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Edmund Burke
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12 August 1977. Thought for the Week: "The great artists are always moral .. Aeschylus, Virgil, Dante, Shakespeare, Hawthorne, Melville, Emerson.... And so I say to you who are young, in order that you may find integrity, turn your backs on the conformity of the immoralists who trap life in the bottleneck of the downward funnel, turn your faces toward the open roads, the free winds, the ebullient sun."
E. Merril Root, the American Post.


There is increasing speculation that another Middle East explosion is fast approaching. This explosion is as certain as the sunrise unless steps are taken to deal realistically with the basic cause of the continuing Middle East crisis. Dr. Henry Kissinger allegedly defused the crisis following the Yom Kippur war, but as we warned at the time, he merely set the stage for the next explosion.

To date it has been the Soviet, which has been the principal victor in the Middle East drama. As American Jewish authority on the Middle East, Dr. Alfred Lilienthal, pointed out in a series of books, unqualified American support for the Zionist State of Israel, established at the expense of the Palestinians, made it possible for the Soviet penetration of the Arab world. And control of oil has become a major factor in the struggle for the world.

It is not too late for Western diplomacy to recover lost ground in the Middle East, but a basic essential is a realistic approach to Israel and its backers. Just when it appeared that the overwhelming majority of the Palestinians would accept the existence of Israel as a permanent State, providing that Israel handed back territory taken in the 1967 conflict, and that the Palestinians had a separate State, the Zionist terrorist Begin was elected as Israeli Prime Minister. In his recent visit to the U.S.A. Begin made it clear that he was not prepared to accept an independent Palestinian State, and by endorsing the establishment of permanent Israeli settlements on the West Bank of the Jordan, has increased Middle East tension. The Soviet strategists are no doubt highly delighted.

The American policy makers are making their contribution to the crisis by supporting the policy of establishing a Palestinian State "in association with Jordan." This is anathema to the Palestinians. The crisis can only be resolved by the American policy makers insisting that Israel complies with its requirements. This means open confrontation with the forces of Political Zionism and International Finance.

Essential background reading on the Middle East crisis is provided in Zimmunism, 80 cents posted.


Perusing the National Journal (as yet unnamed) of the Australian Democrats, we were provided with an opportunity to examine more closely some of the views therein, and some of their convictions which will guarantee a certain line of policy. It seems to be Mr. Chipp's aim to "have something for everybody". Perhaps this is "taking a middle course", or "capturing the middle ground".

Mr. Chipp throws clichés around like how to vote cards. We see that under the heading "The Economy and Society", the Australian Democrats are in favour of "worker participation", and "profit sharing". Most voters are "workers", and every worker could do with some more money. Under "Energy and Resources" the advocacy of the development of solar energy, wind power, etc. is alright as far as it goes. Mr. Chipp is against the mining and development of uranium, and this will put him "off side" as far as any large donations from the mining interests are concerned. Doug Anthony is their boy at the present time.
Under "Housing", the Australian Democrats will see to it that "finance is always available" so that people can buy their own homes. We wonder what the Reserve Bank and the Treasury would think about that!

League supporters with a special interest in Education, and those with definite religious views on population control will be interested to learn that the public is to be "educated" to the "advantages" of zero population growth, and that there will be "planning clinics", and specialist teachers provided for sex education in schools. Ethnic cultures are to be preserved to "enrich our own".

In the other areas of governmental involvement the predictable Chipp, small "1" liberal line is only too evident. Readers will like to know that with respect to ''International Relations'' the Chipp Australian Democrats' aim is to "strengthen the United Nations and its agencies.... to prohibit the production and storage of nuclear weapons in Australia (Moscow and Peking will be delighted!)

Those with Christian views on the nature of Man will learn that Chipp's aim is to "legalise all sexual acts between consenting adults." We mustn't let those views expressed in "Romans" get in the way (condemnation of homosexuality). We see that an objective is to "change the basis of the penal system to one of protecting society, rather than punishing offenders." Tell us how to do that!

We must say that the Party is sound on "Women's Rights": "to give women equal status with men, without prejudice to their special role in the nurture and upbringing of children; to provide child care centres for those mothers who wish to work". We wonder how many mothers (what percentage) would choose to work if economic necessity were absent?!

Turning to the Objectives of Mr. Chipp's "Australian Democrats" we learn that one is ''to promote a society in which all are free to choose their own way of life, and follow the dictates of their desires and consciences, subject to the same rights for others." This is all right up to a point: however, it does allow an individual to choose a way of life that is morally wrong. Still, Mr. Chipp is not concerned with morality.

As Mr. Chipp dislikes the League of Rights, it is not surprising to see that Objective No. 6 reads: "To oppose extremist elements, whether left or right, which seek to endanger the democratic process." Mr. Chipp makes no bones about this view that the League of Rights is a "danger to the democratic process". Funnily enough, that's just the opinion that we, ourselves, have of him, and his Party.


"It is a telling reflection of the desperately sad state of Rhodesia that in the week campaigning gets under way for Mr. Smith's 'last chance' mini-election, Joshua Nkomo, co-leader of the Marxist dominated Patriotic Front, should be in Havana negotiating further arms aid for his terrorist guerillas." The Age (Melbourne) August 6th.

This article on foreign affairs, by The Age journalist, Mr. Michael Barnard, lets a little fresh air into what has up to now been a stifling closure of factual information on the Southern Africa issue by the Australian mass media. Added to our knowledge that many politicians are now shifting ground on the issue, as far as they dare at the moment, the possibility of a crack in the information blackout by the Western media gives us hope to press forward.

