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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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On Target

14 May 1976. Thought for the Week: "I dispute not only that Mr. Kissinger has the life experience necessary to understand the psychology of Communist leaders, and as a result sits at the negotiation table as if blindfolded. I also dispute that he is on the high diplomatic intellectual level ascribed to him. It is not diplomacy to negotiate with a preponderance of power behind one's back, with an abundance of material means in one's pocket, to submit to all participants in the negotiations, to pay them all off and thereby to create unbalanced and temporary grounds for transition to further concessions".
Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, December 1975.


Mr. Eric D. Butler reports from Seoul, Korea
The 9th World Anti-Communist League Conference has just concluded with the finance-economic anti-Communist offensive initiated several years ago now gaining increasing impetus.

There was a desperate attempt to smear me and the Australian League of Rights before this Conference. Dr. Ku Cheng-kang, Honorary Chairman of W.A.C.L. was provided with a copy of K. Gott's hate booklet. "The Voices of Hate", produced with the backing of Political Zionists in Australia and widely circulated some years back by the Communists.

Although it was unanimously agreed at last year's W.A.C.L Conference, held in Brazil, that the Candour League of Rhodesia should be invited to represent Rhodesia, opposition had been organised in the meantime in an attempt to keep the Rhodesians out. Clearly the South Korean Government was subjected to tremendous pressure on the Rhodesian issue, with the result that Lord Graham, one of Rhodesia's two delegates, was refused a visa to enter South Korea.

As Lord Graham had reached Taiwan as a guest of high officials of the Chinese Nationalist Government, a major international diplomatic incident could have easily developed. One can only speculate at this stage on what kind of pressure was applied so the South Korean Government on the issue. However, Dr. Ian Anderson, Chairman of the Rhodesian Candour League, arrived safely and eventually was fully accredited in spite of some opposition. He was given a warm welcome by the general assembly of delegates when it was announced that Rhodesia had been accepted.

In a joint statement immediately after the Conference, Dr. Anderson and Mr. Ivor Benson, National Director of the National Forum of South Africa, announced that a Southern Hemisphere Regional W.A.C.L, Conference would be held in Rhodesia next year, this Conference being designed to provide major international support for Rhodesia. It was anticipated that several independent African States would be represented, along with Australia, New Zealand and several Latin American countries. It was also proposed to invite Friends of Rhodesia organisations from all over the world to attend the Conference as guests. This will undoubtedly be a major historic event designed to strengthen the Free World's main front line.

Mr. Ray White, organising Secretary of the Western Australian Council of The Australian League of Rights, was accredited as the Australian representative of the Australian Chapter of the World Youth Anti-Communist League, and was a credit to the League. Following the Conference Mr. White has left for the United Kingdom, where he will be the guest of the British League of Rights, doing some lecture work before returning to Australia via Rhodesia and South Africa. The World Youth Anti -Communist League completely endorsed the Report and submissions on finance-economic warfare as prepared by the Crown Commonwealth League of Rights.

The W.A.C.L, Conference authorised the circulation of the Report and submissions for study and consideration of action by member Chapters. The "Petersen Plan" was included in the submission by the Crown Commonwealth League of Rights. I was inundated with requests for further copies of the Report and submissions as soon as possible. A number of Chapters immediately sought permission to translate and to publish in their own languages. The summary presented at the Korean Conference will be published in League journals as soon as possible, while the full Report will be in booklet form within the next two months.
This Report is, beyond doubt, the most historic document yet produced under the auspices of the League of Rights and its circulation by Chapters of the World Anti-Communist League must have far-reaching effects.

The British Chapter of W.A.C.L, led by Mr. Don Martin, submitted a resolution, which vividly underlined the major anti-Communist theme of the Crown Commonwealth League of Rights. The resolution, carried unanimously, drew attention to the fact that although the American Congress had two years ago refused to endorse the provision of American credits for the development of Siberian gas, a move was now under way to provide the credits by other countries, including Western Germany. It was proposed that this would in essence enable American technology to be used in defiance of the American Congress.

