Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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11 June 1976. Thought for the Week: "If you once forfeit the confidence of your fellow citizens, you can never regain their respect and esteem. It is true that you may fool all the people some of the time; you can even fool some of the people all of the time, but you can't fool all the people all of the time".
Abraham Lincoln.


Irrespective of how Communist Party Research Officer Penny Ryan became the Hamer Government's adviser on Women's Affairs, there is a lesson to be learned - we trust: The facts appear to be clear: keen to demonstrate that he is a "with-it" Liberal Premier, Mr. Hamer decided that he needed an adviser on women's affairs. A committee of three public servants made the recommendations claiming that Ryan was the most qualified woman for the job.

When some disturbed Liberals drew attention to one of Penny Ryan's articles on masturbation, this was brushed aside. Premier Hamer defended the appointment. We would have thought that the Premier of a Liberal Party allegedly pledged to oppose Communism would have taken elementary precautions to ensure that he was not being advised by a Communist.

Although at least one Melbourne metropolitan paper documented Penny Ryan's Communist background early this week, as we go to press the daily media has made no mention of what must be regarded as a piece of major political news.

We understand that a desperate Victorian Premier is now claiming that the Penny Ryan appointment has nothing to do with him, that the young lady will not in fact be advising him or his Government. What, then, is the role of this adviser? The Penny Ryan appointment should suggest to all non-Socialist political leaders that they give much closer attention to some of the "advisers" the bureaucracy provides for them.


As we have been warning about the global expansion of International Communism over the past thirty years we naturally welcome Prime Minister Fraser's references to the growing Soviet naval build up in the Indian Ocean. But a close study of Mr. Fraser's much publicised statement on foreign affairs reveals either an appalling ignorance of the realities of the Communist conspiracy or an unwillingness to urge Australia and other Western nations to take effective action against the core of the conspiracy against Civilisation.
Effective action would mean following the advice of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn and stop the economic blood transfusions without which both the Soviet Union and Communist China would soon start to collapse.

So far from stopping the blood transfusions, Mr. Fraser has indicated that his Government is willing that they should continue. This approach to the Communist question leaves Mr. Fraser open to the charge that he is hypocritically engaging in double-talk. When Socialist Opposition leader Mr. Gough Whitlam predictably charged that Australia stood to lose heavily in any Soviet trade backlash following Mr. Fraser's criticism of Soviet military policies, Mr. Fraser hit back by claiming that there had been a "warm" response to his address in Moscow, observing that the Soviet had invited his Deputy Prime Minister Mr. Doug Anthony, to open an Australian Trade Fair in Moscow.

Senior Soviet official V.P. Suslov, one of Moscow's noted hard-liners, told Australian Ambassador Sir James Plimsoll that the Soviet was not over-concerned about Mr. Fraser's anti-Soviet comments as they were obviously for domestic consumption. Or, he might have added, for American consumption. The Communist criminals are not unduly worried about what any Western leaders SAY, so long as they do not ACT to deprive them of the economic blood transfusions required for their programme of industrial and military expansion.

Mr. Whitlam is, of course, delighted with Australia's trade relations with the Soviet Union. He describes the Soviet Union as "a major trading partner of Australia". It is a strange type of partnership. For the year 1974-75 Australian exports to the Soviet Union were $243.2 million, while imports from the Soviet Union were only $6.39 million. Australians sent to the Soviet Union 30 times more production than they received in exchange. Needless to say, the Marxists are delighted with this state of affairs. In real terms they are the beneficiaries.

Mr. Whitlam would have Australians believe that it is they who are benefiting from this "favourable balance of trade". And he is supported by that strong anti-Communist Mr. Doug Anthony, who no doubt hopes that he can persuade the Soviet to take not only more food, including Australian beef, but other types of exports.

Recent figures reveal that the Soviet has an enormous financial deficit with non-Communist nations. The deficit has recently soared to $A3,600 million. The non-Communist nations are not only providing the economic blood transfusions to the Communists, but are also providing credits to finance the blood transfusions.

The most striking commentary of all concerning Mr. Fraser's alleged strong anti-Soviet stance was the news on Saturday, June 5th, that the Soviet has offered to process and enrich Australian uranium. "The Australian" of June 5th, reported Mr. Anthony as saying that on the previous day, the Soviet Ambassador to Australia, Mr. A. V. Basov, had made the offer to him in Canberra. Mr. Anthony said that he knew little of the technical details involved in the offer but hoped to learn more about it when he visited the Soviet Union next month.

Mr. Anthony said on-June 4th that he hoped that Mr. Fraser's foreign policy statement would not create any problems between Australia and the Soviet Union!
Mr. Anthony need have no fears; the Soviet strategists know how little the words of Western political leaders mean. They are delighted to have Mr. Fraser speak out as strongly as he likes - for Australian domestic consumption of course - against the Soviet Union so long as he keeps the economic blood transfusions flowing.

A spokesman for the Department of Overseas Trade says that more than 150 Australian businessmen from more than 50 major exporting companies will be attending the Moscow trade display. Apparently they, like top Soviet official Suslov, do not take Mr. Fraser's anti-Soviet talk too seriously.


"Australia was reappraising its policy on Africa, the Foreign Affairs Minister, Mr. Peacock, told Dr. Kissinger in Nairobi this week. Mr. Peacock had had talks with the U.S. Secretary of State at the UN Conference on trade and development being held this week in the Kenyan capital. It is from talks with Dr. Kissinger and African leaders that the foundations are being laid for a fundamental reappraisal of Australian foreign policy in Africa." - Chris Ashton, reporting from Nairobi, in "The Sun", Melbourne May 7th.

