Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke

Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
June 13 1975. Thought for the Week: "An informed people are one of the best guarantees of a continuing democracy."
Harry F. Banks.


"Mr. (Enoch) Powell, who broke with the Conservative Party on the Market issue, said the referendum was 'merely provisional." The Herald (Melbourne) June 7th.

The real issues of Britain's membership of the European Economic Community have always been studiously ignored by the mass media, and the politicians who are in general cowed by the organs of the media. Dr. Geoffrey Dobbs put the issue clearly in his article - "The Referendum - What is its Purpose?" - as published in the League's monthly "Intelligence Survey" (May '75).

He says: - "This, then, is the issue, and the only issue, on which we ought to be consulted, and to express our collective will in the approaching Referendum: Do we, or do we not, consent to the transfer of the powers of government over our lives and those of our posterity (if any) from our elected Parliament and other Institutions to the Institutions of the E.E.C.? To put it more shortly: Do we consent to foreign rule?"

The politicians of all parties, and the mass media have harped and harped for more than twenty years on what are really irrelevant issues. Trade, commerce, economics, etc., etc., etc. Employment. All have been soundly thrashed. But such issues can change overnight: and will in due course. But the surrender of a nation's sovereignty is for an indefinite period.

Mr. Enoch Powell is bearing in mind realities which have been studiously ignored by others: the long historical tradition in Britain of British sovereignty, British Common Law, Parliamentary traditions - a host of issues which the modern Briton just takes for granted. He is also fully aware of the implications of the voting pattern at the Referendum. One third of eligible voters did not vote at all, and of the numbers that did vote one third of those voted "No." All this adds up to apathy and confusion.

Enoch Powell, (and ourselves also) are strongly of the opinion that the two thirds of voters who voted "Yes" to the Market were voting on the false issues which have been fed to them by the mass media, parroted by the politicians. The mass media played the usual mysterious role in fostering and furthering the Communist "scare" on the Market issue.

British On Target (May 17th had this to say: - "Loyal Conservative Party hacks are to be seen rushing around the countryside telling as many people as they can that 'if we come out of the Common Market we will be taken over by the Communists'. The mass media, in such strange harmony, dutifully report these antics, in the process some people actually finish up believing them". The same type of 'dodge" was practised by the British Labor Party. The Left wing of the Labor Party was identified with anti-Marketism. Even outrageous Leftist threats were made against pension funds, and funds to private patients under the National Health Service in order to steer Tory and moderate votes into the pro-Brussels camp. Collusion? Most certainly! The mass media: the politicians: Big finance behind them both.

The Conspiracy
In spite of all this farrago of deceit, realities will assert themselves. The British man in the street will bristle with indignation as he sees the Britain in which he grew up slowly shifting from under him. Especially as he copes more and more with the disappearing value of his pound; that is if he has a job which will provide him with an income. But the forces of inflation are simultaneously striking in the other member countries of the Common Market, and Germans will look after Germans, and Frenchmen will look after Frenchmen as the economies of these countries steadily deteriorate.

Historic animosities will re-assert themselves as the Italian takes the Dutchman's job, and Belgian farmers are idle and without sufficient income because Belgium is required by the High Priests of the Common Market to take Danish butter. Thus do stupid men belabour themselves in their efforts to make work the unworkable. But, the Devil's Brew is the result of a policy, a policy that is advanced by the forces manipulating the politicians, the mass media, Big Finance.


It was left to the new Treasurer, (Mr. Hayden) and Minister for Labour (Senator James McClelland) to remind Australians of the unpleasant economic realities". - The Age, (Melbourne) June 10th. We are not sure what Gough Whitlam thinks Mr. Bill Hayden is going to do, now that he is the Prime Minister's current favorite, along with Senator James McClelland. Poor old Frank Crean, the stodgy but pleasant bookkeeper, was sent for the high jump. Exit Treasurer number one, Mr. Crean was a "Treasury man" to his boot-heels. Inflation was due to "too much money chasing too few goods" and all that: so skim it off with higher taxation and higher interest rates: a significant reduction in Government spending. The inevitable recession, with an alarming rise of unemployment was the politically disastrous result for the Canberra Socialists.

