Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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On Target

19 August 1977 Thought for the Week:
"... private ownership today is threatened on two sides. On the one hand are the Communists, who would take the highly specialised process of modern production and attempt to run them on lines of Soviet Control and Committee Administration; on the other is the more immediate and subtle advance of the Financier, who by virtue of his control of the money market and thus of the price level, is in a position to impose terms making the owner of any industry little more than a manager subject to his orders."
- Short Papers on Money, by The Marquis of Tavistock


In On Target of July 1st, w reported on the Fraser Government's claim that Australia was not sending dried milk to Mozambique, as the Machel Government had declined to accept milk. We said we would make investigations concerning which country was supplying the dried milk. A Canadian suggests that Canada could be the supplier, as it has large quantities of powdered milk in cold storage. He quotes a Liberal Member Cone of Trudeau's team) as follows:
"In 1976, when Mozambique moved to support the U.N. sanctions by closing its border with Rhodesia, Canada agreed with others to contribute up to $400,000 to the Commonwealth Fund for Technical Co-operation. From this fund, assistance has been extended to Mozambique to help it overcome the economic hardship resulting from the border closing. In addition, Canada provided direct food aid assistance in 1976 to the value of $3 million ....". (Our emphasis.)

Mozambique's s major economic problem is not a result of closing the border with Rhodesia, but of a collapse in food production, some estimating that the drop is 75% compared with production under the Portuguese. Food supplies from Australia, New Zealand and Canada are obviously a much-needed economic blood transfusion for the Communist base of Mozambique.

As Mozambique has never been a British Commonwealth responsibility, why have Crown Commonwealth countries been asked to assist this Communist base? The answer is that the Wilson Socialist Government proposed at the 1975 Commonwealth Conference that aid should be offered to Mozambique to help enable it to close the border with Rhodesia.

The primary purpose of the aid to Mozambique is to assist in the overthrow of the Government of Rhodesia. All the double-talk in the world cannot alter this truth.

We also learn from Canada that Conservative Opposition leader Clark agrees with the Trudeau policy on Rhodesia. Mr. Clark, of course, all for "majority rule", was very shocked by the murder of missionaries, but was also shocked by the raid into Mozambique by Rhodesian troops. Mr. Clark believes in a peaceful solution" through negotiation.

Mr. Clark clearly is a master of double speak. In one breath he deplores the violent murder of missionaries, while in the next he deplores the Rhodesians taking action against the terrorists responsible for the murdering of missionaries and Rhodesian civilians, most of them Africans.
"Conservative" Clark follows the same pro-Communist Trudeau line, in the same way that Prime Minister Fraser follows the Whitlam line.

Taxpayers of the Crown Commonwealth are being forced to contribute to subsidising a Communist country, so that a former Crown Commonwealth nation, Rhodesia, might be destroyed. Surely the spirit which produced a deep loyalty among the peoples of the British Commonwealth during the past is not completely dead!


Reviewed in the March, 1977 issue of "The New Times", this explosive work by Dr. Antony Sutton was originally only available in hardback and sold for $10. Described as the book which makes all previous books on the Second World War "obsolete", it documents how the same Wall Street international financiers who financed the Bolsheviks, also supported Hitler's rise to power, and helped to build the Nazi war machine and sustain it, even during the Second World War.

As with his previous studies, Dr. Sutton shatters many of the myths of both the "Left" and "Right". Through another Crown Commonwealth League of Rights publishing venture, "Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler" has now been produced as a paper-back. As the League has exclusive distribution rights, and will be offering the book to the general book trade, readers are invited to order in advance, making certain they received an early copy. Those making advance orders will receive their books immediately they arrive. It is anticipated that first supplies will be available in approximately 6 weeks. The price is $3.60 posted.


