Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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6 May 1977. Thought for the Week: "When we are considering the constitutional changes we are looking to the future framework of our democracy. We are looking to the question of just how much power we want to make available to future central governments and, importantly, what restraints we wish to impose.... The future opportunities for the abuse of power will be broadened substantially by making the changes which are proposed under the guise of having Senate elections coincide with those for the House of Representatives."
Tasmanian Senator Peter Rae in The Australian of April 29th.


Speaking at a Labor Party dinner in Brisbane on Saturday, April 30th. Federal Opposition leader Gough Whitlam urged Labor supporters to support the four referendum questions, thus inflicting a defeat on Premier J. Bjelke-Petersen. If Queenslanders were to support the four referendum proposals they would in fact be doing exactly what their Premier's Socialist enemies most desperately desire. The Socialists have never made any secret of their desire to reduce the powers and status of the Senate as a preliminary to abolishing it altogether. They were incensed because Mr. Bjelke-Petersen's Government insisted, after the death of Labor Senator Milliner, in filling the vacancy with a Labor man who was pledged to uphold the Federal system.

If the Fraser Government's proposal to change the Constitution were carried, this would deprive the State Governments of the right to appoint a Senator whom they feel would best represent the people. Mr. Bjelke-Petersen put the issue clearly in the Queensland Parliament on April 5th: "The present situation is that these (casual vacancies) are filled by this Parliament. That emphasises the States House character of the Senate, by giving this Parliament the power of choice. It is to be expected that this Parliament would normally choose a person of the same political party as the previous occupant of the vacant place in the Senate, but it seems to my Government wrong that this Parliament should henceforth be directed… The person being replaced may be an independent or a member of a minority party. It would create great difficulties - and this is important - if the political party of the previous occupant refused to allow any of its membership to be nominated by this Parliament at all (for certain political reasons it could do it) or except upon conditions... or when the views of the person nominated by his party were against those of this House or were subversive of the Constitution. For example, the Labor Party might even nominate a Communist. That is within the realms of possibility."

No one can deny that the proposed changes to the Constitution would open the door to many different kinds of abuses of power in the future. But the Fraser Government is attempting to force all its supporters into accepting its dangerous proposals by arguing that they are essential to keep the Socialists out of office. This exercise in political cynicism is producing major convulsions inside the Liberal and National Parties in all States.

As we write this comment the Queensland Premier is threatened with the resignation of Queensland National Party President Mr. R. Sparkes, while Secretary Mike Evans and his machine men also insist that the National Party must campaign for a "Yes" vote on May 21st. The Marxists look on with amazed delight. A Federal Government, which insists that the way to reverse inflation is one of strict financial restraints, is spending over $9 million on a referendum, which is a blatant attempt to keep itself away from the electors for a few extra months.

Unless the Fraser Government drastically modifies its present financial policies, preferably along the lines indicated by the Queensland Premier, time will worsen the finance economic situation, not improve it. Mr. Whitlam and his colleagues know that they are going to be the major benefactors from the Referendum if it is carried. And Mr. Fraser, the "anti-Socialist" is providing Mr. Whitlam with VIP planes to carry himself, his "advisers" and a team of journalists around Australia in the campaign to attempt to persuade the electors that they should record a "YES" vote, and back Prime Minister Fraser against men of principle, like Premier J. Bjelke-Petersen.

A resounding "NO" vote on May 21st is urgently necessary to demonstrate that there is still much basic health left in the Australian people.


Like drowning men clutching at nonexistent straws, Prime Minister Fraser and some of his colleagues expressed pleasure at the 2.3% increase in the Consumer Price Index for March. Admittedly Treasurer Lynch warned that the figures, lower than anticipated, were no cause for complacency. But Prime Minister Fraser doggedly refuses to consider any change of financial policy, with an inevitable greater increase in the CPI for the next quarter.

Both Mr. Fraser and the Business and Consumer Affairs Minister, Mr. Howard, rejected pleas for tax-cuts in the Federal Parliament last week. The Prime Minister insisted that tax cuts were not discussed at the Premiers' Conference, which decided on the wage price "freeze. The Melbourne University's Institute of Applied Economic and Social Research has, in its latest "Australian Economic Review", again pressed for a reduction in the tax burden. The Institute, whose past predictions have been generally accurate, warns that a continuation of present policies must result in continuing inflation and even higher unemployment.

The Institute also reports that its surveys reveal that consumer confidence is still declining. This is not surprising with the consumers' effective purchasing power being steadily reduced. It would be instructive to learn how Mr. Fraser's "experts" expect any increased demand on the production system while they pursue policies designed to reduce purchasing power. But some observers hold the view that the Fraser Government's policy is to force consumers to use more of their savings in order to maintain their standard of living. This means a reduction in people's independence. This is, in essence, a Marxist type programme.

The answer to this programme is much greater electoral pressure in support of reducing financial costs, and thus effectively increasing consumer purchasing power, by the application of those principles of the "Petersen Plan". Unless those principles are adopted before much longer, Australia is threatened with an extremely grim future.


Mr. Eric Butler and Mr. Patrick Walsh, former undercover agent with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, were two of the most outstanding figures at the recent World Anti- Communist League Conference in Taiwan. Both will be on the same platform at the Victoria, 215 Lt. Collins Street, Melbourne, on Thursday of next week, May 12th, 8 p.m. Highlights from the Taiwan Conference will be presented, with Mr. Walsh dealing with explosive issues, such as the international network of terrorist activists. Research Director for the Canadian League of Rights, Mr. Walsh also travels extensively in all parts of the world in the course of his work. His last visit to Ireland resulted in some sensational disclosures. Mr. Eric Butler will be dealing primarily with the Rhodesian and South African situation, which he recently examined at first hand. This is an open meeting and supporters are not only requested to be present themselves, but to inform as many others as possible.


Senator Javis, a strong supporter of Political Zionism who has never criticised the policies of discrimination practised by Israel, objected to Mr. Philip Alston, the American Ambassador designate to Australia, belonging to two clubs in Georgia, which exclude both Negroes and Jews from membership. If people do not have the right to discriminate, then they lack genuine freedom. What is wrong with exclusive Negro Clubs, Jewish Clubs or any other type of association? We understand that Mr. Fraser is, or was, a member of the Melbourne Club, which has since its inception excluded Jews. We have seen no report of Mr. Fraser protesting against this policy, even though he is part Jewish.

The Duke of Montrose, known in Rhodesia as Lord Graham, a former Cabinet Minister, and a signatory to Rhodesia's declaration of complete independence in 1965, has been refused a permit to attend a gathering of Scottish clans. A British Foreign Office statement says that Lord Graham would be liable to arrest for treason if he entered the United Kingdom. Lord Graham served in the British armed forces in the Second World War, and at no time sought to break with the Crown. The real traitors in Britain are the wretched politicians who have progressively betrayed British interests and British sovereignty.

We have just received a "hot" report that Prime Minister Fraser supports tax cuts. We quote: "A Liberal-National Country Party would cut taxes in each of the next three budgets, and give home savings grants of up to $12,000, the Prime Minister, Mr. Fraser, promised last night." But that was Mr. Fraser giving his policy speech on November 27th, 1975!

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