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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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On Target

5 August 1977. Thought for the Week: "... The Universities have been targets of revolutionaries for a much longer period than sixty years; but the rate of change in the last fifty years is so fast as to be obvious to anyone who fifty years ago entered university. This changing educational process is like painting a white wall red. The first small section looks like a stain on the white wall, and the task endless; but towards the end the whiteness looks like a stain on the red, and the end is clearly in view."
From the Introduction to Zimunism (1977)


"The Premier Mr. Bjelke-Petersen yesterday questioned whether the Deputy Prime Minister Mr. Anthony was doing his job properly." - The Courier Mail (Brisbane) July 25th.

The flare up between the two political leaders was sparked off by the Premieres criticism of the Federal Government, and especially the Prime Minister, Mr. Fraser, over the policy of foreign aid to Third World countries. This took place at the National Party's Annual Conference at Mt. Isa. (Qld.) This was a clash of "attitudes", of course.

Premier Bjelke-Petersen knows, as we do, that we are digging our own grave by sending aid to Third World countries such as Mozambique, which will be used to support terrorist guerillas in their efforts to bring down white responsible government in Southern Africa, and leave a vacuum which International Communism will readily and rapidly fill. If and when Southern Africa goes, then Australia and New Zealand can expect their turn for the eager attentions of Moscow and Peking.

As we say, Premier Bjelke-Petersen knows this as well as we do. Fraser and J.D. Anthony, and Peacock and Sinclair don't know it, or don't want to know it. This is what the clash is all about. If any further evidence were needed to support our conviction that the policy of supplying aid to Mozambique is suicidal, we provide the evidence of President Machel's (Mozambique) own words.

Mr. John Bulloch of The Daily Telegraph (U.K.), May l7th, 1977, writing from Maputo, said: "With food shortages and a lack of many essentials in his own capital President Machel also spoke of the need for the United Nations to help the economies of the frontline States so that they could better support 'the Southern Africa people's liberation struggle'. Britain has already made a 5 million pound grant to Mozambique."

This speech, delivered at the recent Maputo (Mozambique) Conference clearly states that Mozambique supplies the terrorist movements. Premier Bjelke-Petersen said at the Mt. Isa Conference that the Federal Government should "refrain from making critical comments" on the internal affairs of Rhodesia, South Africa, and Timor. He added: "We have enough problems of our own without telling other people what to do." Quite so.

Mr. Anthony "accused" the States of becoming involved in international affairs, which, he said, they are not competent to do. Well, when the Federal Government pursues policies, which are suicidal to Australia's interests, and our Federal leaders so ignorant that they can't even sense the danger, what do we all do?! No doubt Fraser and Anthony would like us all to shut up and think what wonderful fellows they all are. But we won't shut up, and we think they are ignorant!

Thank goodness that there are politicians like Premier Bjelke-Petersen to tell them so. We must support him. He is being blackened and mocked by the jackals of the mass media, ever searching for a corpse to pick at, and by misguided letter writers, mostly supporters of the United Nations, and the "my Party, right-or-wrong" brigade.

The Courier Mail (July 25th) in its Editorial, did give the Queensland Premier qualified support when it stated: "A great number of Australians have become disenchanted with the U.N., for which such high hopes originally were held. Some of the aid agencies do good work, but as an international assembly the U.N. has become little more than a sounding board for some of the more truculent and raucous nations - a forum where leaders of some of the emergent nations preen and strut."

And more in similar vein. But the Editorial says that Australia should still provide foreign aid, and that we should not withdraw from the United Nations. The Editorial has five bob each way, in the best Doomben manner. Nevertheless, supporters should give credit to The Courier Mail for its objectivity on the U.N., as we don't think this type of criticism of the U.N. would have appeared ten years ago.

Senator G. Shiel (Qld.) recently returned from Rhodesia, stated in The Telegraph (July 25th) that "Australia should stop criticising the white regimes of South Africa and Rhodesia, take off trade sanctions, and allow sporting teams into the country." He added that Australia did not want to upset Third World countries for fear that valuable sugar and wheat sales would be lost. Doug Anthony referred to this very point in his clash with the Queensland Premier - "Trade before Principle"!

