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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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On Target

27 May 1977. Thought for the Week: "Anybody who defends the legal existence of Communism in a democratic country is defending the legality of high treason. The left wing Labor defenders of Communism are the worst enemies of their countries, worse than the communists themselves. These left wing defenders of Communism conceal all the facts about Lenin's teaching, and claim that in a democratic country no political opinion must be suppressed. Their pretended love for pure democracy is bluff and fraud; for they were, and still are, ready to suppress the political opinion of anybody...(with whom they disagree)...But by defending Communism under the pretext of protecting democracy, they are confusing masses of well meaning people who would never listen to Communists, but are ready to accept the opinion of Left wing defenders of Communism."
V.L. Borin, in "How to Betray Your Country" (1954)


"The defeat of the Simultaneous Elections proposal was in fact a fascinating example of the Constitution working in exactly the way the Constitution makers intended." - The Australian, May 23rd.

Virtually "by a whisker", the power bid by a Fraser-Whitlam Machine to make the Senate subservient to the Prime Minister of the day, has been thwarted. What is particularly revolting is the fact that Malcolm Fraser was elected to office on an anti-socialist backlash against three horrible years of Whitlam's Socialism. In a state of desperation, brought on by his panic to avert an early Senate election, Malcolm Fraser formed an unholy alliance with Gough Whitlam to launch an attack on the Senate.
Malcolm Fraser's objective was one of sheer expediency; viz, to delay facing the people on his Government's record: in other words, to stay in power as long as possible. Incredible as it may seem, we do believe that Mr. Fraser really is of the opinion that his economic strategy will work - "given time". That's what he wants: time!

Gough Whitlam is really the more honest of the two. He went along with the Fraser assault on the Constitution knowing full well that it would benefit the Socialists in the long-term - the "benefit" stemming from weakened Senate resistance to future Socialist legislation when Malcolm Fraser is but an unpleasant memory. We must pay tribute to Premier Bje1ke-Petersen, who did a splendid job in marshalling the "NO" case in Queensland; and drew the abuse of Malcolm Fraser for his efforts. Also Premier Sir Charles Court's efforts should be praised. As far as the Tasmanian' s are concerned; well, they don't trust the "mainlanders". Anyone who has spent some time in Tasmania soon picks up their "island mentality" distrust of Big Brother across Bass Strait.

But we feel that a great deal of credit must go to the League actionists in Western Australia. They put in a tremendous effort by printing and distributing over one hundred thousand League "NO" brochures in the best areas, as well as the other methods of influencing public opinion. We have little doubt that the Socialists are saying that the Simultaneous Elections proposal would have been "in the bag" but for those accursed League actionists in Western Australia.

Summing up the Referendum result, we can say that, on balance, we were victorious. The really dangerous proposal was knocked out. But we expect Gough Whitlam, or his successor, to come again. It has been demonstrated that if a proposal can be "dressed up" in "emotional appeal", it has a good chance of being accepted by the Australian electorate. We refer to the other three Referendum proposals. The Senate Vacancy proposal was carried because Australians generally don't want any repeat of the bitterness at Canberra caused by the Field affair, etc. Replacement of casual vacancies by Senators from the same political party has been the accepted convention for a great number of years. However, it is now written into the Constitution, and because of this the States have definitely lost some power, as they must stick to political party Senate appointees now no longer is it a convention only. The Party Game is now written into the Constitution, and that is bad.

The "Territories Votes" for referendums proposals was not a vital one: it was part of the sugar coating, along with the High Court Judges' retiring age. As a matter of fact one could have sure grounds for having expected the Socialists to plug for another State (Mr. Fraser has promised the Northern Territory statehood.) For then, a referendum would need only to be carried in four States out of seven whereas at present four States of six are required by the Constitution. But no doubt the Socialist aversion to political decentralisation rules out support for a new State. The Referendum has shown that there are enough people in Australia who can separate the grain from the chaff, and who saw in the Simultaneous Elections proposal the danger that all the sugar coating could not conceal.


The next League campaign is on Rhodesia. The special League Rhodesia brochure is now ready for mass distribution, and copies are enclosed with this issue of On Target. We know that some V.P.A.s regard the Rhodesia issue with especial fondness, so this will provide the opportunity for some first class campaigning. Indeed, Rhodesia is our front line against the encroaching wave of world communism. Our bewildered, subversive, and plain stupid politicians can't see it, don't want to see it, or are too stupid to see it. Most of the West's politicians are terrified of the United Nations, and of offending "World Opinion" by taking a stand against the U.N. "line" on Southern Africa. If a stand is not taken, then the result is a foregone conclusion. Rhodesia will fall; then South Africa; and then it will be our turn.

