Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke

Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
August 15 1975. Thought for the Week: "Law is no more made by lawyers than language by grammarians. Law is the natural moral product of a people.... the persistent customs of a nation, springing organically from its past and present. Even statute law lives in the general consensus of the people.
Savigny (1779 1861) in Theory of Organic and Natural Law.


"Australia had never had a nuclear weapons programme, but it would be the height of folly not to start such a programme now. - Sir Philip Baxter, in The Australian, August 9th.

Sir Philip is the former head of the Australian Atomic Energy Commission. He is advocating that Australia's highly sophisticated F-111 fighter-bombers be equipped with tactical nuclear bombs to provide a strike force powerful enough to destroy an enemy invasion. We couldn't agree more. We cannot really envisage that Australia's enormous coast-line could be protected from invasion unless we do have such a force as advocated by Sir Philip, who also said that: "People in Australia are living in a fool's paradise if they believe the country will be free from outside attack for at least another ten years.

As we write, the ferment in East Timor is changing the whole situation there. We warned months ago, in these pages that International Communism would play every ace it has to get its hands on East Timor. The Communists, aided by concealed Communists in Canberra in one or more of the tiers of Government, ideologues and fools have been striving to prevent East Timor coming under the control of the anti-Communist (at present) Government of Indonesia. The Communists want East Timor "independent" ("independently" shackled to Moscow), or tied to Portugal, which amounts to the same thing.

We wouldn't be surprised at all if both Moscow and Peking were stirring frantically in East Timor to beat each other to the "prize". Moscow doesn't want Peking in this part of the world, and vice-versa. We think that the "prize" is more likely to go to Moscow, via Lisbon, because of traditional historic links. There is no comfort for Australia, whatever the outcome.

We can expect a Communist base (military and/or naval) in East Timor well within ten years. Sir Philip Baxter is dead right: we are in real peril. The breast-beating of the ideologues about the spread of nuclear weapons is as phony as it is stupid. There are never any moratoriums, with Dr. Jim Cairns in the van, on the issues of Moscow and/or Peking aggression and expansion. Dr. Jim's latest "effort" was the anti-nuclear walk from Frankston to Melbourne. This is part, we feel, of the build-up in the Communist campaign, within Australia: to prevent the development of Australian nuclear weapons in order that we may protect ourselves from invasion and conquest.

It is highly probable that other nations now have nuclear weapons. Israel, we think, almost certainly has a nuclear strike force, to keep Egypt in line. Sir Philip Baxter says that Japan has nuclear weapons: he is sure of it. India probably has nuclear weapons. We say again, that Australia must have a nuclear strike force; and the sooner the better.


Writing in The Bulletin (August 2nd) a former Editor of the Fabian prestige journal, The New Statesman, Paul Johnson, harangued British Prime Minister, Harold Wilson, for the disastrous path now being followed by Britain. The barren dishonesty of the Fabian programme is now revealed in its naked reality. Johnson was commenting on Wilson's latest economic white paper (how many have there been through the post-war years?)

"The White paper is a brilliant mixture of high sentiment and low cunning....cannot work, and Wilson must know it....I do not believe the Wilson measures will staunch the wounds inflicted on our currency, or the downward plunge of all the indices of the British economy. This kind of halfway house to statutory controls might conceivably have worked a year ago. Now it is far too late. Step by step the government will be driven toward using criminal sanctions against excessive wage increases....The frightening gap between Britain and other industrial competitors is likely to widen very fast from 1976 onwards. Even at present, our inflated workforce is only kept in "employment" by enormous expenditure of taxpayers' cash, by the reckless printing of money, and by profligate borrowing from abroad. The security of course is North Sea oil. But this is already to a great extent mortgaged, and we shall eventually reach the point where the value of our projected annual oil production will be inadequate even to pay interest on our debts. Before that, I imagine, Harold Wilson and much else will have been swept away in a general constitutional landslide."

Mr. Johnson the Fabian has a novel answer to the crisis - particularly for a socialist. He believes the Trade Unions must be smashed. With 'friends' like the Fabians, the workers need no enemies!


