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Edmund Burke
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9 July 1976. Thought for the Week: "In the current discussions about property, rights, and social relations, it is very rare to see any appreciation manifested of the connection between family and property. Yet this connection lies at the root of the whole matter. The grandest and most powerful monopoly in the world is the family, in its monogamic form."


During his meeting with the National Press Club in Canberra on Tuesday, June 29th, President of the A.L.P. and the A.C.T.U., Mr. R. Hawke, provided yet another example of both vulgarity and ignorance. If Mr. Hawke believes that boring profanity in public comment is essential to prove that he is a "dinkum Aussie", then he does not really understand the great majority of his fellow Australians. The suggestion that the Westminster type of parliamentary government - inherited from "that bloody little island 500 years ago" - would be improved by adopting features of the American political system, under which a President appoints Cabinet Ministers, reveals Mr. Hawke's frustration with a system which ensured that the Australian electors had the opportunity last December to cast a massive vote of no-confidence in the Whitlam Government. The Watergate tragedy would never occur under the Monarchical system.

Turning his attention to foreign affairs, Mr. Hawke claimed that there was nothing to fear from Soviet naval activity in the Indian Ocean. Such naval activity was merely the result of the Soviet's growing trading activities. Mr. Hawke did not explain why, for example, the Soviet was engaged in establishing a major military and naval base in Somalia. And why the Soviet is moving into the Pacific.

If the Peking-line Communist paper "Vanguard" is correct, when the Soviet survey ship "Fedor Litke" visited the Coral Sea in 1972 it installed an electronic monitor on Packlington reef, which is only 1,000 miles northeast of Townsville. The installation of a large Soviet Embassy in Fiji, coupled with a Soviet offer to help develop major port and airfield facilities on Tonga, is ominously significant to all students of the traditional Soviet program of expansion.

Having first established mercantile and fishing interests, the Soviet then argues that they must be given Soviet naval protection. It would be instructive to hear the learned Mr. Hawke explain what legitimate interests the Soviet has in Angola or Mozambique. Unfortunately his criticism of Mr. Fraser has obscured the fact that he strongly supports the Fraser Government's anti-Rhodesian policy and its aid for Marxist-dominated Mozambique.

If ever Mr. Robert Hawke becomes Prime Minister of Australia that will be another major disastrous event for the nation.


By Eric D. Butler
In the global struggle for power and influence, the Chinese Communists have lost out to the Soviet Union in Vietnam, Laos, Latin America and Africa. Even in Cambodia, the disappearance of pro-Peking Prince Sihanouk from the political scene suggests that the Chinese Communist influence is dwindling. Vietnam is the channel through which the Soviet is providing technical and material aid to the growing Communist insurgency movements throughout South-East Asia. Peking is concerned about the Soviet's strong position in North Korea.

Like their competitors in Moscow, the Peking Marxist-Leninists know their dialectics. They work to use conflict to advance their cause. Faced with growing internal friction and the greater international successes of the Soviet, Peking has launched a diplomatic offensive in line with the famous saying of Sun Wutse, the greatest Chinese strategist of the Warring State period, reading; "To attack your potential enemies close by your door and befriend those far removed from you."

Irrespective of what the Chinese Communists told Mr. Fraser about their fear of the Soviet influence near their borders, a feature of the Chinese educational system is the constant hate campaign against the "evil American imperialists." But the official policy, for the time being at least, is to befriend the enemy far removed from China in order to help counter the enemy close to home. And this policy also helps ensure that the increasing flow of technology and industrial equipment from the U.S.A. continues.

If Mr. Fraser believes that the Chinese Communists have made a major policy shift, with a declaration by Chinese Premier Hua Kuo-feng that Peking will not support Communist insurgency activities in other countries, he is asking Australians to believe that the Chinese Communists have suddenly forsaken a cardinal feature of the Marxist-Leninist faith.

