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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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On Target

5 November 1976. Thought for the Week: "The Communist scientists and psycho politicians have devised a method of combining music, hypnotism, and Pavlovianism to nerve-jam the children of our nation, without our leaders, teachers, or parents being aware of its shocking implications."
Rev. David Noebel in "The Marxist Minstrels".


Mr. Eric Butler reports from New Zealand where he is conducting a two-week lecturing tour under the auspices of the New Zealand League of Rights.
As one who has been visiting New Zealand regularly over the years, I have noticed that race relations in this country have deteriorated rapidly with the influx of non-Europeans most of these Pacific Islanders. Much of the friction and in many cases, open violence, has been between the Islanders and the Maoris. This in turn has had an influence on European New Zealanders.

I arrived in New Zealand on this tour to be greeted with press headlines charging that the police were arresting non-Europeans in random checks for illegal immigrants. These illegal immigrants are described as "The overstayers.. . Only estimates are available of how many of these illegal immigrants are in the country, but they certainly total many thousands. New Zealanders are now starting to pay the price of a lax immigration policy, which permitted non-Europeans to flood into the country, generally looking for the higher standard of living, which was available.

Many businessmen were also happy to employ what was relatively cheap labour. But now that the Muldoon Government is attempting to reverse inflation with the same type of restrictive financial policies being used by the Fraser Government, many of the "overstayers" are finding it harder to obtain work. This reminds me of what has happened in West Germany, which was willing to permit Turkish, Greek and other non-skilled workers to enter during the "boom" years, but insisted when the economic "miracle" slowed down, that all these non-German workers should be sent back to their own countries. Needless to say, there was considerable race friction, little of which has been reported in the world media.

The New Zealand media has made much of the fact that the New Zealand po1ice, which must of course assist with the upholding of the nation's immigration laws, have allegedly made random checks and that "brutal tactics" have been used against innocent people. The Marxist agitators have been attempting to exploit the situation, while Labor Party Opposition Members are charging that the Muldoon Government is creating "shame, fear and anger" with its "jackboot tactics".

A wild and embittered meeting of about 700 Pacific Islanders in Auckland heard some extravagant language and charges against the police and the Government. One press report states that Pacific Islanders and others in the Wellington area plan a protest march on Parliament House within the next few weeks. The Prime Minister of Western Samoa, Tupuola Efi, has entered the controversy with a charge that the New Zealand Government was guilty of discrimination if it continued to deport Pacific Islanders but not British and European overstayers.
It is interesting to note that since April 2, 1974, Canadians and Britons have had to obtain permission for permanent residence. Many New Zealanders argue that at least the same provisions should apply to Pacific Islanders and others.

The New Zealand Government has become so sensitive about the race question that recently at the United Nations, the Minister of State, and former New Zealand Prime Minister, Sir Keith Holyoake, completely reversed the Muldoon Government's policy concerning sporting contacts with South Africa.
I find that even many staunch National Party supporters have been sickened by what has been described as a "boot-licking" performance by Sir Keith Holyoake.

Prime Minister Muldoon won large numbers of votes before the last New Zealand elections by making it clear that the National Party would not intervene in sporting relations between New Zealanders and South Africans. But with the anti-New Zealand walkout at the Olympic Games and other pressures, the Muldoon Government has dramatically changed its stance. And, of course, there was the visit of Mr. Nelson Rockefeller!

Like Prime Minister Fraser, Prime Minister Muldoon is faithfully following the Communist-U.N-International Financier line on all the major issues, including, of course, Rhodesia.

Mr. Jeremy Lee reports from North Queensland

The Implications of Britain's financial plight
An awful reality now faces the shallow and inconsequential rabble, which constitutes Great Britain's Labor Government. That rabble is running out of scapegoats, and the consequences of its own suicidal socialist policies are coming home to roost.

As the war concluded in 1945, the first target of the Fabian-dominated Attlee Government was private industry, which had achieved magnificent results in re-arming Britain during the dark days of the forties. The Railways, the Coal Industry and Steel were nationalised. The "Beveridge Plan" - a blue-print for the Welfare State - became the policy of the Government, although strongly opposed by thousands of Britons. The staggering debts of two world wars, plus the programme of nationalisation, prevented the recovery in Britain, which took place in the defeated nations of Germany and Japan.