Southern Africa is holding up the Communist global advance; and the longer it does hold up this advance, the better chance of a counter offensive by the genuine patriotic forces remaining in the West. As the key to the whole Southern African issue is white public opinion within South Africa, we must do everything in our power to support such public opinion in the determination to fight for survival. One excellent method of doing this is to give a clear demonstration that there are friends in other parts of the West, and particularly in the Southern Hemisphere, who do realise that Rhodesia and South Africa are "holding the line" for the West in that part of the world, and who are working to promote some sanity in their own countries.

FROM BRITISH 'ON TARGET' (May 7th, 1977)

"Surface Rooting"
"For those who have watched any or all of the episodes of "Roots", it 's a safe bet that they did so for a variety of reasons. Whether they found it historically interesting, emotionally stimulating, comforting in its portrayal of the triumph of "good" over "evil", or merely a period of history which has at last been laid to rest there can be no doubt that it has stimulated wide spread discussion.

"Many viewers will have watched for the above reasons and more, and even dared to be critical. Perhaps they found much of the dialogue sickly; as Alex Faulkner put it in 'The Daily Telegraph' (21.4.77) when reviewing Alex Haley's book - "Roots - The Saga of an American Family'. Negro dialect tends to pall after a while and he quoted the type of sentence familiar to television viewers: 'Dey's de lodes' families in Virginia - fact dey was ol' family in dat England even fo' dey come crost de water to here'. Perhaps they found the lack of emphases on reform of the slave trade disturbing, and above all else, perhaps they found the whole series completely unbalanced in its apparently feverish desire to hammer home 'colonial exploitation' of black by white. Most insidious of all is the effect it is bound to have on the younger generation who will now be completely convinced that their forbears were tyrants and oppressors possessed of no redeeming qualities or virtues."


A Sydney actionist has kindly sent us a clipping for a Sydney suburban newspaper, viz. the Newton "Guardian". In its issue of May 18th, Mr. Tony Whitlam, son of Gough Whitlam, and Member for Grayndier (N.S.W.) is quoted on his Referendum views: they are interesting. He said that a "Yes" vote was "crucial to Australian democracy and the future security of Labor Governments" (by having a weakened Senate, of course!) Tony Whitlam said, "Labor has nothing to lose and everything to gain if these Referendums are passed."
We anticipate that there will be much bitterness developing within the Parliamentary Liberal Party over the rejection of the principal Referendum proposal; and this will grow as the electoral stocks of the Fraser Government decline. As the Liberal back-benchers in swinging seats feel the chill wind of "change", and, in their minds eye, see that lovely parliamentary salary, and those lovely perks, disappearing into the distance then they will become desperate and bitter and turn on their 'leaders'. Malcolm Fraser must now turn his attentions to timing the next election (s). Senate and/Representatives, in his favour. His troubles have started; they will rapidly grow worse, and he will be destroyed. He has had his chance, as William McMahon and John Gorton before him had their chances. He will fail, as they did.

Now the colourful Al Grassby is in full cry over the Eureka Flag. "It is part of the heritage of all Australians", said our Community Relations Commissioner. The Eureka Flag has become the emblem of republican movements in Australia. Eureka Flags and Badges are on prominent display at the Communist Party of Australia (Marxist-Leninist) shop in Melbourne and, no doubt, other capital cities.
The shallowness of Grassby's thinking can be gauged by his comments: "(Eureka) represented the first coming together of settlers of different backgrounds for common cause...the President and Commander-in-chief at Eureka, Peter Lalor, was Irish, his Deputy, Raffaello Carboni was Italian, his chief military men were Vern, a German, and Captain Ross, a German."
The Eureka incident was fomented to some extent by genuine grievances against the established Authority of the day, but no more than that. The men of the various nations were on the Ballarat Goldfields to make a quick killing and then get out to where they came from. They weren't there to champion or defend any noble cause. Carboni, and some of the others had been involved in revolutionary movements in Europe, others were malcontents and troublemakers and King Booze reigned over all on the night of the Eureka Stockade. It is not a particularly inspiring incident. To imply, as Grassby has done, that this was some type of "multinational exercise" in commendable community relations is manifestly absurd.

Key Men of Governments

It has been known for a long time that the chief work of government is carried out by permanent chiefs of the government departments and by high officials in key positions; also that parliament passes more or less blank cheques to the government departments to make their own laws and regulations. The powers of the Australian federal bureaucracy have increased enormously over recent years and they keep on increasing. The policy pursued by government departments does not vary in important matters, even with a change of government. We find also that the policy of government departments varies very little even in different Commonwealth countries. As these government policies have been increasingly disastrous in every country, and are much resented by the taxpayers, it would be interesting to find out where these key bureaucrats come from and who inflicts them upon the government.
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