Time and time again, over half a century of Communist warfare, Western political leaders have been hoodwinked by false promises by Communist spokesmen. Mr. Fraser should recall how that great master of Communist dialectics, Stalin, signed a non-aggression pact with Hitler. Stalin is greatly admired by the Chinese Communists. The Fraser Government creates the impression that it has become the victim of its own confused thinking. Confusion is welcomed by the Marxist-Leninist promoters of psychological warfare.

Consider the following sequence of confusing foreign policy developments:
first Mr. Fraser gives a foreign policy statement expressing deep concern about Soviet expansion in the Indian Ocean but assures Australians that his statement was warmly welcomed in Moscow.
Mr. Fraser then visits Communist China and creates the impression that it is possible to establish some type of meaningful relations with one set of Communists who are at present competing for world domination with another set of Communists.
Defence Minister Killen returns from the U.S.A. and makes a strong criticism of the Soviet military threat, only to amend his statement at the suggestion of Mr. Fraser.
Mr. Peter Nixon, Minister for Transport, returned to Canberra last week-end after four days in the Soviet Union, and announced that it was "a bit hard to jump to the conclusion" that the size of the Soviet maritime fleet posed economic or political dangers.
On Sunday, July 4th, Mr. Fraser announced that messages from the Soviet Union over the past few days showed that the Russians wanted their friendly relationship with Australia to continue.

Mr. Fraser's confusion concerning the real nature of the Communist challenge to what is left of the Free World, enables the Communists and their many dupes to charge that the Fraser Government is "raising the discredited Red bogey" only for cynical political purposes. If Mr. Fraser and his colleagues are serious about the Communist question, then they must be prepared to speak out boldly, exposing the complete range of Communist warfare: political subversion, economics, trade, cultural exchanges, psycho politics. They must publicise the Lenin policy that the Communists should only use military force after their enemies have been completely demoralised.

It is true, as Mr. Fraser says Australia is only a small nation, but its influence would be dramatic internationally if it announced that it accepted the Communist view that it was the target of Communist warfare and was therefore taking appropriate steps to defend itself. One of the first steps necessary would be to stop sending any further economic blood transfusion to the Communist enemy. Our economic assistance could be offered under conditions such as freedom for the Captive Nations. Such a policy would demonstrate that at least one Western nation was prepared to stand firm for those spiritual verities upon which Western Civilisation was erected.


An officer of the British Community Relations Commissioner says that he and his colleagues were "shocked" by the massive gains for the two "racist" parties, the National Party and the National Front, at a London borough by-election. Between them the two parties polled 44.5% of the total vote in a traditionally safe Labor seat. Clearly the British backlash against non-European immigration is gathering growing electoral support. Australians should take note and, irrespective of the Grassbys, press for a curbing of non-European migration to Australia.

The Italian political crisis remains unresolved as a result of the Italian elections. The increased Communist vote was not quite sufficient to enable the Communists to force their way into a coalition government. But the first step has been taken with the decision to elect a Communist as President of the Chamber of Deputies in Italy's new parliament.

Dr. Kissinger continues to work hard at attempting to break the will of the Rhodesians. He now proposes a two-year plan for Rhodesians transition to "majority rule", offering the Europeans the opportunity to settle elsewhere at America's expense. We have no doubt that this blatant bribery offer will be treated with the contempt it deserves.

Running true to general form, the Reverend Alan Walker, Superintendent of the Sydney General Mission, has supported the A.C.T.U. bans on trade with South Africa. "All ties with the South African Government should be broken: financial, trade, transport, communications, sport, "says the reverend gentleman. We cannot recall Mr. Walker urging a similar policy towards the Soviet Union. The same Mr. Walker has joined in the campaign urging Sir John Kerr to resign as Governor General.

While Mr. Fraser asks the Chinese Communist leaders to cease backing terrorism in other countries, his government provides aid for the Marxist Mozambique Government, now openly backing terrorist campaigns against Rhodesians, both black and white. The Fraser Government has also refused to issue an entry visa to Australia for Senator Chief Chirau, President of the Rhodesian Council of Chiefs.

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