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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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On Target

29 July 1977. Thought for the Week: "While he was still in Europe Lenin wrote to Angelica Balabanoff, then Secretary in Stockholm of the International: 'Spend millions, tens of millions if necessary: there is plenty of money at our disposal'"
Quoted by Douglas Reed, in The Grand Design (1977)


Last week "freedom fighters" engaged in "liberating" Rhodesia, committed what has been described as the worst atrocity yet experienced in Rhodesia. Farmer John Chiriwa, his nine wives and thirteen children were burned to death and his livestock was also burned. A note left behind said, "Now you'll see the bad things we can do… Zimbabwe comes from the barrel of the gun."

The animals responsible for this fiendish crime have been trained by Communists in terrorist camps, almost certainly in Communist Mozambique. They could have been fed by food provided by Commonwealth countries. Headed by Nkomo and Mugabe, the terrorists are demanding that they take over in Rhodesia after the present Government has been removed. And they are supported by the British and American Governments, who insist that they must take part in any "settlement" in Rhodesia. This attitude is supported by the Fraser Government.

Irrespective of what type of double talk they use, the Callaghans, Carters, and Frasers of the non-Communist world are endorsing the activities of the terrorists. If they are not, then they should refuse all further economic aid to Mozambique until terrorist attacks on Rhodesian people, mostly black people, cease.

Irrespective of what emerges from the Rhodesian elections on August 31st., and what further multiracial policies Mr. Ian Smith may introduce the Communist backed "Patriotic Front" has made it clear that it will not accept any new constitutional arrangements which do not hand power to it immediately. Communist backed terrorist attacks will continue.

As we have observed time and time again, one of the basic realities of Rhodesia is tribalism. If the question of numbers were to dominate a future black government in Rhodesia, then clearly Bishop Muzorewa of the Mashona group, which outnumbers the Matabele seven to one, would be the Prime Minister. But any agreement reached between Muzorewa and the Europeans has already been repudiated by the British, Americans, and the Communist backed "Patriotic Front."

Vile terrorist crimes against Rhodesians, the majority of victims being the blacks, are a major feature of Communist tactics to create fear inside Rhodesia in preparation for what it is hoped will be a Communist take over. Rhodesia remains a major Communist target. All those aiding in any way the campaign against Rhodesia are supporting Communist strategy against Rhodesia, ultimately against South Africa and, of eventually against the rest of the free world, including Australia.


The Governor General designate, Sir Zelman Cowen, has described himself as a small "1" Liberal. He is not on record as having expressed a positive viewpoint in favour of the Monarchial system of Government. The Bulletin, Sydney, of July 23rd publishes a chapter by Sir Zelman in a coming publication, Republican Australian.
Sir Zelman writes: "My own view is that section 128 should be given a broad interpretation and should provide the appropriate instrument for achieving a republican status for Australia."

While Sir Zelman is careful in his chapter not to argue for the abolition of the Crown in Australia, the general theme is on how this might be achieved. But he clearly favours eroding the present powers of the Crown, as witnessed by the comment that "it is possible to do something by constitutional amendment to define and confine the powers of a Governor or Governor-General without marching all the way to a republic."

Sir Zelman writes, "Whether or not a republic is to be established in Australia, the time has come for a calm and careful discussion of the role and powers of a Head of State or Governor-General in a democratic Australia."

The reply of the realist is: What is wrong with the present situation where, as Sir John demonstrated, the Crown can use its reserve powers to insist that the politicians face their political masters? What could be more democratic than this? We fear that time will demonstrate that Prime Minister Fraser's appointment of Sir Zelman Cowen to the position of Governor-General will be seen as another of his long list of major blunders. It will encourage the republicans and their philosophical allies to intensify their campaign for a republican Australia. Supporters of Monarchy should be taking careful note.


This was the feature title given to a letter to the Editor of "The Age" (Melbourne) July 20th. The letter hits so many nails on the head that we consider it should be republished by us in full.

Sir, Ex-servicemen and all others concerned about the defence of Australia cannot too strongly support Sir William Hall's warning that the security of South Africa is absolutely vital to the defence of Australia from the rapidly expanding strength of world Communism. We should all be giving moral and political support to South Africa against the clamor in the United Nations and other congregations of a multitude of voices from Governments which have little reason to be proud of the way in which they treat their own nationals.
Don't be misled by Malcolm Fraser's posturing on the world's platforms against apartheid - although he was quite right in describing it as 'an offence to human decency and a scourge to the dignity of man'. He does not seem to have mentioned that South Africa has actually given land rights to native peoples in some 'homelands', for he is most unlikely to admit land rights for the pitiful descendants of the Australian aborigines, driven from their homelands by the invading squatters from whom his family acquired their magnificent property in the Western District of Victoria.