Mr. Barnard says:".. .The Soviet backed Mr. Nkomo and his colleagues of convenience, the Peking supported Robert Mugabe, share a unique distinction. Their motives, of all the participants, are transparent. "They are not interested in ANY (emphasis in original) constitutional settlement, even in one clearly guaranteeing black majority rule, that does not ensure their own personal power, and the entrenchment of the Marxist Patriotic Front. And since, by all popular assessment, they have only minority support among Rhodesia's six million blacks, even a one-man-one vote election, something that possibly could result from constitutional changes after the August 31st poll - holds no appeal for them.
As the men commanding the guerilla guns they see their future tied to battlefield success. They have publicly declared themselves for a military solution.."

Mr. Barnard, rightly, draws attention to the issue which the United Nations could one day employ to create chaos in Australia: "Nations such as Australia which have taken a strong vocal line on the issue of breaking white minority rule one day may have to decide whether they can abruptly drop the 'responsibility' they have assumed merely because the color of the minority has changed." We take this to be a veiled reference to a growing Australian Aboriginal "problem": not really a problem at all, but an issue which can be escalated into a major political problem by the United Nations, backed by subversive elements in the media, along with skilled subversive action on the part of the Communist Parties and their fronts.

We have mentioned before that the Aboriginal issue can be used to crack open our North to a flood of "deprived, disadvantaged" Asians who will quickly metamorphose into Red soldiers, or at least pave the way for Red soldiers to follow.

Mr. Barnard continues: "I have seen nothing, heard nothing, nor read anything to convince one that a Zimbabwe under Nkomo and/or Mugabe would be anything but a minority regime pursuing not only racist but probably tribal vendettas."

Mr. Barnard finally draws attention to the frantic effort by the West, Britain and America in particular, to placate the Black African States: and the principal reason is trade: the ''righteous indignation'' posturing of the Frasers and the Peacocks are so much hypocrisy and fraud to mask anxiety to push through that Sugar Agreement.

It was Kruschev who said that trade to the Communists is a weapon of war. In his clash with Premier Petersen at Mt. Isa, on the occasion of the Queensland National Party conference, Mr. Doug Anthony also said in essence that Australia must support the anti-Rhodesian campaign because of the international sugar agreement.
Judas sold his Master for 30 pieces of silver. Australians are asked to sell civilised government in Rhodesia for a sugar agreement. Surely there will be a revolt against betraying the nation's honour?


What is it? What does it do?. The letters "V.P.A." stand for "Voters' Policy Association" and the letters "V.P.A." do send a shiver down the backs of many politicians: but they should not, if the politician is doing his job properly. The necessity for organizations, such as the League's V.P.A. was foreshadowed by C.H. Douglas in his famous "Buxton" address which he delivered in June, 1934. We are still far from the goal which was envisioned, but we have made an effective start which cannot now be turned back.

Douglas stated that "From now on, however, I believe that the most immediately important aspect of the matter is the formulation of definite methods for bringing Parliament itself, and consequently the forces of the Crown, which Parliament controls, under popular control in regard to objectives, I would again repeat, and not in regard to mechanics. This amounts to bringing pressure to bear upon the individual member of parliament, and he is interested only in two things: the first is keeping his job, and the second is in knowing how much voting power is behind any demand made upon him."

Douglas went on to say that: "I think that in every part of the country where a group (V.P.A.) exists, or can be formed, an organization should be set up at once for the systematic presentation of the situation (issue) to every voter in the district...."

Further development of this idea indicated that the Member of Parliament was to be instructed as to what was the popular will of the electorate, not the way in which certain things were to be done; which are matters of technique - the field of the expert. A Voters" Policy Association exists to bring the policy of voters on any one issue to the attention of the Member.

Douglas also foreshadowed the "'shadow member". If a politician refused to give any undertaking on a specific and vital issue, the remedial measure was obviously the promotion of a politician who would. Many politicians "hide" behind "Party" decisions. This is not good enough. A parliamentarian is voted into lucrative office to represent his electors they are his boss; he is not their boss!

It is no use claiming, as some politicians, and other critics of the League do, that the V.P.A. Movement is "undemocratic", because it would be impossible where a free Press, and free elections obtain to force on a parliamentarian an issue which would be anathema to the popular will. This is what the Communists are ever attempting to do, and they can't whilst our free, democratic institutions exist. The Communists change all these when they are able to seize power. The Press is not free; elections are a farce; one Party only (the Communist Party), and even then, the candidate is carefully groomed.

In Communist countries the Member of Parliament is required to sign a formal UNDATED, letter of resignation before assuming office. This is hanging over his head for all of his parliamentary (such as it is) life. Furthermore, all policies and issues advanced by the League of Rights are in accordance with the League's official Objectives; and that means that they are in accordance with the Christian ethic.

It is possible that many of the League's critics don't understand our V.P.A. structure. However, the real problem is for them to gain some understanding of the matter, and not for us to be detracted from action that is morally correct. We trust that these comments do clarify matters for some of our newer supporters.

Actionists are those League supporters who for one reason or another act on the matters raised in the On Target Bulletin by themselves. An actionist may do this because he is in a geographically isolated area, or there may not be enough supporters locally to form a V.P.A., and so he is forced to be an actionist; or he may be of such a cast of character that he works better alone. There are many "lone wolves" in our ranks. Some actionists we have are three V.P.A.'s wrapped up in one person! It is for every League supporter to find out how he works best, and then go to it. It is action that counts in this life - "Faith without works is death".

© Published by the Australian League of Rights, P.O. Box 27 Happy Valley, SA 5159