Since the exile of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, Andrei Sakharov, a world-renowned nuclear physicist, has assumed the leading role of dissent in the Soviet Union. In a recently published essay "My Country and the World", Sakharov has slammed the West for its groveling compromise with Communism, making the following points:
"The world press is full of articles about inflation, the fuel crisis, growing unemployment. But I would like to say: you in the West do not have your backs to the wall; even if you reduced your standard of living to One-fifth of what it is, you would still be better off than people in the world's wealthiest socialist country. Workers in the Soviet Union have the right neither to strike nor to appeal to higher authorities. For years, fishermen in the Murmansk area have been ruthlessly shortchanged on their pay and forced to pay bribes for permits to put out to sea. They have been fighting back, but so far the only result is that many of the protesters have been fined or confined to psychiatric hospitals. This year Easter Sunday was declared a working day. No one dared protest except two priests, one of whom was arrested. The average apartment building in this country resembles a low-income housing project in America, though ours has fewer conveniences and is more crowded. In most parts of the country, one has to stand in line for hours to get meat, and even then it is sometimes not fit for a dog..."
(Except for Australian beef, sold to the Communists for give-away prices - or is that only for the Red Army? - ED.)


In an exclusive article in The Australian, August 4th, '75 "My view of the economy", Dr. Cairns anticipated the disaster, which will follow the Budget, and has started countering the Whitlam backstab with a "don't-blame-me" stance. Dr. Cairns correctly described some of the necessary measures now required, including tax-cuts, and a stimulation of demand. He slated the Postal increases as any shrewd politician would. However, when describing how to stimulate the economy while cutting taxes at the same time, all the old Marxist thinking was apparent. Dr. Cairns believes that an even bigger deficit is justified. To use such a deficit in the best way possible, Dr. Cairns advocates a "social contract".

To quote him: "What is involved is nothing less than the allocation of national income and resources. How much in wages? How much to the community in lower prices? How much to industry for future expansion?" Dr. Cairns went on to say: Each of these is vital and for a solution we need machinery within industry, not institutions and government outside industry".

How would Dr. Cairns bring Government "Within industry?" We'll give you one guess. In fact, Rex Connor is already working on it, and will need at least $4,000 million - from Arabs, or old-fashioned international financiers - to start on the programme for nationalisation.


"Action for World Development has followed with interest the recent passage of the Racial Discrimination Bill (1975), and Torres Strait Islander (Queensland Discriminatory Laws) Bill (1975) in the National Parliament". - from a letter to the Editor, Brisbane Sunday Mail, July 20th.

The letter appeared over the signature of the Rev. Dr. Noel Preston, Action for World Development, and we were in no way surprised that Action for World Development endorsed the iniquitous, tyrannical Racial Discrimination Bill; it's what we would have expected. Incidentally, the Racial Discrimination Act (no longer a Bill, as it received the Royal Assent on June 11th.) is almost certainly unconstitutional, and when challenged in the High Court (as it will be eventually: Mr. Keppel Enderby, Federal Attorney-General, has so stated) will almost certainly be declared invalid. We agree that it will be challenged in the High Court of Australia - the only element of doubt is when.

We have had quite a deal to say concerning Action for World Development in these pages in recent years. It is a giant brain-wash operation, backed to the hilt by the World Council of Churches and which exploits the sincere Christian sentiments of thousands with a view to embedding a false guilt-complex in the consciences of Christians, which in turn will be responsible for the easier promotion of subversive propaganda; e.g. the anti-Rhodesian, anti-South African "offensives", and all that flows from these to the detriment of and outright danger to Australia.

We do not subscribe to the equalitarian dogma that all men are created equal. They are not. No two men of any one race are the same. It is ridiculous! Subversives and their dupes are fond of asserting, "All men are equal in the sight of God". So they are: but the equality exists in God's sight, and not in Man's world! What Christians should, no doubt, be striving for is a world in which all men of all races can have some sort of equal opportunity for self-development; and the "wicked" South Africans have made some sort of an attempt to allow the Bantu, unhappy in the white man's environment, to develop in their own way, at their own pace. This is what the South Africans call Apartheid - a red rag to the indoctrinated bull. This is seen as evil; especially by those who know nothing about the real problems, which are thrown up when a sophisticated race of people lives side by side with primitive races.