Mr. David Rockefeller and his fellow international financiers will not be pleased with the 1976 W.A.C.L, Conference in Korea. Their next moves should be interesting!


"The N.S.W. Premier, Sir Eric Willis, yesterday conceded defeat in the State's elections, but immediately threatened to use Parliament's Upper House to block new legislation judged 'contrary to the people's interests". - The Australian, May 11th.

We shall not be surprised to see, in coming years, the same furious debate concerning the role of State Upper Houses, as has been the case with respect to the role of the Senate. The role of the Senate has now been demonstrated in Australia; it is equal in importance to the Lower House (Representatives).

The role of the Governor-General has been demonstrated also: the Crown is an essential part of the Nation's Parliament; as stated in Chapter 1, Section 1, of the Australian Constitution, and printed on the front page of the League's latest brochure: "In Defence of Sir John Kerr". Have you ordered your supply for distribution yet?).

This brochure will send a chill into the political subversives. Support for the Governor-General is slowly growing, so let us all take advantage of the (as yet) slow momentum and give the issue a mighty push forward with the use of this excellent brochure. The Leader of the N.S.W. Parliamentary Labor Party (and now the Premier) Mr. Neville Wran, says that he will move quickly to "reform" the Upper House in N.S.W., the Legislative Council. Threats and counter-threats will no doubt rise to a shrill crescendo. If the correct role of State Upper Houses comes to be clearly defined and accepted, as is the Senate, then all the hullabaloo will be worthwhile. The "battle" in N.S.W. will soon be joined.

Supporters would do well to clearly grasp themselves the true role of the State Upper Houses (Queensland has suffered, legislatively, from not having an Upper House; which was abolished under a Labor Government in 1922). Upper Houses are a Constitutional safeguard. Anyone who doubts the value of Upper Houses as a part of the Constitutions of Australian State Governments should recall the fact that the 1944 Referendum, at which electors of Australia rejected Dr. Evatt's demands for sweeping powers for the Canberra planners, was mainly the result of the Tasmanian Legislative Council's refusal to be a party to the Tasmanian House of Assembly's (Lower House) proposal to grant the powers without reference to the Tasmanian electors.

Although the usual arguments were hurled against the Tasmanian Upper House - it was "reactionary", it was a House of privilege thwarting the will of a democratically elected Lower House, etc., etc; the 1944 Referendum enabled the majority of Tasmanian electors to indicate that the Upper House had more accurately interpreted their wishes than had the Lower House. Had it not been for the Tasmanian Upper House, Dr. Evatt's plan to centralise vital powers at Canberra would have come off, and Australia would be much further down the Socialist/Communist road than it is now. Thank Heaven for Upper Houses!


Mr. Phillip Butler, of the Canadian League of Rights, is now making a brief visit to Australia. He will speak in Melbourne on the advance of the Socialist juggernaut in Canada, and the lessons to be learned, therefore, by Australians. The Meeting will be held at the Victoria, 215 Little Collins Street, (between Russell and Swanston Streets) on Wednesday, 26th May, at 8.00 p.m. Books on sale: bring friends.


Mr. B. A. Santamaria wrote one of his most realistic articles for The Australian, (April 30th) entitled: "Poisoning Relations With Indonesia". This is what the current anti-Indonesian campaign in Australia, managed by the political subversives, is all about. Quite obviously, the International Communist Conspiracy had East Timor marked down as a major Communist base for its politico/military thrust into the Southern Pacific region. Indonesia beat it to the punch! All stops are being pulled out to induce Indonesia to withdraw from East Timor; the Indonesians aren't playing that game. Who can blame them? They won't tolerate a major Communist base right on their border.