Like Dr. Kissinger, Mr. Andrew Peacock has never been to Rhodesia. When recently asked to send an all-party delegation to Rhodesia to examine the situation at first hand, Mr. Peacock replied that sending such a delegation "would be contrary to most international opinion and would not achieve any worthwhile results". Mr. Peacock does not explain who is responsible for the "international opinion" he fears. He has made it perfectly clear that Australia's foreign policy is completely subservient to the dictates of the UN.

Following Mr. Peacock's visit to Nairobi, the following events have taken place
On May 28th, Liberal Member Alan Jarman asked Prime Minister Fraser in the Federal Parliament did he recall stating in his policy speech prior to the last Federal Elections, that the Government would not give assistance to overseas countries involved in terrorist activities "is he aware", Mr. Jarman continued, "that Mozambique is giving haven and assistance to Russian trained forces who are attacking and killing both black and white Rhodesians?
In view of the limitations which Australia has found it necessary to place on the amount of aid which we can give to underdeveloped and needy nations, will the Prime Minister give very serious consideration to the matter before succumbing to the continued pressure of the Leader of the Opposition for aid to Mozambique... ?"

Prime Minister Fraser replied that the subject would come before Cabinet "as a result of matters which have been put to the Government by the Secretary-General of the Commonwealth. When those matters have been properly considered, on a submission from the Minister for Foreign Affairs, the Minister will make an announcement on behalf of the government".

On the previous day to Mr. Jarman asking his question, "The Sun", Melbourne, May 27th, reported, "Australian officials yesterday strongly supported trade sanctions against Rhodesia. They gave their support during a debate on Southern Africa at a meeting of senior Commonwealth officials".

Late on Thursday night. June 3rd, Mr. Peacock released a small statement, which he no doubt hoped would not attract too much attention. The statement announced a grant of $80,000 for the Marxist Government of Mozambique, at present under the control of President Machel and his Soviet KGB "advisers", who are increasingly directing the terrorist campaign against Rhodesia. Mr. Peacock also announced that $1 million worth of skim milk powder would be sent.

The desperate food situation in Mozambique is the direct result of the policies of the Marxist regime. Tens of thousands of skilled people have fled the country. The Soviet is working to establish firm naval bases in Mozambique for its Indian Ocean naval forces. Australians must face the chilling truth that a Government which talks anti-Communism is now openly giving aid and comfort to a Marxist-dominated nation being used as a base for increasing terrorist attacks on both black and white Rhodesians.

We find the situation revolting and trust that sufficient Australians, once they learn of this shameful betrayal, will protest in the strongest possible manner. Fortunately there appears to be a little more health in the United States, where the American Senate has warned that it will not approve Dr. Kissinger's proposed US21 million aid to support Mozambique. And while Dr. Kissinger promised during his African visit that the Byrd Amendment, making it possible for America to continue importing chrome from Rhodesia, would be repealed, the American Congress is defying Dr. Kissinger. With the American people revolting against Kissinger's anti-Rhodesian, pro-Communist policies, why should Australians permit the Fraser Government to follow Kissinger towards a major disaster for the West?


The famous British journalist and author, Douglas Reed, the man who resigned from The Times, London, because it suppressed his warnings about the coming Second World War, became world-famous for a most revealing series of books concerning the conspiracy against Christian Civilisation. His book "Far and Wide" was written in 1951. Reed's publisher was warned by his lawyer that although the book contained no libels, he would be ruined if he published. The publisher went out of business. Douglas Reed became an outlawed writer. His books started to disappear. Douglas Reed retired from writing. But now the most explosive and prophetic chapters of "Far and Wide" have been republished in South Africa through the initiative of Mr. Ivor Benson and Dolphin Press. There is a Foreword by Mr. Benson and a Preface by Douglas Reed, now living in South Africa.
The appearance of "Douglas Reed Rediscovered" is a major international publishing event. Adequate supplies are to hand. The price is $2 plus 40 cents postage. But we can offer two copies for $4 posted.


Three press headlines on Friday of last week had the "ECONOMY BOUNCING BACK", SURGE IN ECONOMY" and "ECONOMY OFF THE FLOOR". Federal Treasurer Lynch "applauded" the latest national account figures, which showed on 0.1 per cent, increase in consumer expenditure in the March quarter. But having "applauded ", Mr. Lynch had to admit that inflation had increased by 4 per cent during the March quarter, commenting, "This indicates that the problem of inflation is still with us and that, despite some favourable signs there is no room for complacency about rises in costs and prices".
Until such time as Mr. Lynch and his colleagues ignore the Treasury "experts" and lower financial costs, by drastically reducing Sales Tax and using consumer price discounts, they must continue to stumble down the disaster road.

Malaysian Government troops in Northern Malaysia have suffered heavy casualties as a result of the biggest Communist offensive for 20 years. There has been friction between the Governments of Malaysia and Thailand because the Malaysian airforce has been violating Thai air space to hit at the Communist guerrillas. Although under increasing Communist guerrilla pressures itself, Thailand is trying desperately not to provoke open confrontation with its Communist neighbours, Laos and Cambodia.
It appears certain that the Malaysians have had a number of their aircraft shot down by the Communists, who are now using much more sophisticated weapons than in the past. Both the Soviet Union and Communist China are backing the Communist offensive against Malaysia. The news makes nonsense of the Whitlam Government's claim that Australia was assured of peace for at least 15 years.' Developments in Thailand and Malaysia indicate that Australia should be seeking to build the strongest possible alliance with anti-Communist Indonesia.

© Published by the Australian League of Rights, P.O. Box 27 Happy Valley, SA 5159