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17 September 1976. Thought for the Week: "If day in, day out someone correctly predicts the shape of things to come, he must understand a great deal about the present. The man who knows a lot about tomorrow knows more about today, and even more about yesterday. Prophecy with a high batting average is perhaps the highest and most intense form of induction."
"Instauration", edited by Wilmot Robertson, Jan. 1976.


Once again the Queensland Premier, Mr. J. Bjelke-Petersen, has demonstrated that he is Australia's only statesman at the present time. While the media generally was extolling the "greatness" of Chinese Communist leader Mao Tse-tung, Prime Minister Fraser was claiming that the "renascent China I saw is his (Mao Tse-tung' s) monument", and Foreign Affairs Minister Peacock was describing the Communist leader as an "authentic" figure, Mr. Bjelke-Petersen reminded Australians of the real Mao Tse-tung and opposed international praise.
With typical bluntness he said, "Reds are reds and I don't trust them." Like his fellow Communist Stalin who helped him seize power, Mao Tse-tung was a criminal mass murderer. He was responsible for the use of Chinese troops in the Korean War, during which Australians were killed. The Chinese captured in the Korean War thought so little of Chairman Mao's China that the overwhelming majority of them elected to go to Formosa rather than return to their native country.

Joining in the sickening international kow tow concerning the death of Mao Tse-tung, former British "Conservative" Prime Minister, Edward Heath stressed how he had been the last Western political leader received by Mao Tse-tung, and how Mao had congratulated him for his role in taking the British into the European Economic Community, thus demonstrating a "world outlook".

Opposition leader Whitlam was lyrical in his praise of the Chinese Communist leader, claiming, "Few men had been so identified with the development of a modern State and with the ideals and aspirations of its people". This is not the view of those Chinese who have been lucky enough to flee out of China. In the sickening waves of adulation of Mao Tse-tung, no reference has been made to the fact that this Communist criminal only came to power in China because of treachery in Washington, where it was decided that if the Chinese Nationalist leader, Chiang Kai-shek, would not join a coalition government with the Communists, he should be deprived of American military support. Chiang Kai-shek knew the real meaning of a coalition government with Communists, something the Czechoslovakians discovered the hard way, and refused to commit suicide. He retreated to Formosa and kept alight the hope of eventual freedom from Communism for the Chinese people.

Prime Minister Fraser went far beyond the requirements of diplomatic courtesy in his eulogy of Mao Tse-tung, demonstrating once again his shallow approach to the challenge of Communism. Fortunately Premier Bjelke-Petersen presented a much more realistic picture. Freedom loving Australians are indebted to the Premier for his act of courage.
(The true story of how Mao Tse-tung came to power is told in Mr. Eric Butler's history, "The Red Pattern of World Conquest". Price $1.40 posted.)


On Friday of last week Federal Treasurer Lynch made the headlines with a stinging attack on a "fifth column" in the trade union movement intent on destroying "economic recovery". One could detect a note of quiet satisfaction in Communist John Halfpenny's voice as he denied Mr. Lynch's allegations.

What Mr. Lynch said was correct as far as it went. But it is the Treasury-Lynch financial policies that are providing the ideal conditions for the furtherance of Marxist class warfare. The Fraser Government is going to make a most disastrous mistake if it attempts to force a confrontation with the Trade Unions. The Heath Government attempted that in the United Kingdom and, because it did nothing to remove the basic cause of inflation, merely consolidated the majority of Trade Unionists behind the Communists.

The "anti-inflation strategy" of the Fraser Government is rapidly moving Australia towards a most disastrous and revolutionary situation. The situation can only be defused by modifying the present financial policies. Mr. Fraser prepared a rod for his own back when before the last Federal elections he charged that Mr. Whitlam was "mismanaging" the economy, the clear inference being that he was a better manager than Mr. Whitlam. But inflation is not the result of "mismanagement"; it is a deliberate policy of destruction rooted in the Keynesian concept of deficit financing.

