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Edmund Burke
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15 October 1976. Thought for the Week: "The future brings us nothing; it is we, who in order to build it have to give everything; our very life. But to be able to give one has to possess; and we possess no other life, no other sap, than the treasures stored up from the past and digested, assimilated and created afresh by us."
Simon Weil in "The Need for Roots".


By Eric D. Butler
In a discussion with Mr. Walter Jona, Victoria's Minister for Immigration, on the ABC's T.V. programme, "This Day Tonight" last Friday, October 8th, I observed that I found it rather depressing, and a manifestation of some type of death-wish, that people like Mr. Jona believed that Australians could successfully adopt the type of immigration policy which had produced disastrous results in the United Kingdom and in other countries; that Australians could succeed where others have failed.

Those who know Mr. Jona assured me that I would find him a "pleasant, but ineffectual little chap." I am sure that Mr. Jona is typical of so many small "1" Liberal types: sincere and well meaning. He really believes that we can mix up a number of different racial groups and cultures in Australia and produce a better Australia.

In a recent letter to the press Mr. Jona made the profound observation that only the introduction of non British migrants into Australia had made many Australians aware of the virtues of wine drinking! Presumably the traditional beer drinking of the English prevented them from becoming properly civilised!

As Malcolm Muggeridge has observed, it is the liberals who, during this tragic century when the clock of civilisation has not only been turned back, but also practically destroyed, have been the front-runners for the barbarians. It is not without significance that the first assault on the traditional Australian restrictive and highly selective immigration policy, designed to maintain a homogeneous people in which racial and social friction was kept to a minimum, was by the Communists. The Marxists have a vested interest in creating as much friction and social disintegration as possible, so that they can exploit it.

And as I observed in a number of interviews with the media last Friday, following announcement in the Federal Parliament on the Thursday about Mr. Al Grassby's book listing "racist" organisations, Mr. Grassby also has a vested interest in alleged "racism" in Australia. If there were no problems, or alleged problems, then it is obvious that we would not need the $36,000 a-year Mr. Grassby and his bureaucracy.

Even only ten years ago, the idea of creating a Federal bureaucracy to deal with "race relations" would have been laughed to scorn. Whatever one thinks of the immigration policies of the Calwell and Menzies years, one must remember that the stress was on European migrants, with a first preference for the British, and that the non British understood that their cultural and other contributions were to an English speaking nation whose main roots went back to Great Britain. There was no nonsense about financing ethnic radios and importing teachers so that non-British migrant's children could be taught in their parents' mother language.

Mr. Trudeau's bi-lingualism in Canada has produced a source of friction in Canada where none existed before. As I believe that French is one of the most beautiful languages in the world, this is not a criticism but an observation of a fact. And it is facts, which the liberal theorists will not face on the subject of race and culture.

In his great classic, "The Dispossessed Majority", Wilmot Robertson shows how, although the Anglo Saxon pioneered and developed the essential U.S.A., and although the Anglo Saxons are still the majority, they have allowed themselves to be reduced to a situation where they are at the mercy of manipulated minorities. The hard anti-Southern African stand by both Ford and Carter is dominated by the belief that this is essential to obtain the Negro vote.

No nation can maintain its basic heritage, and survive if minorities, some of whom reject that heritage, can be manipulated by alien forces. The Japanese clearly understand this fundamental truth, and therefore maintain one of the most rigid immigration policies in the world. In the eyes of the do gooding liberals, they are "racists". If the Grassbys are permitted to have their way, those proud of their British heritage and attempting to defend it, will be silenced.

Those who talk the loudest about "discrimination" are those practicing the most offensive type of discrimination. Although the Federal Minister for Immigration, Mr. MacKellar, has said that Mr. Grassby's booklet on "racism" is not fit to be distributed, Mr. Grassby is reported to have persisted and wants the Federal Government to publish a handbook on "racism" in Australia. He says that there is a great need for a book like an "Every man's guide to racism and discrimination."

What is needed is a cessation of an immigration policy, which is fragmenting Australia and providing the opportunity for subversives of all types to spread their poison. Perhaps at last Mr. Grassby has overreached himself and there will be a backlash, not against any minority migrant groups, but against an immigration policy, which permits subversives to manipulate minorities to serve their own treasonable purposes. If the subversives were successful, the minorities would be destroyed along with the majority.


The attitude of the treacherous British Socialist politicians, and the power hungry African "nationalist" Leaders, to the agreement between Dr. Henry Kissinger and the Rhodesian Government, provides further evidence of the realities of the Rhodesian situation. Dr. Kissinger has solved nothing. His "solution" has merely confirmed in the eyes of the African "nationalists", that they now must make increasingly more drastic demands.

They are determined and set upon the total surrender, not only of the 'Europeans and their African supporters in Rhodesia, but eventually of the Europeans in South Africa as well.

Kissinger first outlined his "solution" to the so-called frontline African Presidents, and after they had said they supported it, Kissinger presented Ian Smith with the "solution" as an ultimatum. Mr. Smith and his Party reluctantly agreed. But Kissinger had hardly returned to Washington before the African leaders had decided, after meeting, that they rejected much of the agreement. Then the African "nationalist" leaders started openly demanding a faster movement towards "majority rule". These leaders are divided among themselves. Tribal differences can already be seen.

Part of the Kissinger "solution" agreed to by the Smith Government was that terrorist attacks had to stop. Backed by the Communists, the terrorists, mostly based in Mozambique, are openly proclaiming that the attacks on the "white imperialists" must be intensified. The myth is being fostered that the terrorists have been responsible for forcing the Smith Government to talk surrender that now is the time to gain complete victory. In a message to mark Uganda's fourteenth year of independence, Idi Amin has called for greater effort by the terrorists in Southern Africa. The Rhodesian tragedy is far from finished.


Attention Mr. Malcolm Fraser and Mr. Lynch! Did you see the headline on Friday, October 8th, which read "Inflation surges in U.S."? Presumably accepting the views of your "expert advisers", you have been pointing to the U.S.A. as an example of how inflation can be brought "under control". We have warned that the fall in the inflation rate in the U.S.A. was only temporary, and achieved through mass unemployment and business bankruptcies. And that inflation would increase again as debt finance was created to "reflate" the economy. Wholesale prices increased 0.9% in September, taking the annual inflation rate back into double figures - l0.8%.

Faithfully carrying out the policy of the anti-British international financiers to force the British into the European Economic Community, the double talking British politicians claimed that this policy was essential for a prosperous and stable Britain. Consider the desperate plight of the unfortunate British people today! A Socialist Government is ruthlessly turning the financial screw still harder, this time to impress the International Monetary Fund, now being asked for a massive loan.
Great Britain, Canada, New Zealand and Australia - the four Crown Commonwealth nations - have between them vast natural resources, sufficient food of all kinds, and enough technology and industrial skills to provide all their peoples with abundance and freedom if the whole of the rest of the world disappeared tomorrow. The old British world was broken up by evil financial policies and treachery. It could be regenerated by constructive financial policies. But a different kind of politician is required, one with a vision and possessing integrity.

N.S.W. home and property owners should take careful note of the Wran Labor Government's proposed new Lands Commission. Allegedly established to provide land at a reasonable price for young people on low incomes, it could become a bureaucratic monster. The Commission could decide that an area is suitable for housing development and could force existing residents out of their homes. The N.S.W. legislation is patterned on the South Australian Land Commission, but it does not include those parts of the South Australian legislation, which prevent the Commission forcing people out of existing homes.

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