Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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22 July 1977. Thought for the Week: "Progressive reduction of the retiring age, unaccompanied by financial loss, recognises the replacement of human labour by increasingly automated production. Moreover it provides an incentive to efficiency, since an objective of those employed would be to gain major promotion prior to retirement. There should be sufficient retirement - that is to say, the retiring age should be lowered sufficiently - to offer employment to the extent required at the bottom.
Under present demoralised conditions, unemployed youth is a menace to Society; but adequately provisioned retired elders; who have experienced the discipline of productive occupation, would be a stabilising influence."
Dr. Bryan Monahan in Alternative To Disaster.


Last Friday, July 15th, at least 1500 Australians were given dismissal notices in different parts of Australia. The dismissals by the Chrysler organisation in South Australia made the biggest headlines, not only because of the number dismissed, but because the dismissals were the result of the employees of Chrysler being swayed by a small group of Marxist Maoists to reject an agreement for a four day week reached between management and their Trade Union representatives.

The highly emotional situation at the Chrysler organisation was shown to be ideal for a small group of hardcore revolutionaries to operate as a demolition force. This will be the shape of things to come, with increasing bitterness and violence in the community, unless the Fraser Government is prepared to face realities quickly.

The Fabian Socialists like Premier Don Dunstan are, of course, horrified by the hard line tactics of their Marxist blood brothers, the Maoists. But as shown by Eric D. Butler in The Fabian Socialist Contribution to the Communist Advance (90 cents) the "moderate" Marxists are the frontrunners for the more direct revolutionary Marxists.

The finance economic policies of the Fraser Government are inexorably producing the revolutionary conditions we have predicted time and time again. Premier Bjelke-Petersen is right when he says that there is no point in talking to Mr. Bob Hawke about growing industrial lawlessness because Mr. Hawke has no control whatever over the extreme Leftwing of the Trade Union Movement.

While the Queensland Premier is also right when he says that the rule of law must be applied to trade unionists as it is applied to other members of society, we must warn that strong Government action without at the same time moving towards defusing the present situation can only lead to a major national confrontation in which the Maoists and other demolition groups will be in their element.

The Fraser Government could make a major first step towards defusing the situation by a change of financial policy in its coming Budget. The first steps should be a substantial reduction in both indirect and direct taxation, a lowering of interest rates and the introduction of a limited number of consumer price discounts. The very announcement of these steps would immediately change the national mood of growing despair to one of optimism.

The implementation of the steps would immediately reduce prices, and provide employees as well as employers with greater incentives. The revolutionaries would find they were progressively isolated. But the Fraser Government continues to display a type of invincible stupidity and weakness. If it does not make some real changes in the Budget, then there will be many more Black Fridays. The Fraser Government is fast approaching the point of no return; for itself and Australia.


Those who watched the ABC's T.V. programme, "Monday Conference" on July 11th, saw what in essence was a clash between two cultures. World Council of Churches Secretary Potter - "a man oozing evil", represented one as one viewer put it. The other was represented by Dr. Charles Huxtable a cultured man who has served his country with distinction both in war and peace. Dr. Huxtable is a decent man, one who respects fair play and justice. He knows Rhodesia and with the aid of photographs tried to show the fiendish acts of brutality being conducted against black Africans by terrorists known as freedom fighters.

Mr. Potter was not moved. What possible impact could Dr. Huxtable's facts have upon a man who represents a movement which has sunk so low that it now claims that it has evidence that specially trained Rhodesian Government troops, including Australians, "have frequently murdered black civilians and white missionaries in Rhodesia." This charge was made in a report from Geneva by the World Council of Churches on July 7. The WCC says that the purpose of these special troops, the Selous Scouts, was to discredit black guerrillas. The WCC says that it has taken evidence from Rhodesian deserters outside Rhodesia. But no names have been given of who these 'deserters' are.

Every objective observer of the Rhodesian situation agrees that the attacks on black Rhodesians are conducted by Communist backed terrorists. Those missionaries who survived the cold-blooded killing by Africans know that they were terrorists. The defence of Communist backed terrorists by the WCC is, of course, the logical extension of the WCC's financing of these "freedom fighters". Those who wish to examine a brief outline of the notorious double standards of the WCC should read Bernard Smith's The Crooked Conscience. (45 cents.)

Yet another example of the sickening double standards of the anti- Rhodesian campaigners is provided in a report headed, RHODESIAN EXECUTES NATIONALIST, in The Age, Melbourne, July 16th. The report concerns the announcement in Salisbury that Robert Bhebe has been hanged because he was found guilty of recruiting guerrillas for Joshua Nkomo's Zimbabwe African People's Union. So far from being a 'nationalist', Bhebe was a traitor responsible for the murdering and torturing of his fellow Africans.

In London Mr. Ramphal, Commonwealth Secretary General, has asked the International Committee of the Red Cross to use its good offices to prevent the clandestine execution of Rhodesian nationalists by the 'illegal regime in Rhodesia.' As that eminent constitutional author Dr. Walter Henderson proves in his book RHODESIA, (80 cents); there is no illegal regime in Rhodesia. The courts operate in the traditional British manner and ensure that the rule of law is upheld. Traitors are treated for what they are, not as 'liberators'.


Somalia's expulsion of Soviet Russia's military and technical advisers demonstrates once again the basic reality of Africa; tribalism. Although the Soviet had been firmly established in Somalia for many years, when it took advantage of developments in neighbouring Ethiopia to also move in there, this created deep hostility in Somalia because of its traditional tribal conflicts with Ethiopia. But unfortunately the Soviet has moved most of its troops, pilots and military equipment to its new base in Ethiopia. The Soviet and the Cubans are also having problems caused by tribal frictions in Angola. But the Africans are regarded by the Soviet as mere pawns to be exploited to serve their long-term purposes. Because the Rhodesians and South Africans understand the realities of the tribal feelings of Africa, they understand how criminally absurd it is to attempt to impose a Western style political system on black Africans.

The only comment necessary concerning Governor-General designate Sir Zelman Cowen is to point out that he is acceptable to Premier Don Dunstan, Mr. Bob Hawke and similar people; that Sir Zelman describes himself as a small '1' liberal; that he has never, as far as we know, ever expressed himself as a full blooded Monarchist; and that unlike Sir Isaac Isaacs, the first Jew to be made Governor-General (by a Socialist Government) Sir Zelman is a staunch Zionist. Sir Isaac Isaacs was strongly anti-Zionist and bitterly attacked by Zionists because of his stand. (see Eric D. Butler's Censored History, (80 cents)

In his weekly electorate address last weekend, Prime Minister Fraser said that the Government's decision to reduce car imports would help prevent further job disruptions in local industry. But reduced car imports from Japan and Europe must affect their car manufacturers. At the same time Mr. Fraser appoints yet another Minister, this time to persuade the EEC countries, already groaning under their own food surpluses, to buy Australian primary production. Has Mr. Fraser ever thought that the primary purpose of Australian production should be for Australian consumers, and that if they had adequate purchasing power they would buy much more of their own production? We trust that someone can put this view to Mr. Fraser.

The Bank of International Settlements, Switzerland, says in its recent Annual report that unemployment and inflation "are likely" to remain high for some years. It is interesting to note that the "experts" responsible for this report bewail the fact that there appeared to be no general agreement either internationally or within individual countries on the best combination of policies to reverse unemployment and inflation. We can be much more definite than this and predict with certainty that there are no genuine solutions under present financial policies, which generate accelerating debt and consequently higher taxation.

© Published by the Australian League of Rights, P.O. Box 27 Happy Valley, SA 5159