It is easy for a cunning and brilliant Enemy to exploit the emotions of sincere people who have no experience at all of such problems. Those who have stayed a little time in such areas of the world have an entirely different picture to that painted by the Conspiracy's propaganda machines -the mass media.

One paragraph of the Rev. Dr. Noel Preston's letter read so wildly that we read it again and again, just to make sure that it was really in print. It read:- "We refute the contention that good race relations cannot be legislated. Legislation will play a significant part, as it has in Britain and the U.S.A. in the struggle for civil rights of racial minorities".

The racial climate in the U.S.A. is now worse than it has ever been in history. Race riots are taking place all the time, and only a few days ago there was a race riot so serious that it even made the pages of the mass media, which now suppress "unwelcome" news to some extent. In Britain the climate is just about as bad, but the character of the people is different. As the economic conditions of Britain further deteriorate, then we shall expect racial frictions to burst into flames.

Lest it be smugly assumed that the poison of the Racial Discrimination Act has now been expelled from the Australian body politic, Mr. Keppel Enderby's summarising of the Bill (now Act) in Parliament on June 3rd, is instructive: -..."the legislation, even in its amended form, still has a number of features that constitute an improvement on the legislation of many other countries. "...the Commissioner (who will be Mr. Al Grassby) is cast in the role of an independent conciliator... (who) will have the power to promote programmes of education and research. . .The legislation will allow damages for distress caused by humiliation". (on application to courts).

In Brief

Alger Hiss, a name that many of the younger generation will find unfamiliar, has been reinstated to the Massachusetts State Barr. Alger Hiss was one of the chief architects of the United Nations, and secretary-general of the San Francisco Conference of 1945, which set up the "World Body". A Communist spy, he was convicted of perjury in the now historic trial involving Whittaker Chambers, who wrote the (also now historic) book- "Witness". Hiss was also one of President Roosevelt's key advisers at the infamous Yalta Conference of 1945 at which Churchill and Roosevelt agreed to Eastern Europe being sold down the river to Moscow.

West Germany has the lowest inflation rate of any country in the Western World, viz. 6% yet its unemployment rate is 4.5% the same as ours (at the moment). The unemployment rate in Australia will probably double in the next twelve months; a 10% unemployment rate by this time next year won't surprise us. AND with a 25% plus inflation rate. The West Germans have so far been able to hold their inflation rate down because of a higher productivity than other Western nations. But productivity doesn't prevent inflation: it just means that we run faster on the treadmill to slip less to the rear. Australia is slipping backwards at an alarming rate.

We've heard that song before! Yes Mr. Fraser, the leader of the Opposition. (The Age, August 1st,) said that a Liberal Government would restructure personal income tax scales to "put earnings back into the hands of individuals". This reminds us somewhat of the famous cliché of Sir Robert Menzies, when as Mr. Menzies; he was the Leader of the Opposition in 1949, and campaigning to remove a Labor Government, which had been in office for many years. Mr. Menzies was campaigning on "putting shillings back into the pound. " We wonder if Mr. Fraser will have any more luck with his "earnings" than Mr. Menzies had with his "shillings". We are not too optimistic!

Government Borrowing

When it is considered that the finance for capital expenditure on all public works and public utilities carries this cumulative interest burden, and that the only source of money to pay off both capital and interest is the tax and revenue drawn from the community's money supply (which also came into existence as borrowings at interest) it is not difficult to see why the national and state debts run into thousands of millions of dollars, and why there seems to be no hope of ever reversing their continual climb. Governments, for their part, seem content to allow the funded debt to run on and keep adding to it year after year. Much of this debt is many years old, and some of the assets upon which it is owed have no doubt ceased to exist. Already, well over 30% of national income goes to the Government in taxes. How much higher can taxation go before the whole system collapses?