If there was one factor, which differentiated the position of victors and vanquished more than any other it was debt. Once on the Fabian course, the descent into chaos was inevitable. Britain was to learn, as other nations are also beginning to learn, that changing political parties meant nothing unless Fabianism was also challenged. Considering the deliberate sabotage to which she has been subjected, Britain has done magnificently. Her growth rate for the last 15 years has averaged almost 3 percent. But the achievements of Britain's hard-pressed producers have been squandered by power-hungry political perverts, the "little Englanders" whose world ambitions have necessarily involved the destruction of the British family of nations and the financial humiliation of Britain herself.

Britain has been 'invaded' by waves of aliens through her suicidal immigration policies, which are as unrepresentative of the general will as anything ever could be. Her productive genius has been swamped under a morass of central planning by theorists who could never produce anything themselves. Her sovereignty has been laid on the altar of international finance, so that today it is the International Monetary Fund and the Gnomes of Zurich who map out Britain's internal policies, rather than the people and their Government.

All this has helped place Britain on the edge of the abyss. Her shipbuilding, her aviation industries, her once magnificent textile industries are in ruins. For the first time, she is a net exporter of British Beef - simply because Britons cannot afford to consume it themselves. The debt system, quite deliberately, has precipitated a socialist revolution in Great Britain. Desperate politicians, faced with the results of their own nefarious activities, are now talking about the need for a coalition government of all parties, to introduce the ever- increasing compulsion deemed necessary to turn the corner! One suggestion is that such a coalition should be called "the government of national salvation" - surely Caesar's ultimate blasphemy.

What is needed instead is a movement of the people of Britain back to Magna Carta, starting with a call to "throw the money lenders out of the temple", and a move then to restore the liberties and freedoms of the British people.


In a small item in The Sun (Melbourne) 30th October, was buried the real reason behind the international financial manipulation of the British pound. The item mentioned that the pound had made a sharp "recovery" on the London foreign exchange markets, along with the report that Britain was seeking to negotiate a $10,000 million loan "to end the role of sterling as a reserve currency." We have known for many years that the forces of International Finance are working assiduously for the abolition of national reserve currencies, such as sterling and the U.S. dollar; to be replaced by International Monetary Fund Special Drawing Rights; the latter to be the one reserve currency of the West. We need not elaborate on the total CONTROL over all non-Communist nations, which such control of the I.M.F. reserve currency will bestow upon the International Bankers of the West. Such control is not absolutely total as long as any national reserve currencies exist. Once sterling is abolished as a reserve currency, then we can expect to see the buildup of pressure against the American dollar, with the same end result as the goal.

We now know that Australia is in for a period of scarcity of skilled tradesmen. Obviously in the current economic climate of restriction, necessary apprentices are not being engaged for training. But there is more to it than this; there is not just one reason. One of the prime reasons is that a great number of "normally" potential tradesmen have been side-tracked into "higher" education for which they are quite unsuited. We do believe that many of the teachers who issue forth from the various tertiary institutions will not be good teachers as they have talked themselves, or been talked into, a university course to "get" higher education (often on studentships, scholarships, etc.) with the hope that a higher standard of living will be the result.
This may or may not be so - the point is that man does not live by bread alone! Good potential toolmakers, plumbers, carpenters are bypassing their 'suited' trades for the lure of greener grass over the hill. Men who want to construct with their hands, and this is part and parcel of the artistic drive within man (an excellent pattern-maker is an artist), are often now being frustrated standing in front of a class of children, writing and speaking utter bilge in the field of the pseudo-sciences, infesting the bureaucracies, State and Federal.
We have stated before, and we state again, the basis of Education has become perverted. So many young people are not following their natural bents, but are chasing "education" to get that ticket, that diploma, that degree merely as a key to the door of what they think will be a higher standard of living, but in fact are fashioning themselves into square pegs for round holes.

Real Wealth - Not Financial Tickets

The true wealth of the nation does not consist in the hoarded gold of the Bank of England, not in the book-entries standing to the credit of merchant bankers. The wealth of the nation lies in its capacity to produce goods, and its capacity to consume goods, and its capacity to exchange its surplus goods for necessary importations from other countries.
If the City of London, with its banks, its gold, banknotes, and its money, were suddenly to sink into the bowels of the earth, and be no more, the country would go on, and with incredible rapidity would recover from the shock, and build a new, and perhaps better City. But if the country vanished, the City of London would be dead forever.
In the last resort, production and consumption could continue without money; but money would be useless without production and consumption."
Vincent C. Vickers , in Economic Tribulation (1941)

We can give endorsement to Vicker' s statement above by pointing out the bank strike, over a period of six months, which occurred in Ireland a handful of years back. Apart from some minor inconvenience, business life went on virtually undisturbed!

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