Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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1 October 1976. Thought for the Week: "Democracy is not all clear gain. For one thing, its methods of reaching decisions by voting creates the general impression that the majority is right. From a ladies' sewing circle to the assembly of the League of Nations we count heads when we wish a matter settled. The result is that we modern democrats, who would scorn to truckle to an autocrat, truckle to the majority with all the obsequiousness of a courtier before his sovereign. Once the fashions were set by a monarch - the king could do no wrong. If he wore a beard, beards were fashionable; if he wore a ruff to cover a scar, ruffs were the order of the day. Democracy, however, which has largely abolished this mimicry of kings, has for many folk only sustained mimicry of the mob. We do not go through the outward ritual of kneeling to their Majesties, but in fact we continually bow before two great sovereigns of the democratic state - The General Average and the Majority Vote."
Harry Emerson Fosdick in "Twelve Tests of Character" (1923)


By Eric D. Butler
Approximately five months ago, Dr. Henry Kissinger, with the backing of President Ford, outlined in the Zambian capital, Lusaka, a programme for crushing Rhodesia. Last Friday, September 24th, Prime Minister Ian Smith of Rhodesia reluctantly confessed that the Kissinger policy was being accepted.

In a fine dialectical display, Kissinger said in his Lusaka declaration of war, that he was pledging support to the Marxist regime of Mozambique as part of his programme to preserve "world peace". He went on to threaten that the U.S. would "approach other industrial nations to ensure the strictest and broadest international compliance with sanctions" imposed against Rhodesia by the United Nations. Kissinger has never at any time suggested economic sanctions to help end minority control of the Soviet Union and its satellites, or of Red China. Even Idi Amin' s Uganda is regarded more kindly than the Rhodesia, which has threatened no one.

Events concerning Rhodesia and South Africa confirm the Malcolm Muggeridge and Solzhenitsyn view that the West is suffering from a death wish. But this death wish has been deliberately created by the agents of subversion the most dangerous being, as Muggeridge has said, those who never cease to moralise about their "progressive liberalism". The media is always open to enable these "credulous buffoons", to quote Muggeridge again, to demonstrate their capacity to be "taken in by grotesquely obvious deceptions", and to "pass on from one to another, like a torch held upside down, the same death wish..."

But behind the sick liberals are the real traitors of Civilisation, the men who have financed the Western economic blood transfusions without which the advance of International Communism could never have taken place. The revolting Henry Kissinger, who, in his guttural monotone, has proclaimed a number of major retreats for the West, is currently the principal agent of these traitors. The Rhodesian retreat was the result of what has been described as Kissinger' a "meat axe diplomacy". Having served notice on the Rhodesians, he then made it clear to South African Prime Minister Vorster that he had to threaten to use the axe on Ian Smith - or else!

If John Vorster believes that he is buying time for South Africa by agreeing to sacrifice Rhodesia, then he has learned nothing from the lessons of history. The bell is already tolling for South Africa.

It was on September 14th, in his meeting with Prime Minister Smith in Pretoria, that John Vorster made his fateful statement that South African aid for Rhodesia was finished unless Ian Smith agreed to the Kissinger proposals. When Kissinger met with the Rhodesian leader he was able to produce an intelligence dossier purporting to show that the Soviet and Cubans had plans for intensifying the military pressure on Rhodesia. And Kissinger made the point once again that under no circumstances would the U.S. assist the Rhodesians if they decided to fight on.

In the face of what can only be described as treasonable blackmail, the Rhodesian Front Party obviously felt that there was no real alternative but to accept the Kissinger plan for "majority rule" in two years. And so on Friday, September 24th, Prime Minister Ian Smith had to make what must have been the most difficult address in his whole career. But he left no doubt about what had happened. He said: "The proposals which were put to us do not represent what in our view would have been the best solution for the Rhodesian problem. Regretfully, however, we were not able to make our views prevail.... The American and British governments, together with major Western powers, have made up their minds as to the kind of solution they wish to see in Rhodesia, and they are determined to bring it about."

