Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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On Target

4 June 1976. Thought for the Week: "A clear distinction must be drawn between the Communist enemy and the Communist adversary. By ' adversary' we mean that whole combination of forces which is seen to be advancing the Communist cause. Liberalism, for example, must be seen as part of the Communist adversary since it is impossible to fight Communism without at the same time fighting against Liberalism. We find religious leaders of most denominations helping to promote Communist purposes. These are not the real enemy, but they form part of the adversary. Likewise the host of rootless intellectuals in the universities and elsewhere. Indeed, we have, in addition to those who could be described as the real enemy a large number of individuals and groups who can best be described in Lenin's terminology as 'useful idiots', people who do far more to advance the cause of Communism than the Communists themselves".
Ivor Benson in Paper on Psychological Warfare presented at World Anti -Communist Conference in Seoul, South Korea.


"Britain has a racial problem, and it is getting worse. 'Paki-bashing' is back with all its mindless thuggery and cost two lives last month. Blacks are becoming nervous, or angry, each according to his disposition, and are beginning to hit back. Anti-discrimination laws are not working properly, and probably cannot because, now, they seem to run counter to basic, unspoken, public mood". - Garry Barker from London in "The Herald", Melbourne, June 1st.

The British are the most tolerant people in the world. But tolerance has progressively worn thin as race friction has increased in the United Kingdom as a result of the massive influx of non-Europeans after the Second World War. But realities mean nothing to the dogmatic theorists of this world. At a time when there is racial and cultural friction all around the world, these theorists keep babbling away about creating successful multi-racial societies.

History teaches, and genuine scientists confirm, that the development of fully integrated individuals requires stable, homogeneous societies. One group of people can only absorb successfully members of another and different group at a very limited rate. It is the natural right of any people to be selective concerning the type and number of immigrants they are prepared to accept. Only brainwashed individuals conditioned to react to "trigger" words like "discrimination" dispute this basic natural right.

Any group, which does not discriminate in favour of itself, of its own traditions and culture, is engaged in committing suicide. It appears that rather belatedly the British do not want to commit suicide. Australians would be well advised to ignore the superficial gushings of Mr. Al Grassby, paid $36,000 a year to talk meaningless nonsense about the "family of the nation". They would be much better advised to ask just where the "multi-racial society" is working successfully.

Consider the state of Lebanon, or the United Kingdom. In the early stages of non-European immigration the tolerant British were prepared to try to make the best of a situation they did not exactly enthuse about. They listened to the dishonest words of the political tricksters, who assured them that with the immigration rate cut back, the situation would settle down. But of course it didn't. As economic conditions worsen, the "multi-racial society" soon becomes a powder keg, with the subversives able to foster increasing violence.

Mr. Enoch Powell is back in the news with his prediction of racial violence involving guns and bombs. This followed revelations of illegal "body-running" and associated rackets. It appears that at long last the British have had enough and that the door is about to be shut as tightly as possible against any further non-European immigration.

Australians should heed the British lesson NOW. Non-European immigration should be brought to a halt. Every effort should be made to encourage non-English speaking migrants to become part of the mainstream of Australian life. Migrants who are not prepared to learn to speak English should not be encouraged to come to Australia.


Jeremy Lee reports from Western Queensland
Those who believe that Local Government areas increase efficiency with size should be told about Australia's largest City Council - the City of Brisbane. Unlike other capital cities, which operate under a number of area and suburban councils, Brisbane has one large Council, which has been under Labor rule for many years. Most well known figure was Alderman Clem Jones, the former Lord Mayor, who has recently taken charge of the Darwin reconstruction programme. He has left quite a legacy to the citizens of Brisbane.

"The Sunday Mail", (23/5/76) reported: "Brisbane ratepayers were warned yesterday that the gross city debt would reach $500 million in four years time if its present rate of increase is maintained. The debt rose from $237,399,414 at June 30th 1972, to $260,699,215 a year later, and $281,312,750 in 1974. On June 30 last year, it was $321,068, 870."

