Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke

Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
7 March 1975. Thought for the Week: "The nationalisation of economy is the decisive step to the totality of political control over the totality of life. If neither individuals nor groups have independent economic means, they do not have real political freedom. If everyone is a functionary of the state, and if nobody can make his living independently of the state machinery, if there are no other than state schools, if the press, the cinema, the radio, are state controlled, free society is lost, opposition and public expression of independent opinion become impossible. Every deviation from the programme of the state becomes rebellion and sabotage. Even if this state has a democratic form, i.e. government elected by the majority vote of the people, it amounts to a complete suppression of liberty, and it will not be long before even the so-called free elections become illusory, the state machinery controlling all means of propaganda."
Dr. Emil Brunner in Christianity and Civilisation.


"Australian industry is on the way back to making acceptable levels of profits, the Victorian Employers' Federation said yesterday. The business community was pleased at the Federal Government's recent shift in economic policy. The federation said the Labor Party conference at Terrigal, N.S.W., has brought a change of direction. 'Terrigal ushered in a change of direction, a recognition of our right to exist and of our right to reward for initiative. More needs to be done, but at least we are on the way back', the federation said." - The Australian. February 24th.

From Karl Marx until today, Communists have regarded businessmen generally with the greatest contempt. Unfortunately, in many cases the contempt is deserved. If the operators of the free-enterprise system had taken the trouble in the past to defend that system, supporting corrections to the financial rules designed to ensure that the system operated successfully, serving all individuals, they would not today have their backs to the wall in the face of the relentless Socialist strategy.

Dr. Jim Cairns has never taken the trouble to hide his acceptance of the Marxist philosophy, his dedication to the ultimate objective of the complete Socialist State. Business leaders now applauding Dr. Cairns remind us of the story concerning the man who, after he and his wife had been threatened with death by the gunman demanding their money and jewels, but then allowed to proceed with sufficient for his tram fare home, exclaimed with great relief, "What a decent man he turned out to be."

Masters of psychological warfare, the Marxists know that it is sometimes necessary to create the impression of taking one step backwards in order subsequently to take two steps forward. (The subject is dealt with in Eric D. Butler's Dialectics.) There was no real change of direction at Terrigal, any more than Lenin changed direction when shortly after the Bolsheviks seized power in Russia, they found that the economy was at the point of complete collapse under the impact of the Bolsheviks' socialist programme. Lenin introduced his New Economic Policy. Private-ownership and free enterprise were encouraged. The gullible in the West said that the Bolsheviks were now "moderates", and no danger to anyone. Russian businessmen and farmers flourished. They helped the Bolsheviks to survive and entrench themselves. Many believed that a new era had dawned. But having served the Bolsheviks' dialectical step, they were then destroyed. Heavy taxation was one of the initial weapons used.

Dr. Cairns and his colleagues have reversed, temporarily, the credit squeeze which caused large numbers of economic casualties. Financial credit is being created at a record new level. The unwary are being warmly invited to help themselves. But under present financial rules, the inevitable result is that inflation must continue and later this year increase astronomically. The Marxists are well aware of this. They are happy to have the applause of gullible business spokesmen, and will be able to say, "We have done our best for the free-enterprise system, but the continuing inflation with all its consequent disastrous effects shows that there is no real answer to the situation until the capitalist system is abolished."


When Mr. Alan Fenton a company director was arrested by the Commonwealth Police immediately after taking articles from Miss Junie Morosi's Sydney town house, a story was spread by sections of the media that N.S.W. Liberal Member W. C. Wentworth would be linked with this affair. The story probably originated in Government circles. But the trial of Fenton showed that there was no truth whatever in this story, and that Fenton's only crime was to unlawfully enter Miss Morosi's house for the purpose of obtaining documents concerning a company, which Fenton had helped Miss Morosi to establish in 1972. Fenton needed the papers to prove that the company, which was wound up in 1972, owed him approximately $500. Fenton was discharged on a good-behaviour bond. The magistrate agreed, "The matter does not bear any sinister overtones at all."

Fenton was one of the four persons who made a statutory statement, which Mr. Wentworth, in spite of strong Government opposition, read in the Commonwealth Parliament on February 20th. The media generally has attempted to "play down" the explosive importance of Mr. Wentworth's address. (The full text has been published in the March issue of The Intelligence Survey.)

Dr. Cairns' personal relations, whatever they may be with Miss Morosi, are the Federal Treasurer's private business. But it is a matter of great public interest when four persons who have had close business associations with Miss Morosi, make a statutory statement charging Miss Morosi with business activities which, if true, should automatically preclude her from holding one of the most sensitive positions inside the Government. Miss Morosi and her husband Mr. Ditchburn are charged with having "fraudulently misappropriated the public's money, paid to them for transmission to overseas hotels as prepaid accommodation charges." The companies involved are listed.
It is also charged that Morosi and Ditchburn passed numerous valueless cheques. And that Miss Morosi sponsored the immigration to Australia of a number of Filipino girls and forced them to work for $25 a week of which $10 weekly was paid to Miss Morosi's mother.

