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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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8 October 1976. Thought for the Week: "What, then, is the offence for which our people must be so severely punished? It is the offence of a single minded pursuit of personal self interest, neglect of duty, compounded with the offence of abandoning to persecution the prophets who would warn them."
Ivor Benson in Introduction to "Douglas Reed Rediscovered."


"Economic policies so savage they could precipitate riots in the streets will follow if Britain does not get help from the International Monetary Fund. This grim warning came from the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mr. Healey, only hours after he had announced Britain would apply for a massive new loan." - From Bob Swift in "The Australian", October 1st.

The critical plight of once Great Britain emphasises for all to see the manner in which financial policies are being used to generate revolutionary conditions essential for the destruction of traditional societies. Even after the vast physical destruction of the Second World War, the nations of the British Commonwealth possessed between them all the resources, skills and technology to be completely independent.

As Lenin said, the British Empire was the major international barrier to the expansion of Communism. That barrier had to be removed. And removed it was, not by superior external military force, but by financial manipulation and the financing of subversion. Internal inflationary financial policies, rooted in the teachings of the Fabian promoted John Maynard Keynes, make it appear "inevitable" that every successive crisis can only be resolved by more centralisation. And so the old British world was dealt a massive blow when the British were told that they were an "uneconomic" unit and that the only hope of salvation was to join the European Common Market.

As everyone but an idiot can now see, the Common Market, allegedly designed also to be a "strong, united barrier against Communism", has prepared the ground for the advance of Communism. Italy is teetering on the brink of a surrender to Communism (which, of course, will be "different") while the finance economic crisis is deepening in both West Germany and France. The swing against the Social Democrats in West Germany was the result of the finance economic crisis, which the propagandists for the alleged "world economic recovery" had been claiming did not exist.

Speaking from an International Monetary Conference in Manila, Federal Treasurer Lynch told Australians early this week that the financial measures the Fraser Government was taking were strongly supported by the International Monetary Fund. Mr. Lynch expressed the utmost confidence that Australia would eventually be as "successful" as other nations, which had taken similar measures.

Like the British? After all, there has been "wage restraint" there. Or what about the United States? Is Mr. Lynch not aware that in the first Carter-Ford Presidential debate reference was made to the fact that the much-publicised American recovery, so joyfully acclaimed some months ago, has failed to materialise. Unemployment is rising again and the inflation rate is moving upwards. The general situation is making nonsense out of those I.M.F. and other international reports, which Mr. Lynch and his colleagues quote with monotonous regularity.

May we re-state once again some basic truths about the deepening crisis: No Western nation has any real production problems. The free-enterprise system, based upon the institution of private property, and competing to serve consumers who indicate their preferences with their "money votes", can easily produce an abundance of all the requirements for civilised living.

Finance is a man made system of symbols, which can easily be adjusted to ensure that the free-enterprise system serves the individual. If financial policy is not serving the individual, but is resulting in expanding debt, crushing taxation and progressive inflation, then either those responsible for that policy are knaves or fools. There are those who have been so conditioned in our higher centres of learning that they really do believe that a set of figures in a book is more important than pounds of meat, or the building of adequate houses. But there are also those who understand that present financial policies inevitably undermine the Free Society and prepare the way for the imposition of a Marxist Society. They understand the nexus between financial policy and revolution.

Anyone who disbelieves that there is any type of conspiracy operating should ask why doesn't an Australian Federal Government which, in spite of having no real parliamentary opposition, is losing electoral support every day, give some serious consideration to the commonsense anti- inflationary policy put forward by Queensland Premier J. Bjelke-Petersen. When the Queensland Premier put his policy forward first, the alarm bells rang immediately amongst the revolutionaries. This was the first time since the Liberal-Country Party Coalition promised a similar policy, back in 1949, that an Australian political leader challenged the basic cause of revolution and subversion.

It is now as certain as the sunrise that the Western world is finished unless it comes to grips with this issue. One nation must give a lead, and Australia can be that nation.


With the internal and international crisis deepening hourly, this is the time for historic decision-making. Every South Australian supporter or sympathiser "worth his salt" will be present at the State Seminar and Dinner on Saturday, October 16th. These two events will be followed by a hard-hitting Action Seminar on Sunday, October 17th. Apart from Mr. Chas Pinwill of Queensland and Mrs. Noelene Hunt of Victoria ("Women Against Inflation"), Mr. Eric Butler will be presenting a message of the utmost gravity at the Dinner. "'Australia After Rhodesia" will be the theme. Be present! An excellent venue and first class Dinner - $7 per person, Chamber of Commerce Club. Seminar at Y.M.C.A., 76 Flinders St., starting at 1.40 p.m. Enrolments from 1.15 p.m. A weekend of re-dedication, and the outlining of the new initiatives urgently necessary to meet the situation. REMEMBER - IT'S MUCH LATER THAN YOU MAY THINK!


Speaking at the '"United" Nations last week, Australian Foreign Affairs Minister Andrew Peacock called on the General Assembly to support the Kissinger-Callaghan plan for Rhodesia. Mr. Peacock who has never been to Rhodesia, and whose utterances reveal an appalling ignorance of the realities of that nation, said that the Kissinger plan offered a real chance of achieving majority rule quickly and without bloodshed." Clearly Mr. Peacock was not concerned by the fact that the overwhelming majority of the members of the U.N. do not have "majority rule". When the inevitable ghastly results of the Kissinger plan take place in Rhodesia, the Peacocks of the West, like Pilate, will wash their hands of any responsibility.

Taiwan is planning to sell 100,000 metric tons of rice to Indonesia, which is now short of rice. Taiwan has a surplus. In spite of the thoughts of the "great" Chairman Mao, and the widespread publicity about Red China's "successful" rural programme, Communist China has to import vast quantities of food, while Free China on Taiwan has a surplus for exporting.

In his weekly column in "The Australian" of Friday, October 1st, Mr. B.A. Santamaria writes on the "perils of being America's ally"', claiming that the "heart of the problem lies in the collapse of America's political will." But the current lack of will is the result of treachery and conspiracy. Mr. Santamaria argues that the U.S. has decided to "trade white political sovereignty" in Rhodesia in the hope that it will maintain access to Rhodesia's raw materials, and then comments that "There is no criticism of the U.S. in this analysis. In its present situation it is impossible to see how it could act otherwise." The truth is, as Solzhenitsyn has pointed out, that the U.S. could rapidly counter the Soviet by the simple process of denying it the food, technology and industrial equipment it so desperately requires. So many anti-Communists shy away from this constructive policy.

As the Rhodesian resistance appears to be nearing its end, there is a spate of international propaganda concerning alleged atrocities by the Rhodesian authorities against the African people. It is Vietnam all over again. As for Bishop Lamont, his treachery is repugnant to the overwhelming majority of Rhodesian Roman Catholics.

Matured American political observers are suggesting that Mr. Jimmy Carter has been promoted, as was Mr. George McGovern at the last Presidential election, to make the Republican Party candidate look respectable. McGovern was so bad that Richard Nixon was made to look like a savior for the American people. As the real Jimmy Carter becomes more widely known (see the September issue of "The Intelligence survey"') so does support for President Ford increase. But as knowledge of the real makers of American Presidents grows in the United States, so does the determination harden not to vote for false alternatives. Americans will save themselves through Congress.

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