With some new blood in the Council for the first time in many years, horrifying examples of the true position are emerging. Interest and redemption on current debts total $33 million a year - about $5 million more than the total rate revenue. Alderman Syd McDonald, the Liberal leader in the Council, has warned that the only way to bridge this gap is by rate increases. He said that every time the Council borrowed money it faced higher interest charges, and these, in turn, increased the debt. With an urban population of 800 thousand, the Brisbane City Council debt will reach a figure of $440 for every man, woman and child ($l,760 for a family of four) in Brisbane this year. Whether Brisbane ratepayers can organise themselves to avert a rate catastrophe remains to be seen.


Queensland economist H. W. Herbert in an article headed "Package Budget has missed Government Target", pointed out forcefully that the latest measures announced by the Government will do nothing to rectify the deteriorating economic situation ("Sunday Mail", 23/5/76).

He pointed out that the measures will result in more inflation - not less. As Mr. Herbert said: "Tighten Your Belts: Reduce Your Overdraft! were the great cries of 1930-31. Governments and bankers kept applying these principles as we went down and down into the great Depression....Why does Mr. Fraser avoid like the plague the one direct measure that will immediately reduce inflation, namely the reduction of sales taxes, post and telephone charges?"

Mr. Herbert then went on with a fitting description of the circular sent by Mr. Lynch to all Government Members and Senators on March 17th telling them how to answer letters from constituents on the Petersen Plan. To quote Mr. Herbert: "The answer is given in a curious letter Mr. Lynch sent recently to all Government Members telling them how to reply to people advocating consumer goods subsidies to reduce inflation. (This same argument applies to sales tax and postal reductions). These measures, says Mr. Lynch. unless offset by higher taxation, will increase government spending and the volume of money. This will cause an upsurge in consumer demand and rekindle a further prices spiral.
There you have it. At a time when consumer demand is so feeble that nearly every industry could produce much more, Mr. Lynch proves to himself that lowering prices will cause inflation! And apparently Mr. Fraser believes it too. Incredible!"

Mr. Herbert could perhaps have added that the permanent Treasury officials are the ones preparing the material, which Mr. Lynch is circulating, to other Government members.


Federal Government spokesmen have been congratulating themselves for introducing tax indexation on personal incomes. But they have been silent on the subject of that most inflationary tax, Sales Tax. Sales Tax is a fixed percentage tax, which means that it automatically increases the Federal Government's tax revenue at an accelerating rate as inflation continues to push financial costs upwards. In 1971-72 Sales Tax yielded the Federal Government $680,772 million. Last year Sales Tax revenue soared to nearly $1,500 million!
Sales Tax directly inflates the prices of items used to compute the Consumer Price Index, and makes progressive wage increases inevitable. A genuine anti-inflation policy requires a drastic reduction, or abolition, of Sales Tax. This is what Premier Bjelke-Petersen proposes in "The Petersen Plan."

The abrupt Portuguese de-colonisation programme in Africa resulted in strategic parts of Africa, including ports, passing under Marxist-controlled Governments. East Timor appeared to be threatened with the same fate. The Suharto Indonesian Government was not prepared to tolerate a pro-Marxist East Timor. Irrespective of how Australians regard the action taken by Indonesia, they were unable to affect the course of events. The Timorese may or may not be better off under the Indonesian Government than they were under Portuguese rule. But the reality of the situation is that Australia must at this stage avoid unnecessary friction with the anti-Communist Indonesia. Foreign Affairs Minister Andrew Peacock unfortunately keeps looking over his shoulder at the UN in his dealings with Indonesia on Timor. In accepting the invitation to attend the meeting of the "People's Assembly" in Dili, East Timor, as an observer, the New Zealand Government has displayed much more realism than the Fraser Government.

Little publicity has been given to the fact that the Fraser Government is under heavy pressure to provide money or technical assistance to Mozambique to help it apply economic sanctions against Rhodesia. Last week the Secretary-General of the Commonwealth, Mr. Ramphal, requested Mr. Andrew Peacock to raise the matter with Prime Minister Fraser, and the head of the Department of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Renouf. To date Australia has only offered food aid through the United Nations. Mr. Ramphal said that the Commonwealth wants $115 million to help Mozambique with the anti-Rhodesia campaign. Britain has promised $482,000. Mr. Ramphal says that Mozambique urgently needs skilled people like doctors and engineers. He does not point out that most of the skilled people of Mozqmbique have been driven out by the Marxist Government, and that any shortage of food is the result of the destructive policies of the Machel Government. It is to be hoped that tens of thousands of Australians make it clear that they are strongly opposed to any type of assistance to a Marxist terrorist group helping to attack the West's major front-line in Rhodesia. If the Fraser Government were as anti-Communist as it claims to be, it would already have rejected any appeal for help from Marxist Mozambique. Why the delay in making a firm decision?