In one breath Mr. Fraser and Mr. Lynch are warning against excessive deficit financing while in the next they are extolling the virtues of Australia borrowing overseas. Borrowing from overseas increases the amount of money in Australia while increasing Australia's external debt. Increasing debt is a major contribution to further inflation.

It may be that Mr. Lynch and Mr. Fraser have no idea of what they are doing. But the Socialist planners, many of them entrenched in the Federal bureaucracy, know exactly what they are doing. And so do the Marxist revolutionaries in the Trade Unions. These revolutionaries welcome the Lynch type of verbal attack, but fear any policy similar to the "Petersen Plan", which would deprive them of the inflation weapon.


"Ten kilometers across the Loatian border from Ubon Province, two insurgency schools are training a hard core of cadres to help direct the war of national liberation in Thailand. Recruits from Bangkok and the rural areas of northeast Thailand spend three months in the schools, then go back into the underground to organise and to recruit." - Denis Warner, reporting in "The Sydney Morning Herald", (2/9/76).

Following the betrayal of South Vietnam, the escalation of guerilla warfare as taught by Mao-tse-Tung is being stepped up. Cambodia, with an enormous death toll, has fallen to Communism. Laos and Thailand are under heavy pressure. Chin Peng, the Communist leader defeated in Malaya during the fifties, by Commonwealth troops under General Templar, is behind the resurgence of guerilla activities in Northern Malaysia.

How many recall that Australian troops fought alongside Rhodesians in the Malayan emergency of the 'fifties? The achievements of that period have been squandered by traitors of the Henry Kissinger mould. Meanwhile, the "Communist Tribune" (Sept. 1st, 1976) calls for added support for Fretelin, the Marxist group in Timor. The Communist backed Campaign for an Independent East Timor claims to be mobilising support in Australia for the East Timorese people. Those gullible enough to support this new Communist activity can send financial help to the "Tribune' s" own Timor Fund, or the Campaign For an Independent East Timor; either way, the money goes to the Reds.


"The West Australian branch of the Labor Party decided today that the next State Labor Government would not appoint a new State Governor when the incumbent's term expired." "Sydney Morning Herald", (2/9/76).

Somebody should patiently explain to these aspiring government members that the Governor of a State is not appointed by politicians, but by Her Majesty the Queen. That she is prepared to seek the advice of Her Government members is a privilege that such ignorant party members obviously do not deserve. They should be further educated in the fact that, having been elected, they become servants of the Crown, and are required to pledge their loyalty to Her.

The W.A. Labor members who voted in this absurd and impertinent way are conceited enough to believe that West Australians will automatically endorse their views in a referendum to abolish the office of Governor, which they propose holding as soon as they have been voted into power. It merely serves to show how politicians tend to underestimate those they claim to represent.


Remember how British politician Enoch Powell was subjected to a campaign of abuse for suggesting some years back that race friction in the United Kingdom could be averted by financing non-Europeans to go back to their countries of origin? But no such campaign is being directed against that evil demolition man, Henry Kissinger, who is urging that Europeans in Rhodesia who do not want to live under "majority rule" should be financed to go elsewhere. As a rootless internationalist, typical of his kind, Kissinger obviously does not understand that Rhodesia is home for the great majority of Rhodesian Europeans. They regard it as much their home as do the Rhodesian Africans. That is why they are fighting so effectively to defend it against the Communist inspired assault.

Mr. Gough Whitlam's performance at Canberra last week clearly indicated that he felt the Fraser Government is now on the decline. His challenge that the Fraser Government was "dishonest" was avoided by the Prime Minister. After a weak reply by Minister for Consumer Affairs, Howard, the "gag" was applied. It is unthinkable that Gough Whitlam should ever become Australian Prime Minister again. But we must warn that unless the Fraser Government can do much better, the unthinkable could become an awful reality.

The anti Kerr Campaigners keep on insisting that the Governor General's action in dismissing the Whitlam Government was "unconstitutional". The short answer to this charge is that no one, not even Mr. Whitlam, has suggested that Sir John Kerr's action be challenged in the High Court.

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