Does our Prime Minister want us to regard South Africa as an enemy State to Australia? Has he forgotten that South Africans fought alongside Australians in two world wars against the aggressions of the Kaiser's militarists, and Hitler's Nazis? Does he not know of the very considerable blood ties between South African and Australian families?
This is the time for straight thinking - not for emotional rejection of people who should be, and would undoubtedly like to be regarded as our friends and allies.

Sir William Hall made it clear that he does not support apartheid policies, and so do I; but I am convinced that pressure from friends and allies would do more to hasten the steps already being taken in South Africa to remove the worst features of apartheid than all the clamor of emotionally charged people urging economic and cultural sanctions and even denial of weapons for self defence, against the handful of people who are in fact our frontline of defence against the march down the continent of Africa of communist imperialism.

There are in Australia activists who would welcome the destruction of South Africa and the establishment of a Russian naval base at Simonstown and they cleverly manipulate the hearts and minds of a great number of well meaning people in the trade unions and in the universities."
From Sir Ronald East, (ex-Australian Flying Corps.)


On the Rounds, by Vigilia: (Change of Tune)
Some time ago I drew attention to the change of tune by the One World 'Club of Rome.' Reversing its earlier claim that mankind faced economic collapse through overpopulation and lack of resources - unless it submits to One World Government of financiers and Communists - it began to push a new line of optimism. The world's problems were soluble without collapse - subject of course to a One World Government.
An article in 'Newsweek' (Jan. 17th) quoting similar assertions by a variety of One World institutions and concluding, in the words of the Editor-in-Chief of the German equivalent of 'The Times' - Die Zeit:- "The peddlers of gloom are on the retreat. We need growth. We need changes in the international economic order. We also need drastic measures of public policy in all countries."

What underlies this is, in my view, a realisation by the One Worlders, that out and out gloom peddling has failed - too many honest scientists and economists have ridiculed it. From now on at least part of the approach is going to be the 'soft sell' - the appeal to idealism and optimism rather than fear. We are going to be told all will be well if we conform, rather than we shall all die if we do not. This approach will appeal to the gullibility and muddled ethical socialism which permeates Western man. In many ways it will be much harder to fight.


"Intelligence Digest" (U.K.) July 1st. comments most interestingly on an assessment, which this journal claims was carried out by Moscow's United States experts on the subject of Jimmy Carter. The comment concludes:
"For example, the assessment rejects the idea that Carter's Administration is following a carefully worked out plan of foreign policy initiatives and that Carter is pursuing a set course. Moreover, it finds that Carter's lack of course applies not just to U.S.-Soviet relations, but equally to Washington's relations with its most important West European allies."

This does not surprise us one jot. The Western politicians are more concerned with sheer expediency than with 'plans' and 'set courses. Only the Communists have those, and they must ever be within the guidelines of Marxist ideology. Leonid Breshnev has described "our (Marxist) ideology" as the Communists' greatest strength. What hope do the self seeking, venal, Western politicians, who follow only expediency, have of withstanding the hard, rigid, Red ideologues? None. If the English speaking peoples are to retain their freedom, it will be because of grassroots political action to save themselves, both from creeping Communism, and the idiocies of the West's Frasers, Anthonys, and Peacocks.

The Attack on Local Government

There has been a prolonged and powerful attack on Local Government everywhere; this has been carried out mainly by a centralised bureaucracy which has pursued a policy of intimidation and centralisation irrespective of which political party occupied the Government benches. Just as the Federal bureaucracy has so undermined the power of Local and State Governments that they cannot carry out their duties properly (most guilt accruing to the Federal Treasury. . . .On Target) so the international bureaucracy is destroying the power of central governments to help their own people. The Bretton Woods Conference decision. . . . has prevented Australia from protecting her own trade and industry.

Our traditional political strength has rested on three fundamental principles of freedom, -viz. Local Government, Voluntary Basis, and Protection of the Individual. Local Government the control of local affairs by local men living on the spot, and drawing their sustenance from the locality, and who are known to, and accessible to the people in the locality. The very opposite to local government is central government controlled by absentee managers living hundreds of miles away, and quite independent of the praise, censure, or disaster of the people they are supposed to represent.

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