Blood-chilling reports are coming from Asia about the continuing mass killing by the Communist butchers in Cambodia. An estimated 600,000 have already been put to death with bayonets and clubs. Babies have been torn limb from limb. There are no protests from all those, including the World Council of Churches, who campaigned so vigorously against resistance to Communist aggression in South Vietnam. They are perhaps too busy vilifying law-abiding Rhodesia.

Remember how the British "Conservative" Party told the British electors how they must join the European Economic Community because it is a barrier against Communism. Mr. Ray White, W.A Secretary of the League of Rights, reports from England that Signor Spinelli, Commissioner for Industry in the E.E.C. has announced that he is standing as an Independent for the Communist Party in the Italian elections. The policy of the Italian Communists, generally favoured to help form a Coalition Government as a result of the elections, is for Italy to continue in the E.E.C.

Prime Minister Fraser's statement on Foreign Affairs in the Federal Parliament on June 1st, was a classic example of shallow and misleading pleading. Fancy a realistic Prime Minister talking seriously about making the United Nations a more "effective" organisation! His views on Southern Africa clearly indicate that Australians can expect no sympathy towards Rhodesia, struggling to survive against Communist-backed forces.

Following the Prime Minister, Foreign Minister Peacock spelt our quite clearly that the Fraser Government is pledged to supporting the end of "white minority rule" in Rhodesia, throwing in as a sop the statement that it also supported the preservation of "white minority rights". Mr. Peacock did not of course provide one example in Africa where any minority rights have been preserved.

The Minister for Industry and Commerce, Senator Cotton, told members of the Australian Finance Conference in Canberra that "You have the responsibility of oiling the wheels of economic recovery". Like his colleagues Senator Cotton believes that economic recovery can only take place if industry invests in capital expansion. He does not explain why businessmen should expand, and increase their debt burden, when consumers are not buying what they can easily produce with present equipment.

From Hansard : Senate, 18th May

Senator John Button (ALP - Vic.) asked the Minister representing the Minister of Foreign Affairs, upon notice... "Why was the Darwin radio used by Fretelin representatives seized on January 25th, 1976, at the time it was being used for the United Nations' special representatives to meet with Fretelin leaders?'

Senator Reg Withers, representing the Minister for Foreign Affairs, said:.. "In taking this action, the Government was in no way attempting to frustrate the visiting United Nations mission. Indeed, the Government itself proposed at the end of January that the United Nations special representative make use of radio facilities on board the Portuguese corvettes, then in Darwin harbour. This proposal, which was agreed to by the United Nations) Secretary-General, and the Portuguese Government, and taken up by Mr. Winspeare Guicciardi, was intended to establish a means of communication acceptable to all parties to the conflict. An unlicensed radio operated by Fretelin clearly would not have been acceptable. It would have attracted the suspicion of the other parties. The Government's proposal was aimed at providing a means of communication which was above suspicion and open to verification by all concerned".

Senator Harradine (May 18th) Speaking of the current Timor situation... Let us look at what the current proposers on the Left are saying now, and what they said then (1962). There is no better illustration than a comparison of their current bellowing on the subject of East Timor and their silence and acquiescence at the time of the Indonesian takeover of West New Guinea. The two actions by Indonesia were very similar, but the response of the Left coalition in Australia has been markedly different in each case. The difference is explained by the fact that at the time of the takeover of West New Guinea, Indonesia was very close to the Soviet Union, and the P.K.I. - the Indonesian Communist Party - exerted strong influence over President Sukarno. Today, of course, an anti-Communist Government is in power in Indonesia".
"If it is correct to criticise Indonesia today for its action over East Timor it was also correct to criticise Indonesia for its actions in West New Guinea, but the forces which are beating the drum now about East Timor were silent in 1962. Why were they silent?...Mr. Laurie Aarons in the Communist Party Tribune of 20th May 1962 wrote... 'Communist policy is for complete support for Indonesia's claim for West Irian, and complete independence for the peoples exploited and oppressed by Australian Capitalism".

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