On the Rounds, by "Vigilia". Not Superman: "One often meets patriots who feel pessimistic about resistance to the One World Conspirators. Did not Professor Carroll Quigley, in his book 'Tragedy and Hope' disclose the existence of a conspiracy, many of whose ends he revealed because he thought its plans too advanced to be stopped. "Quigley and the pessimists are wrong. (We understand that Professor Carroll Quigley died recently.....(Australian) On Target).. We are not up against supermen. We are up against men who frequently make gross errors of judgement. .. .look at the way Wall Street built up Hitler in the mistaken belief that he could be controlled - and only get away with it because of the blindness of Western electorates. (C.H. Douglas once said that Hitler kicked away the ladder up which he climbed to power.... (Australian) On Target)
Look at the man widely regarded as the Leader of the One-Worlders (although there may be higher leaders in the background) - David Rockefeller.... Superman? Far from it. The Financial Times (U.K. October 22nd, 1976) reported that he 'has been under considerable attack for the relatively poor performance of his Chase Manhattan Bank. ... The criticism got distinctly personal.... when asked what was wrong.... a top analyst replied...'David Rockefeller'. At the same time 'Newsweek' complained that David Rockefeller had encouraged a 'clubby atmosphere' which was responsibe for the lack of drive. "Next time you feel pessimistic, just remember - they are not supermen.

New C.I.A. Chief

When the first reports of Admiral Stansfield Turner, former Navy classmate of President Carter, being appointed new C.I.A. Chief, arrived, my first reaction was that at least he was not one of the One Worlder Eastern 'liberals'. "Optimist of course. The next day the 'Daily Telegraph' (London... Feb. 8th) reporting the appointment, stated that the Admiral was 'a former Rhodes scholar'. It is indicative of Admiral Turner's politics that 'The Guardian' (Manchester... Feb. 8th) reported that "on occasions he has ridiculed military hardliners for deliberately overestimating Soviet military strength as an excuse to build up American Defences."
"It is even more indicative that 'The Guardian' reports him as contributing to the 'latest issue of Foreign Affairs'. This journal is the 'insider' journal of the 'Rockefeller controlled Council On Foreign Relations (C.F.R.) which works for a One-World Government of Financiers and Communists.

If the Admiral is so in favour with the C.F.R., there must be suspicion that Carter nominated pacifist Sorenson, as C.I.A. Chief knowing the Senate would reject him, but would be reluctant to reject two nominations in a row. In other words, was the Admiral the real nominee all along? "

As readers of 'The Naked Capitalist', by W. Cleon Skousen (price: $2.60 posted, from all League offices) will be aware, the vast trust funds left by Cecil Rhodes fell almost immediately into the hands of the Round Table, an Anglo-American secret society dominated by One- Worlders and upper-class Marxists such as Lord Milner, and have been used ever since to promote One-World objectives. "Wherever One-World activities are found 'former Rhodes scholars' are to be found in the forefront. It looks as if the Admiral will not be a square peg in the round hole."

FROM"LADIES LINE" (August 1977):

Ladies Line is a League of Rights journal, published in Queensland each month. Its motto is: "In Defence of our Christian Heritage ".

It features articles, in a special "Education Sheet" as a supplement to Ladies Line. The subscription is $4 yearly, and subscriptions should be sent to The Editor, Ladies Line, P.O., BRIGALOW, Qld., 4412. The article follows: "Minorities Rule - When it Suits the Comrades:"

Hardly a day passes without a segment of the national radio and television news bulletins being directed at the imposition of so-called majority rule in Rhodesia. No attempt is made to inform the public that minorities within the United Nations have as much voting strength as the United States of America, which meets at least a third of the expenses, and is given one vote.
"The U.S.S.R. has three votes, although it is responsible for 6% of the expenses. It is often in the red in more ways than one. Albania with a population no larger than that of a big American city, was responsible for the motion that expelled Taiwan from the U.N.
"There are sincere people who truly believe that the United Nations is a peace-keeping force. Since 1945 the list of wars has reached the staggering total of over forty.
"International Communism has made rapid advances, while leaders of the free world do nothing to terminate the economic blood transfusions to the U.S.S.R., Red China, and other Communist strongholds.
"All this and much more is explained in 'A Programme for Halting the Financing of Economic Blood Transfusions to the Communists.'
This is essential reading for all intelligent people and those in authority and especially for those who have been convinced that inflation and a Communist take-over are now irreversible. ($1 posted from all League offices).


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