Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke

Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
June 6 1975. Thought for the Week: "Freedom always faces dangers. A free people remains free only through daily acts of courage. A nation's bravery in war cannot atone for timidity in time of peace. We deny our freedom if we don't speak when there is something to be said."
Former Canadian Governor-General Vincent Massey.


"Paris, June 1 - World War III has already been fought and the West lost. This is the opinion of Soviet writer Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn. He said in an essay for the newspaper Le Monde that the third world war began immediately after the second and ended this year with the communist sweep in Indo-China. 'Two or three more decades of peaceful co-existence as glorious as the last and the very concept of the West will vanish from the earth', he said." - The Age, Melbourne, June 2nd.

The Great Russian exile has, with his usual brilliance, explained the reality of the world as it is, not as depicted by the mythmakers and wishful thinkers. As yet comparatively few have grasped the enormity of the American defeat in Vietnam. This was a defeat for the whole of the Western world. It badly shook the confidence of the Japanese who have progressively become dispirited about the American policy makers since the Kissinger-Nixon dramatic about-face on Red China without Japan being told. Thailand is convinced that, for the time being at least, the U.S.A. is a broken reed. President Marcos of the Philippines has reached the same conclusion.

It is generally anticipated that following the coming visit to Peking by President Marcos, formal diplomatic relations will be established between Red China and the Philippines. Solzhenitsyn observes "When we dwell on the past 30 years, we see them as a long, winding descent, nothing but a descent, ever downwards, nothing but a path towards weakness and decadence." This long descent has been graphically portrayed in The Red Pattern of World Conquest, by Eric D. Butler. (Price $1.33).

Solzhenitsyn fears that the descent will continue, and that eventually the United States will be fighting to defend itself. "Those young people who refused to bear the trials and anguish of the distant war in Vietnam will not have had time to pass into the reserves before they fall... in the defence of America", he says. However, in spite of the desperate plight of Civilisation the point of no return has yet to be reached.

As a result of the work of grass-roots organisations like the Australian League of Rights, there is a rapidly growing understanding that the retreat of the West has not been the result of the superiority of the Communist barbarians, but because of treachery in high places in the West. This treachery has now been thoroughly documented beyond all argument.

The works of the courageous British born research expert, Dr. Antony Sutton - National Suicide, $3.75 and Wall Street And The Bolshevik Revolution $9.00 - have proved that from the beginning the Communist barbarians have been the creatures of the Wall Street international financiers. They still are as witnessed by the warm endorsement of both Red China and the Soviet Union by Mr. David Rockefeller, chairman of the Chase Manhattan Bank as well as chairman of the semi-secret, influential Council on Foreign Relations.

David Rockefeller has written "The social experiment in China under Chairman Mao's leadership is one of the most important and successful in human history." This was in 1973 following the establishment of a branch of the Chase Manhattan Bank in Red China, the first Western bank to be opened for 24 years. The peoples of the West can save themselves by thoroughly exposing the traitors inside and by adopting financial policies, which will reverse the subversive inflationary policies, which are a major cause of the disintegration of non-Communist societies. The nation, which can constructively reverse inflation, will lead the major counter-offensive against the Communist advance. In his addresses since returning to Australia from his 1975 international tour, League of Rights National Director Eric Butler has expressed his confidence that Australians can save themselves by their own exertions and the rest of the world by their example.


"Adelaide - There was no room for small parties if Labor was to be defeated, the Leader of the Federal Opposition (Mr. Fraser) said on Saturday. Speaking at a Liberal Party ball at Minlaton, he said that anti-Labor forces must speak with a united voice. 'In 1949 Labor was in office because there were many small anti-socialist parties which resulted in a split in the anti-socialist vote', Mr. Fraser said....Mr. Fraser said time was just as critical today as it was in 1949 when Labor's nationalisation policies were threatening the way of life in Australia." - The Age, Melbourne, June 2nd. I

f Mr. Fraser has been reported correctly, he is a little astray concerning Australian political history. The then Mr. R. G. Menzies led the Liberal Party at the 1946 Federal Elections, promising tax reductions. The Chifley Labor Government survived with a comfortable majority. It was only when the bank nationalisation issue exploded that Australian electors became really concerned about the threat of socialisation. There were other factors, including the growing inflation rate which stemmed from the Chifley Government's phasing out of consumer price subsidies, assisting the Liberal and Country parties. While the fear of socialisation played some part in the defeat of the Federal labor Government in 1949, it was the promise that the hated petrol rationing would be abolished, and that "the shillings would be put back into the pound" by the reduction in all taxation and the restoration of consumer price discounts, which enabled sufficient electoral support to be rallied in favour of the Liberal-Country party coalition. .

Mr. Fraser and his colleagues would do well to recall that the Menzies-Fadden Government was forced to retreat from firm pre-election promises by the opposition of the economic "experts" headed by Fabian-Socialist Dr. H. C. Coombs. As yet Mr. Fraser has given no firm commitments on any basic issue. We have heard of no definite programme for reversing inflation, or for dismantling the Socialist bureaucracy immediately upon being elected. If Mr. Fraser will listen to what electors are saying, he will find that a large number are extremely hostile against the Whitlam Government and that they propose to vote for a change of Government, but that they have no confidence that he is going to lead a Government which will do much better than the Whitlam Government.

