Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke

Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
December 12 1975. Thought for the Week: "What our generation has forgotten is that the system of private property is the most important guaranty of freedom, not only for those who own property, but scarcely less for those who do not. It is only because the control of the means of production is divided among many people acting independently that nobody has complete power over us, that we as individuals can decide what to do with ourselves. If all the means of production were vested in a single hand, whether it be nominally that of 'society' as a whole or that of a dictator, whoever exercises this control has complete power over us".
Dr. F.A. von Hayek.


By Eric D. Butler
The late Professor Harold Laski, one of the Saints of the Marxist movement, the man who twisted so many immature minds at the London School of Economics, insisted on the "historic right" of the Socialists to achieve victory. He also urged that having obtained victory, the Socialists must ensure that there was no counter-revolution by the forces of "reaction."

Laski was admitting quite frankly that the Socialists are monopolists! that their "historic right" excludes them from the necessity of facing free competition. The Laski philosophy has come through strongly in the 1975 Federal Elections, with Mr. Whitlam and his supporters attempting to adopt an attitude of outraged morality. There has been a type of religious fervour concerning the Socialist campaign; one, which I feel, has been skillfully promoted not merely for the election campaign, but for what is to come after the elections.

In the opening address of his campaign, given at the Festival Hall in Melbourne, Mr. Whitlam did not deign to deal with any policy issues, or even to make any promises. In a lofty approach Mr. Whitlam spoke as one who was still morally the Prime Minister. It was a type of "Call To The Nation" during which Australians were lectured on the grave "threat to democracy". Towards the end of this address Mr. Whitlam claimed that the election would decide whether Australia had a true or false democracy. This claim has an explosive significance. It means that a Fraser-Anthony victory will be a violation of true democracy. Mr. Whitlam has given notice that a vote against the Labor-Socialists will not be acceptable. This is the view also of the more militant Marxists, who talk about the "bloodless coup" which took place on November 11th.

Well-known Communists have been openly sitting on Labor Party platforms throughout the campaign. They have masterminded many of the big rallies. Anyone with even a nodding acquaintance with Communist psycho-political tactics can see that the Marxists are using the election campaign to produce an atmosphere, which is designed to radicalise all those against the Liberal-Country Party Government. If defeated electorally it will then be the "duty" of those who voted against the Fraser-Anthony Government to take every possible action to ensure that "democracy is saved." The use of violence will become legitimate.

The stage is being carefully set for the greatest convulsion in Australian history. Unfortunately Mr. Malcolm Fraser has allowed himself to be drawn into a position where, unless he can defuse the situation by an immediate anti-inflation policy, he will be faced with a revolutionary crisis of the greatest magnitude. He has obviously decided that he does not need to be specific about anything in order to win the elections. But having won he and his colleagues will be in a completely new situation. They are going to learn the hard way. But, unfortunately, so are other Australians.


Although the Soviet Union has 37 per cent of its total labour force on its collectivised farms, it cannot provide sufficient grain for the total population. Western authorities estimate that this year's Soviet grain harvest is the smallest for 10 years. And yet the Soviet Union exports grain. Like all Soviet exports, food is used for ideological and strategic purposes.

American experts on Communism have warned that the long-term grain agreement that the Ford Administration has negotiated with the Soviet means that the U.S.A. has underwritten the Soviet for the next five years. Intelligence experts warn that this grain agreement has been a "lifesaver for Russia". It gives the Soviet a firm basis on which to plan industrial and military production, and foreign policy, through until 1980. The United States has saved the Soviet from the worst food crisis for 15 years.

Without the latest economic blood transfusion from the U.S.A., the Soviet criminals would have faced a major political upheaval in 1976. Dr. Kissinger agreed to the transfusion. In private talks during his visit to the U.S.A., Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn opposed any more economic aid to the Soviet Union. He said, "When the Soviet economy will no longer be able to receive your food and technology, it will have to reduce its military preparations. It will have to abandon its space effort, and it will have to feed and clothe its own people. And the system will be forced to relax its control over its people and other nations or it will collapse".

But the real policy makers in the West are not interested in collapsing the Communist threat to Civilisation. The tragedy is that so many who get votes in their own countries on an anti-Communist stance actually support the policy of providing the Communist tyrants of Moscow and Peking with the economic blood transfusions they desperately require for survival. Mr. Doug Anthony has recently proclaimed himself in favour of increasing trade -i.e. more Australian food exports - to Red China. Mr. Malcolm Fraser has also said that Australia should trade with all countries. This must bring smiles to the faces of the Peking and Moscow powermen.


Mr. Bob Santamaria says so many sensible things that it is a great pity to see him making misleading statements on the subject of banking. In "News Weekly" of December 6, Mr., Santamaria says:... Mr. Whitlam went to the private banks to get money from them to pay the Government's bills without specific Parliamentary authorisation. That, of course, meant that he was ready to use the private deposits of private individuals."

As the Trading Banks, both private and Government, do not lend deposits, (consult "The Creation and Control of Money", 50 cents posted) but create new credit money every time they make a loan, Mr. Whitlam was proposing that more money be created in an endeavour to continue in office. Fortunately the Governor-General put an end to that little game.


