Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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On Target

24 September 1976. Thought for the Week: "All truly wise thoughts have been thought.... thousands of times; but to make them truly ours, we must think them over again honestly, till they take root in our personal experience."


As we go to press, American Secretary of State, Dr. Kissinger, is engaged in putting increasing pressure on the Smith Government to hand power immediately to the "African majority". The brutality and cynicism of the anti-Rhodesian campaign is in the best Kissinger manner. Allegedly Dr. Kissinger and his masters want the Smith Government to abdicate in order to avert another Communist advance. But every agreement Kissinger has made to halt Communism, as in Vietnam, has resulted in exactly the opposite. So it will prove in Rhodesia and South Africa - if the Rhodesians are forced to capitulate.

Following Kissinger's first meeting with the Rhodesian Prime Minister, Mr. Ian Smith, in Pretoria, the press reports stated that "The Kissinger negotiations hinge on a $1.6 billion American-British plan to develop Rhodesia under black rule and compensate whites who want to leave." The essence of the Kissinger proposal is that Rhodesian Europeans are as shallow and rootless as is Dr. Kissinger. But as the abdication by the Europeans must result in the Africans suffering as they have in other parts of "liberated" Africa, it is clear that Kissinger does not really care what happens to these unfortunate people.

The great majority of the Africans are relying upon the Europeans to stand firm, realising only too well what will happen to them if the Europeans retreat under the threats of Dr. Kissinger. The Chiefs would, of course, be immediate targets for liquidation if the power hungry African politicians who cannot even agree amongst themselves, comes to power.

As outlined by Mr. Eric Butler in his Paper at the League of Rights National Seminar last Saturday, it has been revealed in the United States that Dr. Kissinger is aware of, and supports a strategy evolved by the Soviet Union, and advanced at a United Nations Seminar in Cuba, for the use of the U.N. to remove the Rhodesian obstacle to the Soviet advance. If Dr. Kissinger cannot frighten or bribe the Rhodesian Europeans to retreat, then as certain as the night follows the day, there will be a further escalation of the Communist backed terrorist attacks on Rhodesians, these designed to produce a climate of opinion internationally in which the U.N. can be used to create "peace".

Australians can either stand idly by and permit their own Government to support the destruction of their own front line in Rhodesia, or they can do all in their power to encourage the Rhodesians to continue holding this line. For over ten years we have predicted what would ultimately happen in Rhodesia, and South Africa, if Rhodesia were defeated. One of the most critical moments in history has arrived.


"A Government back bencher warned the Prime Minister, Mr. Fraser, yesterday that unemployment will bring the Government's downfall unless the problem is solved." The Australian 16/9/76.

We have known for some time that a growing number of Government backbenchers were becoming uneasy about the Lynch-Fraser policy of deliberate unemployment. But it is so unusual for parliamentarians to openly criticise the policies of their Party - however harmful they might be - that there has been to date little chance of any real challenge to the current disaster. Only under the threat of losing electoral favour do modern politicians speak out. A growing number of Liberal/Country Party members can feel the chilly winds of an electoral backlash, as one promise after another is broken.

For a time, Mr. Fraser will be able to maintain control by threat of Party discipline, and an appeal for unity to carry he and his colleagues through the period ahead. But it is only a matter of time before the storm breaks round the heads of the present parliament. In essence, it is a Government that has declared economic war on a section of the Australian people. It quite openly predicts that more and more will be driven into unemployment. In fact, such deprivation is part of a deliberate strategy now estimated to take at least three years by Mr. Fraser' s own admission. If there is to be any alleviation, it will be through another manifestation of socialism, from a so-called anti-socialist government.

Older Australians will recall that one of the basic objectives of Dr. Evatt's wartime referendum in 1944 was to obtain the power for the direction of labour. Dr. Evatt wanted the power to shift large segments of the population from one part of Australia to another, to work on Government schemes of one kind or another. This power was denied the Government when the 1944 referendum was decisively rejected. Governments, however, have discovered that there are more ways to kill a cat than choking it with cream.

