Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke

Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
October 17 1975. Thought for the Week: "Familial love, the code of amity, the maternal impulse - these are the instinctual underpinnings that have made the home and humanity possible. Extended to the world at large, they often produce surprisingly different effects. Universal love encourages oppressors to do their worst. Universal forgiveness keeps the habitual criminal out of jail, so he can keep compounding his wrongdoing. Humanitarianism within the group is a constructive bond that increases the chance of survival. But when politicians and diplomats start appealing to it, how many crimes are committed in its name.
Wilmot Robertson, in the Essay. "A Second Life For Women", in Ventilations.


"The Shadow Attorney-General, Senator Greenwood, yesterday accused eight law professors of partisan politics. - The Sun, (Melbourne) October 13th.

This is by no means the first time that certain academics, from various Australian universities, have given united voice to the defence of the Whitlam Government. Senator Greenwood commented: "It (their published letter) has all the earmarks of the 'lawyers for Labor' confidence trick played by the Government's publicity officers in previous election campaigns".

Senator Greenwood's charge is that these academics (all in the field of law) are using, or rather abusing, their academic standing in the community for partisan political reasons. The professors claim that the Federal Opposition should not use the Senate to block Supply and so trigger another Federal Election, as this, in their opinion, would be "constitutional impropriety", and would be harmful to our system of government. Senator Greenwood asserts that the professors are putting forward a mere political opinion, and are not advancing any proposition of law.

Professor Colin Howard, of Melbourne University, says that they (the professors) are experts in the field of (constitutional) law, which Senator Greenwood is not. So what?! They aren't talking about specific points of constitutional law - they are talking about political opinions. Senator Greenwood is correct.

Professor Colin Howard doesn't impress us one little bit with his statement, as published in The Herald (Melbourne) October 13th, concerning the "unwritten rule which states that only the elected representatives of the people have the right to govern and the right of say, when it comes to budgetary and Supply measures". Furthermore, says Professor Colin Howard, the Senate does not represent the people, it represents the States.

Whilst we cannot put ourselves forward as experts on the Australian Constitution, commonsense dictates that "unwritten rules" do not have force in a written constitution, as is the Australian Constitution. In addition, are not States made up of people? And Senators elected? This is the Socialist mind at work. The State has an entity of its own, above and separate to the individual!

We reject the Socialist ideal. The State is made up of individuals, and should be the servant of the individual: the opposite, Socialist ideal is, in reality, a perversion. Senator Greenwood has also deplored the recent ruling by the High Court, which upheld legislation giving the Northern Territory, and the Australian Capital Territory Senate representation (two senators each). Ex-Senator Lionel Murphy (now Mr. Justice Murphy) was intimately connected with this legislation, and has now voted in favour of it. This is an assault on the objectivity of the judiciary. Senator Greenwood is correct again.

As we go to press the Khemlani-Connor loans "affair" is at white heat again, and Mr. Fraser may well decide that this is the straw to break the camel's back, and so force the expected Federal Election. The Whitlam Government has produced one disaster after another in its three-year life. It has clearly lost the support of the Australian people, and all the synchronised crowing of academics should not disguise the fact. It is high time that the Whitlam Government was put "on the mat" before its boss - the Australian electorate - for judgment, and corrective action.


Supporters will recall that Senator A.P. Field was appointed, amid a storm from Labor ranks, to fill the Senate vacancy left by the death of the late A.L.P. Senator Milliner. He was appointed by the Government of Queensland. Senator Field recently communicated his views on major topical issues to some of our number in Queensland, which demonstrates to us that he is an honest man, plain and humble. His instincts are sound. We would far, far, prefer to have a plain honest man in the Government of our land, than a brilliant scoundrel, all the more dangerous because of his brilliance. We have space only for some more important extracts from Senator Field's communication.
"With regard to Mr. Petersen's Anti-Inflationary Plan, I must admit that I have not studied it, and am unable to give a concrete view in this respect"...."I most certainly do not believe in abortion on demand, or legalised abortion. To my mind, the only time that I would condone abortion is as a direct result of a rape attack". . . . "I am totally against the encouragement of homosexuality, lesbianism, and any behaviour that would appear to be abnormal". . . . "I do not believe in easy come, easy go, marriage; as I firmly believe in the sanctity of marriage and the home as an important basis for family life". . . . "Yes, I do see Socialism as a serious danger to our freedom; after all it is a form of Dictatorship, which I do not agree with". . . . "With regard to the Senate, I believe that they are doing their duty, I also believe in the State's rights".
Senator Field will do us.


The following letter appeared in the Courier-Mail (Brisbane) on October 7th. The correspondent's name and address were supplied:
"Nothing proves with greater clarity the domination of the world press by Communist influence then the outcry against General Franco in recent days. Also established is a new moral principle: murder is not murder when it is committed by Communist terrorist groups masquerading as 'liberationists'.
"I was particularly struck by the anguish suffered by the Prime Minister of Sweden, whose country does not permit murder per se, but whose law allows experimentation on aborted fetuses and abortion on demand.
"The report that Mexico will move for the expulsion of Spain from the United Nations for the denial of human rights of political gangsters must be proof of how far international reason has become deformed.
"Last March the whole city of Phnom Penh was forcefully evacuated by the victorious Communists: two million people, sick, crippled, and aged. Where were the humanitarian protestors then? But of course they were a defeated people! and no one wants to antagonise world communism.
"We truly live in a world of distorted logic, and frightful absurdities".


