Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke

Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
January 24 1975. Thought for the Week: "...the primary duty and responsibility of civilised man is to himself and his own society and it is a gross error to sacrifice civilised societies for the alleged good - and it is only alleged - of primitive peoples. Above all let us distinguish clearly between granting peoples independence - i.e. the right to manage their own affairs - and allowing them to prejudice ours. By no stretch of the imagination can action detrimental to highly developed peoples for the sake of the backward ones be conducive to human evolution."
A.T. Culwick and J. C. Oosthuizen in The Inequality Principle.


Adelaide - Nothing could be done to stop the collapse of Western economies, the Labor and Industry Minister, Mr. Cameron, said yesterday. 'I feel frustrated that no one can come up with a solution', he said. 'The stranglehold the multinationals have on the Western economies now is going to create the situation Karl Marx foresaw. I think Marx is going to be proved wrong only in his timetable." - The Sun, Melbourne, January 15th.

Mr. Clyde Cameron's long-time Socialist background is well known to students of Australian politics. He was also the man who charged that the League of Rights had even "infiltrated" into the Australian Security and Intelligence Organisation! He was also the man who said that if unemployment under a Labor Government exceeded 250,000, he would resign. Mr. Cameron the Socialist has, however, no intention of foregoing that generous Ministerial salary, plus the extras. If he genuinely believes that nothing can be done to prevent the collapse of the economy, then he should at least have the honesty to resign not only as a Minister, but also as a Member of Parliament, and cease taking the taxpayers' money.

Dr. Jim Cairns, has of course, been saying for some time that there is no possible answer to inflation while "the system" remains. Like Mr. Cameron, he sees that the growing economic crisis can be exploited to hasten the collapse of the free-enterprise system.

In a statement issued in Canberra on January 2nd, Mr. Cameron expressed confidence that unemployment would start to fall by March, one of the main reasons being "a crash programme starting this month to get thousands more into Government-aided employment." Mr. Cameron stressed that Regional Developmental Schemes would absorb 50,000 by June.

The Socialist strategy is clear: continue with inflation as the best way of wrecking the free-enterprise system, fostering the further growth of economic centralism while at the same time offering those displaced by the private sector of the economy a wide variety of Government employment. In this manner an increasing number of people will become dependent upon Government for their very existence.

As frankly stated by former Federal Treasurer Mr. Frank Crean, "Inflation is not singularly important. The Government has a commitment to carry out social reform." As we have constantly warned, inflation will not only continue at the present level, but will go even higher unless present financial policies are modified. Mr. Cameron and his colleagues keep on insisting that "no one can come up with a solution", fully aware that the Queensland Premier, Mr. J. Bjelke-Petersen, has put forward a limited but most constructive policy for reversing inflation, not merely modifying it.

The informed Marxists know that the basic cause of inflation has been known for over fifty years, and that that cause can readily be removed with benefit to all. But they also know that a financial policy, which reduced prices, would enable the free-enterprise system to operate at the service of the individual, and remove the cause of economic and social disintegration. The Marxists are terrified about the threat of the "Petersen Plan" to their revolutionary strategy. Mr. Cameron suggested in his prediction concerning economic collapse that if the Whitlam Government was allowed another twelve months free "from the constant threat of dismissal by the Senate to supply the money", it could solve Australia's problems. Then came the chilling comment that "But it doesn't seem the Senate is going to give us the right to run our term. If our system does collapse, I believe the laws will be made in the streets. The Mob will win."

The mob will not win, but those who manipulate the mob. Thanks, Mr. Cameron, for frankly confirming what we have warned about for years.


A row about Britain's membership of the European Economic Community and collective British Cabinet responsibility was threatened last night after an attack on Britain's Market membership by the Minister for Trade. Mr. Short's speech, which attacked Britain's experience of the E.E.C. in the fields of trade, agriculture and parliamentary sovereignty, was the first broadside in the pre-referendum campaign in Britain on E.E.C. membership. - The Australian, January 14th.

Before arriving in London on his recent international tour, Prime Minister Whitlam significantly first visited Brussels, headquarters for the European Economic Commission, and took it upon himself to criticise those British people - undoubtedly the great majority - who wish to withdraw from the Common Market. He used the threat if the British did withdraw, they could not look to Australia for new trading arrangements. This was but one more manifestation of Mr. Whitlam's anti-British Commonwealth sentiments and his support for supra-nationalism.
Mr. Whitlam should be asked where did he derive the right to seek to influence the British people against taking a first step towards the regenerating of unity and co-operation amongst the British peoples. If he faced the Australian electors at present he would be swept from office.

While in Brussels Mr. Whitlam urged that the Common Market should help the desperate Australian beef industry by buying Australian beef. This made good propaganda - or at least Mr. Whitlam hoped it did - back in Australia. But the reality is as outlined in Trade Minister Short's devastating attack on the Common Market.

