently warned the U.S.A. to get out of South Korea, or suffer a defeat and humiliation worse than that suffered in Vietnam and Cambodia. There isn't the slightest doubt that South Korea will be one of the next targets for a Communist thrust.

We believe that the International Communist Strategists were testing the will of the U.S.A. to resist them when they launched the recent knock-out in South Vietnam. Although the U.S.A. is talking tough on South Korea at the present time - heavy bombings, mine blockades, etc., actions, or rather lack of action, speaks more loudly than words. We still believe that the Communists will "test the water" soon in South Korea.

Monetary Royal Commission

Does this mean that the final decision as to money issue can be made by the Reserve Bank? Does the clause, "on such terms as it chooses", still hold good? The answer lies in Clause 9 of the Commonwealth Bank Act of 1945. "In the event of any difference of opinion between the Bank and the Government as to whether the monetary and banking policy of the Bank is directed to the greatest advantage of the people of Australia, the Treasurer and the Bank shall endeavour to reach agreement. If the Treasurer and the Bank are unable to reach agreement, the Treasurer may inform the Bank that the Government accepts responsibility for the adoption by the Bank of a policy in accordance with the opinion of the Government and will take such action (if any) within its powers as the Government considers to be necessary by reason of the adoption of that policy. The Bank shall then give effect to that policy.