In last week's On Target (October 10th,) we published an item, which dealt with the inefficiency in the Public Service. Now a Royal Commission "task force" into government administration has produced some scathing comments concerning Public Service wasteful inefficiency. Professor Gerald Caiden, apparently heading the "task force", stated that virtually similar criticism of the Public Service were made in 1919, when there was a Royal Commission into the Public Service. It's the same old story: over-centralisation, obsolete methods, and uncoordinated practices. etc., etc. Possibly worst of all, the "task force" report has it that public servants who were in the position to guard against change had become so powerful and entrenched that no Government was willing to challenge the system.

The Portuguese province of Angola becomes "independent" in November this year. Already the heavy Russian military hardware is pouring in. Tanks, rocket launchers, machine-guns going in via Congo Brazzaville; a former French colony. All this military "muscle", along with armored personnel carriers, lorries, assorted military vehicles are maybe a hundred times more than is necessary to maintain order in Angola. What do we think? We are thinking of another Vietnam in Southern Africa!

Legislation to institute a national police force is due to be introduced into Federal Parliament shortly. That is, if the Whitlam Government survives which we hope it doesn't! This new "Australia "Police" will, initially, combine the existing Commonwealth Police, the Australian Capital Territory, and Northern Territory Police, and the Federal Narcotics Bureau. There isn't the slightest doubt in our mind that this is meant to be just the nucleus for a greatly expanded Big Brother police force, and certainly including the Australian Secret People's Police to ultimately give that little knock on the front door at 2.00 a.m. in the morning, and ever so gently guide some-one who does not love Big Brother out to the large waiting black car; its silent motor turning over! Crazy? Read Solzhenitsyn! It happened there- and it can happen here. The secret police are part of the Communist State. Mr. Malcolm Fraser has said that the Australia Police would be abolished by a Liberal-National Country Parry Government. We do admire this greater definiteness in Malcolm Fraser: he will do this, he will do that. Poor, vacillating Mr. Bill Snedden, basically a decent man, would be still "keeping his options open" as he was led away to the waiting "Australia Police" car. Beware a national police. The British Police is so efficient because it is so decentralised. Each County has its own police force, under its Chief Constable. Experts from outside, such as Scotland Yard, can be called in. The advantage here is that great expertise, and detachment, fuses with local knowledge and expertise. An efficient amalgam.

A lengthy report in The Age, (Melbourne) October 10th, reproduced from the New York Times states that the U.S. Defence Department is circulating an intelligence estimate which views "detente" as phony. The report asserts that the Soviet is using detente as a cover to dominate the West in all fields. That's what we've been saying ever since we heard of "detente". That's what Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn says. This document - Detente in Soviet Strategy - contradicts the view of Dr. Henry Kissinger. It was prepared by a Miss Wynfred Joshua, a specialist in Soviet Affairs. Interestingly, very interestingly Miss Joshua was formerly at the Stanford Research Institute in California. Dr. Antony Sutton, whose blockbuster, National Suicide ($3.60 incl. postage from all League offices) is now rocking many academic circles in the West, was a Research Fellow at the Hoover Institute at Stanford University. Miss Joshua's study shows that detente is serving the Soviet Union well, as it is allowing the Soviet to achieve dominance in political, military, economic, and technological matters. Dr. Kissinger's technique is obviously to shut up the critics at home, whilst pushing the pro-Communist policy of detente on the international level. A master of double-talk. Henry Kissinger said last May:... "The U.S.A. is determined to maintain the hopeful (for whom?) new trends in U.S.-Soviet relations on the basis of realism and reciprocity. But it is equally determined to resist pressures or the exploitation of local conflict." See! Five bob each way. Wilmot Robertson is scathing in his assessment of Kissinger. In his Essay "The High-Grading of Henry Kissinger", in Ventilations (3.90 post free from G.P.O. Box 1052J, Melbourne), he says:.
.. "In a sense there is no such person as Kissinger. There is only semi abstract phantom who floats above the world scene. Printer's ink, not blood, flows in its veins. Its corpuscles are a loose manifold of photons which never coalesce except on the television screens".
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Government Controls

Many of the increasing number of controls and regulations which frustrate and hamstring most industries, right through from the primary producer to the retailer, would be unnecessary if money supply equated with prices, and cut-throat competition were thereby eliminated. If, for instance, shop-keepers were no longer forced into asking for regulations to protect themselves from each other the laws which control the hours at which shops may be opened and closed would become redundant. How much more elastic shopping hours could become and how much more convenient for the customers. Because, under present financial policy, the possession or control of large amounts of money gives the owners of big businesses the power to manipulate persons and situations to suit themselves. It seems necessary for the Government to bring in more and more regulations restricting the activities of businessmen, in an attempt to give everyone an equal chance, and to prevent the stronger firms from becoming monopolies.