Supporters can do much to help Premier Bjelke-Petersen by sending him - directly - letters of support c/o Parliament House, Brisbane.
Letters of support for the Premier, and for Senator Glenister Shiel should be sent to The Courier Mail, Campbell Street, Bowen Hills, Qld., 4006: The Sunday Sun, cnr. Brunswick & McLachlan Sts., Fortitude Valley, Qld., 4006: The Toowoomba Chronicle, Margaret St., Toowoomba, Qld, 4350: and The Telegraph, Campbell St., Bowen Hills, Qld., 4006. Also The Queensland Country Life, U.G.A. Building, Queen St., Brisbane, Qld, 4000.

It is equally important to also point out in letters that Doug Anthony is astray to the point of folly in his support for the Government's foreign policy on Southern Africa. The recent Western Australian State Conference of the National Country Party" deplored the attitude of the present Federal Government towards South Africa and Rhodesia. Western Australian League supporters should bring this out in letters to the Queensland papers. We ask all supporters to make a special effort to support Premier Bjelke-Petersen and to take the Federal Government, and Doug Anthony to task.


by Ivor Benson
This article is reprinted from British "On Target" (December 4th, 1976) and carries the sub-title - The Plan for Africa - Multiracial Maelstrom

"The American liberal establishment is sometimes amazingly frank about what is intended for South Africa, and about what is actually being done but our own South African newspapers take care not to spoil the game by reporting this news. "While many South Africans are trying hard to understand what Mr. Vorster and other Government spokesmen mean by expressions like "outward policy" and "detente", a newspaper like The Washington Star tells us what Mr. Vorster won't tell us. "Here, for example, is the first paragraph of a special report by Eliot Janeway in the issue of September 12th (1976):
'Great events are brewing in White Africa. Overnight the unthinkable has become inescapable: Apartheid in South Africa is about to go the way of White supremacy in the American South, catapulting South Africa into the multiracial maelstrom of our time.'

Janeway goes on: 'The Vorster Government has already set the broad strategic lines of its retreat. The Afrikaaner establishment is prepared to accept the reform programme of the liberal, monied mine owners, real estate developers, and press magnates based in Johannesburg - most of whom are not Afrikaners, but Jewish. Harry Oppenheimer, who may be the richest man in the world, and is certainly the spokesman for the cosmopolitan financial oligarchy, has a well publicised position which represents a cross between the A.D.A. and the N.A.A.C.P.
(Note: the A.D.A. stands for Alliance for a Democratic America, and the N.A.A.C.P. is the National Association for the Advancement of Coloured People - both radical organizations of America's far Left.)

Grey Debate
"All the news we get in the mass media, plus commentary and 'interpretation', adds up to what I would describe as 'grey debate'. "Everything, which happens in the world of politics, whether local or global, is represented in varying shades of grey against a grey background. Nothing is ever distinctly outlined. Nothing is ever shown in contrasting black and white. Public incomprehension can therefore also be represented as a greyness of the mind which is never permitted to understand anything.
What then, is the main difference between a 'grey debate' in which nothing makes sense, and genuine debate?

The 'grey debate', it will be found, is based on a host of untrustworthy, and even obviously spurious assumptions. "How, for example, can American foreign policy be discussed intelligently and with genuine understanding if we accept without question the assumption that Henry Kissinger (alien agent of an alliance of International Finance Capitalism and Communism) is a genuine American wholly dedicated to the promotion of the interests of the American people? How can the developments on the continent of Africa be discussed intelligently if we incorporate into our thinking the lie of a Black Power, which is, in reality, only the mask of a grimy White Power? (Or the White Hand in the Black Glove)".
(end of Ivor Bensons article.)


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Essentials of Democratic Control

Another fundamental principle of democratic co-operation is that it should be on a voluntary basis. When coercion has to be used, as it is by modern governments (e.g. punitive taxation) on decent citizens in a large variety of spheres of activities, it is a sure sign that a regime is being enforced on the people from the top, and not by consent.
Our educational institutions do nothing but harm when they hide the real nature of these coercive methods.

Many of the laws and regulations are imposed on the people of so called democracies by brute force or the threat of brute force, by a minority on the majority. Yet in every Socialist country not only has brute force failed to obtain obedience to the flood of laws - and this in face of unbelievable cruelty and severity of punishment - but a vast army of spies, pimps and informers has to be employed to obtain obedience to the laws. (As with the whole network which the K.G.B. spins around itself. . . On Target)

the above passages, and many others we print from time to time in On Target Bulletin are taken from Our Sham Democracy, by James Guthrie (published in 1946).

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