They are desperate people. If the Opposition parties had a definite constructive programme, they would have no difficulty whatever of speaking with a united voice. And they would find themselves backed by an enthusiastic and united electorate. In the absence of a lead from Mr. Fraser and his colleagues, we must recommend that electors unite in insisting upon a genuine anti-Socialist programme, including a reversal of inflation, and that all anti-Socialist candidates, irrespective of their labels, be asked to endorse it. It would be dangerously irresponsible for Australian electors to vote Mr. Fraser, Mr. Anthony and their colleagues into office without first insisting upon firm commitments. But if they do, they will pay a heavy price for their irresponsibility. And Mr. Fraser, irrespective of his intentions, will preside over an even more convulsive state of affairs than those developing under the Whitlam Government.


"Canberra - Dr. Cairns will be replaced as Treasurer - before even bringing down his first budget. This became certain today when Dr. Cairns conceded in Caucus the Prime Minister's right to allocate portfolios....By yielding the fight to keep the Treasury, Dr. Cairns saved the Labor Party from a major crisis. The Caucus secretary, Mr. Lamb, said today that Dr. Cairns told Caucus he had been asked to accept removal from the Treasury portfolio. 'He said he refused to entertain the idea yesterday, but had thought about it and had reconsidered overnight', Mr. Lamb said." - The Herald, Melbourne, June 3rd. When Prime Minister Whitlam appointed Dr. Cairns to replace Mr. Frank Crean as Treasurer last December, he said, "In my view, Dr. Cairns is the man best able to be Treasurer."

It may be that Mr. Whitlam was speaking with his tongue in his cheek, realising that by making Dr. Cairns personally responsible for financial policy, this would eventually help to downgrade his most dangerous rival. It is certainly true that the Cairns supporters looked hopefully to the former lecturer in economics to improve the finance-economic situation, thus helping to ensure that they survived. But the situation has worsened and Dr. Cairns is no longer the hero he was. And so Mr. Whitlam has been able to force Dr. Cairns to accept his order to move from the Treasury. It is certain that Mr. Hayden will do no better.

As we have stressed with monotonous regularity, while present financial policies are imposed, generating increasing debt, taxation and inflation, changing politicians and Cabinet Ministers cannot halt the mounting disasters afflicting all nations. The Whitlam Government is an increasingly desperate Government and we can expect increasing internal feuding as the situation rapidly worsens. There could be another major split.

Dr. Cairns, the old Marxist is well aware of what could happen. He knows how to perform the dialectical step backwards when necessary, in order to advance again later. He also understands the essence of psychological warfare, of how to threaten to produce a major crisis situation, and then at the moment of high tension to cast himself in the role of the healer. And so the man who threatened to defy Prime Minister Whitlam and produce a major crisis for the Labor Government, decided after a night of thinking it over, to arise to address his colleagues on the necessity for "unity."

Many were extremely grateful for what was described as a "magnificent" achievement. Especially grateful are those fellow Ministers who feared for their positions - and those Ministerial salaries and extras! - If Dr. Cairns had resigned and a "spill" of all Cabinet positions had resulted. Dr. Cairns is well placed to take advantage of coming convulsions. As for the pleasant, self-effacing but quite innocuous Lance Barnard, he obviously had enough sense to realise that his political days were numbered. He opted out before the Labor Government is struck by the storms ahead, seeking sanctuary in a secure diplomatic position. We have no doubt that Gough Whitlam will seek the same type of sanctuary when he realises that the Australian electors have had enough of him.


This year's League national weekend in Melbourne will come immediately after the Federal Budget, and at a time when the League's nation-wide programme is running at the highest pitch ever. It will be a weekend devoted to all aspects of the crisis through which we are passing. On Friday, September 19th, all hard-core supporters will come together at the unique annual function, The New Times Annual Dinner. This is an evening of re-dedication, fellowship and inspiration.
In keeping with the nature of the crisis-facing Civilisation, the theme of the League's Annual National Seminar on Saturday, September 20th, will be "Christianity and The Social Order". Three top-line speakers will present Papers. An appropriate moving film will be shown during the Dinner recess. The Seminar will feature the widest range of literature ever presented at a League Seminar. Two Papers will be presented in the afternoon and one in the evening. Sunday, September 21st, will start with Divine Service in the morning, and the whole of the day devoted to action and organisational programmes. Special Papers will be presented with adequate time for in depth discussion.
A feature of the national weekend is the family spirit. Private hospitality can be provided for all interstate and Victorian country supporters who require it. But early bookings are essential for forward planning. New Times bookings can only be accepted if accompanied by a $6.50 donation. Entrance to the Seminar is $2 a person, $2 for married couples. Those attending the Action Seminar on the Sunday will be charged one dollar only, this to cover lunch provided at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Eric Butler. Plan NOW to be present at this year's National weekend. And learn of the tremendous strides being made by the League. And what YOU can do to be more effective.


The manner, in which Mr. John Gorton left the Liberal Party to attempt to stage a "come-back" to political power, is further confirmation of the real nature of this man. One would have thought that even in political parties there are some elementary courtesies, which are respected. At the very least John Gorton might have called together all those who had worked so loyally for him in his electorate, and told them of what he was going to do. But he left the Liberal Party to read of his departure in the press. It will be disastrous if Mr. John Gorton is re-elected to the Senate and has the balance of power. He is being carefully cultivated by Prime Minister Whitlam at present.

Immediately following their success in Portugal, the Communist are intensifying their subversion in neighbouring Spain, this being directed towards destroying the Franco Government. A large number of younger army officers are suspected of being sympathetic to the Communists. Informed observers believe that a coup against the Franco Government could be attempted before the end of the year.

We trust that Australians have noted the manner in which rival African "nationalist" politicians and supporters in Rhodesia have resorted to traditional violence amongst themselves. These are the people Mr. Whitlam says should have immediate power in Rhodesia. Taxpayers should protest against any policy to use their taxes to subsidise Communist-backed terrorists in Mozambique to attempt to throttle Rhodesia.