Mr. Wentworth said that he had other statutory declarations, which he would make available to any inquiry set up by the Government. Dr. Cairns and Mr. Whitlam have responded with a smear attack on Mr. Wentworth. If Miss Morosi believes that she has been falsely charged, she has every opportunity for a redress.


Just prior to casting their vote on the nomination of Nelson Rockefeller for the American Vice-Presidency, an attempt was made to get Members of the Congress to examine a little publicised book by Rockefeller, titled The Future of Federalism. In this book Rockefeller argues that the nation-state has become obsolete. He urges the creation of an international federation. Circulation of the book did not stop the Rockefeller nomination, but it has raised many questions. Many now see that the whole series of new international agencies for energy, food, population and monetary control advocated by Dr. Henry Kissinger, one of Rockefeller's closest allies, are designed to advance the Rockefeller strategy.

Former Prime Minister Gorton's announcement of resignation from the Federal Parliament saved him from facing a pre-selection challenge for Higgins. Many believe the challenge would have defeated him. Mr. Gorton re-states his centralist philosophy in interviews and makes the point that he would use his influence to back Mr. Andrew Peacock for the leadership of the Federal Liberal Party if Mr. Snedden were challenged.

Prime Minister Whitlam's boorish performance in the House or Representatives on Thursday of last week. February 27th, merely confirmed our view that Mr. Whitlam is a shallow impetuous man, which not even his veneer of "culture", can always hide. The vulgar language he used when he attacked Speaker Jim Cope is typical of this man. But while it is true that the man who has so much to say about upholding traditions and conventions has once again demonstrated his hypocrisy, too much attention can be directed towards what are but the surface reflections of a much deeper rot. That rot is the inevitable result of the misdirection of the finance economic system, and growing frustrations stemming from an excessive centralisation of power. Electors must "keep their eye on the ball."

Those still mesmerised by the subject of money - some still believe it is wealth - together with those wishing to maintain the policy of centralising power through inflation, react to the "Petersen Plan" for reversing inflation by asking, "But where would the money come from to finance the plan?" The latest official figures show that the nation's money supply increased by 24 per cent during December quarter and that in January the figures reveal an annual rate increase of 31.6 per cent. The Whitlam Government's estimated budget deficit for 1974-75 was $570 million. It is now clear that the deficit will be in excess of $2,500 million. $2,000 million of this deficit, which is being financed out of new financial credit, would enable Sales Tax to be abolished completely, the financing of a $1,000 million consumer price discount policy, and an immediate fall in the cost of living. The Marxists shudder at the very thought of such a constructive policy being applied. They prefer more inflation.

The British Government has backed the Hong Kong Government with its policy of turning back to Red China the many thousands seeking to flee from the Communist terror. This means torture and death for those sent back. The British excuse is that Hong Kong is overcrowded. But Formosa extends an open invitation to all those from the Red Chinese. However, to help the refugees go to Formosa would incur the wrath of the Red Chinese. They might even tell the British they will not take any more of their exports.

Tribune, Communist weekly, reports in its issue of February 25th, that at a recent meeting the Southern African Liberation Centre (SALCO) and South Africa Defence and Aid Fund (SASAF) outlined a comprehensive 1975 anti-Southern African campaign. The Whitlam Government has been praised for keeping South African cricket official Wallace out of Australia. It was decided to continue the campaign to have the Rhodesian Information Centre closed. They want a Bill to close the Information Centre and to "end loopholes in sanctions." A ban on South African goods is also planned. "The Siege of Southern Africa", as Douglas Reed titles his latest book, is to be intensified during this critical year. Rhodesia continues to hold a major front line for Western Civilisation on the Zambesi River. Australians should do all in their power to encourage that front line to be held.

An enthusiastic correspondent writes that Censored History by Mr. Eric Butler, is "the most effective instrument yet produced for effective initial penetration. The reader wants them to read National Suicide and much more." One of America's best known writers on subversion recently ordered a supply of Censored History to send to selected "key" people, praising the book as one which concentrates most important truths in a comparatively few pages. Now comes the news that a Latin American organisation is to publish the book in Spanish. There has been a deep silence from the anti-Semitic" smearers since Censored History was published. (Price 74 cents posted. four copies for $1. 93)

Doctors opposing the Government's Medibank scheme, falsely presented as a "free" medical service, suggest that electors opposing the scheme should concentrate upon support all doctors prepared to "buck the system." Sufficient grass-roots resistance would make the scheme inoperative.