The N.C.C.- D.L.P. tune has changed from what it was even ten years ago, when "stay with the Yanks" was the cornerstone of their defence policy. The League of Rights was unpopular for pointing out that this was a most risky policy, and that self-help is the best help. We don't malign the American people, we have never done that. The American people are only now becoming aware that their whole system of government has been white-anted and virtually captured by One Worlders, international Socialists, and other subversives.
We can well republish Mr. Santamaria's remarks concerning Dr. Kissinger:... "The specifically Australian problem arising from Dr. Kissinger's new-found African principles is that at the appropriate moment, those identical principles can be used to finish off Australia. Those Australians who fondly hope that the U.S. will be moved to defend us because we are whiter than white may reflect that the Rhodesians and South Africans are pretty white too". Exactly!

Things to make heads swim! Australia is now seeking a $161 million loan from the U.S.A. The rate of interest isn't mentioned; but would probably be in the vicinity of 10%; that means approx. $16 million interest. Why is this necessary when the Government can borrow from itself, via the Reserve Bank at the cost of discounting Treasury Bills - one per cent? Is it because, to use Mr. Lynch's words: "we must keep our name before the lenders", as we did when we borrowed recently from West Germany?

Malcolm Muggeridge has become Britain's Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, in that he is now warning of the collapse of Western Civilization. He told a Canadian audience late last year that Western Civilization now resembled that of the Roman Empire in its decline. He said that Western institutions are not working, personal relationships are not working, and that the moral shape, which lies behind other shapes, is breaking up. Muggeridge is a severe critic of the media (so is the League of Rights); and in particular, television. He said that parents would do well never to allow their children to watch T.V. He said: "The corruption of our children is absolutely appalling. On T.V. they see the family ridiculed, also marital fidelity, and a crass materialism is constantly being preached".
His remarks on the World Council of Church are pungent: He said "that the attempt by the Christian Churches to come together reminded him of watching the pubs when he was a boy: "The men would come out, all holding on to one another in order to keep from falling into a ditch". Malcolm Muggeridge is a former editor of "Punch", the famous English satirical journal. He became a Christian in the late 1960's. His final remarks will be accepted by League supporters: "The truth is that unless men have a sense of moral order within themselves, and in their universe, they will not be able to build any other kind of order, economic, political, or social."

Fifty-four Federal members of Parliament have signed a petition calling on Indonesia to withdraw from East Timor. As we might expect, it was tabled by Senator Arthur Gietzelt (A.L.P.) of the extreme Left. We might also expect that the remaining fifty-three parliamentarians were of the A.L.P. also. But we would be wrong: they were not. Ten belong to the Liberal Party, and two belong to the National Country Party.
The fifty-four Federal parliamentarians call themselves the "Friends of East Timor: the petition is to be forwarded to the United Nations (where it will do the most harm!) Now, those who are the Liberals close supporters may not be surprised to see the name of Senator Alan Missen, who makes no secret of his hostility to the League of Rights. Then Senators Kathy Martin, Peter Rae, Neville Bonner, Don Chipp (perhaps we should not be surprised) Ian MacPhee, and M.H. Bungey. The two National Country Party members are R. King, of Wimmera (Vic.) and Senator Bernard Kilgariff.

Vested Interest

The vested interests which oppose the idea of governments issuing their own money through government-owned central banks are the most powerful vested interests in the world: viz, the finance and private banking interests. There is only one force, which could be more powerful; the force of public opinion. Unfortunately however, public opinion is largely molded by financiers through their control of mass media of all kinds, by virtue of the fact that they hold the purse strings, and can withdraw financial backing from anyone who does not toe their line. This was demonstrated as long ago as the time of Abraham Lincoln, when he issued his famous greenbacks in an attempt to regain for his Government the prerogative of issuing the American nation's money.
It is interesting to read an extract from an American Bankers' Association circular of the time:... "It is advisable to do all in your power to sustain such newspapers; especially in the agricultural and religious press, as will oppose the issue of greenback paper money; and that you also withhold patronage or favours from all applicants who are not willing to oppose the Government issue of money... To restore to circulation the Government issue of money will be to provide the people with money, and therefore seriously affect your individual profits as bankers and lenders".. . Lincoln was assassinated!

C.H. Douglas's reply to the question: "When shall we obtain the benefits of Social Credit?" was ever the same: viz. "When enough people want it!"

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