Following the "agreement" for Rhodesia's future, there was another outburst of the same type of euphoria, which swept the world when Kissinger announced his "peace" plan for Vietnam. With his eye on the polls, President Ford expressed his pleasure with Dr. Kissinger' s efforts. Like the gadarine swine rushing towards disaster, the politicians of all labels joined in the praise for the "great international diplomat", Dr. Kissinger. Prime Minister Fraser dutifully chimed in and once again stressed his support for "majority rule". I do not anticipate that Mr. Fraser and his colleagues will accept any responsibility for the inevitable disastrous results of the criminally insane policy they are supporting.

In his concluding statement to the Rhodesian people, Prime Minister Smith said, "Now it is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. It is perhaps the end of the beginning." The Rhodesian leader could be right. The proposed "agreement" has yet to be finalised. The Soviet-Cuban thrust will continue even if it is. And once again the civilised world will see how it has been betrayed by Henry Kissinger and his masters. The murder of Rhodesia might yet awaken the West from its death wish. If this happens, Rhodesia will not have sacrificed and died in vain.


Defence Minister Killen has a well-deserved reputation for wit. We presume therefore that he was being unconsciously hilarious when he wrote in the September issue of "The Australian Liberal" that inflation will never be cured until it is regarded "with absolute horror and utter hatred". With a fine theatrical flourish, Mr. Killen writes "We must create a climate in which inflation is seen as one of society' s great evils - as personally threatening as a killer at large". When there is a killer at large, he is identified and apprehended by the proper authorities. Mr. Killen would better serve the anti-inflation cause if he would identify the cause and advocate policies for removing it. This would mean, of course, challenging his own Government' s policies.

Following the attempted murder of Mrs. Brigette McKenne, a leader of the Northern Ireland women's peace movement, another peace leader, Miss Corrigan, 23, said, "We have to be prepared in the next few months that women will become targets. I am prepared to die for peace." It is to be hoped that this type of spirit will eventually triumph against the revolutionaries and gunmen.

No one can deny that Prime Minister Fraser is dogged. Once again he maintains that his budget strategy is working and that there are "clear signs of recovery". He expressed his confidence on September 24th in addressing the annual dinner of the South Australian Institute of Director. He did admit, however, "in the early stages of recovery the indicators are inevitably mixed". In his weekly electorate radio broadcast on September 26th, Mr. Fraser said that his anti-inflation strategy "aims at a gradual and sound recovery." Mr. B. Lawrence, executor director of the Retail Traders Association of N.S.W., cannot detect any "recovery". Mr. Lawrence says retail sales for July and August had been most disappointing, and that the Budget had given no direct stimulation to demand by increasing money in people's pockets.
Note: there is no problem about an adequate supply of goods, only a shortage of purchasing power. The first anti-inflationary way to increase purchasing power would be to slash Sales Tax. The Treasury "experts" oppose this policy.

We wait with interest to hear the explanation from the Whitlams of why the Swedes have, after 44 years of an expanding Welfare State, voted the Socialists out. It appears that the young voters, given the vote just in time for the elections, played a major part in throwing the Socialists out. Clearly, even the well-conditioned Swedes felt that enough was enough.

The state of the American finance economy is a major issue in the American Presidential and Congressional elections. Although the Ford Administration brought inflation down by creating massive unemployment and large-scale business bankruptcies, now inflation is rising again as an attempt is made to "get the economy moving". Are you taking careful note, Mr. Phil Lynch? And what about Japan, where the Japanese shipbuilding industry is being pressed to cut back its present production by 35% over the next financial year? Further big steel price increases are threatened.

A national commission of the Anglican Church claimed last week that "lunatic fringe groups" are promoting hatred against migrants. Reference is made to something called a "latent sense of racism" in Australia. These "lunatic fringe groups" allegedly more vocal in recent years, "were actively espousing a mono-culture and white Australia." Do we understand that Australians no longer have the right to advocate the type of Australian culture and society they prefer?

© Published by the Australian League of Rights, P.O. Box 27 Happy Valley, SA 5159