All the predictions made by the pro-Marketeers concerning the advantages of being in the E.E.C., have proved disastrously wrong. And, said Mr. Shore, "Since last July the E.E.C. has been operating virtually a total ban on beef imports from Australia, Argentina, Eastern Europe and elsewhere because the imported beef is too cheap. If the Common Market prices were cheaper, why on earth do we have to pay heavy import taxes on New Zealand butter and Canadian cheese?"

If the British had maintained their complete sovereignty, they could at the present time have taken Australian beef if they wanted it. The drive to force the United Kingdom into the E.E.C. is a major feature of the strategy to break up the old British Commonwealth because that world was regarded by the international power groups as a major barrier to the establishment of the World State. Only the defeatists and traitors would deny that with the obvious failure of the Common Market, this is the time to work for the revival of a strong British Commonwealth of Nations.


Late last year Dr. Charles Huxtable of Sydney, representing the Australia-Rhodesia Society, attempted to have a rational T.V. discussion with a Rhodesian African presented as a student in Australia. In a most courteous and dignified manner Dr. Huxtable attempted with the aid of photographs to show what is well known: that African "freedom -fighters" have been conducting a campaign of murder and terror with Rhodesian Africans, including women and children, being the main victims. But the African student in a most irrational manner shouted that the Smith Government had been responsible for these shocking murders.

Rational discussion with this type of African is impossible. No one knows this better than Prime Minister Ian Smith of Rhodesia who, under intense international pressure exercised through South Africa, agreed late last year to enter into negotiations with Rhodesian African nationalists. Detainees were released on the understanding that the guerrilla warfare against Rhodesia ceased. But the murder and terror continued, with the Rhodesian Government predictably taking a firm stand.

Prime Minister Smith insisted that he would not be a party to "African majority rule." Majority rule has nothing to do with genuine democracy. It can only mean tyranny. And in Africa it has meant both tyranny and chaos. As Ivor Benson said in a brilliant speech published in the January issue of The Intelligence Survey, the European in Southern Africa can easily hold the line if he retains his confidence. The Africans as such present no challenge to law and order; it is the international forces using the Africans who are the real problem.

Now that Senator Ivor Greenwood, Liberal, Victoria, has said that the Opposition parties in Government would not oppose an Australian cricket team touring South Africa, we suggest that all Opposition Members be asked to give an assurance that if they form a Government they will immediately take steps to encourage better relations between Australia, South Africa and Rhodesia. This would help to encourage Rhodesians to continue holding the line against Communist strategy in Africa.


A British report from a usually reliable source states that while in the United Kingdom, Mr. Whitlam and Mr. Wilson discussed the question of Mr. John Stonehouse, still a Member of the British House of Commons but seeking to stay in Australia. Mr. Harold Wilson left no doubt that he and his colleagues would prefer that Mr. Stonehouse was not brought back to England. The British and Australian Socialists are engaged in a type of cover-up operation. There is more - much more -to the Stonehouse affair than has yet been publicised.

One of Dr. Cairns' current themes is that a major cause of Labor's electoral unpopularity is a failure to communicate adequately. Dr. Jim recently criticised the media for not giving the Australian people enough information to think things out for themselves, charging that the media was controlled by three or four men. The truth is that the Government, through the ABC, is the largest single owner of broadcast media outlets in Australia. It owns 57 percent of all TV stations and 41 percent of radio stations.

As revealed by Mr. Eric Butler in his Censored History, Russian Jews are treated as pawns in their Middle East strategy. The Soviet has suddenly repudiated the two-year-old Soviet - U.S.A. Trade Agreement. Most comment on this affair has claimed that the major cause of the breakdown was the refusal of the Soviet to permit a bigger Jewish exodus. But there is little doubt that the major reason is the failure of Washington to provide a much bigger flow of low-interest credit than the Soviet anticipated. Peter Costigan comments from Washington in The Herald Melbourne, January 18th, that for the Russians the Trade Agreement "was their ticket to superior American technology." If Mr. Costigan reads Antony Sutton's studies he will learn that the Soviet has had access to superior American technology for over 50 years. The Soviet wants the rate of existing economic blood transfusions increased. No doubt Nelson Rockefeller will attempt to help out!

U.S. Treasury Secretary, Mr. Simon, reports that the American unemployment rate is now nearly 8 percent. This is the result of the American "fight" against inflation, which gets no better. But Mr. Simon predicted that inflation would fall to about 7 percent at the end of the year. If the Ford programme is followed, events will prove Mr. Simon's prediction wrong.

The South Australian Dunstan Government is to ban South African Airways from advertising on State buses. This action is typical of the petty liberal-socialist mentality. There would be no objections, of course, to the Soviet using the South Australian buses for advertising purposes.

The Herald, Melbourne, has been running a campaign to encourage people to have a say on how they would deal with unemployment. A Managing Director writes: "Abolish payroll tax, This would allow all but the small employers to increase their staff by up to five percent without lifting costs. Our company certainly would do so." Pay Roll and Sales Taxes are both inflationary. Inflation cannot be reversed unless financial costs are reduced. The Federal Government could do this immediately.