As correctly predicted by the League of Rights over many years, inflationary and centralist finance-economic policies have driven Australia, along with other non-Communist nations, at an accelerating rate down a disaster road which, if followed, must end with the complete totalitarian State. In the short election campaign precipitated by the Canberra crisis and the sack of Mr. Whitlam, the League of Rights demonstrated its capacity to move immediately. It cut through the confusion and party-political warfare, and with the mass national distribution of its three special brochures (still pouring out as we write), backed by a wide variety of other activities, including support for the special anti-Steel-Hall campaign in South Australia, has had a major impact.
"The Petersen Plan", for example, was projected into the campaign as an issue, which many candidates could not ignore. The League's brochures have been widely proclaimed as the most constructive issued. But what has been done over the past four weeks has prepared the ground in depth for the convulsion, which with a Fraser-Anthony Government continuing with Keynesian-type inflationary policies, is now inevitable, The League's programme will be decisive concerning Australia's future.
With its consistent programme over the years, the League has now reached its greatest test. It must go on. The League spent thousands of dollars over recent weeks on faith. That faith has already brought in a flood of new contacts and valuable support. We must not only recover the complete financial outlay of the past momentous weeks, but also have AT LEAST the Basic Fund of $40,000.
Australia is about to enter what could be a year of no return. The Liberal-Country Party Coalition has its last chance to adopt a policy which increasing numbers of its supporters know offers the only hope for a Free Australia. Since our last report, 77 supporters have contributed $7,132.00, making the total $23,923.00.
Northern N.S.W. and Queensland supporters should send contributions to Mr. Jeremy Lee, Kingstown, via Armidale, N.S.W.
The balance to Box 1052J, G.P.O. Melbourne 3001.

Brief Comments

Queensland Premier J. Bjelke-Petersen was warmly applauded at the Pakenham, Victoria, National Country Party meeting when, in answer to a question, he said that he would attempt to influence a Fraser-Anthony Government to adopt the "Petersen Plan" to combat inflation. Mr. Arthur Hewson is desperately fighting to hold the Macmillan Electorate for the N.C.P. against a strong Liberal Party challenge.

Many National Country party supporters in the Wimmera, Victoria, have been embarrassed by the Labor Party decision to allocate second preferences to the N.C.P. candidate Mr. R. King ahead of the Independent, Councillor Bill Petering whose strong support of basic Christian principles in Government and finance-economics has been widely commented upon. Mr. Petering has supported the "Petersen Plan". The question has been asked, do the Socialists fear that it is just possible that the Independent might poll more than their candidate, and that if allocated their second preferences, would then win. The Socialists have decided not to take any risks with a genuine anti-Socialist, preferring to have a Party man elected.

The all-pervading influence of International Political Zionism was dramatically demonstrated when on November 11th the U.N. General Assembly adopted by 72 votes to 35 a resolution equating Zionism with "Racism" and "racial discrimination". U.N. Secretary General Dr. Kurt Waldheim commented that the U.N. was "facing its worst crisis ever". Anyone who has taken the trouble to read the Constitution of the Zionist State of Israel and the decision of its Courts knows that there are strict rules concerning who can become a citizen of Israel. A number of eminent Jewish critics of Political Zionism and Israel have drawn attention to the policy of racial and religious discrimination openly adopted by Israel. Israel is, of course, as entitled to adopt such a policy of discrimination, as, for example, are the Japanese. As documented by Mr. Eric D. Butler in "Censored History" (80 cents posted), the Zionist State of Israel is a major pawn on the chessboard of international power politics. Far too many political Zionists are masters of the art of double-talk, criticising others (South Africa for example) of what they support themselves. It is significant that A.L.P. President Mr. R. Hawke is a strong supporter of Israel but a vehement critic of South Africa.

While the deteriorating finance-economic situation played a major part in the victory of the New Zealand National Party headed by Mr. Robert D. Muldoon, shrewd New Zealand observers point out that the massive landslide against Labor was given a major impetus during the latter stages of the election campaign when Mr. Muldoon touched a highly sensitive nerve in the situation by boldly announcing that sporting teams from South Africa would be free to visit New Zealand. Most New Zealanders are keen rugby devotees and have resented having their traditional close sporting lines with South Africa cut.
Mr. W. R. Fenton author of the book, "Sinners At The Stadium", an exposure of the exploitation of sport for revolutionary purposes, and with some knowledge of the conspiracy against Civilisation, was one of the Nationalist candidates elected. Mr. Muldoon has also announced that sports teams from Taiwan will also be permitted to visit New Zealand. He expected "a stiff note from Peiking and nothing more". Unlike Mr. Malcolm Fraser, who has felt it necessary to say how much he detests separate development (apartheid) in South Africa, Mr. Muldoon has not suggested how South Africans should select their sporting teams.

Elizabeth Reid, Mr. Whitlam's former adviser on women's affairs, at present living in New York, caused widespread protests when she used a stream of four-letter words in the A.B.C. radio programme, "Coming Out Ready or Not", last Saturday evening. The A.B.C. had to cut Elizabeth Reid off when she was discussing the United Nations and International Women's Year in a telephone line up from New York. Mr. Whitlam can thank the Elizabeth Reid's for the loss of tens of thousands of women's votes. The appearance of Germaine Greer on Labor platforms has also helped to lose Mr., Whitlam more votes. The "liberated" Elizabeth Reid's and Germaine Greer's speak only for small minority of misfits.