Enter Treasurer number two
Dr. Jim Cairns, the smooth-talking, very "rational", urbane Marxist began to run up unprecedented deficits in order to get that unemployment down. That unemployment had to come down at all costs: all else was subsidiary. Naturally, it (unemployment) is the key to electoral viability. As long as the Canberra Socialists can pour out the money for the mob, they opine that they can't be shifted from the Treasury benches. But the unemployment is sticking in a way that it shouldn't. The Cabal Whitlamesque didn't reckon on the workings of a high inflation.

The short summation of the current economic situation in Australia is that high inflation has eroded business confidence: no more staff; that new expensive automatic machine (to dispense with more staff in the future) must wait till next year, at least. Smith's Engineering down the road has closed its doors after 35 years of manufacturing. The old man has passed on, and Smith junior couldn't meet the probate unless he sold up. Seven tradesmen are now looking for jobs. Automatic Wireworkers Pty. Ltd. was doing quite well. The bank manager was happy with its progress and its owner-manager was "Bill" .He isn't "Bill" now. The show has closed: the three competent sales representatives were laid off. They sold to many firms like Smith's Engineering. Costs beat "Bill" of Automatic Wireworkers. The wages bill kept going up, up, up insurance, telephone, rent: the interest of that overdraft. And then those tariff cuts knocked the prices of his locally manufactured machines around.

And so it goes on. This type of situation is the one obtaining at the present time, but the situation will grow more chaotic as we slip into an era of hyperinflation. This will hit around the end of this year (1975). It has by no means escaped our notice that the real reason for a possible Double Dissolution of Parliament, which could occur this year, will be to allow the weak Opposition under Mr. Malcolm Fraser to flounder and be politically destroyed by hyperinflation. Dr. Cairns, that Marxist dialectician has the resiliency to stage another comeback, and win hands-down with his Marxist Six -point Plan. It is ready for implementation whenever the Will is there.

But even Dr. Jim Cairns has not been able to slash that unemployment, and the Treasury and Reserve Bank whiz kids are warning, again, that hyper-inflation is about to burst. Now it's Dr. Cairns' turn for the high jump.! Who have we got now? Why, Mr. Bill Hayden. And what is he going to do? He is a bitter Socialist with a healthy Socialist's envy and dislike of anyone who has amounted to anything. He will tear everyone and everything down to one common level.

These Socialists are like the Fox That Lost Its Tail in one ofAesop's Fables. Remember the Fox that lost its tail and strove to persuade all other animals to chop off their tails so that they would all be like him? Mr. Hayden is talking about "tough budgets" "stimulating the private sector", "curbing public spending". More or less back to poor old Frank Crean. How Mr. Hayden will stimulate the private sector whilst increasing taxation, and possibly raising interest rates etc., will indeed be interesting to witness. Of course, he won't! But he probably thinks that he will. Mr. Whitlam is growing desperate and is shuffling his Treasurers like a pack of cards; but all they can do is to tinker with effects over which they have little control, really. That is, under the modern finance-economic "conventions".

Mr. Bill Hayden is Gough Whitlam's third Treasurer in 2.5 years. If Mr. Whitlam has thirty Treasurers, the results will be the same: inevitable hyper-inflation accompanied by commercial and industrial fragmentation, leading to political collapse and revolution, It's not written in the stars, but in the finance economic arithmetic, studiously ignored by the economic 'scientists."


We have been taken with a small publication, which came into our hands from Dublin, Eire. Published by "Irish Family League Publications", we presume it is connected somehow or other with the Catholic Church in Eire. Not that this has any particular bearing on the interesting information within it. This little publication mentions, of all things an Australian publication, the "Holy Name Monthly", which we are sure would be a publication of a Catholic Church sodality in Australia.