The announcement by the Fraser Government of allocation of finance to shift workers to the source of Jobs is only a hairsbreadth from the Evatt ideal. By cutting off unemployment benefits from those refusing to accept the idea of shifting to Government designated jobs, just as effective a force is applied as any legal compulsion. With deliberately engineered unemployment on a scale not seen since the last Depression, and the up-rooting of increasingly large segments of the workforce for deployment on Government relief schemes, the Orwellian concept of 1984 is not far way.


Year by year, political Party enthusiasts assemble in State and area conventions to pass resolutions and listen to stirring speeches from prominent politicians. Enormous efforts are devoted to shaping resolutions at branch level, sending delegates to larger conventions, and re-passing them. An illusion of democracy has a real effect on those taking part in the process.

The passing of a resolution at State level is regarded as an achievement of considerable dimensions. But what impact does such a performance have on politicians? The answer is zero. It is an elaborate facade to delude the party faithful into believing that they are something more than hacks. It would be interesting for example, to know how many times and at how many conferences resolutions have been passed demanding the abolition of death duties in the last 76 years.

The recent Liberal Party Federal council meeting is a case in point. "The Age" (Melbourne) 20/9/76 reported as follows: "Federal Treasurer Phillip Lynch wasted no time at the weekend in letting the Liberal Party Federal Council meeting know where it stood. The Council delegates from all States had reached only the fourth of 52 resolutions on their agenda when Mr. Lynch intervened. Politely, but firmly, he said in effect: You can pass all the motions you like, but if they involve the Government in spending more money, then forget it; the Commonwealth purse is closed tight."

Perhaps it would have been more honest for Mr. Lynch to send a message to all branches saying, "Don't bother to pass any resolutions this year." It would have saved many people a lot of time. But you can bet your sweet life he would never go that far. It wouldn't be democratic!


Australians should carefully note, and remember, the statement made at last week's Liberal Party Federal Conference by the Minister for Posts and Telecommunications Mr. Robinson. Post charges will be held firm "for a long time" promised Mr. Robinson. In a fine piece of typical double talk, Mr. Robinson said that "If we had been in government in September, 1975, when the charges were fixed we would not have allowed them to be at the high escalation that they were", he said. But Mr. Robinson did not explain why, only four months later, when the Liberal Country Party Government came to office it did not take immediate steps to reduce the Labor Party's postal charges.

General Dayan of Israel has written a eulogy of Dr. Henry Kissinger in a "New York Times" book. General Dayan informs readers that Kissinger has "a prodigious capacity for serious work of remarkable thoroughness". C.H. Douglas once observed that the enemies of Civilisation had at their disposal the best brains which money can buy. It is of significance that Israeli General Dayan lauds a man who has played a major role in betraying the West to International Communism.

Air Vice-Marshal Stewart Menaul, R.A.F. bomber staff chief in World War II and now Director general of the Royal United Services Institute, a military studies centre in London, states that in ten years from now the Soviet Union could be strong enough to defeat the West without firing a shot. Air Vice-Marshal Menaul warns that the Soviet progress in arms and technology was so rapid that the West could lose its will to resist and become subject to political blackmail. But in spite of its formidable achievements, the Soviet is still dependent upon economic blood transfusions from the West. The Free World can easily survive by taking the necessary steps to cut off the economic blood transfusions.

Those fortunate enough to attend "The New Times" Annual Dinner were able to obtain advance copies of the historic Crown Commonwealth Report to the 1976 World Anti-Communist League Conference in South Korea. Orders for this explosive report can now be taken. $1.00 posted.

Prime Minister Muldoon of New Zealand likes to present himself as a hard-line anti-Communist. But last week he has also capitulated further to international pressure by strongly denouncing the South African policy of "apartheid". Was he also threatened with economic sanctions unless he joined the lineup against South Africa?

© Published by the Australian League of Rights, P.O. Box 27 Happy Valley, SA 5159