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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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On Target

24 June 1977. Thought for the Week: ".... the past is the key not only to the present but the future. What can we know of what is happening in the world today unless we enquire into causes that have their roots not only in the past but in the remote past?"
Nesta Webster in The Secret of the Zodiac.


The following brilliant letter by W.G. Manifold of Camperdown, Victoria, was featured by The Age, Melbourne, of June 10th, under the above heading. It deserves national circulation at the present time.

"Sir - 'Majority rule' is 'bolshevism' (from the Russian bolshoi, big). Our own British heritage is nothing of the kind. It is the rule of law. For the P.M. to advocate 'majority rule' is therefore his most sickening somersault of all. "His volte face on Medibank is explainable in terms of the money-box theory of national finance, which also explains this about turn on the Rural Bank and his resort to Whitlam's overseas borrowing policy (even if from different money lenders).
"His kowtow to the late Chinese dictator and his platform sharing with Whitlam towards belittling the Senate were serious indications of a latent megalomania. "But the reversal of his solemn promise to stop aid to African terrorists and his current advocacy of majority rule in Rhodesia are blatant partisanship for the dictatorship of the proletariat.
"The Western contribution to civilisation, the rule of law, recognise that there are always at least two sides to every question, was to prevent arbitrary action by those in power, whether they were a majority or a minority of the population. "The machinery of Parliament was never supposed to grind out laws like a factory, but to hold back power lusters, to study every honest suggestion, to delay and digest and redraft so that the resulting law was acceptable to all sides.
"Nothing is perfect, of course, but to advocate political majority rule after even a rudimentary study of British democracy shows, at best, woeful misunderstanding. To advocate racial majority rule, however, is sheer atavism. Ask Hitler's Jews, Stalin's Ukrainians, Kaunda's Lumpas, Idi's Ovambos and so on. But they are difficult to find, like all Mensheviks under Bolshevism."


"Mozambique's President Samora Machel yesterday accused Rhodesia of waging open war against his country. He called for an urgent meeting of the UN Security Council on the issue. Rhodesia denied the allegations. Prime Minister Ian Smith said they were part of an attempt by President Machel to divert attention from his domestic problems." - The Sun, Melbourne, June 20th.

Marxist Machel is operating in accordance with the advice he is being given by his Soviet masters. Like all Marxists, he believes that lying is legitimate if it serves Marxist aims. Even after Machel was handed power by the Portuguese revolutionary government, the Rhodesians made every effort to maintain peaceful relations. It was Comrade Machel, promised economic aid by Commonwealth nations, who closed the border between Mozambique and Rhodesia and declared that a state of war existed between the two countries. He has permitted terrorist training camps to be established in Mozambique from which attacks have been launched against Rhodesians, mainly civilians. Rhodesians troops recently attacked and destroyed a number of the terrorist camps in a perfectly normal defensive action. Having achieved their objective, the Rhodesian troops withdrew. Because they took legitimate steps to defend their country from Communist backed attacks, the Rhodesians were branded as "aggressors"!

Kaunda of Zambia has permitted his country to be used for the recent rocket attack on the Rhodesian centre of Kariba. Needless to say, not one of the anti-Rhodesian campaigners, including Prime Minister Fraser, has criticised Kaunda for permitting this aggression to take place. The false claim by Machel that the Rhodesians are invading Mozambique, is not only designed to divert attention from his own domestic problems, including resistance by some of the tribes, but to set the stage for increasing international pressure on the whole of Southern Africa.

While the Soviet is providing weapons for the terrorists murdering Rhodesians, it is most unlikely to provide Soviet troops. The Soviet strategists will be delighted if the UN is used to bring Rhodesia to its knees so that a Marxist regime under Robert Mugabe and his "Patriotic Front" can be established. They are encouraged by the policies of Andrew Young, U.S. Ambassador to the U.N., and other high level Carter Administration officials.

Earlier this year, Secretary of State Cyrus Vance laid the foundations of support for a U.N. "peace-keeping" force for Southern Africa when he appeared before a Senate Foreign Relations Subcommittee. Asked by one committee member if the Carter Administration might back a U.N. force, Vance replied, "That's one of the options that we are considering in our contingency planning."
Vance is continuing the strategy initiated by Dr. Henry Kissinger.

The respected U.S. commentator Paul Scott records a U.N. diplomat as having received the following reply when he asked Andrew Young if President Carter would support a U.N. force with Cuban troops: "Why do you think we are rushing now to improve relations with Castro?" Secretary of State Vance is also on record as saying that SWAPO, the Marxist oriented guerrilla force now being trained by Cubans in Angola must be included in the proposed new Government for South-West Africa.

The international pressure on Southern Africa is being quickly intensified, with the Commonwealth Conference in London from June 8 - 15 being used to assist a design now clearly emerging. One of the most significant statements made in the communiqué issued at the end of the conference read that the Heads of Government "expressed satisfaction that the attainment of independence by Mozambique and Angola had greatly strengthened the cause of liberation throughout the entire region."

There is no record of Prime Minister Fraser dissociating himself from this section of the communiqué. His endorsement of it puts Mr. Fraser firmly in the ranks of the revolutionaries determined to destroy civilised government in Southern Africa.


The establishment of an Israeli Government headed by Menahen Begin is unlikely to ease tensions in the Middle East. When a South African Jew wrote to The Star, Johannesburg, stating, "I am shocked that you should label our great leader Menahen Begin a former Jewish terrorist…" the editor courageously replied, "The Star always describes guerrillas as terrorists when they murder women and children." As leader of the Zionist Irgun Zvai Leimi Begin was responsible for shocking atrocities against the British. He took full credit for the bombing of the King David Hotel in Jerusalem where 90 people, Jewish and Arab employees and British officials and soldiers were killed. At one time Begin was denied a visa to visit the U.S.A. When admitted by Presidential order the American Council for Judaism, a strongly anti- Zionist organisation, asked for a Federal investigation of Begin's activities in the U.S.A. If the Begin Government refuses to deal with the Palestinian Liberation Organisation because some of its supporters have resorted to terrorism, it can expect the Palestinians to quote Begin's own justification for terrorism, frankly outlined in his biography, published in 1951.

In a recent discussion with a League of Rights official, a defeated Liberal Party candidate at the last Federal elections, and a director of a medium sized business organisation, said, "Look, I know from first hand experience all about the Communists in the Trade Unions. But they are not my biggest problem. As for Bob Hawke, most of his so-called power comes from always being on television. The most destructive group in this country today are the Treasury officials and Phil Lynch. Their taxation policies are wrecking free enterprise, and eroding productive capacity. By all means boot into Laurie Carmichael, but do not ignore those Treasury bureaucrats."

Singapore Prime Minister Lee was scolded by Prime Minister Fraser at the London Prime Ministers' Conference. Mr. Lee warned on the Rhodesian issue that "The question is whether, after a black majority rule is installed, it is possible to dissuade Marxist trained guerrillas and their leaders with going on with their insurgency from sanctuaries in neighbouring Marxist States until Marxists have installed themselves in power in Rhodesia even after it has become Zimbabwe." Mr. Fraser told Mr. Lee his views on Communists were outdated and too "simplistic". And that there are now different kinds of Communism in different countries. It is not surprising that increasing numbers of Liberal Party supporters are being shaken by Mr. Fraser's views. Mr. Fraser is, of course, merely echoing the views of the Foreign Affairs "experts".

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