We quote: "The advocates of the Permissive Society have devised a very effective technique in altering social laws. It has been effective in the United Kingdom and in Southern Australia, and has been described in detail by the reformers. Basically there are three stages: -
Stage 1... Public controversy is promoted in the mass media about the particular issue (e.g. divorce "reform", abortion, racial discrimination)
Stage 2. .Is concerned to "prove" that what is advocated is already freely accepted, and that public opinion favours reform of the laws.
Stage 3... Is the parliamentary phase, which includes the introduction of a private member's Bill and a "free conscience" vote coupled with the isolation of opponents who are labeled fanatics or Catholics who are trying to impose their moral views on the community?

Virtually the same techniques are employed through all Western countries to break down traditional conservative values and standards: a common policy runs through all of them. We again remind supporters who wish to have a firmer grasp of the techniques of subversion to study "Theory of Subversive Action", by the Belgian expert of subversion, Roger Cosyns-Verhaegen. Price: 84 cents post free, from all League offices.


Senator Chief Chirau of Rhodesia issued a most important statement in Salisbury on May 28th, on behalf of the Council of Chiefs. Chief Chirau states that the Council of Chiefs speaks for the great majority of Africans, and that the much-publicised African National Council is not representative. The statement condemns the ANC for aiding terrorist activities against the African people. The Chiefs are extremely critical of some Church spokesmen. Chief Chirau says, "My one great wish is that detente will end as quickly as possible. I have come to hate the sound of this word. It has enabled recruiting for terrorism to speed up. It has increased authorities....The longer this exercise continues the more difficult does the position of the Chiefs become. I am convinced that it is in the interests of the country to put an end to this exercise."
We have seen no mention in the media of this important statement by the Rhodesian Council of Chiefs. The full text of the statement will appear in the July issue of The Intelligence Survey.

Mr. H. W. Herbert, a Queensland economist, who has a regular column in a Brisbane newspaper, made an interesting observation in "The Sunday Mail" May 25th. He says: - "Unlike some other sections of the community bank depositors do not threaten direct action, such as the withdrawal of their deposits in cash, which would close all banks and disrupt the economy."
We are not certain what Mr. Herbert means, but if he means that bank deposits (including all overdrafts) are not covered by cash, then we do agree with him. There are still (yes, in 1975) people about who believe that banks lend their deposits. Banks do not lend their deposits, but use same as "liquidity": the basis for loans. In the near future the League will be re-issuing a book once known as "It's Time They Knew". The re-edited re-named publication deals in detail with the subject of money creation. We shall advise when the book is ready for sale.

High business circles around the world are rumbling with a demand for new accounting methods to compensate for inflation. Accountants are right enough when they point out that traditional accounting methods in an era of high inflation, with hyperinflation just around the corner, are unrealistic. One newspaper article instances stock valuations. Whilst the physical stock on hand may stay constant for a 12 months period, the financial value will have risen 20% or more, in the same period. In financial terms this is a nice profit: in reality it's only a paper gain, reflecting inflation. But the profit is taxable; there's the rub! And many small, and/or "shaky" companies are going, and will go to the wall because of this.
The Mathews Committee has urged on the Government new accounting procedures to allow business "compensation" for inflation. Brazil is one country, which has allowed this. We have our doubts that the Socialists will follow suit. They don't want private enterprise to survive.

Monetary Reform

It would seem that the Government would have little difficulty if it wanted to introduce a policy of issuing deficiency money directly to consumers. But as we remarked before, things are never as simple in real life as they are in fairy tales. Proposals for reform of any kind have always met with opposition at first. It seems to be human nature to regard new ideas with suspicion, and this suspicion is always vigorously encouraged by those who have a vested interest in keeping things as they are. Any government which attempted to reform the monetary system would be up against the most powerful vested interests of all - those who derive their power from owning and dealing with large amounts of money, and whose power would be diminished if money were to become less coveted by being made more easily available.
No government will be able to make this reform until a great many voters understand that it is possible, and are prepared to support the government, which introduces it. It is to be hoped that this understanding and support will not be too long in eventuating, because with every increase in mechanisation and automation, the need becomes more urgent for some means of distributing money without it having to go through industry as wages.